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Idle Evil Clicker Simulator Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Running Your Very Own Evil Empire

Have you ever wondered what it was like to manage demons and have your very own evil empire? In AppQuantum’s new mobile game Idle Evil, you get to do exactly that and more. It is not your typical tycoon game where you farm and collect crops. Instead, you get to torture people and watch them suffer in order to collect souls. Run your very own version of hell with workplaces such as whipping stations, boilers, hamster wheels, and unlock more ways to torment people.

You might think it is somewhat disturbing to make an enjoyment of people suffering or the fact that you are running hell itself. However, it is all good fun and the concept is pretty interesting. Tortures featured are filled with humor and very family friendly. Who would have thought you would get to wash dishes in hell for eternity?

The charm of tycoon games, such as Art Inc. and Idle Supermarket Tycoon, is the fact that you can play it as much and as little as you want and still enjoy it just the same. This is very true when it comes to Idle Evil as you get the satisfaction of continuously collecting souls while you are away and come back to even more rewards. If you are a fan of idle games and have yet to experience managing hell, then Idle Evil is definitely one to add on your list. With that said, we will help you maximizing your profits and be the best devil worker in hell. Read on to find out a bunch of Idle Evil tips, cheats and strategies to make your boss, the king of hell, proud.

1. Activate The Guard And Supervisor

Of course, every workplace should have a guard and supervisor, same goes for hell. When starting the game, you will see an empty desk at the bottom left of the screen. Tap on this to hire a guard for four hours and doing this doubles your demon workers work speed. Hiring a guard will require you to watch a very short ad for a few seconds. You can also watch ads in succession to stack up the hours. Take advantage of this to make the guard stay for more than four hours in your workplace. This is helpful for those who leave the game for a long time.

idle evil tips

On the other hand, the supervisor appears at the top right side of your screen. His appearance is of a demon with huge glasses and a clipboard. Similar to the guard, you will need to watch an ad in order to activate this perk. Activating the supervisor allows you to double your profit for six seconds. This might seem like a very short time, but doubling your profits for that short amount is already helpful enough. You can also watch ads in succession with the supervisor and in turn earn double the profit every six seconds.

However, you should not always fervently activate whenever you want. With the guard, you should activate him as soon as you have your first workstation. This increases profits overall and definitely helps with upgrading and expanding your empire. With the supervisor, only activate him when your workplaces reach the point where it takes time and you have to wait before you can upgrade them. This makes it more efficient as you do not want to be using your six-second double-profit bonus when you only have a few workplaces or if you have a lot but have not upgraded any yet.

2. Upgrade Your Workplaces

In Idle Evil workplaces give you souls and upgrading them increases the souls you earn. As you collect more souls, you can unlock more workplaces. The souls needed to unlock each workplace can be seen on the block where they are placed. Newer workplaces that you unlock give you more souls, although the time it takes for the souls to be ready is longer than the one before it. The more workplaces you unlock, the more it costs you to the unlock the next one.

idle evil workplace upgrade

To upgrade workplaces, you need to tap on the pillory icon at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the workplace you want to upgrade. As you upgrade each workplace, a green bar appears right above its icon, and you can also see the cost of each upgrade right below it. Once the green bar becomes full, the speed of your workplace will increase by 100% and sometimes increase its profits.

You can upgrade as many times as you want and fill the green bar many times over. For example, if you upgrade a workplace 25 times, the green bar gets filled the first time and your workplace speed increases 100%. Upgrading a workplace 50 times also fills the green bar with the same effect. It is also the same for 100 upgrades. The required number of times you upgrade to fill the green bar increases the more you activate this effect.

Try to avoid upgrading a workplace just to increase the speed to 100%. It is better to upgrade the latest one you unlocked first and then upgrade the one before it. Upgrading this way maximizes the use of souls to upgrade because upgrading the latest workplaces unlocked first makes you earn more than upgrading the initial workplaces you have. You might get the satisfaction of increasing your workplace productivity by 100% by upgrading the first few workplaces, but what these workplaces earn will not match what the newer workplace profits have. It is ideal to upgrade the newest workplace first and then follow it by upgrading the others.

