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Archero Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Hit Enemies Right on Target

Archero is a unique action game from Habby, the developer behind Flaming Core, where you control a lone archer on a quest to defeat evil monsters scattered in different worlds and dungeons. The controls are very simple, you must move the joystick on your screen to run around and evade enemy attacks. Surviving depends on how quick your thinking is and how great your reflexes are. The true challenge of the game is that you can only shoot your arrows if you stop moving, which makes you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Once you start a chapter in Archero, you’ll have to go through all stages to move on to the next one. Playing each chapter is called an adventure. In each adventure, killing enemies will give you coins and experience points. Earning enough points will make you level up in that specific adventure. When you level up, you get to choose an ability that your archer will gain throughout the chapter you’re playing. You’ll have to be careful, because if you get defeated, you’ll have to start the chapter from scratch and do everything all over again without the abilities you chose.

It may be disheartening to lose, but that’s exactly where the charm of this game is. Starting a chapter over doesn’t mean you’ll encounter the same map and enemies every single time. You’ll encounter different maps, different enemies. You’ll get to choose different abilities and find the right combinations that suit you. Now, get your bow and arrow ready as we get right into our guide to help you get through the beautiful world of Archero. So without further ado, we present you our Archero beginner’s guide with tips, cheats and strategies to help you out!

1. Be Quick And Avoid Enemies

In Archero, you use the joystick to move around. Once you stop moving, your archer shoots. This could be difficult because you’re out there in the open like a sitting duck. The key to surviving is to simply avoid your enemies and their attacks. Use the joystick to move around and dodge them. You can actually see an enemy projectile coming towards you, and you’ll have enough time to avoid it. It can get tricky though because sometimes a lot of enemies shoot at you all at the same time, and it’ll be difficult to avoid them.

archero tips

While other enemies just stand still, some enemies come running toward you while attacking. A good strategy for this is to run away to a corner of the map and wait for them there. Of course, when you’re still, your archer is shooting and dealing damage as the enemies come closer. Once they get too close, you can run away to the next corner again. Other monsters just fly about and are seemingly harmless, but don’t go near them as you can still take a hit on your life.

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Another strategy you can use is using the walls and obstacles to your advantage. Some maps and obstacles have walls or any other structure that you can use as a shield. Keep in mind though that other enemy attacks can go over the wall, but your attacks do not. You can stand behind a wall or an obstacle and use it to your advantage.

2. Think Carefully Which Abilities To Use

Leveling up while you’re in an adventure gives you the opportunity to chose an ability you can use to help you defeat evil monsters in the game. Remember, leveling up in an adventure is different than your overall level in the game. Consider every adventure you take as separate from everything other adventure to take part in. There are a lot of abilities you can choose from, and unlocking each chapter will add new ones that you can select from. Starting from the second chapter, you get to choose a starter ability. Ability selection is random and different every time. There are tons of abilities in this game, from offensive to defensive and some even affecting the character itself.

Notable offensive abilities include: Bouncy Wall, Piercing Shot, Ricochet, Side Arrows, Diagonal Arrows, Rear Arrows, and Multishot. Bouncy Wall makes your arrows bounce as it hits a wall. This is very helpful when dealing with a lot of enemies as no shot is wasted. Piercing Shot makes your arrow go through an enemy and possibly hit another one. Ricochet makes your arrow bounce off enemies and hit multiple enemies with one hit. The rest give you additional arrows when shooting and that is always of great importance in this game.

archero abilities

For defensive abilities, the only ones that you should focus on getting are Shield Guard, Invisibility Star, and Wingman. Shield Guard brings up two shields that circle around your character continuously. Invisibility Star covers you in a forcefield for two seconds. Wingman is similar to Shield Guard but instead of shields, your minions will be shielding you from enemy attacks. These three abilities prevent you from getting hurt and gives you a slight chance of surviving.

Other defensive abilities such as Fire/Ice/Toxic Swords or Fire/Ice/Poison Circles surround your character, but they do not shield you in any way and just prevent enemies from coming closer. It’s pretty much useless and doesn’t add anything since battling enemies at a distance is what it’s all about. These abilities only matter if you fight your enemies at a close range or if they do get near you, but most of the time attacking from a distance is the ideal way of defeating an enemy.

