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Brain Sharp Answers for All Levels

Brain Sharp Level 51-60 Answers

brain sharp level 51 answerLevel 51: The plate is uneatable.

brain sharp level 52 answerLevel 52: The waist, 2 legs, the fly, three rips = 7 holes

brain sharp level 53 answerLevel 53: Swipe left on the door knob and the door will open; her mom will come in and wake her up.

brain sharp level 54 answerLevel 54: Zoom in the boat and they’ll walk across it.

brain sharp level 55 answerLevel 55: Move the text under the butterfly and then tap it.

brain sharp level 56 answerLevel 56: Move the square partially off the screen to make a rectangle.

brain sharp level 57 answerLevel 57: Grab her purse and give it to Tom.

brain sharp level 58 answerLevel 58: Eliminate the same letters from up and down: 2sinxcosx – 2ncosx = six

brain sharp level 59 answerLevel 59: Hold the envelope with a finger, turn your device upside down and tap the photos when they fall.

brain sharp level 60 answerLevel 60: Drag the safe to find the hidden key and put it in the keyhole of the safe.