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World of Legends Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Level Up Faster and Dominate PvP and PvE Battles

As the first game to be released by Mighty Bear Games, which is a new developer joining the mobile gaming industry, World of Legends is as unique as it gets in comparison with other MMORPGs. Don’t let the cute animated graphics fool you though, as the game offers plenty of fun and excitement for fans of the genre across all ages. As an open-world RPG, World of Legends is abundant with quests, NPCs, and thousands of real players you can duel with for great rewards. Character customization and troop roster selection make up the wide variety of strategic choices you can employ to play according to your style and preference. If you are up for a unique MMORPG experience to play with your friends and perhaps looking for a game with a bright ambiance for a change, then World of Legends may just be the exact game you are looking for.

Journey to the fantastic world of Elysia as World of Legends takes you to a unique world full of adventure and exploration. As you step into its world, you will be taken through a series of quests that you can freely follow as loosely as you want. You can battle as many enemies as you wish, for experience points and elixirs but accomplishing quests can reward you more with equipment and materials to upgrade your sidekicks. As everything happens in real-time, there will be plenty of players around whom you can challenge for a fight. Progression mainly follows completion of chapter quests and reaching new levels can unlock more adventures, areas, spells, and even sidekicks.

World of Legends is perhaps the simplest and easiest MMORPG to play as it is a simple point-and-click game with not much complex mechanics that can confuse even totally new RPG players. There will be a short and easy-to-follow tutorial at the start of the game and it will guide you accordingly for the first few minutes of gameplay. The interface and game screen is a lot less congested than most RPGs and the game mechanics and features are much simpler than in most games within the genre. Typically, you will find yourself getting a good grasp of all the basic things to do and follow on your first hour in the game but if you are looking for faster ways to level up and dominate both PvP and PvE battles, then our World of Legends guide, including plenty of neat tips, cheats and strategies, can surely help you stride through the game.

1. Accomplish Campaign Quests

As the most basic and perhaps, the main game mode in World of Legends, Campaign Quests set you off on a path to follow as each quest within a chapter is designed to challenge you as you progress through the game. On top of the increasing difficulty of some battles as you move forward, one important requirement for completing such quests are keys that are very limited especially at the start of the game. The farther you progress through the campaign chapters, the more key will be typically needed. Keys replenish over time though, and each level up increase the maximum capacity of keys you can hold.

world of legends guide

As it is a huge map and you may initially get lost as you search for your quest targets, be sure to follow the arrow close to your character as it will lead you straight to where you can accomplish your current objective. Additionally, clicking on the boot icon just at the right of the key on the upper left of your screen initiates an auto-mode feature which takes you to any viable target. Be careful though when a particular quest requires you to win a match with a specific sidekick on your team as enabling auto mode while the quest is active may lead you to fight stronger enemies or even other players. Each battle you engage in gives you experience points and elixirs but more importantly, completing quests reward you with coins as well as random items and equipment that you may find somewhat difficult to farm outside of these quests.

Especially on the earlier part of the game, campaign quests will be relatively easy and if you will be engaging enemies that are at most at the same level of your character, you can easily beat them. In any case, though, be sure to prioritize campaign quests most especially when you just logged in on the game and have a full inventory of keys. Make effort to expend keys enough in that it continuously replenishes.

2. Equip And Enhance The Best Gears

New pieces of equipment become available fast especially on the early chapters of the campaign. As you may initially forget to equip the best gears, make it a habit to always check on new equipment after completing a quest by clicking on the hero icon and each equipment slot at the bottom of the screen. When the unequipped item has higher power, their values would be in green while lower values will be orange. You may want to always equip the ones with higher power but there will be some exceptions. Gears have rarity levels and some higher rarity pieces of equipment have unique traits that can be more beneficial for you that mere power increases. Be sure to always check the traits of some equipment when you see them to help you decide better on which one you should choose.

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Lower level and common gears as well as any unwanted piece of equipment still carries some value for you as each one can be converted to scrap and scraps will then be used to upgrade your better equipment. In any case, you may want to hold on to those scraps as changing items early on will be comparatively fast and you wouldn’t want to waste them to upgrade gears that you will turn to scraps as well a little later on. Preferably, spend scraps on higher grade equipment or if you are in so much need of additional power to move past a quest you are having difficulty in completing.

3. Test Each Sidekick Out As They Become Available

There are currently 10 different sidekicks you can have in World of Legends and all of them will be unlocked as soon as you reach level 15. At an early point, you may feel that you are already satisfied with the ones you are using but to be sure that you find the best sidekick combo to use in your team, be sure to try each one out as you unlock them, as each one has unique traits and in combination with other sidekicks, some will work better than others. If you can, try to mix and match different combinations in easy battles first before pursuing to upgrade any of the sidekicks.
Just to clarify on the mechanics of team composition, the blue icon on the upper left side of the sidekick’s portrait stands for its value in the team and each team has a maximum value of 15. With that in mind, what you would want is to maximize the numbers with a good combination of frontline and rear end sidekicks to delimit the candidates you have for upgrading.

world of legends sidekicks

Take note as well that sidekicks are categorize following the upgrade materials needed to strengthen them up. As you would want to concentrate usage of 1 type of material on 1 sidekick, as far as practicable, you should opt to only pick one from among the available sidekicks per category to use in your team. For example, Titan from the first group which has a value of 5, B.O.B. from the next group which has a value of 3, and Boxingtons from the third category which has a value of 2 can all be used to fill-up a five member squad that maximizes the total points of 15. The advantage setups like these can do may not be seen immediately but when you acquire the respective materials for each sidekick and use them exclusively on these characters, then your team will become much stronger than most teams you will encounter. Naturally though, there will be many combinations that can lead to similar outcomes and it would be best to decide on one once you have unlocked and tested all sidekicks in the game.

