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Brain Sharp Answers for All Levels

Brain Sharp Level 81-90 Answers

brain sharp level 81 answerLevel 81: Tap on the two 0s to make the infinity symbol.

brain sharp level 82 answerLevel 82: Take the bread off the plate and then buy the book and the plate: $8+$2=$10

brain sharp level 83 answerLevel 83: Take one candy off the pile and then buy the two candies and the book: $2+$8=$10

brain sharp level 84 answerLevel 84: Put your device screen down and the light will go off.

brain sharp level 85 answerLevel 85: Although the are only two candies, $3 for the candies and $10 for the bread = $13

brain sharp level 86 answerLevel 86: Hold the fly with one finger, and tap on it with another finger 4-5 times to smash it.

brain sharp level 87 answerLevel 87: Put your finger over its nose to make it wake up.

brain sharp level 88 answerLevel 88: No tricks; tap on the bowl.

brain sharp level 89 answerLevel 89: Hold the box in place and turn your device upside down; here’s a candy!

brain sharp level 90 answerLevel 90: Just shake your device to make your thought go away.