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Cooking Fever Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Complete More Levels and Keep Your Customers Happy

Cooking Fever is an addictive time-management game from Nordcurrent, that’s available for both iOS and Android devices. The game challenges your strategic skills by motivating you to think and react quickly while you reach the level goals.

When you open the game for the first time, a chef named Michelle will greet you and help you get started. According to Michelle, your goal is to become the best chef in town and try to be an expert in different cuisines. The premise of the game is quite simple. You just need to pass every level and upgrade the food, equipment, and the restaurant. When you have enough money (and diamonds), you can move on to another location.

At first, Cooking Fever is pretty straightforward, but don’t let it fool you. Expect it to get tougher as you progress in the game. Not to worry though; we have got you covered. If you are searching for some useful Coking Fever tips and strategies, you have come to the right place!

Whether you are just starting out in the game or if you are an experienced player, we advise you to check out our compilation of Cooking Fever tips, cheats and strategies in order to complete more levels and become a master chef!

1. Pay Attention To The Tutorial

Most players are guilty of skipping the tutorial. You’ve probably done it a lot of times. In some cases, doing so will not affect your gameplay, but in Cooking Fever, you should let the game teach you the basics. If you disable the tutorial, you can no longer re-enable it.

cooking fever tutorial

Why is the tutorial essential in Cooking Fever? There are two reasons. First, beginner players can get confused about why they aren’t able to complete the a level despite achieving the money goal. Most of the time, they don’t notice that there are additional goals in order to complete some levels, such as avoiding customer loss or burning the food. If you just keep the tutorial running, it will randomly pop up in some levels where additional information can help.

Another reason is that players can get extra coins after finishing the basics rundown.

2. Get 5000 Free Coins, Here’s How

The obvious way to earn coins is to play the game and pass the levels. Note that you will not receive coins when you lose. If you find yourself running out of in-game currency, you can watch an ad for 5000 coins.

Here’s how:

– Open the game.
– At the bottom-left part of the screen, you will see the “5000 free” icon.
– Tap on it.
– Watch an ad. Be sure to finish watching the ad so that you can claim the free coins after.

This trick in Cooking Fever is limited. You can get gold up to three times daily. Sometimes, the 5000 coin reward will only be granted if you install another app on your device. However, if you do not want to keep adding more apps into your device, there are other ways to earn more coins, which you will learn about later.

3. Log In Daily For Rewards

how to get more rewards in cooking fever

Logging in to the game every day will reward you with a couple of bonuses.

– Day 1: 400 gold coins
– Day 2: 500 gold coins
– Day 3: 600 gold coins
– Day 4: 700 gold coins
– Day 5: 750 gold coins
– Day 6: 800 gold coins
– Day 7: 900 gold coins + 2 diamonds

Once you have completed the seven-day daily log-ins, it will start on Day 1 again.

4. Aim To Level Up As Soon As Possible

As you play along, you will notice the importance of leveling up. It lets you earn coins, as well as gems, which you will learn, is the critical currency in Cooking Fever. To level up, all you need to do is to keep playing and achieving the goals.

You also have to watch out for the tasks. There are “Achievements” as well, which adds a few Experience points. Upgrading the restaurant’s interior and your kitchen items, namely food and cooking equipment, will raise your XP, too.

Early in the game, you will only receive two gems. The maximum number of gems that you can earn is seven.

As you move on to other restaurants, you will see that the experience points given to players get higher. For instance, if you are in the Sushi Restaurant, you can get anywhere from 500 to 900 points. Many restaurants in the game cannot be unlocked unless you have the specified XP level.

If you have not reached the XP requirement for a certain restaurant, you can replay some levels. Take note of the amount of XP you can earn, which is displayed next to an item you wish to upgrade. If you are in the Seafood Restaurant, you can get 700 XP when you upgrade the aquarium. However, it will cost you 22 gems.

5. Prepare The Food Before The Customers Start Pouring In

how to prepare food in cooking fever

You have a few seconds before the customers come in. Grab the chance to start cooking. This way, you already have some of the items on the menu ready. The main ingredient or dish is right Kitchen Tabletop at the center. It is also where you can find the area for cooking and preparing food, along with the side dishes and the pan for storing extra items.

