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Winions: Mana Champions Guide, Tips & Cheats to Crush Your Enemies

Winions: Mana Champions is a new strategy game developed by Fuero Games and published by Nexon. The name Nexon may sound familiar to you, as they released a number of epic games in the last couple of years, such as DomiNations, Legion of Heroes, Chaos Chronicle and Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed to name a few. Now, the publisher has launched Winions: Mana Champions on iOS and Android, a title where you invade other players while keeping your base safe, unlocking new creatures to fight for you and upgrading them. The single player campaign is there to introduce you to the main game mechanics, and to offer some easy coins and crystals, while the star of the show is Winions: Mana Champions’ multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode you can invade other players and snatch their chests containing much-needed resources as well as creature cards needed for leveling up your units.

The game is fast-paced with your hero being the most powerful unit on the field, assisted by various other combatants. You summon creatures with cards. Each card has a different mana price and your mana pool is limited at 10. It recharges automatically, meaning that you should summon the best creatures for the price while at the same time managing your mana pool for stronger soldiers that can really wreak havoc on enemy’s defenses. Each player has its deck filled with creatures and spells. Each deck contains eight cards, so you must be careful when deciding which cards to put in your deck.

The main valuable in the game are various chests containing creature and defensive structures cards and resources. You can buy chests, or you can get them for free, and each player can have up to three chests at in their base at the same time. When destroying other player’s base you can snatch one chest from them. The game is fun to play, and really intense at moments, especially when you’re just seconds away from destroying an enemy who holds an awesome chest, but it is really though, especially if you don’t care about your base’s defenses and don’t put the right cards in your deck. This guide will give you advice on how to make your base impenetrable, how to construct a powerful deck, and how to conquer other bases with ease.

1. Get To Know Each Creature Spell Card Before Constructing A Deck

Your deck is the most important thing in Winions: Mana Champions. You can have excellent defensive structure at your base, but without a powerful deck, you won’t be able to defeat stronger players.

Your deck should contain all sorts of creatures but some basic rules have to be followed. Firstly, place a couple of weaker units like Goblins and Undead Rangers. They aren’t the strongest in the pack but they compensate their humble strength with numbers, giving enemies more targets to worry about while still landing a decent punch.

Further, you have to include one massive unit. Halk is a good choice. He has a ton of health and can ravage enemies in seconds. Yes, the card is expensive to summon, but it justifies the price with sheer power. Next, place two units with medium mana price (about 5 or 6). Good choices include Dr. Yad with its healing power and Hyena Hitman who has a powerful attack.

And finally, include a couple of spells. We recommend Miasma because it can kill a group of enemies in just a couple of seconds. The second spell could be a healing one, or a destructive one, depending on your needs. Also, include some flying unit if you’re unlocked it.

2. Level Up Those Units You Use In Your Deck

Units can level up with additional cards, and the price for leveling up a creature to level 2 is just ten coins. You should level up to level 2 all eligible creatures so you can then compare them and pick the best ones for your deck. But, unlike the first u[grade, leveling up a card to level 3 costs 100 coins, which is a relatively high price. In order to have enough coins to upgrade your most important minions, spend money just on them. The same case is with spells – upgrade only spells you are using.

This way you’ll always have enough money to upgrade strong creatures and your deck will stay powerful enough to conquer most other players.

3. The Single Player Campaign Is A Nice Source Of Income At The Start, But You Should Focus On Multiplayer

The single player campaign allows you to get familiar with Winions: Mana Champions, to learn how to fight, to experiment with your decks, and to get some resources, but you shouldn’t focus on it. Missions become next to impossible to beat after level 13 so play single player missions occasionally, don’t try to beat some mission for ten times in a row because the prize isn’t worth the trouble.

You should focus on multiplayer instead because even the basic chest you can snatch from another player is worth more than chests you receive in campaign missions.

4. Set Up Powerful Defenses

You should install defensive structures as soon as you become eligible for multiplayer (after the mission five in the campaign). We recommend putting two rows of walls so enemies must destroy walls first. After the second wall, place all of your defensive structures, preferably in one row. This way you will be able to hit enemies from all turrets at the same time, maximizing the damage. Enemies will have to destroy your walls first, and while they are busy with walls your creatures and turrets will rip them to shreds.

5. Level Up Walls

Walls are most important part of your defense. They keep enemies at bay and, when smartly placed, can hold off enemies long enough for your turrets and creatures to destroy them before they reach your Guardian.

While they are pretty tough at level 1, at level 3 they become stone-made instead of wooden, giving them much higher durability.

Most enemies won’t even decide to attack you when they see you have upgraded walls, and even those that decide to invade you will likely face defeat. It’s simple – with powerful walls your turrets can hit enemies longer before enemy units can damage them, granting them much needed bonus time for dealing higher damage.

