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The Royal Affairs Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Raise Power and Influence Faster

From Reality Squared Games, the developer that brought us Heroes Evolved, Shards of Magic, My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure, and a host other successful RPG and strategy game titles for both Android and iOS platforms, comes The Royal Affairs which is another unique Royal Court Simulation and RPG in one. The Royal Affairs is packed with tons of game content and features that can provide for lots of hours of fun and exciting gameplay. Although progress in the game is naturally determined by the amount of time you invest in it. Casual gamers can still enjoy spending just a bit of time on the game and play following a more leisurely pace.

It all boils down to amassing power ceaselessly, but the road towards acquiring more power takes you to a variety of activities that strays far from the usual routine grind. In a lot of ways, the various activities in The Royal Affairs that you have to engage in from time to time makes it addictive. Add the relatively fast turnaround time of claiming income and chances for the many activities can easily make you lose track of time. If you want an RPG unlike most battle-based ones out there, and prefer games that put very little pressure as to how much time and how often you have to be on it to progress, then be sure to try this game out.

The Royal Affairs takes you back to the medieval times as you embark on a journey towards ruling the land. As people have since only known poverty and suffering, you take it upon yourself to lead and work hard towards gaining more power and wealth as means of reaching your goal. You won’t be alone in your journey though, as those who believe in your dream and trust in your abilities will join you in your crusade.

As you grow in power, more and more generals will become your followers and aide. There will also be plenty of consorts who will be attracted to you as you progress your game and making them your wife and spending time with them can bear you heirs to your throne. As your children mature, it will also be part of your duty to find a suitable partner for each of them. There are numerous ways for you to grow in power but making progress through battles and investing on the growth of your generals will be your primary source of it. As a leader, you will also be busy with handling numerous activities that span from managing assets, handling official affairs, and even manage the prisoners you captured from battle.

The in-game tutorials may not be the simplest and easiest to follow, but the initial run on every aspect and feature of the game gives you enough information that should set you up well for the succeeding attempts. As the game does have a lot of details to know, some features are left for a bit of exploration. Be sure to check the question mark icon when you see it as it provides additional information on a variety of topics in the game. Again, The Royal Affairs is a type of RPG and simulation game that you can play however you like and at a pace you are most comfortable with and still make progress. If you are a bit confused on some aspects of the game or looking for more efficient means of boosting your power, then our beginner’s guide for The Royal Affairs, that comes with plenty of useful tips, cheats and strategies, can surely be of great help to you.

1. Initially Follow The Main Quest Line

As your basic guide towards progression and basic know-hows, the quests that appear at the lower left side of your screen should be the initial objectives you want to accomplish. Doing so will take you through most aspects of the game and lead you towards progressing most efficiently on your first few hours of playing. Take note though that there will be a lot of times later on where you should stray off from completing these quests. What makes this important especially at the start of your game is to primarily get yourself familiarized with the basic tasks that you will have to occasionally engage in as you play the game. Additionally, there are tons of rewards to claim that will boost your growth and some items that are a little more difficult to obtain anywhere else.

It’s also important to note that some of the quests that haven’t come up yet may have already been accomplished previously. As such expect a lot of instances when the next quest you see is already completed and you need only to claim your rewards to move on to the next one. Some quests are based on the daily logins you have made and if you see one where you will have to wait for tomorrow to accomplish, feel free to move on to the other duties that you need to spend time on.

2. Frequently Visit The Council

As the most basic structure in your realm, the council is the one to visit most frequently to earn the basic resources you will always need to progress your game. By clicking on Fortun on the left, you can engage in activities such as promoting trade, improving farming, and raising levies. Promoting trade earns you gold coins; improving farming provides you with grains; and raising levies gives you more soldiers at the cost of grains. The maximum number of times these assets will stack depends on your rank, indicated by your title. The resources initially take a minute to be available again and as the amount of items you gain grow higher, so does the waiting time. As you progress further and earn higher-ranked titles, the amount of resources you reap as well as the cool down period to be able to earn resources again grows higher. If you are in a hurry to obtain more of the same resources though, you can click on recover and consume work orders to instantly refresh a chance to pick up the same resource. Take note though that on a per-value basis, these tickets will earn you more later in the game as each category reaps more rewards depending on the level of your progress.

the royal affairs council

Considering that these resources are very important to raise your power, be sure to frequently visit this to farm the necessary resources. Initially, you will often see all attempts at full as you engage in a whole lot of other in-game activities but making it a habit to visit at least once every 5 minutes can boost your efficiency a lot and raise your power faster early on.