There are also abilities that affect your character such as HP Boost, Attack Boost, Attack Speed Boost, Smart, etc. HP Boost gives you additional HP. Attack Boost gives you additional damage. Attack Speed Boost makes your attacks faster. Smart makes you level up faster. Once you see Smart in your list of choices, get it, as it makes you level up faster meaning more abilities for you.

Aside from leveling up, you can also choose your abilities when you encounter the angel or devil. The angel of course helps you by either offering to heal you or offer an ability that helps your HP, attack, or attack speed. On the other hand, the devil will offer you something in exchange for your HP. These could be passing through walls, walking on water, additional arrows, etc. Do not take up the devil’s offer as your life matters more than any other tempting ability. The only offer from the devil that you should take is when he offers you an extra life. That ability is a huge help especially when you’re so far into the chapter.

archero cheats

Now all you have to do is try to obtain these abilities and make an amazing combination between them. You can have so many abilities all at the same time as long as you level up of course. Since choosing an ability is random, you won’t always get the abilities you want. But you have to choose the abilities that you think will help you defeat enemies and bosses and focus on that. For example, having Bouncy Walls, Piercing Shot, and Ricochet is an ideal combination because not only will an arrow shot pass through enemies because of piercing, they will also bounce through walls and ricochet into other enemies when hit.

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Another dangerous combination is when you have Bouncy Wall plus Side Arrows or pretty much any other ability that gives you another arrow. Things can go crazy and there will be lots of arrows everywhere. This lets you deal a greater damage to enemies. Remember, Bouncy Wall is a key ability that will help you a lot in your game whether you fight lone bosses or mobs of enemies.

3. Save Your Coins For Upgrades

Every time you defeat enemies, you earn coins. You also earn coins in the lucky spin at the start of each chapter from Chapter 2. With coins you can purchase Talents and upgrade them. Talents are permanent enhancements to your character. Each upgrade costs more than the next, so you have to take these in mind when saving your coins. You can also upgrade your characters equipment by using coins.

Talents are randomly selected once purchased, and you can’t upgrade a specific talent you want. If the upgrade lands on a question mark, you unlock a new talent. If it lands on the same talent, it will be upgraded into a better one. There are three tiers of talents: common, rare, and epic. Epic ones are harder to get while common ones are the easiest.

archero talents

Common talents are Strength, Power, and Recover. The Strength talent adds to your HP. The Power talent adds to your attack. The Recover talent adds to your recovery. Rare talents are Iron Bulwark, Agile, and Inspire. Iron Bulwark adds to your collision resilience. Agile adds to your attack speed. Inspire adds more healing when you level up. Epic talents include Enhance, Time Reward, and Glory. Enhance increases your equipment base effect. Time Reward boosts your time reward. Glory gives you an extra skill selection at the start of each level.

Also save your coins for upgrading your character’s equipment. Equipment can be found inside chests and sometimes dropped by enemies. Upgrading equipment needs coins and scrolls. These scrolls are dropped by enemies. Whenever you upgrade, it’ll cost you more coins and scrolls. Upgrading Talents and equipment will definitely benefit you if you want to get through all the stages and defeat enemies.

4. Don’t Use Gems Without Thought

Another game currency other than coins are gems. Gems are obtained when you level up overall, not in an adventure, or when you complete stage rewards requirements. Gems can be used to purchase chests that give you equipment or you can use them to revive when you die in a game. However, you can only revive once in an adventure. Dying for a second time won’t give you the option to revive. You can also use gems to purchase additional energy. Energy is used in order to play. You’ll need five energy for each playthrough.

The best use of your gems is when you can revive, especially if you’re already close to the last stage of a chapter. You can see how many stages a chapter has underneath the chapter name. It is better though to use them during boss battles as these can be very difficult, and you’ll need that revive at the most important stage.

5. Collect Stage Rewards At The Right Time

Completing a stage in Archero gives you stage rewards. These rewards include 5 energy, different amounts of gems, coins, or sometimes a key to a treasure chest. You’ll know when you have rewards when you look at the world menu, and you see the treasure chest shaking with a number above it. But don’t be tempted to collect a reward just because you can. Collect them when you’re out of energy, so you can refill your energy bar without having to wait long before you can play again. Collecting more energy than the allowed 20 does add to it, but you should also consider the timer for your energy as it will reset once again when you go below 20, which makes you wait even longer. It takes about 12 minutes per energy to refill, and you’ll need an hour just to play one game.

