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Brain Sharp Answers for All Levels

Brain Sharp Level 71-80 Answers

brain sharp level 71 answerLevel 71: Drag the circle to the top right part and tap on it to make a second one and fill the line.

brain sharp level 72 answerLevel 72: They are the same; it’s an illusion.

brain sharp level 73 answerLevel 73: Put the noodles and the water in the bowl; then put your finger over the bowl to cook them.

brain sharp level 74 answerLevel 74: Just shake your device.

brain sharp level 75 answerLevel 75: Move the bottom horizontal stick to the top and the left vertical stick to the right to make it a chair leg.

brain sharp level 76 answerLevel 76: Turn your device upside down to make the bat sleep.

brain sharp level 77 answerLevel 77: The panda is at the bottom right area under the two scarves.

brain sharp level 78 answerLevel 78: Shake your device until the cork is popped and tap on the bottle.

brain sharp level 79 answerLevel 79: Put your finger on the candies for 5 seconds and she won’t see them.

brain sharp level 80 answerLevel 80: Use two fingers to split the paper in half and then wipe their faces.