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Gamevil to Launch Upcoming Mobile MMORPG ‘Talion’ on May 28

When Talion was released in certain parts of Asia last year, it was met with great enthusiasm. Now, it is ready for its worldwide debut on Android as Gamevil announced the beginning of its pre-registration period. Players who sign up early will receive various rewards upon the game’s release date on May 28.

talion release date

Talion is an MMORPG that’s best known for its detailed character customization options and massive PVP battles. Unlike in most other mobile MMOs that offer stock heads and bodies, the game allows players to change several aspects of their character’s appearance. This includes their hair, face, body shape, and more. The game also offers several competitive Realm versus Realm options, including Occupy, Raid, Team Battle, and so on.

The world of Talion is called Nar, and it is divided into two factions who are fighting for control. The first faction is Aegis, and they fight to protect absolute freedom. The second faction, the Bident, fights to acquire invincible power. Players must choose one of these two factions to represent in action-packed 20 versus 20 battles.

Aside from the multiple PVP options, Talion also offers cooperative gameplay through the Alliance system. Allies can work together in exploring the vast open worlds and take down powerful bosses in raids.

Talion will be launched in Australia, Europe, and North America, and will be available on both Android and iOS devices. Those who want to pre-register can do so through the game’s official website. Pre-registration is also available through Google Play.