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Crazy Kitchen (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Running your own food business can be a bit challenging but it is also a whole lot of fun. Fun and challenge are exactly the things that you will get from Zynga’s mobile game called Crazy Kitchen. Available on iOS and Android, this puzzle game combines the mechanics of matching games with some wacky concepts and characters. Just match three or more of the same ingredients in order to serve your crazy hungry customers. With hundreds of levels to complete, you will definitely start feeling the heat. Don’t throw in the apron just yet. If things get tough, just rely on our Crazy Kitchen tips and tricks to help you.

1. Making Good Matches

The basic mechanic of the game is to just match at least three tiles of the same kind in order to earn points. The tiles are based on food such as fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. While most other matching games only allow vertical and horizontal matches, this game lets you get a bit more creative. You can make diagonal matches as well as L-shaped and V-shaped matches. Use this extra freedom in matching to help you make better matches. The more tiles you connect, the higher your score will be.

2. Feeding Your Customers

Matching games normally have objectives to meet in order to complete levels. This game adds a little twist to this mechanic by giving you customers to feed. The customers will ask for specific food tiles and tell you how many of those tiles they want cleared. This order of the customer is the objective that needs to be fulfilled. As an added challenge, you are also required to serve the customers in the correct order. Clearing food tiles of other customers will not meet their order unless you clear the order of the current customer first. Keep this in mind as you only have a limited number of moves for each stage.

3. Combos And Special Items

Performing combos are always a good thing since they give more points. Just do not forget that you have orders to fulfill before you aim for any combos. Even though you get additional points, those points will be useless if you ended up wasting too many moves on setting up and executing a combo. Your main priority is still to complete customer orders. There are also special items in the game that can help you clear tiles faster. Use these to your advantage to get more points.

4. Always Aim For Three Stars

Completing a stage will give you star ratings. These ratings can be one to three stars. Always try to get three stars in every stage in order to get rewards. Clearing customer orders in less moves and getting higher points all count towards a better star rating. If you fail to get three stars in a stage, just keep replaying that stage until you get it. If you keep running out of hearts because of this, just add your friends on Facebook so they can give you additional hearts.

Turn up the heat in Crazy Kitchen! Just follow the tips and tricks above in order to get higher scores!


Saturday 1st of April 2023

I am stuck on game 1456. I can't figure it out can anyone help?


Thursday 16th of March 2023

Hi, I have been on level 2064 for a while now, do anyone knows how to get the side glass boxes


Monday 2nd of January 2023

level 1463 is impossible!!any hints, suggestions? where is the magnet?


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

This is my second tablet so I'm starting over...uug! I'm stuck on game 220 I can't get the sponge out of the upper area.I've tried but what I think is the portal to drop down isn't help!

El Lu

Monday 31st of January 2022

How do I defeat the rotating boxes in level #1047?