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Blocksbuster! Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Send The Blocks Into Oblivion

Blocksbuster! is an exciting arcade game from French developer Voodoo, a studio well-known for its successful releases such as Fire Balls 3D and Purple Diver. As it seems, Blocksbuster! will continue in the footsteps of its predecessors. Meaning – the game will attract a lot of players. Well, the exciting gameplay and the colorful environment of the game will certainly appeal to a lot of people worldwide.

In a way, this game features straightforward gameplay. However, the levels in Blocksbuster! will require a lot of skill and ingenuity. To make things easier, we came up with an in-depth list of the best Blocksbuster! cheats, tips and tricks. Here are some of the strategies you should use when playing this mobile game.

1. Move The Hole In A Systematic Way

Blocksbuster! is a one-of-a-kind type of game, and as such – it stands out from the crowd. To be clear, the graphics are not what makes this game so special. On the contrary, the simplistic aesthetics that we can see in Blocksbuster! are a common occurrence in the world of arcade games.

blocksbuster tips

No, this game is special because of its extraordinary gameplay. What we mean by this is that Blocksbuster! features unusual mechanics and controls. For instance, the goal of every stage is to move the vacuuming hole under the structure and suck in all the debris. Of course, you will have to be careful not to collect any bombs or other elements that do not belong to the hole.

So, once you start playing, your first task will be to move the eye of the chasm around the playing area. We advise the players to move in a systematic way and to divide the area into segments. After that, make slow and calculated movements to collect all the blocks and progress to the next level.

2. Watch Out For The Effects Of Gravity

By moving the gaping hole around, you will cause different forms of structures to collapse. Once they are disassembled, it should be easy to go round and pick up the pieces. Well, Blocksbuster! makes things a bit tricky when it comes to this. After all, the game would be too easy if things were as simple as that.

To clarify, the effects of gravity will play a role even when the debris is lying on the ground. In other words, the vacuuming tunnel that you slide under the blocks will suck in all the items that are within its reach. In a way, the abyss resembles a black hole from science-fiction movies. So, when you try to suck in a certain cluster of blocks, a bomb or any other ‘unwanted’ object could fall into the hole as well. To be precise, the force field of the hole could attract them and drag them into the abyss. Thus, we recommend that you tiptoe your way around. Slow and careful is the way to go when collecting pieces of the debris in Blocksbuster!

3. Stay Away From The Bombs In The First Place

As you could guess by now, the bombs are your nemesis when playing Blocksbuster!. In the initial stages of the game, you will come across one bomb per level. Later on, you will have to find a way to avoid two bombs or even movable ones. In other ways, the game will test your problem-solving skills as you climb through the ranks.

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But, the concept of the game will remain the same through all the levels. You will need to engulf all the small cubes without swallowing the bomb or shrapnel. Yes, sometimes the bombs will fall apart into several smaller elements. Of course, the residue is ‘toxic’ for the hole as well, and as such, you should stay clear of those chunks.

To sum up, the most important thing when playing Blocksbuster! is to stay away from the bombs. If the bomb starts falling down towards the hole, move away as soon as possible!

4. Trigger The Detonation To Eliminate The Threat

Bombs and their side effects can be a real nuisance when playing Blocksbuster!. But, from time to time, the game will provide you with assistance. For example, there is a simple and effective way that can help you get rid of the bombs before you even come anywhere near them.

blocksbuster tricks

The trick that we are talking about is only available when the game presents you with green lightning symbols. Don’t worry, you will not be struck by lightning once you touch this image. On the contrary, the thunder will come from the bombs. In essence, the lightning works as a trigger for the explosion.

By triggering the detonation, the players will remove the biggest threat, i.e. the bomb. Of course, it is necessary to stay alert while the bomb and the debris are falling down. But, once the explosion is over, you can go round the premises and collect all the blocks.

5. Always Watch Out For The Pieces Left After The Blast

Like kryptonite to Superman, the dynamite in Blocksbuster! will be detrimental to your success. We already explained how bombs can cause all sorts of problems. On top of that, we explained how you can beat the system and pass the levels even when the bombs are lurking on all sides. But, there is one more way in which the bombs can affect your progress. This element is sneaky and it comes somewhat unexpected at first. But, as the game progresses, you become accustomed to the small pieces of explosive that are left after the detonation.

Well, the little black chunks of explosive will cause you a lot of headaches if you are not careful. Yet, if you pay attention, you will deal with those pieces without problems. Thus, the most important thing is to watch the bomb when you activate the explosion. If any pieces are left behind, make sure to avoid them.

6. Don’t Allow Your Efforts To Go To Waste

Another helpful feature that will be of great importance when playing the game is the Revive option. Since it is so important, we’ll explain it in more detail in our Blocksbuster! guide.
First of all, the Revive option will let you continue the mission even if you make a mistake and the hole swallows a bomb or something similar. In other words, your efforts will not be in vain. Moreover, you will be able to complete certain levels faster and with more efficiency. In short, the Revive feature is a great time-saver and that is why you should always use it.

The method for using this feature is simple and straightforward as well. All you have to do is watch an ad. By spending 15-20 second of your life on a promotional video, you can complete challenging levels and move on to the next stage in the game.

7. Take Full Advantage Of The Bonus Levels

As it seems, Blocksbuster! is a pretty generous game. It offers to save your progress and lets you continue from where you left off. And, it even allows you to detonate the bombs from a distance. But, that is not all. Blocksbuster! hides another, more than a generous option, and this feature will appear as a reward every once and a while. What we are talking about is the so-called Bonus level, and we urge the players to take full advantage of this gift.

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To clarify, Bonus levels are levels that do not incorporate a bomb or any other dangerous element on the playing field. In other words, every block is up for grabs. So, your job is clear – move the eye of the vacuuming tunnel and collect the pieces as fast as possible. Yes, the speed plays a part here. The faster you devour all the fragments the bigger your points tally will be at the end of the Bonus round.

8. Change The Skin Of The Hole

Last but not least, a tip that will make your playing sessions a bit more entertaining. After all, games such as Blocksbuster! are made with an idea to provide players with enjoyable playing sessions. With that in mind, we wanted to tell you that the hole you move around does not have to look the same all the time. You can change the appearance of the abyss, making the game more colorful and eye-catching.

blocksbuster strategies

To change the skin of the hole, click on the icon on the right-hand side on the Lobby screen. This icon will lead you into a Shop where you can buy several kinds of skins. But, the changes do not come free of charge. You will have to invest a certain number of diamonds to unlock a new skin. But, by playing the game and climbing the levels, the diamonds will fly into your bankroll.
For instance, you can change the skin of the hole to resemble a crazy-looking frog. Or, you can turn the hole into a mouth-like shape. In a way, this particular appearance best represents the situation ‘out in the field’ since the hole swallows the blocks in the first place.

And this concludes our guide for Voodoo’s arcade game Blocksbuster! Nonetheless, if you know additional tips or tricks that could be added to this list, be sure to let us know in the comment section!

Teresa K VanHavel

Sunday 4th of August 2019

I am 2600+ levels into the game and no 3d mega block. Levels repeat over and over. Getting very boring. Only downloaded because of the mega block advertisement.

Jeff S.

Friday 12th of July 2019

How does one get to the huge 3d block? I'm over 1.03 million points and level 741 and it just keeps repeating. Nothing changes. Do I have to land on the the sliver pie wedge on the spin?


Thursday 11th of July 2019

Same puzzles over and over

Anthony Barone

Friday 14th of June 2019

I'm aiming for worldrecord in this game. I don't think anyone even plays it, so, I win.