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Brain Sharp Answers for All Levels

Brain Sharp Level 91-100 Answers

brain sharp level 91 answerLevel 91: Ignore the loaves of bread in the picture; you bought only 1 loaf of bread in level 85!

brain sharp level 92 answerLevel 92: Put the extra line between the first two 5s to make the equation 545+5=550

brain sharp level 93 answerLevel 93: You must tap the fruits from left to right and then the hexagon and the square/diamond.

brain sharp level 94 answerLevel 94: Towards the bottom of the screen it’s a faint gray text that says “menu”.

brain sharp level 95 answerLevel 95: Tap on the word “who” in the question.

brain sharp level 96 answerLevel 96: Just give the bottle of orange soda to Jack.

brain sharp level 97 answerLevel 97: Click the clock to stop it moving and then get the hour hand away from the clock.

brain sharp level 98 answerLevel 98: Tap on all of them simultaneously.

brain sharp level 99 answerLevel 99: Shake your device to make a hammer appear and then use it to hit the nail.

brain sharp level 100 answerLevel 100: Drag the level number to solve the equation.