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Wood Shop (Mobile Game) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a Perfect Score for Every Sculpture You Complete

Rollic Games is a company that’s known for various casual titles of different kinds, including Picker 3D and Water Shooty — two games you may remember through the tips and tricks we provided for them a while ago. One of their latest games is called Wood Shop, and it’s now available for iOS devices. This game allows you to carve “anything you desire” as you try to match the target shape across dozens of levels. And once you’re done carving, you can then “sell” these items in your shop, with the price increasing depending on how accurate you were in matching the original shape.

Once again, this is one of those titles where there really isn’t that much to discuss or too many mechanics that you need to grasp — we probably wouldn’t even call this one of those “easy to learn, hard to master” games. However, if mastery means getting a perfect 100 percent score for every sculpture you complete, it can definitely be said that this game could fall under that category after all. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at things as we present this Wood Shop guide, where we discuss everything you need to know about acing each and every level and carving, polishing, and painting the perfect sculpture.

1. The Basics Of Wood Shop / Similarities And Differences With Woodturning 3D

Much like the very similar Woodturning 3D we covered not too long ago, Wood Shop is a game that allows you to craft a variety of wooden sculptures by using the right chisels to carve the hunks of wood as they turn, polishing them in such a way that the lines and curves match the original piece, and painting them to match the original color scheme. But while the stages work in the same fundamental way, there are quite a few differences that you may notice, assuming you’ve been playing Woodturning 3D for some time. In fact, in many ways, you may find Wood Shop to be easier to play overall.

wood shop tips

The first of the three stages in each level involves carving across the white outline on each piece of wood as it turns. Again, you’ll have three choices of chisels with different tips — a flat one, a round one, and a pointed one — which we will be discussing in a bit more depth later on. Make sure you’re carving as closely as possible to the outline, not leaving out too much wood or carving beyond the lines, as this will help you get closer to a perfect 100 percent score and earn the most in-game coins possible for each level.

For the second stage, you won’t have to choose a sponge size; throughout this stage, the sponge will remain at a uniform size, but it’s important that you polish the rough edges only and don’t overdo this process, so as not to risk compromising your score. Fortunately, the second stage in Wood Shop is easier than the second stage in Woodturning 3D, and not just because you don’t need to worry about changing the sponge size. We’ve noticed that small sections of wood that may have been over-carved in the first stage — and take note, just small sections — may grow back during the polishing process, so it’s like the game attempts to auto-correct this for you.

Last, but not the least, the third stage involves painting your wooden sculpture. Whereas in Woodturning 3D you have eight color choices and are free to paint your creations in any color/color combination you wish, the colors and designs appear automatically as you paint your sculpture in Wood Shop. In fact, the painting process won’t end until you’re done spraying your creation from top to bottom, left to right, and making sure you haven’t missed a spot; once the entire sculpture has been painted, you’re automatically taken to the end of the level and informed of your final grade, or score.

2. Score 60 Percent Or Greater To Proceed To Next Level

Now here’s where both games arguably differ from each other the most — in WoodTurning 3D, you could move on to the next level no matter how low your score is. But in Wood Shop, you’ll need to get a 60 percent score or better in order to move on to the next level. Scoring 60 percent to 80 percent is worth one star, 81 to 95 percent two stars, and 96 to 100 percent three stars. Your base earnings could reach up to $200 for a perfect 100 percent sculpture, with your score determining how much you earn — a 75 percent score, for instance, will get you $150.

However, the game will always give you an option to watch a video in order to triple your earnings at the end of the level. You don’t need to fret too much, though — we’ve found it much easier to get a good score in this title, just as long as you carve as accurately as possible and close to the white line, and make sure you polish all the rough edges.

wood shop tricks

In addition to having to hit a certain score to start playing new levels, you’ll also notice that Wood Shop allows you to replay levels you’ve already completed. This is great for anyone who wasn’t able to reach three stars during the first try, though also keep in mind that you cannot simply exit a level unless you’ve actually completed it! (That makes it impossible to jump from one level to the next willy-nilly without finishing your previous work.) Still, it’s good to know that levels can be replayed, with the added bonus of each group of five levels having a specific theme!

3. Which Chisels Should You Use and When?

Once again, chisel choice matters a lot during the first stage of each level. Although it’s possible to cut through the outline using any of the three chisels, the best way to maximize your score is to make sure you’re choosing the right one. The one with the square tip works best when you’re cutting through a long, straight line, while the rounded tip is a good choice if you’re working with rounded edges and curves.

wood shop hints

The pointed tip, quite naturally, is for shorter straight lines, but it has a greater purpose in Wood Shop, as it has the additional ability to zoom in and give you a closer look at what you’re carving through. As such, you can use the pointed tip chisel to fine-tune your carving before you move on to the next stage. It may not make much of a difference in terms of the raw numbers, but oftentimes, the difference between two and three stars boils down to just a couple of percentage points.

