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Ragnarok Tactics Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies Every Player Should Know

Gravity Game Tech, a Thailand-based subsidiary of Gravity Co., Ltd., has just been established in 2019 and banking on the most popular franchise of the company, has recently released Ragnarok Tactics. Since 2002, Ragnarok Online has been a dominant force in the MMORPG arena and has then since expanded into a wide variety of games across genres and platforms.

Ragnarok Tactics is an idle strategy RPG of sorts where you collect popular monsters from the series, customize each one, and build the perfect army to use against numerous challenges. The combat gameplay works most like an auto chess game where you designate your units on specific tiles depending on their strengths as opposed to the enemy units.

Like most other strategy games, Ragnarok Tactics employs the rock-paper-scissors mechanics more literally as indicators of unit group strengths and weaknesses but beyond that, also exhibits element types and unique skills for each unit. With the gacha approach towards unlocking new units, there are rarity levels as well.

ragnarok tactics tricks

While most players would want to go for the higher rarity monsters as far as team creation is concerned, fans of the franchise will surely enjoy mixing and matching their favorite mobs and bosses from the popular franchise to see them in action on their side for once. Even if you are not a big fan of Ragnarok characters, but enjoy idle strategy games, then be sure to give Ragnarok Tactics a try.
Ragnarok Tactics provides a quick and simple tutorial as you dive into the game. Although the features and mechanics you will see upfront may seem overwhelming, allow the tutorial to lead you towards progress and you will soon learn everything you need to know. As far as mechanics and controls are concerned, it’s as easy as it gets.

The hard part comes from strategizing around your squad roster as well as their placements on the grid. It’s easy to assume that most battles will be decided by CP, impacted by the rock-paper-scissors mechanics but as you play more and test different approaches to combat, you will discover that tactics plays a more vital role. If you find yourself stuck on a particular challenge or simply want to level up and progress in the game more efficiently, then read our Ragnarok Tactics beginner’s guide!

1. Learn The Basics Through The Adventure Campaign

Ragnarok Tactics takes you back to the mythical world of Rune-Midgard as you travel across the land, recruit new allies, and battle through hordes of enemies. As you move from one location to the next one, rewards earned through exploration, which you acquire idly over time, increases more based on your progress. This is primarily the reason why pushing forward early on is important.

ragnarok tactics adventure campaign

Beyond the passive earnings you will continuously earn even while offline and away from the game, each stage you complete earns you experience points to level up your account as well as various resources you need to enhance your squad. As RNG may not be on your side whenever you summon more units from the hatch lab, progressing through the adventure campaign gives you some decent units to ensure that you will have a varied enough selection to progress through the early stages.

The adventure campaign, particularly the earlier stages, serves as the perfect training ground for you to learn some basic strategies with regard to choosing the best mix of units to deploy, how to position each one of them, and even designate targets more specifically before the actual battle starts. Keep in mind as well that there is nothing to lose if you fail to beat any stage as you can retry as many times as you wish and therefore be able to test some different strategies with each attempt.

Pay close attention to how each of your deployed units perform in combat not just on their own but how well they synergize with the rest of the team. You can discover just how their unique skills benefit the entire party and how effective these are as far as general encounters are concerned.

2. Focus On Assembling A Well-Rounded Team

It is only natural to go with the units handed to you within and a little after the tutorial session. Once you have enough resources for a 10x summon via the hatch lab, you will be at an important decision where you either move forward with whichever units you obtain or go for a reroll. Given the former choice, it would be a lot more challenging especially if you find yourself missing an important unit type and gives you more to look forward to as you make progress in your adventure.

On a more efficiency-driven and serious approach, going for a reroll to chance upon an SS-class monster or even several S classes will be beneficial and give you a good headstart. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the reroll point so you should be ready with a lot of extra patience to reap the best rewards.

ragnarok tactics team

Whatever your choice may be, you should understand that in Ragnarok Tactics, much like any strategy game, there is no such thing as an ultimate team that sits above all else. Given the number of characters in the game, and an exponential number of combinations to have, make it so that whatever team you arrive at will be more effective against some and less effective against others. While you can always shift units in and out per battle, investing resources in more than 5 units as a beginner can be quite difficult. As such, you should initially focus on a 5-unit team that can win against most battles early on.

Naturally, some challenges will be more difficult than others but a well invested and balanced team should still manage to pull you through even difficult fights. To start off, do your best to have a good mix of different factions in your team. Having at least one of each basic faction is ideal to ensure that you will have an advantageous unit against any enemy unit under any basic factions and be neutral against light and dark ones.

While there shouldn’t be many restrictions as to how varied your team roster must be as far as factions go, what to avoid is having most or all units belong to the same faction. It can be painful to draw high rarity monsters from the hatch lab that mostly belong to the same faction. If such is your fortune yet you do not want to reroll anymore, then feel free to settle for lower grade units that offer better variety for your team.

Grade A to SS monsters have primary and secondary roles but for the purpose of composing a balanced enough team, you should focus on primary roles first. Tanks, damage-dealers, and healers are a must, while the rest are secondary and the need for them should be based on how you wish to support your team. Attacks are either melee or ranged so the best tanks or frontliners ought to be melee damage types.

For basics, you can choose your main unit and then select the rest based on how you should support that unit. Chances are that you may need to invest a bit more in frontliners as they will be taking in more damage early on.

