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Mythgard Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build Powerful Decks

Rhino Games Inc. is a fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry but has definitely made waves with its first published game. Mythcard is a brand new CCG that offers unique elements fans of the genre will enjoy. Despite the existence of more established CCGs in the mobile gaming market such as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Shadowverse CCG, as well as numerous other titles, it is a surprising accomplishment that Mythcard has already secured respectable spots within top lists of games. Beyond the artwork you can browse through the game’s page and see largely positive reviews from users on both iOS and Android platforms.

Contrary to the typical fantasy worlds laid out in most other CCGs, Mythgard presents itself in a modern setting where mythical creatures and magic exists. As a mortal imbued with powers to have control of magic spells, enchantments, creatures, and artifacts, every duel you engage in will be decided by your prowess in the use of these abilities. With more than 400 different cards to collect and use, each deck you build is as unique as the ones used by the opponents you face in battle.

As each play and each turn can help decide the outcome of each match, each battle is guaranteed to be unlike any other. If you enjoy CCGs and are currently looking for alternatives to the ones you previously played, or if you enjoy strategic combat even without much experience on the genre, then check Mythgard out and you might just discover a new kind of game you can easily get yourself hooked on.

Mythgard offers some mechanics that may take a while to fully absorb, especially for players without any experience playing real-life or virtual CCGs. Although the in-game tutorial which walks you through is easy to follow, you have to pay close attention to every bit of text you see during this phase to get a good grasp of the mechanics early on. While there are more complex CCGs in existence making Mythgard seem like toned-down as far as complexity goes, the game is relatively easy to pick up and play considering everything. The more challenging part of it, like most CCGs comes to actual deck-building which takes a while to master.

If you have played Mythgard and found yourself stumped with some of the game’s concepts or stuck at some battles, then keep on reading. Our Mythgard beginner’s guide comes with plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to help you build a better deck and dominate the playing field!

1. Strategize Around The Basic Gameplay Mechanics

While the first few duels you engage in as you jump into the game offers much, if not the entirety, of everything you need to understand to play the game, it is very possible especially to total beginners to miss a couple of basic game elements early on. Consecutively playing in matches, even in the main campaign, can help players understand these concepts more firmly but beyond that, it is also important to begin strategizing around these mechanics from the time you construct your deck down to actually playing in each match moving forward.

mythgard tips

For starters, the idea of “burning” cards to obtain mana is a fairly new concept even to veteran CCG players. Gems, which can be a combination or mixture of any of the six colors or factions available in the game is an added cost to cast spells and summon minions. In essence, these requirements to generate mana and be able to play spells may seem more liberal in the sense that once you have generated mana and a gem, you will have that for the rest of the match.

As such, this would make it relatively easy to construct a deck that houses a mix of varying colors or factions. As having more colors in the mix may pose bigger risks in playing cards in a deck with 3 or more colors, sticking to having 1 major faction that dominantly fills your deck is the best choice especially for beginners. With regard to burning cards, these are re-shuffled back into the deck which means that choosing the least useful one for the moment or the next succeeding turns will not be forever lost and will instead present an opportunity to be drawn at better circumstances.

The board or playing field, which holds 7 lanes, is where summoned creatures go. It is important to note that each summoned creature, by default, can attack any of the three opposing lanes. If there are no opposing minions in the lane, then the player can directly attack his opponent. While each player has limited life points and that bringing it to zero or below will win you the match, it is important to ensure that you have a healthy rosters of defenders as well while you continue to make an effort to damage your opponent. As minions typically will not be able to attack or move to another lane on the same turn they are summoned into play, it should be noted that you may be disadvantaged if an opponent already has a minion in play. As such always consider the possibility of being attacked first and always be ready for countermeasures.

2. Progress Through The Main Story

As Mythgard’s tutorial follows the initial stages of the game’s main story, proceeding to go through it even after you are free to choose other game modes will be the quickest way to earn experience points, cards, and resources. Progressing further and reaching new levels will also unlock starter decks for you to use as well as other game modes.

mythgard main story

For the most part, the main story will be fairly easy especially the initial stages. As you unlock and use different decks early on, keep in mind that you can choose any of the decks you have unlocked at the main screen. You can tap on the “decks” icon, and scroll through starter decks as well as be able to test out some feature decks built by the community. As it may happen that the deck you are currently using may have difficulty with the current opponent you are facing, feel free to use a different deck.

Pushing forward with Mythgard’s main story will not only expose you to various deck builds and card combos, it will also raise your familiarity with the deck or decks that you use. As you engage in one match after another, be sure to take note of cards that seem to blend well with your play style as well as elicit some strategies in mind regardless of which side of the playing field they are on. Although it will surely take some time before you can collect all the other cards, at least you will already have an idea of the type of cards you want and, consequently, the strategies you can use with such cards in combination with others that you may later on possess.

