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Pull the Pin Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels and Earn More Coins

Pull The Pin is the new craze among mobile gamers, as this highly addicting puzzle game has gained a massive following since its release. Following the success of games, such as Sandwich! and Folding Blocks, German game developer Popcore is back with a brand new puzzle title in the form of Pull the Pin.

This is a fun, fast-paced puzzle game. Pull the Pin tests your brain and skills through several amusing and innovative levels. The game successfully incorporates enjoyment into physics. It is a brain challenge that you can share with your family and friends. The tricky levels are not just the main pull of the game. You will surely like the simple graphics and even the satiating vibrations whenever the balls bounce.

Pull The Pin is the game for you if you are looking for a fun way to spend some time on your mobile device. The premise of the game is straightforward: your mission is to make sure the balls go down the pipe. As the name suggests, you have to pull the pins one by one. The challenge though is that you have to pull them in the correct order.

Think about gravity pulling the balls down, so they reach the pipe. But first, you have to get rid of the pins that are in the way. Basically, your goal is to guide the balls and allow them to fall to a container where they should be.

You can change the ball skins to make them look more pleasing for you. There are also colorless or gray balls. You need to fill them with color first before they go down the pipe. You should find a way for these gray balls to touch the colored ones.

Stay with us and check out our Pull the Pin tips, cheats and tricks if you have trouble beating some levels or if you are looking for ways to collect more coins in the game!

1. Understand How The Game Works

In Pull the Pin, you only have to do precisely what the title of the game says: pull the pin. Using your finger, drag the pin across the screen. Note that you can only drag the pin from its head and not the tip.

At first, you may get a little nervous because the container below the pipe does look a bit small. It does look like the balls will not fit and fall off. But, they will go directly down, and you can forget about losing a level because of the small container.

2. Level 1 Is Extremely Easy And Will Help You Get A Grasp Of The Game’s Mechanics

pull the pin level 1 walkthrough

Just like with any other game you may have played before, the first level of Pull the Pin is effortless. Just follow the instructions where you will drag or slide the pin sideways going to the right. Wait for the balls to drop, and that’s it. Tap to continue to the second level.

3. Level 2 Has Two Pins, And It’s Where The Brain Test Begins

At first glance, Pull the Pin does seem like a modest game with no real challenge. Level 2, however, shows you how it can progress from just one pin to two pins that you need to move in the right order. The trick is to make sure that the colored balls will hit the colorless ones. Pull the first pin above and then move on to the second. Wait for the balls to drop to the container and tap to play the next level.

4. Know What To Do When There Are More Pins To Pull

The game does get a little bit trickier now, mainly because there are three pins to move. The technique in all levels is to remember that you need to make sure the gray balls will touch the colored balls first before they all go to the vessel below. If not, the gray balls will turn to dust, and you will have to redo the level.

5. How To Avoid The Bomb

how to avoid bomb in pull the pin

If you think you will just deal with colored and colorless balls and pins, you are wrong. Pull the Pin also has bombs, and their first appearance is in the fourth level of the game. If you pull the first pin where the bomb is, it will fall down the balls and will eventually explode. The explosion will cause some of the balls flying off the screen, which means you need to redo the level.

To pass level four, avoid the bomb. Pull the second pin to the right and just let the balls drop.

6. Complete Levels To Earn More Coins

When you complete a level, you will earn some coins. At first, it is just a small amount of coins, but it will gradually increase. While it is not a big deal to collect as many coins as you want, you can still make in-game purchases with them. They will surely make the game more fun as you progress.

7. Watch Ads For More Coins

If you want to earn more coins, all you need to do is to wait for the “watch ad” box to appear. You can find them every time you complete five levels. You can spot the first one after winning level 5 and then level 10 and so on.

8. Level 6 Provides You More Pins, Balls And Walls

pull the pin level 6 walkthrough

The sixth level, just like the third, has three pins that you need to move. However, it gets a little more challenging because it is the first time that you will see walls or additional blockages. Balls will have to bounce on the wall, so you need to plan your moves well.

In this level, you need to pull the first pin across first and then the other two vertical pins should follow. There is no particular order for which vertical pins to move first. As long as the colored balls touch the gray ones, you should be good to go.

9. Get Past The Blocks

The next level comes with blocks where the balls will bounce around as well. Just pull the pin, and the balls will go straight to the container – even with the blocks hindering the path.

10. Know What To Do When There Are Five Or More Pins

When you get to level 8, you will see that there are six pins now. There are two sets of gray colored balls on both sides. Each side also has a group of colored balls. If you find it tricky, remember the rule: make sure that the gray balls get their colors.