3. Be Selective When Enhancing Units

There are a plethora of ways for you to make each unit stronger in Ragnarok Tactics. Expectedly, each enhancement option requires resources that you will continuously need to grind for or even purchase later on. Some enhancement investments can be retracted at any point in the game while some will not, which is why you should strategize around investing in units as well.

how to enhance units in ragnarok tactics

The most basic form of enhancement comes from levelling up units. You will need zeny and monster spirits to level up characters but level caps are implemented based on the unit’s star level with each star giving an additional cap of 20 levels. Once a unit has reached a level cap, you will need talent fruits to rank up the star level initially and will require extra copies of the units and more later on.

What’s good about changing units later on is that you can click on the dismantle monster button at the upper right side of the monster and then choose to rebirth them. As the rebirthed monster’s level regresses to level 1, zeny and monster spirits invested will be returned. However, since that unit’s star grade is retained, you will never get back the talent fruits you invested in that unit.

Beyond assembling and summoning monsters, another important set of shards to grind for are essence shards. Essence shards are responsible for summoning and strengthening retinues or the smaller assists that support your unit in combat. Essences can be viewed via a menu button at the lower right side of your screen and you will need Hearts of Morroc to upgrade them.

Each unit has 4 equipment slots as well and for starters, there won’t be any unique ones to get. What is important to note is that a little later on, you can upgrade an equipment by sacrificing lower level gears of the same type. Take note as well that there are set bonuses that apply when all your gears are of the same level. In this sense, you can prioritize on activating these set bonuses by pushing to upgrade each gear of a particular character to reach the same level first.

4. Consider Resonance Boosts When It Comes To Team Selection

Although there is much freedom in choosing the units to use and invest in based on their rarity, skills, factions, and classes, another important factor top take into consideration is the resonance boosts you get based on the factions and elements of the units you have in your squad. You can check the different resonances that you can unlock, the conditions to do so, and their effects via the resonance icon at the lower right side of your main screen.

ragnarok tactics resonance boost

There is a different set of buffs to earn based on the faction mixture you have, and a separate boost to be earned based on their elements. You can only have one of each resonance boost active at the same time and while some of the conditions are challenging to meet, going for at least one for each of them is a big help for your team.

5. Expend Your Daily Challenge Attempts

At some point in your adventure, you will certainly reach a point where it will become too challenging for your units to clear a stage in the story adventure. This simply means that you need to make them stronger and gather more resources beyond the ones you get passively. As you progress through the adventure and level up, you will unlock more game modes for you to revel in and as much as you can, you should aim to make the most of each one.

ragnarok tactics daily challenge

For starters, the first challenge to unlock is the Geffen Tower. It is actually not a daily repetitive feat as you will climb as high as you can based on your team’s overall power. Each floor you conquer provides immediate rewards and you can earn passive bonuses after reaching certain milestones. Like the adventure battles, there are no penalties for failing to beat a challenge so if you have a lot of time to spare, try as many times with different strategies and formations to reach higher floors.

Cat’s Training serves as the most important resource spot to farm zeny, monster spirit, and talent fruits needed to upgrade your units. There are bonus multipliers available depending on the day of the week so be sure to take note of it. Each one comes with varying difficulty levels but once you have succeeded beating a particular difficulty level, you can use seep to instantly spend an attempt and clear the stage.

6. Accomplish Daily Quests For Extra Rewards

While you get immediate rewards for each battle you engage in on top of those you receive passively, there are more rewards that you can earn by completing daily quest objectives. Each objective is in line with the usual activities you should engage in and in a way, should serve as a guide that you can check from time to time to know what you still missed to accomplish.

ragnarok tactics daily quest

Each objective completed earns you Hearts of Morroc, which are very important in enhancing essences and completing 4 objectives can earn you as many as 60 golden porings, which are premium currency you can never have enough of.

Relative to daily quests, there are also various events to take advantage of for extra rewards that can definitely hasten your progress in the game. Be sure to check on each tab to claim rewards as well as take note of some objectives you might be able to accomplish with a little more push.

In addition to the regular event icon on the main page, be sure to look into the 7-day limited event you can view via the icon at the top right side of your screen. This is a time-limited event that activates when you first play the game and accomplishing feats outlined for the next seven days earns you very valuable rewards. There are a total of 120 objectives to meet and accomplishing 100 of them earns you the top treasure chest available.

7. Add Friends And Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Ragnarok has always been known to exhibit a highly enticing social feature built into each of its incarnation and Ragnarok Tactics does not lag behind in this area. Having as many friends as you can in the game means more than earning friendship flowers on a daily basis. This special currency can be sent once to each friend each day and can be exchanged through a special tab on the store for valuable resources.

ragnarok tactics guild

Once you unlock the friend treasure feature, you will encounter MVPs and chances are that you will not be able to defeat them on your own. Having more friends, therefore will leave you with more people to help you defeat these MVPs and claim rewards. Likewise, you can also help others with their MVPs for extra loot.

Guilds, on the other hand, offer gifts on a daily basis for simply joining in. There are various features that offer great benefits for each guild member and in essence, your overall progress in the game will be held back if you play outside of any guild. On the other hand, being in a guild means that you also need to stay active enough as most guilds in the game have requirements even before you join in. Beyond the obvious perks of being a guild member, the guild itself serves as a good source of in-game friends so be sure to join in one as soon as you unlock the feature.

That sums up everything you need to know to get started on the right foot in Ragnarok Tactics. There are certainly a lot more to cover in the game but we are fairly certain that the topics we discussed in this Ragnarok Tactics beginner’s guide not only suffices to jumpstart your adventure but gives you a clear idea of what to expect with latter contents to unlock. As much as Ragnarok Tactics is an idle game by category, being active still pays more.

Be sure to check back in within 12 hours as that is the maximum period of time that you earn passive rewards. If you have some other useful tips or strategies relative to the foregoing, feel free to share them with us via the comment section!