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Hidden Survivor Mixes Hide-And-Seek Action with Intriguing Storytelling

Hidden Survivor is one of the more unique titles to hit mobile in recent memory. It sees you splitting your time between caring for a host of in-game survivors and participating in arena-based games of hide and seek.

hidden survivor

Your ultimate goal in every match is to collect more resources than your rivals. You’ll do this by sneaking around the map and disguising yourself as various objects. Be careful, though, as you’ll need to think about which objects could blend in with certain areas around the map.

Complicating matters is the ‘Seeker’. This player who drinks a special potion and changes back into human form for a brief 30 seconds. When in this form, they can hunt their rivals freely. This is where smart disguises come in handy.

At the end of each round, you’ll return home to the ‘Sanctuary’, where a number of survivors await you. Using resources found during the arena fights, you can upgrade the facilities and keep everyone happy. Hidden Survivor also incorporates light survival elements that require you to keep your characters fed, watered, and in high spirits.

hidden survivor gameplay

If one of their meters hits 0, they’ll die. If you fail everyone, you’ll be cast back to day 1 without your all-important materials and food. The items you gathered on your previous run will be returned to you as reincarnation points. You’ll of course get to keep all of your premium unlocks and hard-earned facility upgrades, though.

Hidden Survivor is a really neat blend of clever ideas and genres. Fancy giving it a go? You’ll find it available for download from Google Play and the App Store.