Within the Council as well, tapping on Lucian who stands at the right side of the screen takes you to meet the council and decide on a variety of council affairs. Choosing “Yes” as a response to any question raised earns you resources while opting to reply “No” will earn you prestige points. In general, you should always choose to obtain prestige points as these are harder to earn and is needed for you to rank up as a lord and acquire new titles. If you are in dire need of any of the basic resource, it should only take a couple of minutes to farm them from the realm assets. Like any other aspect of The Royal Affairs, attempts you have on meeting the council is limited and replenishes over time. The maximum number of attempts will likewise increase if you rank up and acquire a new title. If you have approval seals at your disposal, you can instantly add an additional attempt at handling affairs.

3. Empower Your Knights

As The Royal Affairs doesn’t leave you on your own to gain power and influence over the domain, you can count on your trustworthy knights to aid you in your campaign. You will have only a few of them initially, but their numbers will grow fast as you progress through the game and accomplish certain feats. Each of your knight is unique and specializes in a particular field or two over others. Your knights can level up and increase their stats adding to your overall power and influence and each level up costs gold. Fairly enough, the higher the level the more gold it would cost so it is best to spread your gold as equally as you can across all of them.

What you have to particularly take note of is each knight’s aptitude as this will be the main determinant of how much powerful each one can grow. Taking Rodrigo as an example, who is a knight you will obtain after just a few minutes into the game; you can click on the aptitude tab and notice that he has high military aptitude. Further, his aptitude points are gained from Stalwart Defender and Toughness. Banking on both, you should consider giving him the military elixirs that you have as these will have a more proficient effect on him than other knights with lower military aptitude. Beyond that, you can also use military scroll to further boost his aptitude, preferably on Stalwart Defender as it has a higher aptitude value. Each trait can further be boosted using trait EXP which you can gain from the Academy.

the royal affairs academy

Relative to empowering your knights, be sure to visit the academy and send your knights to study once it becomes available. You will only have 1 slot available initially and unlocking additional ones costs precious diamonds. In any case, the academy is a great investment for diamonds early on as you would want to train more of your knights early on to further increase their power. As military expertise is the most needed skill, you may want to invest on knights who have high military aptitude first. Be sure to take note of how much time it would take for each study session to finish so you can make the most out of your investment. Additionally, spend the skill points your knights have earned on skills which are available for them to level up. As costs in skill levels also increase on succeeding levels, you may opt to balance the distribution of available skill points across all available skills.

Once a knight reaches level 60 and you have also unlocked the tournament, you can send your most powerful representative, the one with the highest military strength to take part in the tournament. You will have 4 attempts to battle each day and each one brings additional rewards. BE sure to check the question mark icon at the top right of the screen for additional details.

4. Progress Through The Plot As Much As You Can

The Plot, which can be accessed through the gates of your kingdom, very much represents the story mode of The Royal Affairs. This is where you constantly test your battle prowess fighting through hordes of enemies with the troops you have gathered. You can only go through each of the battles here once and each succeeding one is always more challenging than the one before. The Plot is divided into books and each book consists of 20 chapters. There are a total of 6 battles per chapter with the first 5 being a battle of troops spanning 8 fights while the last is the boss battle. Each fight within the first 5 battles will be a battle of strength and numbers. With regard to strength, what is taken into account is your total military stat and as far as numbers are concerned it’s the total number of troops you have against the number of enemy troops.

the royal affairs guide

This is one of the main reasons why you have to frequently visit the council and obtain gold, grains, and soldiers. Each fight in the plot reduces the number of troops you have which depends on the disparity between your military strength compared to the enemy’s. BE sure to always take note of these values and assess if you can win a fight or not. In case you fear losing a fight due to not having enough soldiers, you can freely back out and amass more troops.

