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Hopping Ball Cheats: 7 Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Bouncing Your Way to Victory

Hopping Ball is a new mobile game created by Unity for Android devices, and it will surely provide you with a lot of fun. This colorful and addictive edition has a fairly simple concept – bounce the ball on the edge of the rotating barrel without touching the obstacles. The pivoting cylinder can be rotated left and right by sliding the finger, and the balls jump around at a different interval.

However, it is not easy to keep the ball in a safe position at all times because the obstacles move around. In a way, they are out there to get you, and that is why our Hopping Ball cheats, tips and tricks guide can help with surviving the missions and destroying the obstacles. Therefore, without further ado – let’s check out some of the best Hopping Ball strategies and tactics.

1. Find The Perfect Timing

Coordination and planning are the two primary attributes you need to have in order to be a successful player of Hopping Ball. Just like when playing dodgeball in elementary school you had to be smart and fast, the same rule applies to this fun little game as well. If you are impatient or too slow – the black dots on the edge of the cylinder will end your attempt and you will have to do everything all over again. That is why we advise the players to carefully tread their way and to always be ready to skip the unwanted elements.

hopping ball cheats

The rotation of the swivel will cause changes in the positioning of the obstacles and the pink/green boxes you need to smash in order to progress further down. That is why it is important to slide the cylinder to the side at the right moment. If you spin it too early, your hopping ball will land on a black ball, which automatically ends the mission. On the other hand, if you wait for just a second too long – the rotating pipe or some other moving object will collide with the ball.

2. Always Plan Ahead

Even though Hopping Ball is a great game for passing the time, the players cannot pass through missions without being fully focused on the gameplay. In other words, you have to be concentrated and always have your eyes on the ball. On top of all that, it is important that the players plan some of their moves in advance. By doing so, their path to the bottom of the rotating cylinder, which is the goal of every mission, will be much easier and hassle-free.

Unfortunately, one single wrong move could end your progress, and these moments can be very frustrating. However, if you plan ahead and break only those boxes which are aligned vertically, you will get to the bottom in no time. What this means is that Combo points can be earned if you smash through several blocks at once, and that is why it is important to target those that are positioned in a tight formation. If find yourself in a situation where you can choose between two blocks – always go for the one which has several other blocks underneath.

3. Spin The Cylinder In Different Directions

When playing Hopping Ball, you can spin the hollow tube to the left or to the right, depending on your needs at the moment. However, most players get caught in the momentum of going just one way, and this always costs them in the end. For instance, if your natural instinct is to rotate the pivot to the right, i.e. clockwise, you will probably try to go in that direction for a while. Of course, this strategy could work, but obstacles on the rotating cylinder do not sleep on their laurels and they constantly move and work against you.

hopping ball tips

Therefore, we suggest that you randomize your moves when playing Hopping Ball. By taking your time to examine the situation each time you crash one block – you will surely be setting yourself up for success. If the situation requires to go counterclockwise – you move in that direction. If the opposite route makes more sense – you go there. All in all, the important thing is to be creative and clever when trying to leapfrog the black balls and other roadblocks.

4. Watch Out For The Moving Obstacles

The things you need to stay away from while playing Hopping Ball come in several shapes and sizes. At the very start of the game, the players will only encounter stationary obstacles, i.e. black balls will be placed along the rim of the cylinder and you need to bounce the ball without making contact with those dark spots.

As the game progresses, other types of objects enter the gameplay, which includes pipes, walls, plates, stars, and so on. The most challenging aspect of these ‘new’ obstacles is that they are dynamic, i.e. they proactively hunt you down and constantly wobble or rotate together with the hollow tube.

Is there a solution we can offer? Yes, of course. We suggest that you spin the cylinder in the opposite direction from the incoming moving object. Just a little nudge to the opposite side and you will put enough distance between you and the object you don’t want to touch. Also, timing plays a crucial role here as well, simply because well-timed jumps will allow you to hop over the obstacle and land on the other side.

5. Press The Buttons On The Cylinder

As we said at the beginning of our Hopping Ball guide, you will have to use your brains if you want to achieve good results in this game. We already elaborated on the aspect of the moving obstacles, but there is also another catch – hidden blocks.

hopping ball tricks

Once you reach a certain level, you will notice how pink blocks that you need to smash in order to progress are missing. Instead of them, a button-like green switch is placed somewhere in between the black balls on the ground. Of course, your natural curiosity should drag you towards the switch. By hitting the button with the ball, you will unlock the boxes you need to smash.

We advise the players to always head straight towards that green button. If you do not click it in time, the moving objects will cause more and more inconveniences and problems. The sooner you unlock the blocks that help you progress – the better! That is why the green switch on the cylinder is not your enemy or something that should be avoided.

6. Preserve Your Winning Streak

Once you start playing Hopping Ball, you will notice that the game is much more difficult than it may seem at first glance. The reason for this comes from the fact that every mistake you make takes you back to the top of the rotating pivot. For example, one contact with the black balls can obliterate all of your progress. You could be one block away from leveling up and the pipe could touch your jumping ball. If something like this happens – you will be taken back to the top of the tube and you will probably feel frustrated and disappointed.

hopping ball hints

Luckily, there is an easy solution to these problems. The game will offer a chance to Revive your attempt, and the only requirement is to watch an ad. By spending 20 seconds on a short video, you will be able to continue the game without losing any of your points and progress. We suggest using the Revive option in the moments when you were within reach of the goal and you only needed to smash a block or two to level up.

7. Keep Your Finger On The Trigger

The ball that you control in the game is constantly soaring above the black spots on the ground, and that is what makes Hopping Ball highly exciting and addictive. That is also the reason why your reactions need to be instantaneous and appropriate. By making rapid decisions and moving the slider to the left or right – you can achieve remarkable progress in the game.

Therefore, we urge the players to stay alert at all times. In practical terms, this means that you have to keep your thumb on the rotating cylinder as long as the ball is bumping around on the edge of the tube. If you are always ready to change directions and adjust the position of the ball – you will have no problems crushing the blocks and earning valuable points.

Synchronicity is of immense importance when playing Hopping Ball, and you have to have excellent hand-to-eye coordination when the going gets tough. Higher levels of the game will make the obstacles move faster and the goals you need to hit will become thinner and thinner. That is why you need to keep the rotating swivel in motion at all times.

With our final advice, we conclude our 7-point list of the most useful Hopping Ball cheats, tips and tricks. Hopefully, all of these strategies will help you go through the missions in no time. If you are familiar with any successful tactics, feel free to leave us a comment!