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Archero Skills & Abilities Guide: A Detailed List of the Best and Worst Skills

Archero is an exciting dungeon crawler game by Habby that is relatively new but has already amassed millions of players worldwide. This is because it’s simple, very easy to control, and visually appealing. Players move around to evade enemies using a joystick and can only attack if you stay still like a sitting duck. Although, Archero is a simple one-handed game, it’s really challenging the more you progress, especially if you get through different chapters. In this game, staying alive depends significantly on which skill you choose.

As you go on an adventure, you’ll be given opportunities to choose skills. You can choose a skill before you start a level, and also when you level up during a run. There are a variety of skills to choose from like offensive, defensive, and other different effects as well. The skills you get to choose are always random with every run.

Knowing what each skill is and whether or not you should choose them is important in your survival. If you want to know what each skill does, which skills are the best, and which skills to avoid then you have come to the right place. Read on and check out our Archero skills and abilities guide to find out everything you need to know about the skills and abilities in this addictive game.

The Best Skills

These skills are ones you must immediately choose when you see them. Stacking these skills and combining them will make your run a whole lot easier.

archero starting ability

Front Arrow + 1 – This skill lets you shoot an additional arrow forward meaning two arrows parallel side by side. This is a great upgrade as it makes you deal more damage to your enemies.

Multishot – Similar to Front Arrow, this upgrade lets you fire one more arrow with every shot. But this skill is so much more than that. It fires arrows in succession making it possible to land multiple arrows on one enemy. This works for all arrow effects. If you have Diagonal Arrows, Side Arrows, Rear Arrows, all of them will have the Multishot effect making this a very powerful skill that you should always get.

Ricochet – As the name suggests, this makes your shots ricochet and bounce off against enemies making it possible for you to hit multiple enemies with one shot. Although boss levels don’t have much use for this, there are more levels where you deal with mobs. You still need to get through all of those enemies before you get to the end, so this is one of the best skills out there during early stages. The ricochet effect only applies to your main arrow and other arrow skills are not affected by this skill.

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Attack Speed Boost – Attacking faster is always better. Having this skill maximizes the damage you make with your arrows. The faster you attack, the more arrows you fire, and the more damage is dealt. Stacking this ability allows you to deal a higher damage per second.

Attack Boost – This skill gives your attacks additional damage. Although the power talent permanently increases your damage, having more damage on top of that is always a good choice. If you need to choose between this and Attack Speed Boost, choose the latter as getting more hits is a lot better.

Crit Master – Critical hits happen once in a while where your damage is doubled. Having this skill increases your chances of dealing critical hits and also increases your critical damage. With this skill, you’ll be able to get more critical shots often and makes it easier to take down enemies.


When the skills you need to choose from don’t include the best, these are the skills you should consider. Although they’re not as great as the ones already mentioned, they are still notable and highly contribute in making the best skill combinations in the game.

archero acquired skills

Bouncy Walls – This makes the arrows you shoot bounce from walls and hit multiple enemies. This upgrade is best combined with other skills that give you more arrows like Diagonal Arrows or Side Arrows. The more arrow skills you have, the more powerful this skill will be.

Piercing Shot – This skill makes your arrows go through your enemies. If you have a lot of enemies, your arrow will go through one and damage another. Although it damages more than one enemy, this is only possible if your enemies are aligned. Do take note though that if Piercing is combined with Ricochet, the latter is prioritized.

Diagonal Arrows + 1 – Any skill that adds arrows is always a good skill. This skill makes you shoot diagonal arrows on the left and right of your front arrow. Combining this with other arrow skills like Multishot increases your attack damage.

Side Arrows +1 – Having additional arrows gives you more chances to hit enemies. Side Arrows lets you fire two arrows on your sides. This is very effective on levels with multiple enemies scattered everywhere. This ability along with Bouncy Walls and Multishot is a great combination.

Freeze – The Freeze skill slows down an enemy you hit or temporarily freezes them. This is especially helpful when enemies move quickly, giving you time to stay still and attack them or run at a farther distance to evade attacks.

Bolt – This skill gives your arrows a lightning effect. This effect enables you to attack multiple enemies at once similar to a chain reaction. Even though the damage to enemies later in the chain are not as high, the ability to hit multiple enemies at once and also having the chance to stun them, makes this skill worth having.

Wingman – Once you have a spirit or pet, you should always keep an eye out for the Wingman skill. This lets your spirit take enemy projectiles for you in addition to attacking your enemies. It seems very heroic, but your sprits will not always get to block enemy attacks. There is always a chance you’ll get hit, so don’t entirely rely on your spirits to protect you.