6. Defensive Deck Is Very Important

Each player has two decks. One for attacking and one for defending. Your defensive deck should have lots of cheap units that can be quickly spawned as well as one special unit. Since defensive deck has only four cards, we recommend not putting any spell in it. Fill it with units so your Guardian can summon more units, making the enemy’s job even harder. By combining multiple rows of walls with all-creature defensive deck you’ll beat most enemies even before they reach your turrets.

7. Pick Up Free Chests

Although they aren’t worth much, free chests can give you a couple of upgrade cards that you waited for days. You receive one free chest each two hours so make sure to maximize this free bonus.

8. Attacking Basics

When you start your attack, spawn the most powerful creature first, followed by the cheapest ones. This way the behemoth will be able to damage turrets and enemies, and the cheap hordes will give enemy creatures multiple targets, leaving your hero and your most powerful creature free to destroy enemy’s base.

After the first summoning wave, spawn creatures as fast as you can. As soon as some creature card becomes ready to spawn, summon it. Also, use Miasma only on enemy units; the card can’t damage walls and turrets. Miasma is a great way of getting rid of bunch of enemies that can kill your weaker units, clearing the way for destroying turrets.

And turrets should be your main concern. As soon as you see a mortar, target it for your hero to attack it by tapping on the structure. Mortar is deadly for small creatures and can kill them with just one shot. Your hero should always attack walls and turrets so make sure you always use the auto-target system on turrets.

Also, if a wall is blocking your way, tap one part of it so your units attack just one wall part. They will destroy it much faster and won’t be as vulnerable to enemy defensive structures.

Once you reach enemy’s Guardian, spawn just powerful units because the Guardian can damage just one creature at a time. This way you’ll kill it faster. Also, do not forget to use hero power. It can really mean the difference between the victory and the defeat.

9. Premium Chests Cost A Lot But You Have To Buy Them To Stay Competitive

Unlike most other similar games, Winions: Mana Champions allows you to earn relatively high amount of crystals, and for a reason. Premium chests (that can be opened immediately) can only be bought for crystals, and you need them in order for your deck to stay competitive.

The Mega Arena Chest should be bought first. It cost 200 crystals but contains thousands of creature cards. You’ll get enough cards to level up a couple creatures (as well as your hero) a couple of times, giving you an edge. It’s really hard to gather enough cards to level up a creature or a spell to higher levels (level 4 and above) so buying one Mega Arena Chest will ensure that your card deck includes high-level units.

After you spend a bunch of crystals on the most expensive chest, ease up a bit. We recommend buying a couple of Super Arena Chests first because Great Arena Chests aren’t worth the price. They give just a hundred or so cards and cost 30 crystals. For 15 crystals more you can get the great chest, and receive more than 500 cards. This way you’ll gather enough cards to level up most of your active units to level 4. After that, creatures will need thousands of cards to get to level 5 so we recommend saving up crystals for Mega Arena Chest. It is expensive but it will give lots of cards, and you can save up enough crystals for it in a couple of days.

10. Play The Game Every Day To Become Eligible For Powerful Daily Prizes

Winions: Mana Champions features daily-prize mechanic and while during the first week or so you’ll be given relatively poor prizes they will become very lucrative once you enter the second week. You can receive lots of crystals, hundreds of creature cards, tons of coins, as well as new creatures and new heroes.

Yes, it is a bit of a chore to play Winions: Mana Champions each day, but this way you might unlock a powerful new creature, get enough cards to upgrade your hero or get some cool chests containing various riches.

11. Premium Heroes Aren’t Worth The Price

Your basic hero, Succubus is actually pretty powerful. It has lots of health, has a powerful ranged attack, and its healing power is very handy. You can buy other heroes, but they cost hundreds of crystals (you should spend crystals on Arena chests) and don’t justify the price. They aren’t stronger than Succubus, and if you upgraded your hero to level 3 or higher don’t even think about buying a different hero.

12. Look At Other Players’ Defenses And Their Chests When Deciding Who To Attack

Multiplayer battles can give you lots of valuables, but only if you carefully pick them. Pick players who don’t have lots of turrets, and never attack a base with mortars. Mortars will destroy your creatures very fast, especially if the base is surrounded by walls. Choose players who have up to 6 defensive structures.

Also, never pick a base that doesn’t contain at least Basic Arena #2 Chest. Those that have basic chests are just not worth your time. And once you fill up your stash with chests (you can have up to three chests in your base) do not attack other players until you unlock all of the chests. If you always keep your chest stash filled, other players will be interested in invading your base, even if you have strong defenses.

Okay, this wraps up our Winions: Mana Champions strategy guide. We covered all topics and all tips that should give you a head start when starting to play the game. Your base will be well defended and your attack deck will be competitive, but only if you follow our advice. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!