3. Purchase Other Upgrades

Aside from the workplace upgrades, there are other upgrades that will immensely help in expanding your evil empire. To access these upgrades, you can tap on the flame icon at the top of your screen. These upgrades include making your demons work twice as fast, increasing your profits, automatically collecting souls, and a lot more. These upgrades can be purchased using in-game currencies such as souls, apples, or gems. Souls are given to you through workplaces, apples are given to you by your boss when you reset your game, and gems can be purchased with real money or through rewards.

idle evil tricks

Auto soul collecting lets you collect souls without having to manually tap on it. Workplaces have a blue bar beneath them which shows when the souls are ready to collect. Having auto soul collecting does not require you to tap every single time whenever the blue bar gets filled. What happens is that it just continuously collects and accumulates until you tap on it and get your souls. This is very helpful for those who want to leave the game for a long time. Not having the auto collect feature will be a huge disadvantage to those who leave the game as you will not get to accumulate your earnings and come back to low rewards.

Not only is the apple considered as the forbidden fruit, you get to use it for your hell upgrades too. Apple upgrades increase the number of apples you earn and increase your profits for the current game you are playing. The more apples you have, the better upgrades you unlock. Like souls, apples can also be used to increase your work income threefold. The longer you play the current game you are in and the more workplaces you unlock, the more apples your big boss will give you.

Gem upgrades are the best upgrades in Idle Evil because of their beneficial effects. The Premium Bonus upgrade permanently doubles your profits. Even if you start out another game, that bonus will still be effective. The X-mas Bonus upgrade makes you summon the boss without needing to restart everything. Summoning the boss makes you restart everything, but you do increase your earnings every time and earn apples in return. Using this bonus only gives you the benefits without losing your workplaces. Other upgrades make you jump forward in time which increases your earnings significantly.

4. Know When To Reset Upgrades

In every company, there is a boss. In hell, you already know who is the boss, the king of evil himself. As you progress in the game, unlock workplaces, and collect souls, you will be prompted to summon your boss. Summoning your boss in real life is either a good thing or a bad thing, but summoning your boss in hell only produces good results. However, summoning your boss will reset your progress and lose everything you have worked hard for in exchange for apples. It might sound unreasonable, but getting apples is worth it.

idle evil boss

Whenever you summon the boss, not only do you get apples, your income also increases on your next run of the game. You can also use the apples you earn for upgrades as previously mentioned. Do not be afraid to lose everything because you will earn faster and will be able to unlock workplaces at a much faster rate than before due to your increased income for summoning the boss.

The best time to summon the boss and reset the game is when your game progress slows down and your collected souls are not enough to do upgrades. To summon the boss, you can tap on his face that is hovering at the top of your screen. Like with the others, you are required to watch a short ad for a few seconds to activate this. After watching an ad, you need to swipe your workplaces away until every single one of them is gone. Then your boss will give you the number of apples promised. You can check how many apples you will possibly earn any time by tapping on your boss.

Let your game progress for at least a day before you summon your boss. This way you will have a lot of apples and get familiarized with the game. Summoning your boss is the only way to get apples. Having more apples enables you to get more profitable apples which helps in other upgrades. Just because the game prompted you to summon, does not mean you should. You can always summon your boss at a later time or whenever you want. If you are not concerned with apples at all, you might do summon your boss as much as you want. But, your increase in profits also depend on the apples you earn. The more apples you earn, the more income you will get.

5. Open Chests Whenever You Have Them

Opening a chest gives you the chance to unlock a new location or workplace or increase the souls you collect by 100%. Each chest gives you one puzzle piece, and each puzzle requires four pieces to complete. There is a chance you might get duplicate puzzle pieces, but getting a duplicate will reward you with five gems. If you have unlocked a new workplace, a new location will unlock for you as well. Tap on the portal icon at the bottom of the screen to access your new location and workplace. Here you will see other locked workplaces and how many pieces you have collected for that specific workplace so far.

idle evil chest

Chests can be obtained in a number of ways. The easiest way to get chests is by summoning the boss, but the number of chests given to you can be random. You could have three chests or even one, and your game progress does not matter. Sometimes the game makes you watch an ad involuntarily and gives you a chest, but this does not happen every single time. You can also get a chest through the Wheel of Sins and the daily prizes.

Another way to get chests in Idle Evil is by purchasing them with souls or gems. To do this, tap on the chest icon at the top of the screen. This will take you to your puzzle collection where you can see how many puzzles you already have and which ones you need to collect. While on this screen, tap on the chest icon with a plus sign and this takes you to where you can purchase chests. Whenever you buy a chest with souls, the cost of it increases the next time you purchase. If you want to use gems to buy chests, there are two options. You can buy three regular chests or buy the ultimate chest. The ultimate chest guarantees a puzzle piece that you do not have, so it might be worth saving gems for this chest.

