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Brave Frontier: Rogue Story to Launch This Month on iOS and Android

Alim and Orange Cube, the well-known Japanese studios, have recently announced the release of Brave Frontier: Rogue Story, their newest entry into the famous Brave Frontier series.

Though the precise release date is still unclear, we already know that the game will not be free to play. Upon release, the new mobile RPG will cost 480 Japanese Yen (more or less USD 4.30). Brave Frontier: Rogue Story will be a single-player game and will feature classic 2D graphics, labyrinth elements, and an old-school dungeon crawler. Players will play as the titular rogue and will get to fight a wide array of monsters while collecting different types of equipment. We also know that dungeons will be randomized.

For more information and updates on Brave Frontier: Rogue Story, you can check out the game’s official website.