The boss battle may seem tough at first but you only need to focus on one of your knights with a high enough military aptitude and consume all your military stat-boosting items on him. After doing so regularly, you will come to find that the boss battles will become the easiest part of each chapter. Once you finish a chapter, be sure to click on the map at the lower left side of the screen and claim some military elixirs as rewards to further boost your military strength.

5. Talk To Your Hostages Daily

Relative to the plot battles and chapter completions, beating bosses on some chapters will give you a hostage on top of the other rewards you will receive. Once you do, you can visit and talk to them in your tower. Once each day, you will gain half of your total reputation which you can then spend to talk to your hostages. Every tap you make costs 10 points of reputation and instantly gains you some basic resources as rewards. Doing so will also reduce the hostages HP for some reason but on the bright side, reducing a hostage’s HP to zero will reward you with loads of items. As a basic strategy, be sure to focus on one hostage at a time to ensure that you will earn the rewards faster.

6. Manage Your Consorts And Heirs

Your consorts, which are your supposed better halves in life, play a big role in your quest towards becoming the most powerful ruler of the land. You will initially have one within the tutorial session of the game, but as you progress, and depending on your luck as well, you will gain more and more. You have limited number of attempts to summon random consorts back at your palace but these attempts replenish over time. To better understand their value, you must understand the unique mechanics surrounding consorts and heirs. For consorts, you would want to try and boost each one’s intimacy (heart icon) as this will be the basis of your future heirs’ stats. Similarly, higher rates of intimacy lead to faster unlocking of consort skills which can directly boost your power.

the royal affairs consorts and heirs

Your consorts’ charisma (flower icon) determines the amount of experience she gains with every time you summon them. This will also influence her chance of producing an heir for you. Although you may unlock additional consorts later on as you progress further through the game, you may get lucky and obtain additional ones through town visits. Like any other place to visit, there are limited attempts that replenish over time. What’s important to note here is that your luck in finding additional consorts will depend on prosperity and the more visits you do, prosperity decreases. You can increase it, however, by holding festivals through paying gold, grains, or gems.

As you keep summoning random consorts in your castle, you will eventually have heirs and as babies, you will train them to level them up. After a while, you can find suitable partners for your adult offspring and forming alliances with other players. The important outcome is having the stat of your offspring’s partner to your power.

7. Aim To Accomplish Quests, Achievements And Timed Events

On top of the mainline quests that you would be following for the first few minutes of your game, there are daily quests as well as milestones that you can easily achieve under the quest and achievements icons, respectively, at the bottom of the main screen. Be sure to constantly check these two items as you will naturally be able to meet several of the objectives listed here just by normally playing through the game. For the daily quest objectives, try your best to secure 140 activity points to earn the best rewards which includes 140 gems.

the royal affairs events

Likewise, there are time limited events available in The Royal Affairs which can be accessed through an icon in the upper right side of your screen. These tasks usually involve getting more and more rewards depending on progress you have made within the allotted timeframe as indicated by the resources you have earned and spent and similar achievements.

8. Remember To Check Server Rankings Daily

the royal affairs server rankings

To earn extra gems for free, be sure to drop by the Ranking structure in your kingdom and pay homage to the top players in the server. Take note that there are three separate tabs and switching to the others to click on the pay homage button will each reward you with free gems.

9. Check Your Inventory For Consumables

There won’t be any indicators on your items icon so you might forget to frequently visit it to view the items you have collected from the various quest and event rewards you have earned while playing. As most of these are consumable items and a lot of which are preferably used sooner than later, be sure to visit it every once in a while to use the ones that may be able to speed up your growth even faster.

the royal affairs items

The Royal Affairs certainly still offers plenty more of details that add to expansive variety of activities you would want to engage in as you dive into the game. Although things may become a little more challenging as you reach higher chapters in the plot, and allocating time and resources on knights and consorts can be a puzzle as their numbers grow, the tips and strategies we shared in the article ought to be still applicable to whatever scenario you encounter much later in the game. Again, despite The Royal Affairs being the type of game you can play and enjoy at your own pace, the rate of growth you can earn will most certainly be dependent on how much time and effort you invest into the game. In any case, if there are some tips and strategies you are aware of that were not mentioned in this guide, feel free to share them with us through the comment section below!