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Pre-Registration Is Now Open for Superhero-Themed Talking Tom Hero Dash

Pre-registration is now open for Outfit7’s upcoming endless runner Talking Tom Hero Dash, the latest Talking Tom and Friends game and the very first to introduce a superhero twist on the popular characters.

After being gifted with superhero powers, courtesy of their mysterious mentor, Talking Tom and his friends are set the task of putting an end to a troublesome gang of raccoons that have been vandalizing precious monuments around the world and causing havoc and destruction wherever they go.

talking tom hero dash pre-registration

Starting the game as Tom, decked out in cool superhero garb, your quest will take you across 5 different worlds, each inspired by some beautiful and awe-inspiring locations, including a metropolis like New York City, an Ancient Egyptian-style desert, and a very cool (pardon the pun) polar world.

To complete each stage, you’ll need to first repair all the damage the raccoons have caused by collecting coins. After that, you’ll encounter the boss raccoon for that particular world, and once they’ve been dealt with, you’ll then rescue one of Tom’s superhero friends who were kidnapped by the raccoons. After achieving all of these tasks you’ll unlock the next world,as well as the superhero friend you just rescued. There are 5 characters in total available in the game, with Talking Angela, Talking Ben, Talking Hank, and Talking Ginger aiding Tom in his quest, each with their own unique set of powers and costumes.

talking tom hero dash power up

If you’d like to join in on the fun when the game’s released then you’ll definitely want to pre-register at the official Talking Tom Hero Dash website! If 3 million heroes pre-register, Outfit7 will reward everyone with a limited edition outfit for Tom when the game’s released.

This awesome new superhero universe can be further explored in Outfit7’s action-packed new animated series, Talking Tom Heroes, which is available to watch now on YouTube.