6. Always Check The Wheel Of Sins, Daily Quests And Daily Prizes

Just because you are working in hell does not mean you do not get additional rewards and bonuses. In this game, there are several ways you can get rewards for free. These features include the Wheel of Sins, Daily Quests, and Daily Prizes. It is easy to overlook these especially if you do not play the game as much. To access the Wheel of Sins, tap on the wheel icon at the bottom right. To access the Daily Quests, tap on the star icon just below the Wheel of Sins icon. To access Daily Prizes, tap on the calendar icon below the Daily Quests.

idle evil cheats

The Wheel of Sins is a feature in the game where you can spin a wheel and earn rewards such as gems, souls, and time. You have three free chances to spin a wheel, and you can purchase more chances with gems. Spinning a wheel will require you to watch a short ad. A free spin is added every four hours, but this does not accumulate. Once you have filled the three free spins, you have to use them to activate the timer for an additional free spin.

Daily Quests reward you with gems if you complete them. The number of gems you earn depends on the task you need to do. Some tasks include summoning the boss a number of times, or summoning the supervisor a number of times, or even get a number of souls. If you think you cannot accomplish the task shown, you can tap on the reset button just above the quest in order for the game to give you another quest. You can only do this once for each quest.

Daily Prizes are rewards given to you whenever you log in daily. Just logging in the game daily for a moment will give you the reward. These rewards include souls, gems, chests, apples, time, etc. You will get better rewards the more days you log in consecutively. Even if you are not an active player of the game, try to log in daily to get the rewards.

7. Get Social

It would not be hell if you will not get to drag your friends to hell with you. Having friends in the game gives you an additional 1% profit for each friend. Connecting to Facebook also gives you 50 free gems. Not only do you get additional profit, you also get free gems. Make sure to sync your game with Facebook to see which of your friends are playing.

This wraps up our compilation of Idle Evil tips, cheats and strategies. Remember everything that was mentioned in the guide, and you will definitely be on your way to developing your very own evil empire. If you have any suggestions or tips not included in this guide, feel free to let us know in the comment area below. Being evil has never felt this good. Make the big boss proud!


Thursday 21st of May 2020

I have beat the game.... NO reason to play it anymore.

I have every puzzle piece - and every guard piece all on platinum.

The one that is supposed to unlock when you have everything don't and I think it is because you are supposed to buy the last pain station which I did not do. I did not buy the disable ads for .99cents , I did not buy the $5.49 special offer that unlocks the last pain station on the 3rd tier. I did not buy the $2.49 add a second guard. I think that is the one thing preventing me from unlocking the last guard, which honestly I do not care about anymore.

I have gone from Millions to trillion to billions to Single small letter to double small letters single larger Letters A-Z then to Double letters AA-ZZ then Triple Letters AAA-ZZZ there is not Quadrupple letters it now goes to weird symbols. [[[ , \\\, ]]], ^^^, ... ect... ect... ect...

At this point I need 150K gems to double my productivity. I have over 500K gems so I can get apples and 1 week jumps whenever I want.

I honestly do not see the point of playing anymore. I started in DEC 2018. I am not paying $10 to unlock a new pain station and a new guard. I would gladly trade my last 500K gems for that pain station and puzzle pieces to get that last guard to platinum. Just to say I have everything.

At this point it is a lesson in fruition. Just to see the souls jump up another tier each time I play. I can basicly jump another full level of souls in 10 mins. At this point i am collecting 10 x 100 to the 30th power in souls. If there are 7 billion people on earth and over 100 billion that have lived since man inhabited the planet, you would need nearly a google of planets with 10 billion people on them to have that many souls. The game is just ridicules now.


Wednesday 29th of April 2020

i have this time 146 tt so what is after zz ??


Friday 24th of April 2020

How Can I Get Gems When I Complete A Gem task For Playing Another Game??


Saturday 1st of February 2020

I’m not sure the Apple-for-income bumps make sense. I’m currently offered income X3 for 100cc apples.

But each apple is worth 26% increase.

Wouldn’t that be trading 2.6dd% for 300%


Monday 17th of February 2020

Income x3 refers to all the souls generated by all workstations from now on. It does nothing for the souls you currently have or the ones you can currently harvest. It strictly refers to the future souls after you purchase the upgrade. More profitable apples x2 increases the worth of your apples from 26% to 52% including future apples as well as the apples you currently have but minus the apples you have spent on purchasing the 2x upgrade.


Saturday 4th of January 2020

How do I update the game haven’t been able to get my gems from the Christmas tree been frozen