HP Boost – Having more HP enables you to take more hits and survive longer, which is what the game is really about, surviving until the end. This is often offered by the Angel along with Recover/Heal.

how to unlock new abilities in archero

Bloodthirst – This skill enables you to recover HP whenever you kill your enemies. This can be very helpful for starters as it’s one of the ways you can heal yourself other than an encounter with the Angel.

Decent Skills

These skills can still help you, but they aren’t as effective as the other skills. They aren’t the best, but they’re not entirely useless either.

Rear Arrow +1 – This skill lets you shoot arrows from behind. Unless you have Bouncy Walls, this ability can only do so much. But if you do have bouncy walls, any skill that gives you more arrows should always be chosen.

Poisoned Touch – Similar to Blaze, Poisoned Touch deals poison damage to enemies over time. Between the two, Blaze deals more damage, but the poison damage effect stays with the enemy until it dies.

Blaze – This skill gives your arrows the flame effect where it deals burn damage to your enemy. However, unlike Poison, the burn damage goes away once the flames run out. You can always just shoot your enemy again though to make them burn.

Fire / Frost / Lightning / Poison Strike – This skill summons swords with the effects corresponding their names. These swords aim at enemies and deals status effects, but they don’t attack as fast resulting in some enemies evading these attacks easily.

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Slow Projectile – This skill makes the enemy projectile slower. This is kind of similar to Freeze only that this skill makes enemy attacks slower and not the monsters themselves. Making their attacks slower gives you a greater chance to see where they’re going so you can evade them.

Headshot – This skill enables you to randomly kill an enemy with one shot. The instant kill ability is nice, but because it is random, it doesn’t always take effect. This skill is purely based on luck where you can headshot all monsters in a level or none.

Shadow Clone – This skill enables you to summon your shadow clone when monsters die. A clone appears right where an enemy died and shoots arrows in place. It doesn’t move or go anywhere and acts like a turret. Although additional damage is welcome, these clones are temporary and disappear after a while.

archero shadow clone

Summon One-Eyed Bat – As the name suggests, this skill enables you to summon one-eyed bats in the game and are like additional spirits. They are better than shadow clones because they stay longer and can attack over walls.

Invincibility Star – The Invincibility Star gives you a shield that makes you invincible for two seconds and recharges every 10 seconds. With this in mind, you can use this to save yourself at very critical moments. However, attacking enemies, evading them, and counting down to 10 might be too much.

Shield Guard – This skill makes two shields circle your character that can block enemy projectiles. However, projectiles can still get through the gaps. And unlike the Wingman, these shields don’t attack for you and deal any kind of damage.

Extra Life – Being able to continue the game after you die is the best thing the Devil could offer you. Losing a chunk of your life is worth it if this is what’s offered in exchange. However, this skill is very rarely offered. Think really carefully if you think it’s worth losing HP for. Only get this skill if you are about to get through the dungeon. This will be very useful for boss battles.

Spirit Upgrades – Just like you, your spirits have upgrades too. These upgrades are very similar to your characters upgrades as well. Always prioritize your character’s upgrades before your spirits. These skills include: Spirit Front Arrow +1, Spirit Diagonal Arrow +1, Spirit Multishot, Spirit Attack Boost, Spirit Attack Speed Boost, Spirit Crit Boost, Spirit Blaze, Spirit Bolt, Spirit Poisoned Touch, and so on.

Useless Skills

These skills should be avoided at all costs and should only be chosen when you have no other choice. Some of them are slightly useful but just aren’t decent enough, while some are completely useless.

Fire / Ice / Lightning / Poison Circle – This skill makes two orbs circle around you with the effects corresponding their names. If the orb hits an enemy, damage is dealt along with the status effect. They do cover a large area and can sometimes block enemy projectiles. However, they don’t really have high damage and don’t have much to offer.

Fire / Ice / Poison / Lightning Swords – This skill makes two swords circle around you with the effects corresponding their name. Their covered area is smaller than the Circle skill and is just a bit farther than the Shield Guard. It’s useless because they can only deal damage if enemies get too close, and you don’t want that. They’re also not advisable for bosses and stronger enemies.

Flame / Frost / Bolt / Toxic Stars – This skill summons stars with effects corresponding their names. These stars appear randomly on screen, and you have no control over them. Because they’re random, they don’t always hit enemies and have low damage as well.

