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Water Shooty Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unlock All the Guns, Dances and Outfits

Looking for a shoot-em-up game that won’t demand much of your time to learn but may demand much more of it to play? We suggest checking out Water Shooty, which is the latest offering from Rollic Games – the same developer that brought you, Picker 3D, Zero21 Solitaire and many others. Unlike your average game with super-casual, endless mechanics, this mobile title appears to be available for iOS devices only, and not for Android. And in terms of its name, we can’t help but notice that the odd quirk of “-y” adjectives based on a verb is in the second, and not the first word – we guess Rollic wanted to change things up, what with all those casual games that riff off the “Flappy Bird” nomenclature.

Odd quirks aside, this is your standard shooting game with basic, yet stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and one-touch mechanics for shooting your enemies. But that doesn’t mean we hardly have any tips to share with you if you’re trying to complete more levels, earn more coins, and unlock everything that can be unlocked in the game. This list of Water Shooty tips, cheats and strategies covers everything you need to learn about the game and, more importantly, should help you in achieving that goal of getting all the water guns, dance moves, and character outfits/costumes the title has to offer.

1. The Basics Of Water Shooty

When we say basic, we mean basic – Water Shooty is a back-to-basics casual game that could draw you in easily and leave you playing over and over again. That’s the way these games are designed, and as we often see in the similarly sparse descriptions, these titles are “easy to learn, hard to master.” So just how easy is this game to learn?

water shooty tips

The goal of Water Shooty, pretty much, is to defeat the three armed enemies with a water gun, all the while making sure that you do not get hit when they fire at you. Firing your gun is just as easy as tapping and holding anywhere on the screen; release your finger if you wish to duck and cover. There’s no need to move left or right to evade enemy fire, as the game does all of that for you. After you defeat the three enemies, you will earn some coins, which you can triple by watching an ad video for 15 to 30 seconds.

The game appears to be endless in nature, which means you can easily reach the hundreds in terms of level if you keep playing long enough, but there will be some boss battles along the way to break the monotony. Unlike regular enemies, which don’t take too long to knock out, it takes more than just a few seconds to take out the bosses, who fire for longer and are much larger in size than the ordinary enemies. Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can then tap on the store icon on the main menu (the one with the shopping cart) and purchase new celebration dances and costumes or change your character’s appearance.

That’s all there is to it, really – but there is also a method to the madness when it comes to completing more levels faster. Read on as we delve into the finer points of playing the game and making sure you don’t get knocked out.

2. Wait Until The Coast Is Clear Before Firing

All it takes to “die” in Water Shooty is one drop of water. Indeed, while it takes a few seconds and a lot of water to take out an enemy, one “drop” from the enemy water gun is enough to end your run – you can watch a video in most cases if you want to continue, but you may not even have to do this, because dying during your run will simply start you right back at the level where you last left off – you do not need to worry about starting from square one and starting a new game from the very first level.

how to unlock everything in water shooty

In order to successfully complete each level, the key is to wait until all of the water fired by the enemy has passed your way. Again, the game takes care of all of the movement, as you will automatically find a safe place to take cover once you release your finger from the screen. Once the coast is clear, you can tap and hold on the screen to start firing, then keep holding until the enemy starts firing again and the water is just about to hit you. Keep repeating until the enemy is eliminated and you move on to the next.

As you keep firing at the enemy, you will fill up the circular Fever Meter, but if you’re not firing, that meter will run out. Keep reading to learn how to activate Fever Mode and how to take full advantage of it!

3. Make The Most Out Of Fever Mode

Fever Mode, as is the case in many other games that come with such a mode, doesn’t just increase the number of coins you can earn while shooting. In here, you also remain immortal for the entire duration that the mode is active, so once you see the “FEVER!” notification on your screen while playing and notice that your character is also holding an umbrella (to defend against the water, of course), that’s your go-signal to fire straight away without letting go. Take note that Fever Mode lasts only a couple of seconds, but in many cases, that’s going to be enough to take care of one enemy (assuming it starts with that very enemy), with the remaining 30 percent or so of the meter going toward the enemy that follows.