4. Try Each Spell Out In Combination With Your Team

world of legends spells

There are 8 unique spells in the game with varying effects that can mix up a lot of unique strategies. As you test sidekicks out while you battle with mobs around any map, spend some time as well to use each one of the spells you have unlocked. As you can equip a total of 3 unique spells for each battle, there will most likely be one set that works best with the team that you like. There won’t be any perfect set ups that would always work the best against different team rosters but at the very least, identify which from among the available spells work well enough to make your team more efficient. Be sure to consider how long it takes to charge up those spells as you may want one that can be used immediately with another that can take a while to cast.

5. Gather Collectibles For Trade

world of legends collectibles

As you will most likely run out of keys to progress campaign missions at some point, be sure to spend time exploring the map to gather collectibles. These items may mostly be fruits, vegetables and some other stuff that you can find scattered across each map highlighted by sparkles. Once collected, each resource spot will replenish collectibles after an hour or more. There will also be random question marks that give you collectibles once you approach them so freely exploring wherever the road takes you has its own unique perquisites. To check what you have collected so far, you can click on the “More” icon at the bottom right of the screen and then you can click on your inventory.

You will also find some NPCs scattered about that requests some random items and if you have what they need, you can exchange a number of collectibles for some elixirs or other rewards.

6. Battle Monsters For Experience Points

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If you are out of keys and waiting for them to replenish but at the same time has no more collectibles around to farm from, feel free to battle the monsters that quickly respawn around you. Each one battle you go through earns you experience points and elixirs. For best results, go for bosses around even if you haven’t faced them on your campaign quest. IF you are unsure on whether or not you can win against them, go for the ones that are at most the same level as you are. Bosses reward you with more experience points as they are much tougher than common mobs and may also drop equipment on some occasions. Fighting a boss within the cool down period following a previous fight will cost you elixirs though, and each succeeding battle while still in the cool down period will be more and more expensive.

7. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

You can easily apply to join a guild by clicking on the “More” icon and then selecting the guild icon. There will be many guilds that have full rosters as each one can only hold 25 members for now. Be sure to choose one that has many members but can still offer a seat for you. You can check the total power the guild has compared to the others as an indicator of how active its members are.

world of legends guild

The main reason you would want to join a guild immediately is to gain access to guild quests which you can accomplish by clicking the guild tab of your quest page. There are various quests that are easy to accomplish and finishing each one earns you guild tokens on top of gold and elixirs. The rewards each member of the guild can receive is very much dependent on each member’s activity relative to these quests so be sure to chip in your contribution by completing some of these quests. Take note that once you complete some quests, new ones may appear. Depending on the time you can actually spend on World of Legends, you may want to prioritize exerting a bit more effort here than farming experience points from random mobs most especially if your guild is so close to reaching the next tier of rewards.

8. Complete The Daily Quests

On top of Campaign and Guild Quests another tab of your quest page holds a couple of quests you can accomplish each day. These quests are relatively easier than most other quests but require using keys like campaign quests. Be sure to take on these quests as well as gold is very important in this game and every opportunity to earn more of them should not be passed upon. You can also watch a short video advertisement here to earn lots of gold, elixirs, and a gem. Though these quests only show coins as rewards, you will also receive bonus experience points for completing them. Both coins and experience points earned can be doubled by watching a video ad.

9. Engage In PvP Battles For Additional Loot

When you are still relatively new to World of Legends, you may wonder about the relative aggressiveness of other players around as you may receive challenges an awful lot while strolling through the map following a quest line. Once you have already gotten a good grasp of the game, and have already chosen a team most accustomed to your play style and preferences, be sure to take on players around you and challenge them in a duel. Initially, you would want to take on players that re roughly at the same level as you are but small variance in level won’t decide who wins and who loses as it is still a battle of wits and strategy. Depending on how many wins you can earn within the refresh time, you can claim a PvP chest that holds great rewards. To check your progress and decide on whether to push for more wins or not, you can click on the PvP Chest icon at the right side of your screen.

There are certainly more tricks and secrets to be uncovered in the world of Elysia and World of Legends still looks to have some areas and features of the game added in future updates. For now though, this is where we end our World of Legends guide and we hope that it’s been a very helpful and enjoyable guide to read through. Like many MMORPGs, the amount of time you can dedicate on the game can very much influence the rate of your progress, especially the “farming for experience points” part. Remember that it’s okay to lose sometimes as well as there will never be such a thing as a perfect team and a perfect strategy. In the event that there are some more helpful tips and strategies that you know which we haven’t mentioned in the article, don’t hesitate to share them with us through the comment area below!