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DOFUS Pets Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Have the Pet You Desire

Ankama fans rejoice as pets from the World of Twelve are now in the palm of your hands. DOFUS Pets by Ankama Games is a pet simulation game that features pets from the World of Twelve in the Ankama universe. There are other great games set in this world, but DOFUS Pets is truly unique for this franchise. With beautiful visuals, amusing animations, and adorable yaps and chatters, you’ll truly fall in love with your virtual companion.

The game starts with a familiar face, Otomai, an alchemist from the World of Twelve. He puts you to the task of taking care of one of his experiments, an egg with a creature that will soon be your pet. You get to choose from three pets: Boon, Bow Meow, or Tofu. How your pet evolves depends on how you take care of it. There are different kinds of evolutions that you can choose from which are all affected by how you interact with your pet. Whether you choose to be stern or lenient to your pet’s whims, every single thing you do contributes to your pet’s evolution.

There are tons of pet simulation games out there, but what makes DOFUS Pets special compared to the others is that you can transfer your pets into other Ankama games such as DOFUS, WAKFU, DOFUS Touch, and Krosmaga. Aside from that, there are also an array of mini games that makes the DOFUS Pets less tedious. There are lots of ways to interact with your pet, whether it be training, feeding, accessorizing, and lots of other ways to keep your pet happy. With all these exciting features, you will always have something to look forward to when you open the game.

Now that you have a gist of what the game is all about, let’s go ahead and dive into our DOFUS Pets beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and tricks, in order to make sure you keep your pet in perfect shape, obtain the evolution you want, and more.

1. Be Aware Of Your Pet’s Needs

As with all simulation games, the well-being of your pet comes first. The tutorial of DOFUS Pets explains this in detail, and you’ll have no problem getting the hang of it the first time. You need to always be aware of your pet’s status and always check its gauges to know what your pet needs.

dofus pets tips

The two round gauges at the top of the others that were not mentioned in the tutorial are the dirtiness gauge and the weight gauge. The dirtiness gauge is green with a splat as its icon and will get higher as your pet becomes dirtier. The weight gauge is orange with a weighing scale as its icon and will get higher depending on what your pet eats. These two gauges are fairly easy to manage as giving your pet a bath using soap will make your pet squeaky clean again and playing games with your pet makes it lose the unwanted weight.

The joy gauge, which is yellow and has a smiley face, keeps track of how happy your pet is. This increases if you play with your pet or give in to its demands. It diminishes when you force your pet to do something it doesn’t want to, woken up when it’s not rested enough, or when you reprimand it with a slap. The appetite gauge, which is green with a chicken leg, represents the hunger of your pet. This gauge decreases over time and can be replenished with food. Each food has a different effect and the appetite and weight gauge.

The energy gauge, which is blue and has a lighting bolt on it, shows how much energy your pet has. This gauge decreases whenever you play a game and over time. Making your pet sleep will help regain his energy. The life gauge, which is red with a heart, represents the life points of your pet. If one of these gauges becomes zero, your pet will die. Always be aware of your pet’s needs.

2. Evolving Your Desired Pet

One of the most interesting features of DOFUS Pets is the evolution. The way you treat your pet affects how it will evolve. There are six different evolutions in the game: Bontarian, Brakmarian, Charming, Paunchy, Icky, and Measured. The Bontarian is wise, protective, and needs your attention. The Brakmarian is independent, stubborn, and doesn’t need that much attention. The Charming is stylish and spoiled. The Paunchy is always hungry and needs a lot of food. The Icky is filthy and isn’t taken care of. The Medium is the right balance of everything.

To evolve into a Bontarian, you need to be fair in all situations. If you need to reprimand your pet, give it a slap. Although it may sound harsh, you need to do it to make your pet learn. You can slap your pet by swiping your screen as if slapping your pet. For example, if your pet has a request that it doesn’t really need, you can scold your pet. Or if it needs to eat but it doesn’t want to, force your pet to eat. To evolve into a Brakmarian, all you have to do is give in to all its requests and whims, even if it’s unreasonable. You can also caress it by holding on your pet until a heart appears right above it. For all its unreasonable requests, you can show appreciation by caressing it instead of reprimanding it. It’s the complete opposite of the Bontarian where you have to be just.

how to evolve pets in dofus pets

To evolve into a Charming, you need to always give it attention. The easiest way to do this is to get your pet accessories that help your pet obtain Charming points. You can also try and clean your pet even if it’s not filthy with soaps that have Charming points. To evolve into a Paunchy, always feed it with foods that have high Paunchy points. To evolve into an Icky, keep your pet dirty and don’t clean up its doo-doos. To evolve into a Measured, try your best to keep the other evolutions at the same level.

As mentioned, some items help in the outcome of your pet’s evolution. These items can also be upgraded to increase its effect. For example, the Baker’s Toque adds Paunchy points. Upgrading this item raises the Paunchy percentage you have. You can tap on an item in the shop to see which evolution they will benefit. Food only benefits Paunchy but can also contribute to other evolutions if they request it. Same with all other requests from your pet.

Along with the other gauges, the evolution gauge can be seen on the left. Tap on it to see which inclination your pet has. It shows the percentage for each evolution, and the highest one is the one you will unlock. Other than the evolutions, there’s also four different life stages: baby, child, adult, and mature. Don’t worry if your pet doesn’t evolve into what you wanted at first. You can still influence its evolution up until its maturity.

