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Popcorn Burst (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Fill the Bucket to the Brim

Even though the title of this game might indicate that you will only be playing with popcorn, this is not the case. Instead, all sorts of snacks will be at your disposal when playing Popcorn Burst. As a result, this exciting mobile game will provide you with hours of entertainment if you download it to your iOS or Android device. In fact, Popcorn Burst is another successful release from SayGames. If you remember, we already reviewed some of their other popular titles, such as Battle Disc or Clean Road to name a few.

Popcorn Burst comes with innovative and eye-catching gameplay. Yet, the puzzles and challenges in this game will test you to the core. But fear not, as our detailed Popcorn Burst guide includes useful tips, cheats and tricks that will help you mastering the game. So, let’s dive deeper into the secrets of popcorn making.

1. Use Slow And Controlled Bursts So You Don’t Overfill The Bucket

The goal of Popcorn Burst is to fill the container with snacks. As we said, those snacks can be different in terms of shape and size. At the early stages of the game, you will only have popcorn at your disposal. Later on, a wide array of delicacies will be available. Either way, your task will be to control the ‘guns’ that are churning out massive volumes of snacks. Yet, the power of those guns can be both a blessing and a curse. Since they can produce so much, it can be hard to stop them.

popcorn burst tips

So, the trick is to use slow and controlled bursts. Once you notice that the container is half full, slow down and regain control of the situation. After all, Popcorn Burst does not feature a timer. In other words, you can take your time and fill the buckets with no rush whatsoever. Take it easy and fill the buckets all the way up to the dotted line.

2. Don’t Drop Too Many Snacks

As we all know, snacks can be quite addictive. Oftentimes, we eat them like pigs, stuffing our mouth with delicious salty popcorn. Admittedly, these may not be our proudest moments. Even so, we’ve all done them. Also, such actions often result in a total mess. Well, Popcorn Burst is a game where messiness will not be tolerated.

To clarify, players can drop only three popcorns when playing a mission in Popcorn Burst. On the left-hand side, three white Xs will tell you that you are in the clear. However, if those X sings start to go red – you may be in trouble. Every snack that falls down to the floor will take one X away. So, make sure that you do not overfill the bucket. As we said, a cautious approach is a right way to go. Slow and careful bursts will allow you to control the situation in the container. Therefore, try not to make a mess when playing Popcorn Burst!

3. Always Save Your Progress

So, the mess is something of a big deal when playing Popcorn Burst. Even so, sometimes it will be nearly impossible to prevent the snacks from falling out of the bucket. When that happens and all of your ‘three lives’ are gone, you will have to play the level from scratch.

popcorn burst hints

Also, it is important to note that Popcorn Burst relies on a multi-stage system. To clarify, players must beat two or three stages before they can move on to the next level. So, the game offers a convenient solution for those players who make a mistake and spill too many snacks.

By watching an ad, you can continue to play without losing progress. Needless to say, we suggest that you ‘accept the offer’ and watch the video every time. As a result, you will climb through the ranks with ease. On the other hand, twenty seconds of the time invested in watching the ad will not change your life. So, save your progress every time and continue playing Popcorn Burst as if nothing has happened.

4. Play The Classic Or The Epic Levels

The stages in Popcorn Burst are highly diversified. In other words, all sorts of obstacles will wait for you as you climb through the stages. It goes without saying that every new level will be more challenging than the previous one. On top of that, Popcorn Burst offers two categories of puzzles. As their names suggest, the Classic and the Epic levels will provide you with different standards of intensity.

The Classic levels are the ones that are available at the start of the game. In fact, you will have to reach level 75 to unlock the Epic ones. By then, players should become the masters of the game. Even so, the Epic levels will put all their skills to the ultimate test. Yet, with the help of our Popcorn Burst tips, tricks & tactics guide, you will solve all the puzzles. Thus, enjoy your playing sessions and keep filling the containers with all the yummies.

5. Skip The Level If You Cannot Find The Solution

The snacks in Popcorn Burst are active, dynamic, and they keep bouncing around forever. For that reason, it can be tricky to contain them and prevent them from falling out of the bucket. Also, the game features moving items that can have an impact on popcorn’s behavior. What we mean by this is that some items will move up or down, or they will swing left to right like a pendulum. Either way, you will have to observe their movements and determine the patterns.By doing so, you will be able to make an estimate on how much snacks should you pour into the container.

popcorn burst strategies

But, what if all your efforts are in vain? What if you are unable to find a solution to the puzzle, even though you’ve tried every possible method? Well, in these situations, Popcorn Burst allows you to skip a level. The green icon in the upper right corner is the one that will take you to the next chapter. Of course, the only requirement is that you watch an ad.

6. Change The Looks Of The Snacks

After every win in Popcorn Burst, you will receive a reward in the form of gold coins. Later on, we will explain how you can increase the profits and earn even more gold. But for now, let’s first show you how to spend the money. As in almost every other game, you will have to visit the shop if you want to splash the cash. So, at the Welcome screen, click on the Shop button and you will be taken into this section.

popcorn burst customization

Once you get to the store, you will be able to change the looks of the delicacies. So, instead of popcorn, you could be playing the game with brownies, ice cubes, or jelly beans. Of course, lots of other skins are available. Yet, they do not come for free, and you will have to spend some coins to unlock the skins. For that reason, here are some methods that can help with collecting more coins.

7. Make The Most Out Of Bonus Features

Popcorn Burst offers several methods that can help you grab more coins. Needless to say, you should make the most out of every one of those methods. For instance, the so-called Coin Rush is a bonus feature that can generate a massive amount of coins. All you have to do when this feature appears is to hold the screen and wait for the time to run out. During this period, coins will fly straight into your bankroll. On top of that, you can multiply the winnings x5 if you decide to watch an ad.

Likewise, the Prize Machine is a noteworthy bonus feature. As the name implies, you will have to pick three popcorn cups out of the vending machine. In total, nine cups will be positioned behind the glass. So, the three cups that you select will fall down and reward you with a certain amount of coins. In case you are not satisfied with the prize, you can watch an ad to receive three extra shots.

8. Always Open The Surprise Chests

Both the Prize Machine and the Coin Rush are lucrative and generous bonus options. However, Popcorn Burst will provide you with another bonus feature. To clarify, players will receive a so-called Surprise chest every once in a while. In a way, the Surprise chest is nothing more than a gift, and we suggest that you accept it at all times.

popcorn burst coin rush

Besides providing you with gold coins, Surprise chests can help you unlock new skins. Thus, it is important that you watch an ad to open the chest. As a result, all sorts of valuable goodies will go your way. Not only that, you can save on the money that you would otherwise spend in the shop for unlocking new skins.

There you have it! This ends our guide for SayGames’ latest mobile title Popcorn Burst. Nonetheless, if you are familiar with any other Popcorn Burst tips or tricks, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!