Flame / Frost / Bolt / Toxic Meteor – This skill summons meteors with effects corresponding their names. Although the area they damage is larger than the Stars skill, these meteors appear randomly on screen and don’t always hit the target.

archero meteor

Holy Touch – This skill enables your attacks to have the holy effect where two projectiles shoot out of your enemy. These projectiles deal very little damage and other attack effects are considerably better. Stay away from this skill as much as possible.

Smart – This skill makes you level up faster by making you earn more coins. It might help early on, but it doesn’t really contribute anything.

Strong Heart – This skill restores more HP than before. Strong Heart doesn’t significantly restore your HP. Plus, there are lots of ways to increase your HP or heal which are way better than Strong Heart.

Dodge Master – This skill gives you a chance to avoid enemy attacks. This is entirely luck-based and just doesn’t cut it. Making the enemies miss their attacks is nice, but there’s nothing really special to it.

Flexible – Similar to Dodge Master, this skill makes it easier for you to dodge attacks when your HP is lower. Again, being able to dodge enemy attacks is random. This skill is just a waste of space on your skills slot.

Grace – This skill lets you recover more blood the lower your HP, meaning you recover more health when you heal. For example, if you have really low health and ask the Angel to heal you, it gives you more than what you usually get. It isn’t that bad, but it isn’t really noticeable. The Angel is enough for all your healing needs.

Rage – The lower your HP, the higher damage dealt. This skill can be a lifesaver, but it’s also very dangerous. This can be really helpful in boss levels, but one wrong move and you’ll die and have to start over. The increase in damage isn’t worth risking your life for. Focus on strengthening your attacks instead and look away when you see this.

Water Walker / Through The Wall – These skills are only offered to you by the Devil. Although tempting and can help you move around easier in the game, making a deal with the Devil costs your life points. You want to have a lot of HP and not lose it.

archero devil

Death Bomb / Death Nova / Chilling Blast – Death Bomb makes your enemy explode upon death. Death Nova makes your enemy shoot lightning bolts when killed. Chilling Blast makes your enemies burst into a freezing blast when they die. These explosions have very little damage and only really works when enemies are in groups. Avoid these like the plague.

At the end, there are a lot of things to consider when coming up with the right skills. Skill combinations depend on which weapon you have and which chapter you’re on. Some chapters have waves where there is an abundance of enemies, so skills that cater to that should be used. Some chapters have mostly bosses on them and choosing skills used on other chapters that deal with enemy mobs will just be useless. Remember, dealing higher damage is the most important thing in order to survive, but stacking too much arrows splits their damage too. It all really comes down to your ability to evade projectiles and landing those attacks.

There you have it! This ends our skills and abilities guide for Archero. As of this writing, the skills included in this guide are present in the game. If some skills mentioned are those you haven’t encountered yet, they will be unlocked at later chapters. We hope you absorb all of this information and think about this guide when making your skill combinations. The way people think are not always the same, and that could also be said about which skills are better or useless. If you have a different opinion about the ranking of the skills mentioned, please feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!


Saturday 12th of November 2022

It’s funny how bad death bomb and chilling blast typically are yet for the current update the special event they are a godsend.


Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Calling circles and swords useless really hurts my brain. 2 or more circles or swords stacked together can deal damage, especially against melee enemies. Also, I've killed bosses purely with strikes and/or stars. Rather, side arrow is useless, while diagonal is barely decent without bouncy wall and pierce.


Friday 18th of March 2022

@TGR, diagonal arrow is really useful if you are in front of the enemy since you can put your front and both diagonal arows right into them since they wont have time to seperate, and rear arrow with bouncy wall is really useful against ground unit bosses since it will bounce off the wall behind you and hit the enemy in front of you, practically making it another front arrow


Monday 3rd of August 2020

The meteors and the ice sword are actually pretty useful because the meteor can help destroy tons of mobs that are clustered up and the ice sword can give you plenty of time to escape from melee mobs/bosses.


Monday 23rd of March 2020

The bounce doesn't give you double damage it losing dmg with every hit. Same + fron arrow and multishoot give you something like -30% dmg etc. It is very komplex math everywhere :)


Thursday 5th of December 2019

It seams to me that this guide is looking only at the single skill effect, not considering any combos. For ex. holy touch will become incredibly effective when added to piercing shots/bouncing walls, while ricochet becomes useless since it stops the shoots from pierce


Saturday 12th of November 2022

@SnowPatrik, that’s a good point.