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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Dominate Your Enemies

Nexon is back with another anime-themed action RPG (ARPG) for iOS and Android devices called Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, and the gaming giant refers to their latest title as the legendary ultimate high adrenaline battle experience in Action Combat games.” You can choose from 48 characters/heroes from the Dynasty Warriors series, with the officers in the game having their own unique skills and abilities. The game’s description adds that you can “create powerful officer teams to conquer each mode,” and speaking of modes, there’s more than one way in which you can enjoy this game. There’s also a “signature” weapon system for equipping your officers, as well as other hallmark features of games of this kind, such as the option to join a guild, raids, player-vs-player conquests, and more.

The thing with games like this is that they’re often quite hard to learn, let alone master – with all those features and mechanics, it can be difficult to become an expert in this game. But we hope to at least get you started on the right foot, while learning more than just the bare essentials. That’s why we’ve created an exclusive Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed strategy guide with beginner tips, as well as some intermediate and advanced tips that you may find useful as you progress in the game.

1. Collect Your Daily Rewards And Other Freebies

It’s very important that you log into the game at least once a day, even if you have no actual intent to play the game due to your real-life schedule getting in the way. That’s still going to count as a login, and if you’re able to make that one daily login, you can get some rare heroes and make better time in the grand scheme of things. There are two kinds of dailies in this game – your rewards for logging in, as well as the missions that come with helpful items as your rewards. Make sure you’re signed in for at least a minute or so each day, though take note that it’s still better if you spend some time playing the game so you could improve your progress.

2. Attack The Shiny Objects

As is the case in any other action RPG, things can get quite chaotic in the battlefield. But you should still pay close attention for those shiny objects; attacking them will allow you to collect some useful items that could provide some limited-time buffs while you’re in combat. We would recommend saving those items for boss battles; you can only use them for so long, and once they’re used up, they’re gone for good. But don’t leave those items behind either, as you wouldn’t be able to return to an area you’ve already left!

3. Have Other Human Players Help You Out

Although Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed isn’t exactly a game where getting social is mandatory, it will still be in your best interests to do so. One example would be bringing “friends” along with you during battles. You don’t necessarily have to add them as your in-game friends; you can literally pull up the list of players, choose anyone from the list, and have them accompany you on the battlefield. Tap on the other player’s portrait if you want them to help you out, and they’ll fight alongside you for a specific period of time. Bringing “friends” is useful, especially if you’re in a tough boss battle, or in a situation where the enemy has strength in numbers.

4. Keep On Upgrading Stuff

All the items and characters in this game are upgradable – when talking about items, we mean those you bring and don’t bring with you to the battlefield, and when talking about characters, we naturally mean your Officers. Although it might seem quite complicated at first due to the sheer number of items, you’ll eventually get the hang of it, and know which weapons, equipment, and Officers you should be upgrading regularly, and which ones you should not waste too many upgrades on, if any at all.

5. How To Upgrade Weapons And Armor

The first thing to do when upgrading weapons and armor is to refine an item, and make sure you’ve maxed it out to the highest possible level. You can then combine/imbue that item with gems, which work by improving the item’s stats. You can also combine one item with something similar to it, as long as it’s of the same star rating and also maxed out. The former option is usually the better way to go, especially when you’re imbuing items with higher star rarity.

6. The Daily Grind

In Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, patience is a virtue. And when we say that, that means you should be grinding it out without complaint, replaying missions time and again so you could level up your Officers, gather more equipment and other items, and improve those Officers as you go along. While some may find this tedious due to all the grinding involved, it could be a worthwhile activity for others, as replaying levels and the like usually means you’ll have a much easier time in your next go-around. Furthermore, this would be the perfect time to use that one feature we usually do not recommend for ordinary, first-time battles, regardless of the game.

7. Use Auto Combat When Grinding

That feature is none other than Auto Combat, and while it’s still not enjoyable in the truest sense, it’s perfect for grinding it out to farm for equipment and the like. Start a mission, hit Auto, and you’re off to the races – or should we say, the AI’s off to the races. Fortunately, the AI in this game is smarter than most auto-battle AI systems are; provided you’ve got a strong lineup of Officers, you’ll win those replays and earn those rewards in quick and painless fashion. Just make absolutely sure you aren’t relying on Auto for missions you’re trying to complete for the first time – micromanagement, in any case, will always be better than having the AI do everything for you!

8. Work On Defeating The Bosses

The bosses are the hardest enemies to take out, and that means when you’re in a battle in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, you should try to defeat the bosses as soon as possible. Normally, defeating a boss would end a part of a stage, or end the entire stage completely, regardless of how many regular enemies remain. This is a game that would oftentimes require you to work fast by completing battles in less than three minutes, so with that in mind, you should be focusing on the bosses to improve your chances of making your battles short and sweet. One other way to ensure this is to move your character around even if you’ve activated their Super Skill; not everyone is aware of this, but now that you are, we would also advise you to make sure your character is properly oriented when doing this.

9. There’s No Downside To Guilds

At some point in the game, you will be allowed to join a guild. Once you’re able to join one, do so as soon as possible, and make sure you’re joining a) a guild that is active, and b) a guild that has as many members as possible. As usual, there’s no disadvantage to joining a guild, and no shortage of benefits. For starters, you’ve got your guild donation dailies, which allow you to win new rewards. You can then open chests based on your guild’s total donations, then spend your earnings in the Guild Market. That special shop will allow you to get weapons and armor for free, as well as Officers with one to three-star rarity. It’s those common one-star Officers you’ll usually end up with, but a small chance at three-star Officers, we’d say, is better than no chance at all.

10. Your Inventory Holds Some Secrets

It is also important that you regularly take a look at your inventory, especially the “Other” tab. That’s because there are a lot of “secrets” normally hidden in there, such as gem bags, XP pouches, and four free action points – those are just a few of the secret freebies you can get from the Other tab, so check it regularly and make good use of that free stuff!

11. How Can You Get More Officers?

The process of unlocking new heroes, or Officers in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed could take quite a while to discuss. But for the purposes of this article, we shall stick to the basics of unlocking Officers.

The very first thing you can do to get more Officers is to grind, just as we had explained above. Be patient and replay missions as often as possible, and you just might be rewarded with some useful Officers. When we say “useful,” we don’t just refer to using them on the battlefield, but also using them to level up your best Officers. If you keep on grinding and using Auto whenever possible for those battles you’ve already completed, and if work toward improving your best Officers, you could end up increasing their star rarity.

It’s also possible to head to the Market and buy Officer Packs. The Magical Edict pact is what we would recommend you to buy – it’s going to cost you some, but once you buy it, you’ll have a shot at getting a five-star Officer. Otherwise, you’ll get 11 Officers, including one with guaranteed four-star rarity. We cannot stress it enough – Magical Edict is quite an expensive pack, but if you join events such as the ongoing level-up event that gives you premium currency if you reach a certain point, you could end up saving enough for that pack sooner than you expect. Premium currency gets rewarded often when playing the game normally, so once again, and pardon us if it sounds like we’re repeating ourselves, be patient!

That’s all folks, as far as our list of Dynasty Warriors Unleashed tips and tricks are concerned. In case you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!