In this case, you will just need to pull the horizontal pins below the colored balls on either side. Wait till the first set of gray balls turn into colorful ones before unleashing them to the lowest level. Then, release all the balls by pulling the two vertical pins.

11. Be Careful With Deceiving Pins

how to deal with deceiving pins in pull the pin

Some pins will lead the balls out the pipe, so there is no way for them to go straight to the vessel where they belong. An example is in level 9, where there is a vertical pin on the left side. If you pull it down, the balls will go rolling out of the screen, which is not the intention of the game.

This level is also a bit devious because of the crisscrossed pins. Since there is a bomb though, it should be easy to figure out that you should not let the bomb touch the balls. Pull the head of the pin located at your right side. The bomb should slide out as the balls go to where they should be.

12. What You Should Do When There Are Two Bombs

Level 10 gives you two bombs and three pins. If your guess is to release the topmost vertical pin and let the bombs drop, then you are correct. However, you should not pull the next pin without waiting for the bombs to go off; otherwise, the balls will also explode.

13. Get Some Hints

If you are stuck and you cannot get past a level for some reason, you can tap on the Hints button. It does not automatically appear though. You need to lose a level first, which prompts the game that you may not have a clue on what to do next.

Note that if you click the Hint button, an ad will start playing. You need to finish it so you can get the hint you asked for. A hand will appear on the screen and will tell you which pin to move. The good news is that it gives you all the moves that you need to do to complete the level.

14. How To Skip A Level

how to skip level in pull the pin

Perhaps you do not have any hints left, or you are simply bored with a level. If you do not want to play a level, Pull the Pin lets you skip any level you want. First, however, you need to lose, just like with the Hint. Losing will call upon the Skip button, which you will find on the right next to the Hint box.

Just to recap, you need to lose and watch an ad, so both the Skip and the Hint buttons appear. Make sure that you finish watching the ad before you close it to get your reward.

15. Redo A Level

Another way to bring out the Hint and Skip buttons is to tap the redo symbol. You can find it on the top left corner of your screen. It has been there since you have started the game. It does what it says: you get to redo a level. It is helpful if you are dealing with a lot of pins and you realized that you had made a mistake. The redo button is free and does not require you to watch an ad. Also, notice how the level changed to another puzzle.

16. You Can Customize The Balls

In all levels, you may have noticed the paintbrush on the top left corner below the redo button. Tap on it to see how you can change how the balls look. As you move on, you can unlock more designs. If you have enough coins, you can open some styles. The cost to unlock a random ball is 300 coins.

However, if you are still short on gold coins, you can watch an ad to get 200 coins for free. Other ball skins are available as you progress to level 50 and 100. You can also unlock the available “Instagram” design by following the developer’s account on the mentioned social media platform.

17. Build Houses And Collect Coins

how to build houses and collect coins in pull the pin

When you reach level 29, you will unlock a new mini-game. A small house icon will appear at the upper right corner with an exclamation point next to it. Tap on it, and it will take you to a neighborhood that you have to grow.

In that area of the game, you will construct a house on the empty lots. You will use coins to build one, but you should not be worried about losing your coins. The more houses you assemble, the more coins you can gather. The buildings are like rental spaces that let you collect coins every four hours.

That would be all for now as far as our Pull the Pin tips, cheats and tricks are concerned. The tips and tricks we mentioned in this guide should help you finish the rest of the game. If you have come across any other useful tips for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

Mark Dench

Monday 7th of November 2022

I’m stuck on boss level 419 which has 9 moves I’ve tried everything but I just can not see a way through this one. Thanks in advance


Wednesday 12th of October 2022

How do you pull 2 crisscrossed pins at the same time in challenge 10?


Sunday 9th of October 2022

Im now on level 4676 I've completed all puzzle pieces and unlocked all different balls and skins. Ive completed all tasks successfully. Ive unlocked all island's up to the dinosaur island. I also have 27million, 600thousand coins but nowhere to spend them. Does anyone know when the other uslands will become available as I just want to delete the game now if there's no longer a completion incentive. Please help.

Chris Whitcomb

Thursday 6th of October 2022

Ok I'm on level 1792, I have 1,690,552 coins, I have maxed out all buildings and all area upgrades. I have only 1 Ball, Theme, Stick, and Wall and they can all be unlocked by "completing base building progression". At this point I am at a loss as I have no idea what is left for me to do to unlock those items. Please advise


Saturday 1st of October 2022

I have 26million+ coins and nothing or nowhere to spend them. No more islands to open as it just say's coming soon.