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EZ PZ RPG Cheats, Tips & Hints to Take Down Your Enemies

Tired of the same old goofy-looking idle clickers? EZ PZ RPG may just be the answer to your problems. Idle clicker games are perfect time wasters, but they often lack engaging content. R2Games’ new mobile title this takes the genre to the next level by adding stunning visuals along with awesome RPG mechanics. It is a great game to pass time for players who like RPG but are too busy to fully commit to a game. Just pick your class, level up, and find gear in order to become stronger. Keep upgrading your hero so you can explore deeper dungeons. The further you progress, the stronger your opponents will be. Do not let the game’s genre fool you into thinking less of this game. Just because it is an idle clicker does not mean you can do whatever you like. Make sure you are fully prepared by reading our EZ PZ RPG strategy guide!

1. Check Before You Melt

The game lets you melt equipment that you don’t need in order to recover resources that you can actually use. Since the game continues to play on its own even when you are away, you can expect a lot of extra equipment waiting for you when you log in. Before you decide to melt them all, make sure you check your current equipment first. See if you picked up anything that is better than the gear you have equipped. Replace any outdated equipment that you may have then proceed with the melting festival until you clear your entire backpack.

2. Help Out In Battles

The game developers were not kidding when they said the game can play without you. Nevertheless, you should still try to control whatever you can to ensure your progress. When you go to the battle screen, you will be able to manually cast your skills by tapping on them. If you are confident in your strength, you can choose to enable auto-cast in order to automatically cast spells against enemies.

3. Get A Pet

Pets are useful in EZ PZ RPG as they give you special bonuses in battle. Eggs drop during battle, so make sure you check your loot if there are any available. Just head into the battle menu and tap on the egg in order to hatch it. Pets increase your power when you are deployed in battle. Take advantage of this boost in order to get ahead of the game. Don’t forget to feed your pet in order to upgrade it as well.

4. Explore The Menus

Like any other mobile RPG, EZ PZ RPG is riddled with menu icons. Try to take time to explore these icons to check if you have any items, rewards, boosts, and bonuses waiting for you. The Events page is often full of activities and rewards for you to take. You can also find login rewards by going through the different icons. You will also find your monthly cards and premium currency charges in these menus. Finally, the Talent tree is also available for you to unlock and equip. Equipping talents will increase your character’s stats.

5. Challenge Other Players

Since you are essentially playing an RPG, PVP will always be a part of the experience. Enter the Arena as soon as you unlock it. Upon entering, you will be able to choose who you want to go up against. Try to pick someone who has decent power levels but is still much lower than yours. You want to have sure victories, so you would want to go against a weaker player. On the other hand, you will be able to increase your rank more quickly if you take on players who have high power levels.

The path before you is not as easy as it seems. Climb to the top of the leagues with the help of our EZ PZ RPG strategy guide!