The more Tabletop slots are open, the better and faster you can prepare food for the customers. It is crucial, especially for beginner players who have just one frying pan and grill available.

6. Upgrade Your Food And Equipment

There are a few reasons why you should upgrade your food and cooking items in Cooking Fever. If you have already played cooking games or other time-management games before, you know how essential it is to upgrade everything you use.

For one, you get more coins when you upgrade your ingredients. It also allows the cooking equipment to run faster, such as the drinks or cola dispenser. As your popularity gains more customers, they will keep coming back to you and often with the same orders. You need to give them what they want fast, so you earn more money.

Another reason why you should upgrade everything is that it boosts your XP level. As you have already learned, you get coins and diamonds when you level up.

A minimum of two pans, plates, and drink cups should give you a good chance of winning every level.

7. Keep Your Customers Happy

Unhappy customers pay less. Take a look at the image below. Three sets have gold and bronze coins (or tips) while the one on the leftmost side only has four gold coins. When you are starting out in the game, it will not matter much. You probably won’t even pay attention to it as long as you reach your level goals.

how to keep customers happy in cooking fever

However, as you progress in the game, you will realize that every level is crucial in gaining all the pennies you need for the next levels.

Keep in mind that the faster you serve your customers, the happier they are. Therefore, you need to upgrade your equipment. The restaurant should also be refurbished, which can help make the customers wait longer because they feel more comfortable.

8. Complete Achievements To Get Free Coins and XP

Achievements give you free coins and XP. There are a number of Achievements for you to complete, and you can check the list out when you open the game. Enter the Main Menu and tap on the trophies icon. Some of the Achievements that you should accomplish are:

– Completing 21 levels without losing a customer to get 50 XP and 300 coins
– Selling a total of 200 drinks for 15 XP and 120 coins
– Earning 1000 coins in tips for 7 XP and 70 coins
– Reaching Experience 30 for additional 300 XP and 1,000 coins

Note that “Achievements” are different from “Tasks.”

9. Complete Tasks

Whenever you start playing levels, you can quickly access the Task menu on the screen. You will see a red number on the left side of the Task or notepad icon. It tells you how many tasks you have accomplished. The difference between Achievements and Tasks is that the latter depends on the restaurant you are in. Meanwhile, Achievements apply for the entire game.

how to complete more tasks in cooking fever

If you are in the Fast Food Court, which is the first restaurant, some of the tasks that you need to complete are:

– Upgrading the cola to level 1 to claim 10 XP and 60 gold
– Serving three colas in seven seconds for 10 XP and 60 gold
– Purchasing all the tabletop spaces for 15 XP and 150 gold
– Increasing customer waiting time to 10 seconds for 25 XP and 200 gold

The rewards are still low, but you will see they will continue to go up as you move to a better restaurant.

10. Get More Coins, Here’s How

After completing every fifth levels, you get more coins – as long as you meet the three-star goal. If you failed to do so, there is no need to worry. You can keep repeating each level until you successfully get three stars. You can earn 200 coins or more whenever you complete every fifth level with a top score.

11. Leave The Coins On The Counter

One of the things that set Cooking Fever apart from other similar cooking games is that it does not require you to make chains. When you perform tasks consecutively, such as serving at least three customers in a row, the action is called a chain.

cooking fever coins

In Cooking Fever, your goal is to get three stars for every level. Chains will not affect your earnings. Therefore, if you are not ready for the next stream of customers, keep the coins on the counter. This way, you have more time to prep the food. Then, you can serve the customers right away when they arrive. It is helpful when many of them order the same item, and you only have one or two plates or slots for cooking.

Of course, this strategy is not applicable if you are on a timed level where you have to accomplish the goal as fast as possible.

12. Upgrade Your Restaurant

As you complete more levels in the game, you will unlock the ability to upgrade the restaurant you are playing at. Remember that you cannot take the upgrades with you to the next restaurant. Therefore, you have to be wise in choosing which areas to improve.

