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Flaming Core Cheats: 7 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Destroy Your Opponents and Save the World

While playing Flaming Core, a mobile game created by Habby, you will be tasked with a pretty responsible mission – to save the world, no more no less! This brand new arcade game is set in a futuristic environment, and the post-apocalyptic world urgently needs someone capable of restoring the order. Since the fiery enemies are positioned on all sides – your quest could be more challenging than it seems.

Luckily for all the players who are willing to spend some time playing Flaming Core, we have a solution. To be more precise, we have 7 solutions, and they can all be found in our Flaming Core guide. Therefore, stick with us, and discover all the tactics and strategies that will allow you to overcome the opponents and blast your way to freedom. Below you can read our Flaming Core cheats, tips and strategies that will help you take down all your opponents and save the world!

1. Slow Down The Time As Often As Possible

Time-management is one of the primary activities you will be doing when playing Flaming Core. Of course, you will also have to maneuver your core and point it in the right directions, but slowing down time and delaying the action is one of the essential elements of the game. That is why the first tip on our 7-point list concerns this tactic. Without grasping the basics of the time-lapse technique, you will never be able to hack the Cybercity and save your friends.

flaming core cheats

Slow-motion works in a fairly straightforward way when it comes to Flaming Core. The players only need to press and hold the command button in the center of the screen. This action will automatically stop time, i.e. it will decelerate the movements of the enemies and their projectiles. During this period, the players can plan their subsequent actions and movements.

For instance, the slow-mo technique is useful when you want to avoid the fiery projectiles coming your way. Once you are out of the way, you can direct your core straight at the threat and set off a lovely little detonation.

2. Stay Alert And Be Patient

Flaming Core is a demanding game, and this means that the missions in this mobile game are not easy to complete. As a matter of fact, you will probably have to play a certain level a couple of times before learning the proper route and the proper method for beating the opponents. Higher levels of the game are especially challenging, and that is why we urge the players to be extra patient when playing this game.

For instance, even the initial stages will require a lot of mental stability. During gameplay, you will often have to pause and slow down time in order to observe the situation ahead of you. By establishing a plan of action, the players will set themselves up for success. However, the movements of your core through a field of smoldering obstacles cannot be performed without a lot of patience and tranquility.

At the same time, the adversaries will not stand around and wait for you to think about things all day long. They are out there to get you, and that is why we urge the players to stay alert at all times and to keep an eye on the surroundings.

3. Stay Clear Of The Spinning Blades

There are several types of dangerous objects that will try to get in your way when playing Flaming Core. Needless to say, you will have to avoid all of those nuisances if you want to complete the missions. For example, the Shuriken-like spinning blades will be one of the biggest problems during the initial stages of the game.

flaming core spinning blades

The spinning stars can be divided into two categories – stationary and dynamic. The stationary ones are pretty easy to handle once you learn that they just stand in one spot and spin the blades menacingly. By finding a path that stays out of their reach – you will be safe. On the other hand, dynamic blades can cause a bit more problems. They can move pretty fast, and if you find yourself in the proximity of this fiery tornado – move in the opposite direction as soon as possible.

We should also mention the third type of shurikens – the ones which retract the blades in a periodic manner. The secret to beating them lies in observing their actions and learning the patterns. Once you grab a chance – head straight towards the enemy and obliterate everything in your way.

4. Preserve Your Progress

Flaming Core offers 160 levels, and there are three different gaming modes you can try out. Since these levels are full of threats and obstacles, you need to be at your absolute best in order to complete the missions and progress forward. Of course, mistakes will happen, and during those moments – frustration and disappointment may kick in. Fortunately for you, we have a simple solution for those troubles.

When the players make a mistake and lose all of their available lives, the game will offer them a chance to continue where they left off. The only requirement is to watch an ad, and we advise the players to always watch the video. By ‘sacrificing’ those 20 seconds of your time, the chances of passing the particular mission will skyrocket.
Also, another requirement comes in the form of batteries. Every new attempt will cost you one battery cell. Please note that they are not so easy to come by, which is why you should be careful with how you use them.

5. Try Out Different Game Modes

As we briefly mentioned in the previous chapter, Flaming Core provides the players with a chance to try out various playing modes. In total, there are three different modes, and we suggest that you give them all a shot. After all, some of the modes will be useful for collecting batteries and power cells, while others allow you to practice your shots and improve your skills.

flaming core tricks

The first and the essential mode is the Campaign, and it starts off in the Cybercity. Every level will contain 3-4 quests that you need to complete before progressing to the next stage.

Other than the ‘ordinary’ Campaign, Flaming Core offers two additional modes, nicknamed the Challenge Mode and the Bounce Mode. Both of these can be pretty entertaining and enjoyable, and that is why we believe that players should explore these varieties of gameplay. For example, the Bounce mode indicates where and how you should send the core in order to cause the most damage and destroy all of the enemies.

6. Get More Batteries

When it comes to the in-game currencies, Flaming Core does not offer a wide range of options. As a matter of fact, only two resources are available – batteries and power cells. The status of both of these materials is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

However, it seems that these types of resources do not have the same value, i.e. they are not equally important for the actual gameplay. For example, batteries allow you to save your progress and to continue from the same spot after you lose all of your lives. Also, you need to have at least one of them on the stock before starting any kind of quest in Flaming Core.

flaming core batteries

In order to get more batteries, players can exchange the two categories of resources. Additionally, a very convenient method for acquiring more batteries is to watch an ad. By watching a video, the players will receive three batteries free of charge. This is certainly a bargain, and we suggest that all players exploit this opportunity.

7. Buy New Equipment In The Store

If you want to save the world and restore peace, you cannot go into battle without proper equipment. All those blazing walls, fiery blades, and smoldering projectiles would have you incinerated on the spot. Luckily, there are methods you can use to avoid all those dangerous elements that await you on your path. We have already mentioned some of them.

On top of all those moves and techniques, there is another element that can assist you in your quest – the Store. By spending the available power cells, you can purchase certain buffs and improvements, which can later help you during gameplay.

flaming core equipment

For instance, the Store offers you the chance to purchase the Bullet-time, which we already mentioned in the first tip on the list. Next, you can buy different blasts, shields, bounce-features, and so on. All in all, the Store is a useful and helpful place, and that is why we urge the players to visit this section every once and a while.

The Store icon is located at the bottom portion of the Lobby screen, and you can purchase upgrades for your core or for the trail it leaves behind.

This would be the final tip on our 7-point list of the most useful Flaming Core cheats, tips and tricks. Hopefully, some of these methods will help you during play time. In case you are familiar with any other strategies and tactics, please drop us a comment down below!