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Rival Stars Horse Racing Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Restoring Your Homestead to Its Former Glory

As we all know, horse racing is an exciting and action-packed type of sports. Well, now you can join the action and gallop down the course on the back of a proper thoroughbred. Rival Stars Horse Racing is a game that will put you in charge of a family-owned homestead. The game is designed by PikPok and it’s out now on iOS and Android platforms.

The task of managing a full-blown homestead is a complex and challenging endeavor. Of course, your staff will help you with various activities on the ranch. This will include chores such as training, breeding, expanding the facilities, and so on. However, our comprehensive Rival Stars Horse Racing tips, cheats and tricks guide is your best ally for becoming the champion. So, saddle up and let us take you through the world of stallions and mares!

1. Follow The Advice Of An Old Friend

As the story goes, your grandfather was running a successful homestead. But, the tragic death of his son, i.e. your father, plunged the ranch into chaos. Eventually, your family lost the property. But, an old friend of your grandpa, Mr. Francis Kwan, decided to pay back his dues and help you restore the ranch to its former glory. He is the man who will guide you through the game. His experience in the business will point you in the right direction.

rival stars horse racing tips

In other words, Francis will provide you with Story goals. In the top left corner of the lobby screen, you will notice the icon for those goals. Once you enter this section, a list of available missions will tell you how you should proceed. At times, you will need to work on expanding the facilities. On other occasions, Francis will advise you to enter a new race and test your horse riding skills.

Also, this section contains Daily goals. These brief missions demand less of an effort and they are easy to complete. Consequently, they bring fewer rewards than Story goals. Either way, try to complete all of them.

2. Collect The Payouts From The Ranch

The lack of money was one of the reasons why the old ranch succumbed to despair in the first place. To prevent this from happening, players will need to turn the homestead into a profitable location. Of course, horse racing can bring generous rewards. But, no one guarantees that you will win every race. On top of all that, taking care of a bunch of thoroughbreds is a highly expensive activity.

That is why your ranch will generate extra income from renting out the facilities. Needless to say, a large portion of the income will come from breeding and selling the foal. In addition to that, horses will attract people who want to learn how to ride a horse. All of those ‘methods’ will boost your bankroll. Therefore, the more horses you have – the more income your ranch will generate. Don’t forget to collect the payouts on a regular basis. In the bottom left corner of the screen, a red notification sign will inform you that the time is right to collect the cash.

3. Keep Expanding The Ranch

Since the number of horses is an important element, it is vital to expand the facilities to sustain all those animals. In other words, your stable needs to provide enough room. That is why Rival Stars Horse Racing allows you to expand the ranch in a hassle-free manner.

how to expand ranch in rival stars horse racing

Needless to say, the first requirement for expanding and upgrading the ranch is money. Without enough funds, nothing can be done. That is why you need to try and win every race you enter. In the following chapters, we will elaborate more on the aspect of horse racing.

For now, we are focused only on horse management. So, once you receive a couple of payments, consider investing the funds into the ranch. The better your homestead – the more income it will generate. You can add horse stalls or breeding stalls, and these areas will open up space for new horses and new activity on the ranch.

4. Breed More Horses

Breeding is one of the essential activities on a ranch. By joining together two horses, you will receive a foal that can grow up to become a derby champion. That is why we want to provide you with tips on how to match the horses. Only by picking the right ones will you get the full range of benefits of the breeding process.

rival stars horse racing breeding tips

Obviously, the first thing you want to examine when joining two horses is how well their stats match up. For instance, a mare can have top-notch grades for acceleration and top speed. On the other hand, a stallion with the top stats for stamina could be an ideal match. If you join these two units, the young one could inherit the best characteristics of the parents.

Rival Stars Horse Racing even provides players with an overview of a horse’s pedigree. The chart can inform you about the parents of a particular filly or a colt. As a result, you will make a more informed decision in the end.

5. Train And Level Up Your Racehorses

To be honest, not all purebreds in your stables will have an opportunity to step onto the turf course. Instead, the vast majority of them will spend their lives on the ranch. But, the ones that manage to get to the tracks will require special attention. In other words, you will have to train them and improve their stats. If you do not level up your horses, the odds of winning main prizes at the derby will go down the drain.

A friendly little fellow by the name of Trenton will be in charge of training your champions. The training is automatic, and you can even speed it up by watching a video ad. Either way, Trenton can work on three segments with your horses – sprint energy, speed, and acceleration.

On top of that, the EXP points you receive after every race will allow you to level up your racehorse. Needless to say, the higher the level of your stud, the easier it will be to win the race and collect the trophy.

6. Tap At The Right Time To Make A Head Start

Once you breed the horses back at the homestead, your top quality stud will be ready to stand at the draw gate. In a way, Rival Stars Horse Racing is all about running down the turf course and beating the opponents. Because of that, it is crucial to learn the mechanics of how to ride a horse and how to guide it to victory.

rival stars horse racing tricks

Well, one of the first things you will need to learn is how to start the race. When it comes to flat races, the importance of a good head start cannot be stressed enough. If you are first out of the stall, your chances of winning the race will grow exponentially. The reason for this is simple – by blocking the other horses you can prevent them from overtaking you.

Every race in the Rival Stars begins with a slider that moves from left to right. You have to tap the screen at the right moment to launch your stud out of the gates. One second too late, and you will be trailing behind or trying to keep up with the other racehorses.

7. Stay In The Horse’s Preferred Position

Experienced jockeys will tell you that every horse is different. Much like humans, they also have their personalities and temperaments. Moreover, they have their preferred positions on the race track. Thus, every jockey needs to know how to maximize the potential of every purebred beast.

For instance, you can check the preferred position of every stud right before the start of the race. On the info panel, several important characteristics of every racehorse are displayed. They should provide you with sufficient knowledge. The majority of the horses enjoy being in the middle of the pack, which makes life easier for the jockey.

But, Rival Stars Horse Racing makes things even more convenient by displaying a green area on the turf. You should always try to keep your horse within this ‘force field’ during the race. While you are within the preferred position, the sprint booster will charge as well.

8. Save The Energy For The Final Stretch

Speaking of the sprint booster, the players should make the most of this useful feature. In short, once you tap on the Sprint button on the right-hand side, your stallion will charge forward with incredible speed. Similar to a Nitro option with car racing, this boost can take you to the top of the pack in no time.

rival stars horse racing sprint

Yet, the sprint booster comes with limited energy. During the race, you can charge the gauge by staying within the green area. In other words, the more your horse stays in his or her preferred position – the more sprint energy you will accumulate.

The final stretch of the race is the crucial element of every derby. We advise you to save all your energy for the final 200m of the tracks. As soon as the game warns you that you are near the finish line – activate the Sprint boost and run like the wind!

With the final tip of our Rival Stars Horse Racing guide, we conclude the list of the most useful tips and tricks for the game. In case you know any other Rival Stars tips, tricks or strategies, then feel free to drop us a line in the comments!


Friday 22nd of April 2022

I already knew this much and it works really well and the sprint at the end trick is the best.

Marica Snyman

Tuesday 15th of March 2022

Why does it take hours to get the horses from the pasture to the stables, but n split second to get the horse out to the pasture?

Denise M Amaya

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

How do you drop the team Lairon to be on another team