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Archero Talents Guide: How to Unlock the Best Talents in the Game

Archero is an addictive new mobile game from Habby, that we have been playing and covering extensively in the last few weeks. As we briefly mentioned in our Archero beginner’s guide, you can unlock talents by spending coins that you acquire by slaying enemies. There are 9 talents in the game, divided into three tiers: grey, blue, and purple. Grey and blue talents impact your base stats: maximum health, attack damage, and how much you heal from the red hearts you find in the treasure chests in the game. Purple talents each other aspects of your hero. In this Archero talents guide, we are going to take an in-depth look at all the talents in the game, as well as sharing some tips and tricks on how you can unlock them.

The Best Talent – Glory

archero glory talent

In Archero, you will be hard pressed to find a talent better than Glory. This talent is also unique, in the sense that it doesn’t have a level, unlocking it once will guarantee you its full benefits, unlike other talents that keep improving based on their level. Glory allows you to pick a skill right at the start of the game, something you usually can only do by leveling up. This is great, as it allows you to get a head start in the game, and getting a skill like Ricochet or Front Arrow will greatly improve your chances of succeeding, as it makes clearing levels so much faster and safer.

At the very least, they will make you progress further, which is always great when you are farming coins for your other talents and upgrades. The earliest you unlock this, the better it is, though of course you don’t have a choice on the matter.

Time Reward

archero time reward talent

Time Reward, as the name implies, unlocks time rewards, you will get the possibility of opening a chest every 60 minutes, this chest will be on the world map’s screen, and it bears coins, and sometimes upgrade scrolls. Another talent that is very useful to get early, as it will accelerate your progress towards getting the other talents, although it doesn’t directly impact gameplay per se, and might take a while to actually influence your game. One thing is sure, those coins really come in handy!

Enhance Equipment

archero enhance equipment

Enhance Equipment does exactly that. It improves the stats your equipment provides by a percentage, starting with 3%, and growing by 3% with each level in the talent. This, unlike every other talent is pretty bad at the start of the game, as you either won’t have equipment, or your equipment will be so bad a measly 3% upgrade might as well not be there. This talent scales insanely well though with higher level gear, so hope you will unlock it when you are a bit further into the game, rather than early, where it will feel like you have wasted a bunch of coins.


archero agile talent

Agile is one of the best talents in Archero, arguably up there right below Glory. Agility increases your attack speed by 2% on the first level, and then 1% for every level. This might sound like a paltry amount, but trust me, attack speed is a very important stat. It improves every skill you acquire through leveling up, and it also stacks additively with the attack speed boosts you get in game. It provides the highest amount of damage increase you could get from a talent in game.

It is the only talent that makes everything better and that scales progressively the longer you play for, unlike every other talent that only give you boosts for a fixed amount. Amazing at any stage of the game, and gives the highest bang for your buck.

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archero inspire talent

Inspire is a nice talent. It is best at early levels, when your maximum health isn’t that high. Inspire heals you whenever you level up, it starts off from 100 health for level up, and goes up by 100. Amazing talent when you are starting out, as you will have problems sustaining through the early levels when you aren’t very good at dodging attacks and figuring out enemies’ attack partners.
Unfortunately, when your health pool starts ramping up, and you are able to dodge the vast majority of your enemies’ attacks, points in this talent will feel like a waste.

Iron Bulwark

archero iron bulwark talent

Iron Bulwark improves what the game calls “Collision Resilience”, which means you take less damage when you come in direct contact with the enemies. It is very useful against the bats, the walking skulls, and the bats, the kind of monsters that tend to move a lot and will hit you directly at some point. This talent is nice to have at all points of the game, although it becomes less necessary when you learn how to keep your distance. It is still a great upgrade, especially since it reduces the damage by a lot when coupled with good pieces of equipment.

The Grey Talents – Strength, Power And Recover

archero grey talents




These talents simply improve the stats their name refer to. Health improves your health pool, allowing you to survive more hits, power improves the damage you deal, and is the best talent of the bunch, while Recover increases the amount of health you recover when you find the red hearts in the treasure chests you destroy in the game. These talents are okay, nothing spectacular, they feel more filler than else, as different equipment will do a much better job at dealing damage than Power ever will. Strength is by far the best of the 3.

This wraps up our guide to the talents you can unlock in Archero. The game has plenty of content, and the many levels will keep you occupied for a long time. Unlocking talents is very rewarding, as with every unlock you will notice how much more easily you will progress through the game. If you have any questions or want to let us know what you think about the talents, make sure to let us know in the comments, until then, happy archering!


Wednesday 27th of November 2019

Some mistakes in this article, but thanks. I didn’t like enhance equipment at the start... but with stats over a thousand now I was like woah, this is pretty good. Just wanted to confirm I had it right.

You confuse strength, power and recover. You say “power is the best of the 3”, then say “strength” is the best.

At the start you also refer to strength as “health”.

Might be a little confusing to a beginner, but I knew exactly what you meant anyway so no big deal.

In short, you were saying power is the best (which should be called strength), followed by strength (which should be called health) followed by recover (which is a perfectly fine name for it.

Cheers for the article, if it’s easy, fix the minor mistakes. :)

Osaid alam

Friday 9th of August 2019

Very good