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My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer Every Dungeon

Reality Squared Games has been known to deliver its own unique brand of gaming experience across multiple genres for both Android and iOS platforms. With several popular titles like Heroes Evolved Mobile, Shards of Magic, and EZ PZ RPG among others that have accrued millions of downloads and largely positive reviews from players, Reality Squared Games now offers My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure, a dungeon crawler RPG, to add to its free-to-play game offerings. With its slick pixel art-styled graphics, simple controls and interface, and highly addictive gameplay, My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure can cater to a variety of players, both casual and hardcore alike.

You can begin your adventure by choosing from 3 available classes and later on be able to unlock 2 more. Depending on your preferences each one can survive on its own well and will obtain various unique abilities as you progress your character. On top of your basic class-based weapon and skills, you can loot and equip 3 weapons of your choosing from among 100 unique types from the dungeon. There are also armor and various gears to arm yourself with, and with the random element of stats and qualities you can acquire, you will want to grab more of each as soon as you obtain some. There aren’t any stories involved and you can dive straight into battle from one dungeon to the next. For more fun and action, you can also team up with friends or random players to tackle more difficult challenges and earn better rewards. As the dungeons themselves are randomly generated along with the bosses inside, no two runs will likely be the same.

There is hardly any tutorial involved in My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure and there isn’t much need for it. The controls are quite easy to grasp and the interface is generally very basic. The town where you will spend time outside of dungeons is small and everything is well within your reach. There’s a bit of in-game help as well that you can access by clicking on your hero icon and then clicking the help button. In general, you can easily grasp this game if you’ve played several dungeon crawler games or RPGs before, but if you are totally new to the genre, it may only be a bit daunting for starters but not really that complex at all. If you are struggling to become stronger and defeat a particular dungeon or aptly getting by but still hoping to do better, our My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure beginner’s guide will surely help you rise above each oncoming challenge and beat every dungeon you venture into.

1. Focus On One Character After Trying Each Class Out

The initial selectable class choices are not new to any role-playing game and are common starting classes that offer unique styles of fighting as well as stats that further stretch their difference from one another. The Fighter boasts high physical attack and defense but moves the slowest from among the classes and also has the weakest magic power. The Ranger has average physical strength and defense but has the highest movement speed of the three. The Priest has high magic power and possesses average movement speed but has very little defense and even less physical prowess.

my heroes dungeon adventure guide

Even if you played RPGs before the variety of skills each of the classes in My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure offers may change your perception about each of them after trying them out. So before you decide which one you would want to level up and spend a lot more time on ahead of everyone else, at least make a quick dungeon run with each of them. While seeing and trying the first skill in action may already give you an idea of which class is or will be your favorite, you should spend a little more time with each and gain more experience to see the additional skills each class gains earlier in the game as these new skills may change your evaluation of each class moving forward.

One great feature of My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure is that there is a shared stash where your main character can store valuable gear that can be used by any other character in your account which you can easily access in town by clicking on the Backpack icon on the right hand side of the screen and then choosing Storage. With this, you can have more motivation to focus on one character and wait to have the best gear to be stored and transferred to your other characters in the event that you want to progress them later on.

2. Try As Many Weapons And Upgrade The Best One

There is never any shortage of weapons you can loot in My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure. You can surely earn a couple with each run and as you can equip three at a time, you will most definitely be able to try a lot of them out soon enough in the game.

my heroes dungeon adventure best weapons

As each weapon can be upgraded through the blacksmith at the expense of gold and red stones to increase their star level, which is harder to acquire, you should focus on enhancing one weapon first to not dry up your resources quickly. A good point to consider would be the elemental affinity of the weapons you prefer relative to those of your preferred skills. For example, as warriors mostly have fire-based skills, you may want to invest more on upgrading ice or wind-based elemental weapons.

Always compare new weapons you acquire as well as their icons may look the same and even possess the same level of rarity, but the stat boosts they provide may be very different. As a guide to rarity, the game uses the following color scheme: Normal (White), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Orange). As it may be difficult to obtain a legendary level weapon at the early stages of the game, try to at least settle for an epic one before you begin upgrading. If you are having difficulty as well checking your loots to see which ones are new, check the border surrounding each item as new gears have thicker borders around them.

3. Read Each Gear’s Stat Buff Before Choosing

On top of 3 weapons you can equip at the same time to take with you on your exploration, characters in My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure can equip six different gears that can increase your offensive capabilities as well as your survivability. Equipment like weapons follow the same rarity color scheme but adds Primordial (Red) and Set (Green) ones which are even more difficult to acquire but offer more perks.

my heroes dungeon adventure gear

In general, the higher the rarity of the gear, the better the boosts that it provides. As you progress further through more challenging dungeons though, it may happen that a lower rarity equipment can give bigger boosts to your stats than a better colored one. Additionally, you should spend time to read each buff that the gear provides as some may not be that useful for you after all. Take for example an equipment that gives you a large boost on Ice Damage but you only use fire and wind-based skills and weapons, the equipment may show a higher offensive power by comparison but doesn’t really help you that much in reality.

One type of boost you may want to keep an eye on is the stat buff that provides experience boost. As you may still find yourself racing through earlier dungeons and speed killing everything, you may want to hold on them first and switch on to better equipment when you are starting to feel the challenge of higher levels. As you need to level your character up as well for additional skills, grabbing more experience points whenever you can will help you progress farther later on.

