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Shadowverse CCG Tips, Cheats & Guide: 4 Hints You Should Know

The world of collectible card games has a new challenger in Shadowverse CCG. Available on iOS, Android and Steam, this game incorporates all the good features of its predecessors and improves on the mechanics. It has already garnered quite a following despite being a relatively new game. The fact that the game features incredibly designed anime-themed artworks just makes it even more appealing. Build your deck and duel with players from all over the world. Don’t worry if you are still new to collectible card games because you can depend on our Shadowverse CCG tips and tricks to help get you started on the right track.

1. How To Build Your Deck

The game provides you with a basic deck at the start. This basic deck is decent enough to get you through some of the initial stages of the single player campaign. It is also possible to use this deck successfully on your first few duels with other players, especially since a lot of other newbie players will also have the same deck. The important thing is to understand all the cards that are in your deck so that once you get some additional cards, you know which ones you want to swap out. It will take a while before you can build an entirely new deck so learn how to tweak your deck bit by bit without compromising the viability of the deck as a whole.

2. Choose A Character That Fits Your Style

You will be asked to choose a main character for your game. The main character serves as your avatar and you will need to protect it during your duels. The goal is to defeat the opponent’s avatar in order to win. There are several characters to choose from and each of them have their own set of passives and abilities. Make sure to read up on these characters so you can choose one that is the best fit for your play style.

3. Focus On The First Draw

Anyone would agree that getting a good start in any type of duel can potentially determine whether or not you will win. That is why the game allows you to review your first draw before actually starting the duel. You will be shown the first hand you will have before the game and you have the option to redraw to try to get a better set of cards. Keep in mind that drawing again does not guarantee better cards. If you have a manageable first hand, it might be best to stick with it than risk getting a worse hand after the draw.

4. How To Manage Your Mana

The good thing about the game is that your mana is replenished at the start of each round. That means you are free to consume all the mana you want during your turn. You don’t have to worry about not being able to play any cards in succeeding rounds because you depleted your mana pool. This does not mean, however, that you can stuff your deck with high-cost cards. The mana pool for both players is very low at the beginning of the game and will only increase by one after each round. You will get yourself killed before you can play any cards if you don’t have any low-cost cards in your deck.

Gather epic cards and build the ultimate deck by following the Shadowverse CCG tips and tricks listed above! Additionally, if you know more hints for the game, be sure to let us know in the comment section!