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Purple Diver (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Unlock and Ace All Levels

With over a billion installs of its more than 50 games on both Android and iOS platforms, French developer Voodoo has greatly established itself as a leading provider of quality casual arcade games. Following the huge success of well-known apps like Castle Wreck, Helix Jump and 2, among other hits, it’s no surprise to find any new release from Voodoo to be a popular and trending game on the mobile gaming market. Likewise, most apps released by Voodoo continues to earn largely positive reviews on the market which is why if you have played some casual arcade games before, then you have probably chanced upon some of the French developer’s apps.

Purple Diver is one of Voodoo’s most recent release on the iOS platform. Despite the overabundance of casual arcade games in the market, Purple Diver’s unique game play mechanics, with its fun and tricky twists and turns, is fit for gamers of all ages. Following Voodoo’s tried and tested formula of providing simple controls and objectives merged with a hardly seen game genre, sports diving, results in a highly addictive game of timing and precision.

Purple Diver lets you take control of the diver on a springboard as you take your acrobatic skills through monumental heights and a variety of challenges to test your patience, timing, and precision. Each stage requires you to meet certain objectives like reaching a certain depth after hitting the water, having a high enough score for entry, number of spins, hitting the floating duck, or a combination or mixture of these targets. Meeting objectives earns you money and points, while failing to do so after 10 retries will send you back to a previously completed stage.

Challenges may seem to grow as you move to higher stages, but in some cases you do get breaks of a sort and encounter relatively easy stages to breeze through after going through some tricky ones. There’s a very quick and easy tutorial to follow as you will be handed the basic controls on how to handle the diver. A simple touch and hold will determine how far away from the springboard the diver will jump and releasing the hold initiates the jump. A second tap and hold controls the acrobatic somersault the diver does before he lands on the water and releasing the second hold stops the rotation. The controls and objectives are actually all you need to know and understand to make good progress in the game.

If you want some tips and strategies to help you get better in the game and progress much faster through the challenging levels, then our Purple Diver guide can set you up on your way to completing each level faster than ever.

1. Take Note Of The Objectives

It is fairly easy to notice your objective at the top of the screen as there are hardly anything else visible except for the actual stage when you begin to play the game. As you complete one stage after another, though, you may lose sight of it and be surprised upon seeing that you failed an attempt as you realize that the objectives have already changed.

purple diver tips

Although you will take on a unique objective one after another on the preliminary levels, you will occasionally be treated to a combination of two or a mixture of three objectives on some levels. Be sure to constantly check these at the top of your screen and plan a bit ahead before you attempt to make the jump. Keep in mind that a lot of these objectives are easy to do in combinations even if when you are not required to do so all the time. As a perfect example, not all levels require you to do flips but soon enough, you will find yourself always doing as many somersaults as you can before you hit the water. You may also find yourself somewhat attracted to hitting the floating ducks as you enter the pool although it may not form part of the objective at all.

2. Understand Entry, Depth, And Duck Depth

For players who may not have much idea about diving as a sport, a common consideration for scores come from the angle of entry. Divers need to enter the water as straight as possible and regardless if its head first or feet first, having as little angle as possible on entry earns better points.

The same consideration holds true in Purple Diver as you can earn extra points with a better entry on top of it being a common objective or part of them. As such, you should be able to estimate the angle within which you will touch the water and requires you to have a good enough estimate of how much spin you will make as you hold down the screen of your device after you leave the springboard. What complicates this, though, is that the height of the diving board varies from each sub-stage in each level that requires a certain score for entry and if you want to increase the chances of having a good one, then you should settle for little tilts of angles as you leave the diving board.

Depth relates to how deep under the water you can get and while it will greatly depend on the height of the springboard you will dive from, it can still be largely impacted by your entry. As physics would say so, hitting the water as straight as you can forms the least resistance and as such, the smaller the amount of resistance you get, the less reduction in speed is imposed on the diver’s body. Therefore, the better your entry, the further the depth you will reach.

Duck Depth is perhaps one of the most challenging objectives you will encounter in Purple Diver. As hitting the duck before you hit the pool can sometimes be difficult enough on its own, hitting it and dragging it down to a certain depth can be much more difficult to consistently pull off. In case you are having trouble clearing objectives relative to duck depth, what you ought to aim for is hitting the duck with a good enough entry in that you will wear it like a floater on your waist as you continue to plunge down deeper into the pool. It honestly takes a lot of patience and practice, but you can more easily pass through such levels following this strategy, than just trying to hit the duck with whatever angle you can as you plummet down from the diving board.

