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Brain Sharp Answers for All Levels

Brain Sharp Level 21-30 Answers

brain sharp level 21 answerLevel 21: Take his wig off and count the hairs; 6 is the answer.

brain sharp level 22 answerLevel 22: Use the rock to break it; the treasure map is in it.

brain sharp level 23 answerLevel 23: Tap the word “Asia” in the question.

brain sharp level 24 answerLevel 24: Drag the sun down off the screen so that night will fall and the owl will wake up.

brain sharp level 25 answerLevel 25: To make 10 just tap 2, 2, 6

brain sharp level 26 answerLevel 26: First tap on the clouds to make rain and a hidden worm will appear. Tap all the animals and the Santa to make 8 animals.

brain sharp level 27 answerLevel 27: Just put the second bread on the second plate and the word “bread” on the third plate.

brain sharp level 28 answerLevel 28: Simply rock your device up and down and the baby will fall asleep.

brain sharp level 29 answerLevel 29: Use two fingers on each side of the red cable.

brain sharp level 30 answerLevel 30: No black spots at all.