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Archero Advanced Tips, Strategies & Tactics: How to Defeat All Monsters and Bosses

Just a little over a month after its release on both Android and iOS platforms, Habby’s Archero has already amassed over a million downloads on the Google Play Store alone and continues to earn spots in top ten lists in 10 different countries. Meanwhile, it stands as the number 6 action game on the Apple App Store. As Archero maintains highly positive reviews as well, it’s no surprise that more and more mobile gamers are starting to play and enjoy it now.

Archero’s easy contols and basic game mechanics make for a fun and exciting game, especially the concept of acquiring random skills on each run that ensure a different adventure and outcome with each dungeon run you engage in. As simple as it seems, the game is quite challenging and while you may initially struggle to make it past the first area, you’d be surprised with how much more challenging each of the succeeding areas can become.

archero stage

If you have just started playing Archero and still trying to grasp the basic mechanics and still formulating your own strategies, be sure to read our in-depth Archero beginner’s guide as it discusses essential tips and strategies to jumpstart your game. Moving forward, we will consider that you have played the game for some time before you dive into our advanced guide as we will focus more on tips, strategies and tactics better suited for those with a little more actual experience in the game.

1. Go On The Defensive In New Areas

It may take some time as well as several retries before you can finally conquer the first area of adventure, Verdant Prairie, before you can begin playing on Storm Desert, which is the next one. It may take a variety of skills and strategies to get through it but in any case, if you have made it past all 50 stages, you will unlock and be able to jump on a more challenging adventure in the next area.

As it goes, each new area holds new monsters and bosses that have different skills and abilities. In addition to that, enemies grow tougher and deal more damage as you progress farther in the game. Even after upgrading your gears and enhancing more skills, you will still need some more grinding to be able to put up a good fight on the succeeding areas.

archero ability

There are various skills you can acquire as you progress through stages in Archero. Although random elements makes it impossible for you to guess which three skills you will choose from as you gain new levels, each unique skill in the game can categorically be attributed to either an offensive one or a defensive one. Although there is also a chance to be presented with 3 offensive skills to choose from at times, there will certainly be one that can be more supportive of your intent to raise your chances of survival.

As you can’t expect to complete the new area on your first or first ten attempts, you should consider the initial runs as exploratory ones and strive to go as far as you can even if it will take you a little longer to finish each stage as a result of having more defensive skills. In addition to shields and health boosts, freeze elemental skills will be helpful as it slows down enemies giving you a slight advantage in terms of evasion and escape.

Relative to this, you may want to keep away from the devil’s offerings unless what’s up for grabs are skills to help you survive longer like being able to pass through walls or walk on water, as tools for evasive maneuvers. In any case, extra life would definitely be an absolute choice.

2. Carefully Watch Each Enemy For Patterns

Perhaps another reason that contributes to Archero’s overall charm and addictive element is the existence of mobs and bosses that sort of gives players the feel of retro arcade shooters mixed with its fantasy theme. There are numerous enemies you will encounter in the game and each one sports unique traits and skills.

If you are an experienced top-down or side-scrolling shooter player, then you may have already used your observation skills to identify patterns from each enemy you encounter and have began devising strategies around each enemy type based on their movement and attack patterns. If you are totally new to the idea, then be sure to try this concept as soon as you hop back into the game.

Relative to this, you will surely discover that some enemy types have blind spots, some can be lured to their own defeat, and some seemingly precise ones as far as ranged attacks are concerned, won’t ever manage to hit you on their best days if you know the trick. As simple as we would like to make it appear, it does have its own share of difficulties, especially in later areas where your reaction time and precision ought to be on a higher level and instances where the combination or mixture of mobs just make the whole screen confusing. Additionally, your own set of skills can populate the screen with very confusing effects in some cases, so be sure to grab each and every opportunity to determine each enemy’s weakness early on.

3. You Can Always Take It Slow

One of the things you have to keep in mind as you battle through each stage in any area of the game is that there are no time limits. It’s true that the faster you clear stages the more coins you can earn per minute but regardless of how good you are, rushing into the battlefield can take its toll on your survivability.

Taking your time to finish a stage goes well in hand with going for more defensive skills as well as having a bit more time to observe and take note of each enemy’s skills and weaknesses. If you also have a spirit or two equipped, you can just dodge and avoid direct confrontations and let your companions work for you. If you are up to striving to get as far across an area as you can without minding the time you have to invest on one run, then following this tip should make you consider prioritizing upgrades for your spirit companions.

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Relative to this, areas like the Abandoned Dungeon, Barrens of Shadow, and Cave of Bones which only hold 20 chapters each, have unique game mechanics where a timer appears at the upper right side of the screen showing you a 15-second countdown. When the countdown reaches zero, a new wave of enemies will spawn even if you have yet to eliminate the current wave. Eliminating the current wave within 15 seconds quickly spawns the next wave and resets the timer. Each chapter holds 5 waves of enemies and while the timer may form part of the unique feature of these areas, you should simply ignore it.

While it’s true that having more on-screen enemies can be terrifying and difficult, losing focus on your hero as you keep track of the timer will risk you getting hit by enemies. On a positive note, having more enemies on the screen at a time leaves more chances for stray arrows to hit anyway, especially with wall bounce and ricochet, in combination with multiple shots on various directions, available in your skills inventory.