4. Take As Much Time As You Need And Restart If You Have To

Many of the better casual games out there stand out because they provide a relaxing gaming experience. That too applies to Wood Shop, as none of the levels are timed, thus giving you all the time you need to carve the perfect sculpture. Rushing through the carving process will only result in a low score once everything’s completed, no matter how diligently you polish it during the second stage. So don’t rush it, because speeding things up will only slow your progress down at the end of the day — you don’t want to replay those levels too often just because your score dropped below your expectations!

wood shop guide

Additionally, keep in mind that you have the option to redo your sculpture by hitting the purple button on the lower left of the screen, next to the Done button. Of course, this will take you back to square one, but it’s the best choice if thew Undo button on the upper right doesn’t do the trick. Once you lop off an especially huge chunk of wood, the game will give you a chance to undo your mistakes — choosing this option will take you to an ad video — but we’ve noticed that undoing sometimes makes the sculpture look more warped than it’s supposed to.

We’re not sure if this is a quirk or a bug, but using the Undo function sometimes results in the wrong sections getting lopped off, even if you didn’t make such a mistake before doing so. Still, if worse comes to worst, the option to redo everything is always available!

5. Open The Prize Chests After You’ve Completed Each Group Of Five Levels

As we mentioned above, each group of five levels in Wood Shop comes with different themes — home appliances, bottle shapes, diner items, and many more. After you’ve completed each level in a multiple of five and earned enough stars across the last five levels, you will be taken to a screen where you can choose one out of three bonus prizes hidden in a chest — it could be more coins, a new chisel set or brush, or a new wood design or material. These prizes may also appear at random after you complete certain levels, in which case you’ll usually be prompted to watch a video to claim the prizes.

wood shop reward

After opening one chest, you have the option to open a second, or even a third one, as long as you’re willing to watch an ad video for each of the additional chests. But what do these new goodies — the chisels and the brushes — do? Can these make things easier or harder for you to carve through the wood? And what happens when you unlock a new material? We’re going to answer that in the very next tip, so keep on reading to find out about the new items you can unlock in the game.

6. The New Items Mostly Differ In Terms Of Aesthetics

Now this probably isn’t what you may have been hoping to read, but then again, in the world of casual gaming, it’s very rare that a bare-bones title such as this one comes with new items that actually have an impact on gameplay. It’s all about collecting new stuff, and that’s what you may want to keep in mind to motivate you as you unlock new items and carving materials.

Just to make this point particularly clear, it doesn’t matter whether you’re unlocking a new chisel or paintbrush — they will still serve the same functions and work the same way when you choose them in the Shop menu and start using them in a new level. Now perhaps, you may notice that some of the chisel sets have smaller tips than others, and that might have a bit of an impact on gameplay, as smaller tips could allow you to make finer cuts across the outline and reduce the need for intensive polishing in the next stage.

wood shop strategies

Aside from that, there are very few discernible differences if you opt for one item over the other! The differences, for the most part, are in terms of aesthetics, especially when it comes to the different materials, which are right in between the chisels and paintbrushes in the shop.

Talking about the shop, you can watch videos or spend your coins (at least they actually can be put to use in this game) to unlock new items, may they be chisels, brushes, or materials. For each type, the first of the three sets of choices include items that can be unlocked by watching a video, the second features those that can be unlocked with coins (with a video allowing you to spend more coins and unlock yet another), and the third is for prize chest-exclusive items — you cannot watch ads or pay coins to unlock these ones!

7. How To Get Rid Of The Ads – Get The Paid Version

Last, but not the least, let’s touch on the many advertisements that you may encounter while playing Wood Shop. We know they can be quite annoying when they show up in between stages, or if you’re trying to undo a mistake. And just like WoodTurning 3D, the only way to get rid of these intrusive ads (except, of course, the ones you voluntarily watch in order to triple your earnings, etc.) is to pay $3 USD or its equivalent in local currency. It’s a relatively affordable price to pay for the convenience of playing without any unwanted interruptions, and also a great way to support the developers, so if you love the game that much, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do the game’s makers a solid by getting the paid version.

And this ends our guide for Rollic’s latest mobile game Wood Shop. If you happen to know other tips or tricks that we haven’t mentioned in the article, feel free to let us know in the comment area!