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Unroll Me 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Solve Even the Most Complex Puzzles

Turbo Chili is the studio behind Unroll Me 2, a sequel to a popular puzzle game. As it turns out, the first edition was a major success, and the game was played by millions of people worldwide. Needless to say, the second version of Unroll Me should bring the same levels of entertainment and excitement. Unroll Me 2 is out now and you can grab it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

The first look at Unroll Me 2 may mislead you into thinking that this is just one more puzzle game. Well, you’d be wrong because this game features rich 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, and engaging gameplay. Speaking of gameplay, you will probably need help with certain missions and stages. That is why our in-depth list of Unroll Me 2 cheats, tips and tricks is at your disposal.

1. Observe The Situation First

When playing Unroll Me 2, the goal of the game is to lead the ball from point A to point B on a mosaic. Of course, this can be easier said than done. A lot of obstacles will stand in your way, not to mention the fact that the pieces of the puzzle will be scattered around. Also, the initial stages of the game will present you with a 4×4 grid, which leaves you with 16 pieces that need to be positioned in the right spot.

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With that being said, we believe that the first thing you should do when starting a new level in Unroll Me 2 is to take a moment and observe the situation. So, take a deep breath and start checking the grid for clues. Truth be told, the beginning stages will not be as messy as they will become later on, so you will be able to find your way around. Even so, every level will require you to scan the grid first and then come up with a plan of action.

2. Get The Ball Rolling

As the name of the game implies, the goal of Unroll Me 2 is to get the ball rolling forward. We mentioned that you will be tasked with an objective of bringing the ball from one spot to the other. So, it is important to start the movement of the little sphere.

unroll me 2 tips

But, the flow of the ball depends on the positioning of the pieces of the mosaic. Unroll Me 2 is a jigsaw puzzle that can provide you with more than 800 interactive levels. All those environments come with their specific features, together with a unique set of moves you will need to perform to get the ball rolling.

As long as the ball does not have a clear path of at least a couple of fields, you will be stuck. That is why we advise the players to start their moves close to the initial position of the sphere. From there, make your way towards the end of the trajectory and place the elements of the puzzle in their required position.

3. No Need To Rush Your Moves

Jigsaw puzzles are designed to test our problem-solving skills. Sometimes, those games come with a timer, i.e. you need to solve the puzzle within the given time frame. On the other hand, some games give you all the time in the world. By not featuring a timer, these games allow you to think about the problem for days, if need be. One such game is Unroll Me 2, and players can dwell on the problems for as long as they require.

As a result, players of Unroll Me 2 should never rush their moves. Later on, we will explain why is it important to make as fewer moves as possible when playing this game. For now, let’s just say that the total number of moves has an effect on the result. Therefore, try to limit consumption.

Yet, it is a good thing that Unroll Me 2 does not come with a timer. By having the freedom to think about the brain teasers for long, players can plan their moves and execute only the perfect ones.

4. Make Minimum Number Of Moves

Unroll Me 2 features a system of rewards that entails stars and keys. We will talk about the keys in more detail in the upcoming chapter. At the moment, we will focus on the golden stars and explain the ways for gathering as many stars as possible.

unroll me 2 strategies

The trick for obtaining the maximum number of stars at the end of every stage is to make the minimum number of moves. To clarify, you will receive three stars (the maximum number) if you manage to get the ball from point A to point B by making the least number of moves.

Every change of position of a tile on the 4×4 grid is one move. In fact, the number at the upper right corner of the playing screen will inform you about the number of moves you completed. If you finish the task within the required amount of moves – three stars will be added to your bankroll.

5. Use The Hints For Assistance

As you go through the levels, the difficulty of conundrums in Unroll Me 2 will grow as well. In other words, the puzzles will require more and more problem-solving skills. But, we all get stuck from time to time, no matter how hard we try to solve the puzzle. In a way, this is a completely natural occurrence, and there are several methods that can help when that happens.

unroll me 2 hints

For instance, you could leave the game for a while and come back with fresh energy after a certain period. Even so, we have a better and more convenient solution. The trick is to ask the game for help and Unroll Me 2 will gladly provide you with assistance. So, the feature called Hints is your best friend when playing this game and you should always seek assistance when you get stuck.

The hints in Unroll Me 2 are interactive and well-designed. In fact, they will show you the way and indicate the right course of action so you can quickly complete the level and move on to the next.

6. Get More Hints

So, hints are a big deal when playing Unroll Me 2. Well, they not equally important at every stage of the game, but they can be a life-saver. If nothing else, the hints will save you from a lot of headaches and frustration. Therefore, we recommend that you call for assistance as soon as the puzzles become ‘impossible’ to solve. Also, you can even call on the hints to show you the way of completing the course within the minimum number of moves.

To sum up, hints are a valuable asset. Thus, it would be wise to collect as many of them as possible. Well, Unroll Me 2 allows for a simple way to earn more hints. In short, all you need to do is to watch a promotional video. After you complete a stage, the game will offer you a chance to watch an ad and get a free hint. We advise the players to use the most of this opportunity. After all, you will invest only 15-20 seconds of your life to watch the video. In return, the number in the bottom right corner will indicate that you have one more hint at your disposal.

7. Unlock New Playing Modes

Jigsaw puzzles can be a thought-provoking and attractive on their own. But, after a while, everything can become more or less boring. That is why Unroll Me 2 provides players with an abundance of options. In fact, there is no repetitive action when playing this game. All the levels are unique and refreshing, which means that you will not get bored.

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Furthermore, Unroll Me 2 offers a selection of different modes for you to choose from. The names of those modes are Classic, Pyramid, Drive, Multi-ball, and Ice. Needless to say, every playing mode features different mechanics and a different landscape.

For example, the Pyramids will take you on a trip to the hot Egyptian dunes. But, an even more thrilling experience comes from playing the Drive mode. Instead of a ball, this mode features toy cars that you need to ‘deliver’ from point A to point B on the grid. Also, Multi-ball mode can be captivating since you will need to pay attention to two balls at the same time.

8. Get As Many Keys As Possible

Earlier in this Unroll Me 2 guide, we mentioned the keys. Well, let’s elaborate on them in more detail. As you could guess, keys are required for unlocking new play modes. Now that you know what awaits you in those modes, you will probably feel the need to collect as many keys as possible. Well, Unroll Me 2 allows the players to collect the keys in several ways. First and forest, you will receive the keys after passing a certain level. For example, a key will await you on level 6, then another at level 13, and so on. It seems that they are scattered in a random way, so you just have to keep climbing the ladders to reach those new keys.

unroll me 2 keys

Likewise, the game offers another method for acquiring more keys. By watching a promo video you can receive one key free of charge. Unless you want to buy a bundle of keys for real money, your best course of action is to watch the ads and mine for the keys that way. Once you collect enough, invest them and unlock a new mode.

With the final tip, we conclude our Unroll Me 2 tips, cheats and tricks guide. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to leave us a message in the comment area below!