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6. Upgrade And Fuse Equipment Whenever You Can

Aside from talents and abilities, your equipment also helps you progress in your game. Equipment can be earned through chests and sometimes dropped by enemies. Equipment include a weapon, armor, two rings, and two minions. The weapon adds to your attack. Your armor adds to your HP. Rings have different advantages that gives you the ability to deal more damage when dealing with enemies. Minions are there to help you attack the enemies and assist you. There are a lot of different equipment to choose from, and each one has an ability that can help you defeat enemies.

Each treasure chest gives you one equipment. Depending on the treasure chest, you can get common, great, rare, or epic equipment. Of course, epic equipment has the best stats, but there’s also a smaller chance of getting them from a chest. Equipment can be the same kind but different strengths. For example, your default weapon Brave Bow is common. You can obtain a great or rare or even epic Brave Bow when opening chests. This is the same for the rest of the equipment as well.

archero equipment

There are two types of chests, the golden chest and the obsidian chest. The golden chest has the chance of having a common or great equipment inside. The obsidian chest contains great, rare, and epic equipment. You can open these chests if you have the key, which are given to you through stage rewards, or by using gems. If you want to have the best equipment, you should open an obsidian chest. Equipment is also sorted by color with common being gray, great with green, rare with blue, and purple for epic. You should always go for the better equipment because they will have better stats when you upgrade them.

Upgrading equipment needs coins and scrolls, and each equipment has a specific scroll for them. For example, to upgrade a weapon you’ll need a weapon scroll. You’ll know when you can upgrade something when a green arrow appears by your equipment menu. On the other hand, fusing equipment will upgrade them to a better one. You’ll need three of the same equipment for this to happen. They need to be the same quality as well. For example, if you fuse three common rings of the same kind, you’ll have a great ring in return. You can’t fuse a common ring with great rings even if they are the same kind.

Upgrading and fusing adds more to your stats overall, so using your coins for them is also beneficial to you. There will be times when you can’t upgrade your Talents because you don’t have enough coins, so use those remaining coins for your upgrades.

7. Watch Ads For Free Energy

Energy-based games can be a downer, but thanks to gems you can have additional 20 energy for 100 gems. The game seems simple, but it is actually very challenging. If you’re not careful enough, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend more gems. However, gems are hard to obtain, and you need to save them for something more important such as revive. This is where watching ads comes in. You can watch four ads a day, and every ad gives you 5 energy. That’s 20 energy for free daily. No need to spend gems or anything. You can just watch ads and do your best to survive.

With that final tip, it’s the end of our Archero guide. Remember all these tips and tricks to get through any chapter and stage with little to no problems at all. If you know other strategies or if you have anything else to add about the game, please do let us know in the comment section!


Friday 13th of March 2020

Occulas works well for me


Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

This is so wrong omg the devil is bad so if you're religious yyou should never even talk to him and if you see him get a cros and pray until he goes away i always love the Angel who shows up very 10 level you should love him too


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Friday 6th of September 2019

You can choose different build paths. Either you go Crit/Dmg or Dmg Circle/swords. I usually build crit/dmg but definitely experiment with other builds. Dmgcircle/swords can be INCREDIBLY strong if you get 4/5 of them. Melts mobs.

dario como

Friday 26th of July 2019

the poison/fire/ice/and electric swords and circles are somewhat good in other chapters. for example when the skull creatures come in and or the yellow skull comes in, its good to have because sometimes there are other farther away enemies you need to focus on and the element will protect you. my only tips are to make sure you have at least 4 of either or both circles and or swords. if you only have 2 or 3 then it might not take too long for the enemies in close combat to get through.


Friday 28th of June 2019

Using the gems to buy treasure boxes is more useful than revives because you can just go back into the game and play it again but it is very rare to get equipment during the game


Monday 19th of August 2019

This is actually a really good comment, and it's gonna change how I play. I hadn't thought of it like that before, but you're absolutely right.