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No One Dies Tonight (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: Your Complete Survival Guide

If endless runner games have become too easy for you, then you might want to take on the challenge of No One Dies Tonight. Available on iOS, the goal of this game is simple. Just make sure no one dies on your watch. Achieving this goal, however, is a lot more complicated because the game ups the ante on the usual runner game by making you in charge of the lives of multiple runners. Yes, you read that right. You will need to keep an eye on, and control, several endless runners if you want to succeed in this game. If you are willing to accept this challenge, then you better check out our No One Dies Tonight survival strategy guide.

1. Start Off Simple

There are four difficulty levels to choose from in the game. These difficulty levels are: Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. Beginners should always start with the Normal difficulty first before trying the other settings. Normal difficulty gives you just two stick men to take care of. While the gameplay for this difficulty can be too easy for veteran players, it is a good way for newbies to practice keeping an eye on more than one character. Once you get used to the concept of the game, you are ready to advance to the other levels. Gauge yourself and ease into the higher difficulties or you will end up just getting frustrated.

2. Use Both Thumbs

The game requires an incredible amount of focus. It isn’t something you can just play while you are doing something else. Have both your thumbs ready to tap on the screen at all times. Even when playing in Normal mode, there will still be times when your both your runners will encounter multiple obstacles. You will not have time to save them if you are using just one hand to play the game. Runners will eventually pile up and you will make things more difficult for yourself if you are not ready to respond to multiple runners at once. If your location allows you, feel free to use even more fingers by laying your device on a flat surface and assigning a finger to each of the layers. Just be mindful when you do this because you can easily get confused when there are too many fingers on the screen.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Tapping

Sometimes you might experience a run where there are no obstacles on one of the levels. This is perfectly normal. Do not get restless and randomly tap on that level because you might end up shooting yourself in the foot by doing so. An obstacle might suddenly pop up and you will not have enough time to respond because you just finished tapping on that lane. You might also accidentally tap on a different lane and send another runner to his doom. Just stay focused on the game and be ready to tap at a moment’s notice. Any additional tapping will just distract you from the game.

4. Bottom Lane Is The Last Lane

Falling from a platform can often be deadly in real life. In this game however, falling from one will just safely drop your runner onto the level below. The run ends when you fall from the bottom lane because it is the last lane. This is why you need to take extra care of the bottom lane. Always have one of your fingers ready to tap on this lane. Do not get complacent, though. Avoid letting all the runners fall to the bottom lane because that will make them more difficult to control. You will have to tap a lot of times in order to save all the runners if they are on the same floor. Limit the number of runners on the lanes to keep the obstacle jumps manageable.

5. Watch Incoming Obstacles

There are several different strategies that can be used to keep the runners alive in this game. One of the most effective strategies, though, is to keep your eyes on the right side of the screen. The obstacles come in from the right side and watching them as soon as they come in will give you enough time to react. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed especially if multiple obstacles come in for different lanes. You will be able to plan the order in which you will be tapping the levels. Make it your habit to prepare for incoming obstacles.

6. Keep Practicing

Despite the name of the game, death will be inevitable. The key to getting farther into any endless runner game is to keep practicing. You may be struggling to save the runners even in Normal mode at first. But as your actions get burned into your muscle memory, watching and tapping will become second nature to you. You will be able to make unconscious decisions when it comes to tapping as you play more games. If you feel like you are getting too frustrated with the game, feel free to give it a rest. The important thing is to keep your focus and to keep trying. Endless runner games always take a lot of patience in order to master. This one isn’t any different.

7. Watch Where You Tap

Moving your thumbs up and down the different levels can sometimes get you confused. Make sure your taps are clearly within the lane you want to tap on. Tapping near the border of two lanes can lead to accidentally tapping the other lane. This will mess up both the lanes that you accidentally tapped on and the one where you intended to tap. Be mindful of this especially in later parts of the run because you will be making taps in quick succession. You will inevitably make more errors when you start encountering more and more obstacles. Making a habit of being strict with yourself early on in the game will help reduce the risk of committing these errors later on.

Saving multiple characters from their death may seem impossible at first but if you follow everything on our No One Dies Tonight strategy guide, you can keep all your runners safe from harm.