3. Take As Much Time As You Need

There are no time limits within which you need to initiate a dive from the platform in Purple Diver. While the first few levels normally serve as practice levels to hone your skills and get you up to speed in grasping the timing, assessing what you need to accomplish relative to the height of the springboard should lead you to mentally picture the dive you want to make before you actually do it.

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Though it may not seem as necessary on the initial levels, the higher the levels you unlock the more it becomes important to do so. For starters, each sub-stage within each level differs in terms of the height of the diving platform. This means that you have to estimate a bit at the start of each new stage before actually tapping and holding on your screen. You should also take note that each new attempt may cause some random aspects of the stage like the duck locations in the case that the same forms part of your objectives.

Another thing to keep an eye on are clouds that can block your view of the pool. As some stages set the diving board so high up, you will basically see cloud float about between you and the pool. This will be especially obstructive when part of your goal is to hit a duck. As such, your best recourse is to exercise patience once again and wait for the troublesome clouds to pass you by.

4. Let The Red Ring Pass

Relative to taking as much time as you need, another impediment to consider exercising patience for is the red ring that hovers across the pool on each level as soon as you complete the first few ones. You will instantly be destroyed and have to retry a stage if you hit the red ring even if you manage to meet or even exceed the objectives. On the plus side, though, going through it earns you additional points but such feats ought to be saved for when you are an expert in Purple Diver.

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For starters, you should try to avoid hitting the red ring and don’t initiate a dive until you are certain that it will pass the area you will land on once you start to flex for a dive. While instinctively you may want to jump as soon as you can at the start of the level, it is highly improbable that you can reach the pool before the red ring reaches the area. On the other hand, it will take the red ring to get to the opposite end of the stage before a new one spawns again.

Take note that the red ring spawns on different areas which may make it randomly harder or easier for you to accomplish your objectives. Just the same, though, feel free to just wait out and let it pass the pool by before you initiate your dive.

5. Defy The Laws Of Physics

While Purple Diver does take Physics into consideration with regard to depth and entry, there are some peculiar ways to defy physics while you play the game. As you may easily get used to holding down the screen as soon as you jump off the springboard, what you would typically have to manage is when to stop flipping before you hit the water. As we mentioned earlier that while somersaults are fun, flips are not always part of the objectives you need to accomplish on every level. More so, if it does become a requirement, it usually would only be one flip per stage.

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Relative to this, a great way to boost the chances of having a good entry into the pool is by lightly and intermittently tapping the screen to adjust your angle as you dive down towards the pool. While it’s highly unrealistic to intermittently shift angles while in the air, you can do so in the game and it will tremendously boost you chances to have a high score for entry.

With this strategy in mind, take note that you would want to ready your form close to leaving no angle as it hits the water. As your bod will continue to rotate once it leaves the springboard, focus on keeping it as close as you can to zero degrees before you touch the pool and also avoid overshooting the angle. Simply tap on the screen lightly and in short durations as you leave the springboard and just make bits of adjustments as you feel while travelling down the air into the water.

6. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

If you have played some mobile games before, particularly free ones, then you should already be aware of the existence of video ads contained within it as well. Just to ensure to understand and accept the existence of these ads that you may find annoying at times, keep in mind that every bit of ads you see contributes to keeping the free-to-play game available for everyone like yourself to download and play.

While we also support the existence of video ads in free mobile games, we also understand the value of having momentum in tricky games such as Purple Diver. As ads may pop up from time to time between levels and attempts, it may cause you to lose your momentum and result in incurring even more mistakes as you play the game. If such is the case for you, then feel free to turn your Wi-Fi off before playing the game and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Keep in mind though that doing so will leave you unable to register high scores on the leaderboards.

And that sums it up for our Purple Diver cheats, tips and tricks. We hope you were able to pick up great and helpful points from the tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading our guide as well. As casual games go, you can always make progress in Purple Diver regardless of how much time you spend on it. Following the simple tips and strategies we shared can help you boost your progress faster and be able to unlock and complete tall levels available in the game. If you want to share your own tips, tricks or hints as well as your opinions about our guide, don’t hesitate to try and reach us through our comment area below!