4. Tips For Winning The Boss Battles

Boss battles in Water Shooty, just like they are in more advanced and intricate games, are naturally more difficult than the regular ones, but aside from that, the bosses also behave differently than the normal enemies. Whereas a normal enemy fires off a brief stream of water before ducking and (in comparison) taking a while to reload their weapons, bosses fire their guns for a longer duration of time and take less time as well to reload. As we mentioned earlier, they also take longer to topple. But if you beat them, you can unlock a new gun out of the six that are currently available.

water shooty cheats

What we’ve noticed with the bosses is that after they’re done firing at you once or twice, they’ll take a break for a few seconds and turn their backs. Use that as an opportunity to start firing their way until they turn back and continue blasting you with water. You also may need to act quicker than usual when playing the boss battles, as it may not be enough to stop firing once the water is almost about to hit you. (This may work with the regular enemies, but not with bosses!)

5. All The Guns Work The Same Way

Now that we’re done discussing the basics of Water Shooty and its simple-as-pie mechanics, let’s move on to the items you could unlock or buy while playing the game, starting with the water guns.

water shooty weapons
As you may have noticed while playing the game, Water Shooty comes with a variety of guns which you can unlock after winning the boss battles. These water guns, at first glance, appear bigger and more expensive than the ones they are ostensibly meant to replace. However, if you switch guns in between play sessions and see how they work against a new round of enemies, you’ll confirm what should essentially be obvious in a game like this – all of the guns have the same effect against these enemies. The only differences are aesthetic, meaning the appearance of the guns and the visual effect that plays out when you use the guns against enemies.

None of these weapons will allow you to reach Fever Mode faster nor will they shorten the clock or prevent enemies from firing at you – it all boils down to switching things up and breaking the monotony through the varying appearances and visual effects. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from unlocking all the guns and beating all the bosses required to access these weapons! (Take note that this is the only way to unlock guns, as you cannot pay for them with your coins via the store menu.)

6. Likewise, All Other Items Are There For Aesthetics

Guns aren’t the only items you can unlock or toggle via Water Shooty’s in-game store. By tapping on the second and third windows, you can view the different available celebratory dances and costumes – like the guns, there are six of each, and these dances and costumes cost 2,000 coins individually to unlock. There is no required order for unlocking these goodies, just as long as you have the 2,000 coins ready to pay – the game will notify you anyway by displaying an exclamation point on the store icon to let you know you can unlock new stuff.

Once again, it bears repeating that these do not unlock any special powers or provide any buffs or activate any special skills. That likewise applies to the different colors for your character – you can choose blue, green, white (the default, classic color), red, or yellow and change colors for free, but that won’t help either when it comes to boosting your character. This is a casual game with super-simple mechanics, so it would be a little too much to expect even the most subtle bells and whistles in such titles.

As is the case with water guns, we’re hoping that the folks behind Water Shooty would release more dance moves and costumes if and when the game gets an update.

7. Complete The Daily Quests To Earn More Coins

The third, bottom-most button on the main menu allows you to access the daily quests, which are special levels with tougher enemies and different settings but the exact same mechanics and gameplay. As you’ll be up against foes that draw quicker and take a bit longer to kill, you can earn substantially more coins than you normally would by completing a level, and the amount of coins you’ll earn is always fixed as each day brings a different quest for you to complete. There’s really no special strategy for completing the quests, even though the enemies (all three of them, once again) are a bit larger and look a bit different.

water shooty daily quest

There is, however, one caveat to this game mode, and that’s the fact that you cannot replay quests more than once in a day! We guess this is just fair, as anyone would be able to purchase all the dances and costumes if questing was an all-day option that allows you to grind for in-game currency. You’ll need to wait until the strike of midnight, local time, before you can unlock a new daily quest.

8. If Your Game Is Off, Then Take A Breather

Personally, we believe it’s going to be very hard to have any kind of an off-game when playing Water Shooty. As you don’t go back to level 1 after dying and choosing not to continue by watching a video, there’s no need to worry about losing any kind of progress. But if you’re aiming for a certain coin total and just can’t get there because you keep getting offed by the regular enemies or the bosses, it makes sense to put the game aside for a while and return only once you’re feeling mentally refreshed and ready to fire that water gun yet again.

Normally, we would suggest taking 30-minute breaks if you’re feeling frustrated with the way things are playing out. But in any case, take as much time as you need to recover from that run of bad form!

And this would be all for now as far as our Water Shooty tips, cheats and strategies are concerned. If you happen to know other tips or tricks for the game, be sure to let us know in the comment area!