4. You Can Replay Previous Areas

A good chunk of how much progress you are making in Archero can be determined by how far you have gone across the different areas available in the game. As challenging as it is to make it past the first 50 stages of the game and finally unlock the second area, the disparity in difficulty between one area and the next one seems to grow farther as you progress farther and unlock more and more areas. Although you will be very much inclined to spend your energy on progressing through the new world you unlocked, it can be more beneficial for you to continue earning coins and experience on the ones you have already completed. Take note that the lucky wheel you get to spin at the start of the run will have higher values of coins you can get on more challenging areas. This, of course, won’t guarantee that you will obtain more coins overall at the end of your run.

archero crystal mines

At the world tab where you can click on the play button to start your run, you can always click on the stage photo at the center of the screen and select any of the areas you have completed in addition to the one you are currently playing at. Keep in mind that you expend 5 energy with each run and all of it gets consumed regardless of how many coins, items, and experience points you earn on your run.

If you find yourself struggling on a particular stage and perish way ahead of the area’s full length, then you should consider replaying previously conquered areas that can earn you more coins and items to make your hero stronger. As you have completed those areas before, you may have an easier time grinding for coins and items in preparation for getting back at the challenging area ahead of you more so if you regularly make your hero stronger after each run following upgrades on equipment or enhancements in abilities.

5. Consume Treasure Chest Keys Immediately

Relative to rewards you earn for milestones you accomplish as far as progress in each area is concerned, we mentioned in our beginner’s guide that you should collect these rewards wisely in consideration of the extra energy points you get along with the rest of the rewards. You would naturally not want to have more energy than you can spend and you should preferably claim these rewards when you are low on energy instead.

Along with the usual energy, coins, and gems, the treasure chest keys for either gold chests or obsidian chests are perhaps the most valuable ones as these hold equipment of varying rarities which are very difficult to obtain anywhere else in the game. While you should still consider banking the rewards when you are low on energy, try and acquire the treasure chest keys and use them as soon as you can.

Although treasure chest contents follow the usual gacha style of randomness, Archero makes it so that you will still appreciate even the lowest rarity items as each one can be used as fusion materials for a higher rarity version of the equipment.

6. Avoid Taking Hits For More Offensive Blessings

If you are up for a more offensive approach, like when you are venturing again into a world you have previously conquered, you would more likely consider damage-boosting skills more than others. While the available skills to choose from when you reach a new level are completely random, finishing a stage with perfect health influences the available choices of blessings that the angel offers. For one, the second blessing choice will always be HP recovery but the first one can be HP boost, attack boost, attack speed up, or even crit up. Despite random availability of blessings, reaching the angel without the need to recover health can almost always mean going for the first blessing and with a perfect health, you will more likely be offered a boost for attack, attack speed, or critical rate and damage over health-boosting buffs in most angel encounters.

archero blessing

While it is understandably difficult to make it past some stages without taking damage from some enemies, level up heals which become more potent following talent upgrades can help you achieve it in a lot of situations. Likewise, you can also role-play a bit more immersive than usual and play the game as if your hero will instantly perish after getting hit or being in contact with an enemy, much like the 8-bit shooter games from decades ago.

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7. Make The Most Out Of The Mysterious Vendor Encounters

The mysterious vendor in the world of Archero appears randomly in dungeons offering specific scrolls or items for sale. Scrolls cost coins or gems while equipment can only be purchased with gems. While scrolls are much easier to acquire from enemy drops than equipment, the gacha style of obtaining the items you need from treasure chests makes it several folds more difficult to fuse and rank up your gears. While you should consider saving your gems for extra lives or obsidian chests, some gears from the mysterious vendor can be very much worth its price.

archero mysterious vendor

As you visit your equipment page before heading into battle, you should take not opf the equipment you need to have to progress with a needed fusion or series of fusions. If you chance upon the needed gear from the mysterious vendor, you should consider going for it as it may take you a lot of time to chance upon the same opportunity to obtain that gear and much less obtain it from chests or from enemy drops.

8. Consecutive Chest Purchases Are Cheaper

If you are not a huge fan of spending gems on reviving in battle or anything else, then you might as well save some for treasure chest. Although obsidian treasure chests are five times more expensive, we would recommend you making an investment on them instead of the gold treasure chests as their contents will be a lot more beneficial in the long run.

If you are fully decided on spending gems on treasure chests, then you might as well go for multiple purchases. Gold chests, which costs 60 gems, will only cost 50 gems on the second and succeeding purchases if done consecutively. For obsidian treasure chests, the initial price of 300 gems will cost only 280 gems on the second purchase and while it shows a cost of 260 gems on the third one, we still spent 208 gems on it at the time of this writing.

In any case, taking advantage of these price discounts when spending gems to open treasure chests are great opportunities you should take. With gems only available through achieving stage completion milestones and account level up, it’s important to really think thoroughly before deciding on how to utilize them.

That wraps up our advanced guide for Archero. We hope that you were able to learn from it as much as you did with our previous guide and that you also enjoyed reading it. Progressing fast in this game definitely takes not only quick reactions and precise movement but also some patience and commitment. Like any game where time spent in-game is delimited by stamina, it is important to consider gaps between play time to work along the lines of spending earned stamina before they reach full and stop replenishing. If you have played Archero well enough to discover your own tips and strategies that you would like to share with us as well as our readers, be sure to drop us a line in the comment area!

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