3. Read Each New Card’s Description

Beyond the basic game mechanics of Mythgard, there are numerous card skills that can influence their action or provide a variety of abilities that can impact combat. Some of these special abilities need to meet certain conditions while others are always active. To have a bigger view of each card and be able to read through its abilities, you can double tap them. Keep in mind that you can do this for both the cards in your hand and field as well as the ones in the opponent’s side of the playing field.

mythgard card description

Reading through each card you encounter within matches is just a start to getting to know as many cards as you can. When you have an opportunity to do so, browse through the cards in your collection to familiarize yourself with cards you have yet to encounter in combat. Later on, when you decide to edit an existing starter deck or build an entirely new one, being familiar with as many cards as possible will make it easier. Likewise, having more knowledge about all existing card abilities as well as potential combinations these cards can have will give you an edge in combat even with an opponent whom you will duel with for the first time.

4. Test Each Of The Starter Decks You Unlocked

As you make progress through the campaign and unlock starter decks, be sure to test each one out in either the main story missions or PvE battle. On top of helping you decide as to which one works best for you considering your preferences and play style, this will help you become more familiar with each deck as well as each faction and determine the best course of action against them in a duel. In essence, you will use all available decks to pick one as your favorite and continue to use each of them until you have a firm idea of how your favorite deck can beat all others. While it is true that Mythgard does balance gameplay as much as possible to ensure that no single deck or faction stands above all others, being familiar with all of them will raise your chances of netting more victories in combat.

mythgard starter deck

Although RNG may be a factor to spell the difference between the cards you want for your chosen deck and the cards you actually want or need, what you ought to primarily consider is the deck you want to play and work with whatever cards you obtain to make that deck stronger. While it may take a while to have all the cards you need, spending time in the game to grind for coins and accomplish missions will eventually earn you the cards you want.

5. Keep Your Deck Balanced, Here’s How

While you should be able to take the various starter decks in your arsenal and use it to obtain victories in the main story and PvE duels, playing against real people will be a notch more challenging. As you obtain coins and card packs from progressing through the main story as well as accomplishing some missions, be sure to purchase some new card packs from the store and check the new ones in your collection which may be able to make your deck better.

how to build a balanced deck in mythgard

For starters, it will be easier to edit an already existing deck. As these pre-built decks are as basic as it comes, initially maintain the deck balance until after you have learned more about deck building. There are a lot of considerations you have to look into as you edit a deck into your liking but most importantly, consider a deck that contains exclusively one color for starters. While Mythgard allows for a deck to have a mixture of colors or factions, the fact that casting costs include specific gem colors will be a challenging feature to consider in balancing at this point. For your first deck creation or edit, therefore, try to stick with the base color and theme the deck originally has.

Another important point to consider is the cost allocation for cards in your deck. If you have played with many starter decks at this point, you should realize that the cost to summon minions or cast spells are spread well enough to ensure that you will be able to cast spells quickly with little mana as well as be able to drop bigger minions later on in the game. As an example, if you wish to include a card that costs 3 mana to cast in your deck, then consider it as a replacement for another spell or minion that costs 3 mana as well. As you play more duels with the same deck, you should be able to identify if you need to put in more low costing spells or add some higher costing ones.

Keep in mind that you can come up with a deck that has a minimum of 40 cards and a maximum of 200. As having more cards means diminishing the chances of drawing each one, you should consider keeping the card count at its minimum for starters. Mythgard also has rules relative to the number of copies each card can have on the deck which is based on their rarity. You can have 4 copies of a common card, 3 copies of uncommon cards, 2 copies of rare cards, and only 1 for cards of mythical rarity. With regard to rarity as well, do not include cards in your deck just because they are rare as you have to consider the deck’s theme above all and the more chances for each card to be drawn when you need them also works best for ensuring consistency in the deck’s performance.

6. Play Other Game Modes To Earn Coins

how to earn more coins in mythgard

As coins are Mythgard’s basic currency that you use to purchase card packs, you can never have enough of it and should strive to earn as much as you can on a daily basis. Although there are limits as to how much you can earn daily from each of the available game modes, trying to max each out does take time. If you do want to build a better deck faster and earn more victories, you have to spend a lot of time going through both PvE and PvP battles. Keep in mind that while you may not consistently win duels especially early on, each battle you engage in will contribute to you learning more about strategies and deck-building. So even if you do not earn coins as much as you want to, the experience you gain from each unique duel you partake in is reward enough.

7. Accomplish Missions And Achievements For Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate rewards you can receive from progressing through Mythgard’s main story as well as the duels you win in the other game modes, accomplishing missions and achievements further provide you with more rewards to boost your progress in the game. While missions are random daily and may have varying amount of coins to reward you with, achievements as consistent milestones you can reach depending on how much you play the game. Likewise, you will need to finish the entire story and be at level 6 to unlock missions while every activity you engage in contributes to the fulfillment of achievement objectives from the time you start playing the game.

how to get more rewards in mythgard

In any case, be sure to check both missions and achievement objectives by tapping on the missions icon at the lower right side of the main screen. Be sure to read through the ones you have yet to accomplish and let it serve as a guide for you to earn coins faster in the game.

That very much sums up everything we have for you, as far as our Mythgard beginner’s guide is concerned. We hope that you have learned much from the tips and strategies we shared in this article. Feel free to share additional tips, tricks or strategies with us, that you have discovered during your gameplay. Also be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think about the game!