3. Play A Lot Of Minigames For Rewards

Another great feature in the game are the minigames. There are eight minigames to choose from and each one has its own charm. For each minigame, you can do 10 levels. Reaching level 5 and 10 gives you additional rewards. If you’re done with level 10, you start all over again at level 1. Passing a level will reward you with kanas, the in-game currency. The higher level you complete, the more kanas you earn.

Bulb’Attack is an arcade shooter where you control Bulbilaz with your finger to avoid enemy attacks as you’re shooting enemies at the same time. You have four lives and getting hit by an enemy projectile or touching an enemy makes you lose a life. If you’re familiar with arcade shooters, this game is child’s play for you. You don’t necessarily need to hold on Bulbilaz. You can simply hold and swipe your finger across the screen to avoid and attack. Letting go of the screen turns the game into slow mode which definitely helps if you feel the game is moving too fast.

dofus pets minigames

Bulb’Invasion is also an arcade shooter where you move the spray cannon at the bottom of the screen while firing at enemies above you. There’s a brick wall above you that serves as your protection. Getting hit by an enemy projectile will cost you a life. Similar to the previous game, this one is fairly easy. You don’t need to constantly move around. All you have to do is avoid the enemy projectiles but make sure to hit enemies as well.

C-C-Combo is a match-3 game where you need to match three of the same jellies to collect them. The required jellies to collect for each level increases and matching becomes more difficult. Similar to other match-3 games, matching more than three jellies will create jellies that have special effects. Make sure to pause and look at the board for possible combinations.

Jelly Jumper is an arcade jumping game where you need to guide your pet by moving your phone or tablet left or right to make it jump between jelly platforms. Jelly Jumper is the best way to earn kamas because the time spent playing it is shorter compared to other games. You can make your pet go offscreen to avoid obstacles or jump on a jelly platform that has bonus effects on it.

Whack-A-Dhrell, another arcade game based on whack-a-mole, requires you to knock out Dhrellberts invading your garden. The game is very simple and easy. A great tip for this game is to use two hands. Place your gadget on a flat surface and use both hands to whack he Dhrellberts. This makes the game way easier than it already is, and you’ll definitely get 100% precision if you play the game in this way.

Hungry Tofu is an arcade game similar to Snake where you need to guide a starving Tofu to the food on the board. Other than food, there are also enemies that you have to avoid. If you get in contact with these enemies the game ends. Each level has a different objective, and you just have to follow it to complete the level. Like the others, this game is also a walk in the park, especially for those who have played similar games.

One More Line is a tile-matching puzzle game where you have to join blocks of jellies to form a column or row of five jellies. You can place the jellies anywhere on the board and color doesn’t matter as well as long as it makes a column or row of five jellies. Moves are limited so you have to be careful on where you place the jellies while making sure you reach the objective for the level.

Kwakwa’s Block is another arcade game where you have to break bricks using a ball and a paddle. You need to break all bricks to complete the level. If the ball falls, you lose a life. You need to catch the ball with your paddle as it bounces around. If you don’t touch the screen, the game goes into slow mode which helps a lot if you find it hard to catch the ball with your paddle.

Playing a minigame decreases your pet’s energy level and adds joy. It also makes your pet lose weight. Play games that you enjoy and focus on that game to reach level 10. If you want to earn kamas in the fastest way, play Jelly Jumper. Don’t force your pet to play games if its energy is low or else your pet might waste away.

4. Transferring Your Pets

What makes DOFUS Pets better than other pet simulation games is that you can transfer a pet into another Ankama game. This is a great feature for players who already play games in this franchise. However, transferring a pet isn’t as simple as you think. Not only does it take a lot of time, it also costs a lot of gems.

First thing you should do is to make your pet reach full maturity. As mentioned before, there are four different life stages. Your pet starts out as a baby and evolves into a child after two days. Once your pet has become a child, it will evolve into an adult after five days. After eight more days, your pet will finally reach full maturity. Once your pet is mature, Otomai will get your pet ready to transfer in a few days.

dofus pets tricks

If you want the petsmount for other Ankama games, you need to evolve the same type of pet into all six evolutions. Once you’ve unlocked all mature evolutions for the same pet, you can now transfer the petsmount into any game you chose. Transferring costs 250 gems. The good thing about this is you don’t need to pay for the next transfer. However, you can only transfer to one game at a time.

The amount of 250 gems may be a lot, but you can earn it the fast way by purchasing it with real money or do it the hard way through different means. Gems are rewarded by reaching level 10 in minigames, daily gifts, unlocking achievements, and by spinning the wheel of fortune. You also win wheel of fortune tokens when you reach level 5 in minigames. This takes a lot of time and effort, but if you really don’t want to spend real money, this is the only way you can transfer a pet.

5. Add Friends For More Fun

What’s great about DOFUS Pets is there is a social aspect to it as well. You can engage with the community by adding your friends or by connecting your Facebook account to see your Facebook friends who play the game. Challenge your friends in minigames and get rewarded with kamas if you win. To maximize this feature, you can plan out a strategy with one of your friends where your friend makes you win on purpose to earn kamas easily. Of course, you have to do the same for your friend as well.

dofus pets cheats

Aside from minigames, you can also visit your friends’ pets, give them hearts, and rid of larvae in their environment to earn kamas. You can also give hearts to strangers as well. If you get a lot of hearts, you and your pet will appear in the global rankings. You can also share fun moments you have with your pet on social media. All of these features can be seen by tapping on the three bars at the bottom of the screen and on the icon with people on it.

We’ve reached the end of our DOFUS Pets beginner’s guide. These are all the essential tips that you need to know about evolving your new furry friend. Follow everything and you’ll be the best pet owner out there. If you have any other tips or tricks for the game, be sure to let us know!