The options include upgrading the following:

– Tables for longer customer waiting time and increased time at the restaurant
– TV for the same purpose as the tables
– Disco ball for more patient customers, increased serving time, and slightly higher prices for the food items
– Bar stools for longer tip time and waiting time of customers
– Arcade machine for more customers

13. Do Not Overcook Food

how to avoid burning food in cooking fever

Burning food will not cost you money unless you throw it away. However, some levels do not allow you to burn food. If you do, you will need to redo the level from the start. If the level does not explicitly state that burning is disallowed, you do not have to throw the burnt food away. However, you should have another pan for cooking.

To make sure you take the items off the pan at the right time, turn on the in-game sounds from the Settings. There is a loud “ding” sound every time the food is ready.

14. Know What To Do When Your Customers Order The Same Food

If you have limited slots for your food items, be careful how you serve your customers. For example, the image below shows that two customers are ordering a hotdog, while another wants a cola as well. If you only have one spot for a hotdog, let another cook while you serve the customer with just one order. For the other customer, serve him the cola. It will up his patience (or happiness) meter while he waits for his separate order.

The trick is to assist the customer with the fewest number of required pieces first. You can always replenish the happiness meter of a customer with at least two orders by serving one item.

15. Spend Your Gems Wisely

There are many items in the game that require gems. From upgrades to moving to another restaurant location to other exclusive offers, you need to spend diamonds to get them. However, most of them are not a necessity for you to pass the levels in the game. For example, upgrading to three tabletop slots is not needed if you know how to manage your time correctly. You can still complete the levels with just two frying pans as long as you meet specific goals.

how to spend gems in kitchen fever

Some offers need gems for you to unlock them. For instance, there is the cooking machine, which is available for a limited time only. You can open it by paying 15 gems. It is easier to earn gold in Cooking Fever than diamonds. You need to level up and log in on the seventh day just to get two diamonds. Therefore, you have to save them as much as you can. Keep them until you need them for the next restaurant; otherwise, it can take several weeks for you to move to a new location.

There are several restaurants in the game, including City Restaurants, such as Fast Food Court, Bakery, Indian Diner, Sushi, FC Barcelona Sports Bar, and Hell’s Kitchen. There are also Paradise Island Restaurants, which include Ice Cream Bar, House of Crab, Thai Food Stall, and Sunset Waffles among many others. Another location is the Alpine Mountains, which has restaurants like Michelle’s Café, Aloha Bistro, and Salad Bar.

All the aforementioned locations – and others – come with a price: gold coins and diamonds. For example, if you want to unlock the Bakery, which is the second restaurant, you need to have 5000 coins and 10 gems. It does not sound much, but you can quickly run out of gems if you use them for upgrading items, too. The next restaurant is the Chinese, which requires 10000 coins and 20 gems to get it unlocked, while the Indian Diner needs 15000 coins and 30 diamonds.

Unlocking the Seafood Bistro requires 25000 gold and 50 gems. It is recommended that you wait until this restaurant goes on sale. When it’s on sale, you will only need 20000 gold coins + 20 gems to unlock it.

16. Play The Casino Mini-Game

Once you reach XP level 7, you can play the Casino mini-game where you can win up to 30 gems every day. The strategy here is to claim your Daily Bonus and play the Casino right away. Place a $500 bet and get a chance to win 15 gems. You have two attempts per day. Try your luck every 12 hours so that you can get two 15 diamonds for the $500 bet.

There you have it! We’ve covered the basics to help you get started and complete more levels in Cooking Fever. If you have come across any other useful tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


Sunday 18th of September 2022

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Monday 22nd of August 2022

How do I get extra costumers in sunset Cafe?

Louisa Warburton

Wednesday 10th of August 2022

Hi ! I have just updated Cooking Fever and there’s a new restaurant called Medieval Fair ! However for some reason I can’t turn the well to bring up water 🙄. What can I do ?


Sunday 14th of August 2022

@Louisa Warburton, I don’t have an answer for you but I am having the exact same problem. I can’t turn the water wheel. Will someone please help us with this issue. Can’t turn the water wheel


Friday 1st of July 2022

What exactly does increasing tip time do? How do I benefit from it?


Thursday 12th of May 2022

How do i know if interior upgrades increase customers and by how many?