4. Progress Through Layers As Much As You Can

Layers in My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure are basically levels. The higher the number goes, the more challenging it becomes. As you move down each layer, you will encounter tougher enemies that deal more damage. It will also require you to accomplish more kills before being warped to the final boss, and the boss battle will grow more and more intense as well. The rewards are much better at higher dungeons and the experience points you earn are higher as well.

my heroes dungeon adventure layers

Be sure to try and get 3-star ratings for each dungeon and clear all dungeons in a layer before moving on to the next one as much as you can as the stars in the ratings you obtain will also earn you additional rewards in your Diary.

If it comes to a point when it becomes too difficult for you to complete a dungeon, then perhaps you can opt for a co-op game instead. If that doesn’t work as well, then by all means farm more items, gold and experience from the previous dungeons that you have already conquered.

5. Don’t Be Distracted By The Time Limit

You will always have 5 minutes to finish each dungeon and defeat the boss and the star ratings and rewards will depend on how fast you can accomplish it. It may seem like too short but it’s actually a lot of time in this game. Finishing the dungeon within 3 minutes will earn you a 3-star rating and the best possible rewards (affected by RNG of course) but you can easily finish it in less than 2 minutes. As such, you shouldn’t pay much attention to the time and just focus on killing enemies defensively especially if the damage they deal becomes a little too painful. You can still clear the dungeon and earn minimum rewards if the timer reaches 0, but the truth is it’s really more challenging to have that result than finishing a dungeon in 3 minutes.

You can also increase your running speed a bit more with a dash boost at the right side of your screen and though it only lasts for a short while and takes some time to recharge, it still helps a lot especially when you are rushing through empty corridors you have passed by before. There are also speed boosts you can get by attaining a certain number of kill combos. It may take some getting used to though if the movement goes too fast for you but having these around helps a lot in clearing dungeons even faster.

6. Play With Friends Or Add Some New Ones

As co-op play is supported by My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure, which makes it all the more fun, it would be great to play it alongside a friend who can love the game as much as you do. If you don’t have friends who play the game, there are plenty you can make in the game and adding them is very easy.

my heroes dungeon adventure friends

On top of having a companion make up for what your chosen character lacks in or even at least add to the fire power, the loots you can obtain from cooperative play have high chances of being better than the ones you can get from solo play.

There are also options to auto-pair you with a random player, which is also okay and a good way as well to earn more friends, having someone you can play with regularly to the point of you both having good enough ideas about each other’s strength and capacity can lead to better strategic approaches and more efficient farming and progression.

7. Activate Skills As You Reach The Key That Summons Elites

There are elites scattered all over each dungeon randomly indicated by red monster-shaped icons on the mini-map. To fight them, simply walk over the huge key symbol and they will be summoned along with several of their minions. In most cases, these are easier than killing enemies scattered in other rooms as you can activate your skills while they are still being summoned and kill them almost as soon as they appear. Depending on the character or class you use though, some skills may be a little more challenging to pull than others. With the warrior’s tornado skill, however, hunting down these sub-bosses makes clearing dungeons a lot faster than clearing other rooms one by one as you can instantly kill elites as well as their minions with one solid blow and earn yourself rage to replenish the amount you used to activate the skill earlier.

8. Join A Guild At Level 12

my heroes dungeon adventure guild

On top of the group of friends you can make while playing the game, a guild system also exist that you can join in. It’s not much like the usual guild systems that you may be familiar with in other games. As My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure is still new and may likely develop further later on, the guilds for now are more like a formal grouping of friends. In any case, if ever you want to play co-op but none of your in-game friends are available, you can always partner with any of your guild mates and get to know them better.

9. Accomplish Missions For Rewards

my heroes dungeon adventure rewards

There are daily quests for you to accomplish that provide a variety of great rewards to help boost your progress faster. As some of the objectives you need to meet are well within what you will be doing as you play the game, you might as well look into each and focus on accomplishing them as soon as you can so you can pick up your rewards and be stronger for the rest of your gaming time later.

10. Use Abyss Tokens ASAP, Save Gems For Later

Abyss Tokens are needed to purchase Weapon Chests that contain weapons and cosmetics for your characters. As this is the only place to spend these tokens on, there’s really no point in saving them for later. Weapons can be obtained from dungeon exploration but legendary ones are very difficult to obtain. On the other hand, it’s easier to obtain new cosmetic items here than it is to obtain Glamstones for purchasing each one of them. Although probabilities may make it difficult as well for you to earn weapons or cosmetics that you want from here, RNG is what makes this all the more exciting to do sooner than later.

my heroes dungeon adventure gems

Gems, on the other hand, can be used to purchase a lot of items. Although all of the items can be earned or obtained through other means, there may be a time when you would immediately need or want more of something like red stones, or abyss tokens, or even extra gold from digging. So only spend hard earned gems when you really need it.

11. The Additional Stash Trick

As each character’s bag is very limited and the shared stash has its limits as well, you should try and get rid of the items you need as soon as you can and prioritize to keep the rarest of your treasures instead. Although you might only choose to keep legendary or set items for later use, you may still find yourself running out of inventory space soon enough. As you can create up to 6 characters immediately, feel free to fill your roster and dedicate some characters to be your extra storage by putting some items from your shared stash in their backpack instead.

And that’s everything we have for our My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure beginner’s guide. We hope you were able to read our guide early enough before you plunge yourself deeper into the game’s fun-filled, loot-grind world. If you want to share something about the game that you think we should include in our My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure guide, you can tell us about it in the comment area!