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Brain Sharp Answers for All Levels

Brain Sharp Level 61-70 Answers

brain sharp level 61 answerLevel 61: Put the hens on top of each other and then move them away until the chick pops out.

brain sharp level 62 answerLevel 62: Ignore all the shapes and tap on the period in the question.

brain sharp level 63 answerLevel 63: Tap on the dog 4-5 times and it will stand up to show the heart on its back.

brain sharp level 64 answerLevel 64: You can boil them together; 4 is the answer.

brain sharp level 65 answerLevel 65: Drag the right bulb off the screen and then tap all three switches simultaneously.

brain sharp level 66 answerLevel 66: Drag the word “elevator” upwards, off the screen.

brain sharp level 67 answerLevel 67: Drag the platform above the cake to the left and then move the girl to the right; she’ll fall on the cake.

brain sharp level 68 answerLevel 68: Of course, the hen owns the egg; tap “hen” in the question.

brain sharp level 69 answerLevel 69: When Zoe was 6, Lulu was 12; after 4 years, Zoe is 10 and Lulu is 16.

brain sharp level 70 answerLevel 70: Get the bulb from the top right corner of your screen and put it in the socket; then tap the button to turn on the light.