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Chaos Chronicle Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

One can almost say that Nexon turns out anime-inspired RPGs for mobile like clockwork. But the company, somehow, always finds a way to make each of its games look and feel different from the others. Its latest title in the ARPG (action RPG) genre is Chaos Chronicle, and we can once again tell you it’s different from other ARPGs Nexon has churned out, even with the similarity in features. You’ll have to master the Skill Cancel system as you seek to restore honor to your House, and hit a Perfect Cancel for double the damage – those are two new things to look forward to. Still, you’ll have to do as you often do in these games, recruiting a team of heroes, and coming up with the right tactical strategies in battle. There are also various game modes, with the most prominent of these being Adventure Mode, which focuses on single-player action. But the real fun, we’d say, is taking part in the PvP battles, and teaming up with your allies to defeat Raid Bosses and do much more in the game.

Once again, the learning curve will be steep, and there will be countless things you have to figure out before becoming an expert at this game. And with that in mind, let us now cut to the chase, and bring you our Chaos Chronicle strategy guide. We shall again be dealing with a myriad of general topics, starting with the most important mechanic you’ll have to learn in the game…

1. Why Is Skill Cancelling So Important?

As we summarized what is Chaos Chronicle is about, we mentioned a “Skill Cancel” system. How does this work, and what’s in it for you? For starters, you will see an exclamation point over a monster’s head once they’re readying up their skills. You will also hear a sound effect in the background, which makes it necessary for you to play the game with your earphones plugged in. Going back to the exclamation point and Skill Cancelling, you can cancel a monster’s skill if one of your heroes makes use of their skill and inflicts damage on the monster who was readying up their own skill. You’ll want to use Skill Cancelling, especially in boss fights, though there’s always a good chance that one of your heroes may get killed in the process.

2. Deal Massive Damage To Your Enemies

It’s not enough that you simply hit your skill at the same time the monster is unleashing his. Your skill has to inflict some damage on the monster, and that’s the only way you can cancel those monster skills properly. Try using skills that are more on the basic side, rather than those in the Targeting class.

3. Should You Bother With Auto-Play?

The game, like many other RPGs, comes with an auto-play or auto-battle feature. We’re normally wary of auto-play, as AI strategies are often too simplistic. But in this game, auto-play is actually quite smart, as it makes good use of the Skill Cancel system. Still, you would be best advised to control your heroes manually when it comes to boss battles, as a fine-tuned approach with a human touch is always best against those nasty bosses.

4. Upgrade Your Heroes Regularly

Like in other RPGs, it’s very important that you keep your heroes upgraded, and the main way in which you can do this is by means of bonus stats. These stats go on top of your heroes’ base stats, and while they do cost what seems like a lot of gold, it happens to be very easy to earn a ton of gold in the game. Starting heroes can be leveled up for only a few thousand gold units, so don’t hesitate to upgrade whenever you can, and don’t hesitate to upgrade those bonus stats. Crafting Enhancement Crests and slotting them are the big expenses you should prepare for, but upgrading is, for the most part, inexpensive and painless.

5. How To Get More Rubies

Rubies are the premium currency of Chaos Chronicle, and you can use these gems to buy contracts. Contracts can then be used to add new heroes to your team, so you will want to get as many free rubies as possible, unless you can afford paying for them. First of all, you can simply login to the game every day and get some handsome bonuses; for example, your second day login bonus is a good 100 rubies. You can enhance your heroes’ stats and equipment, both of which have specific Growth quests that can earn you a ruby each. Several game modes, including Raids and Daily Dungeons, also offer rubies as prizes; that’s one ruby per Adventure Quest. Then you’ve got your social methods, which include winning PvP matches in this game’s MOBA mode, as well as sending Social Points to other people who play the game.

In addition, you can also earn enough stars per chapter to open a chapter chest, which may sometimes come with some rubies inside. You can double-check this ahead of time, though, by going to the progress bar at the bottom left corner of the chapter screen, and seeing what rewards you can expect to get after opening the chapter chest. Lastly, the achievements in the Missions menu can sometimes gift you with rubies, though these achievements are mostly long-term ones that can be achieved through playing the game like you normally would.

6. Spend Your Rubies Wisely

Rubies are best-used when buying contracts, but there are also a lot of things you should not spend these gems on. You should not spend rubies to replenish your stamina or gold; stamina is easy to restore and gold easy to earn, so you should just wait it out and fight it out in the meantime. And to clarify the type of contracts you should be buying, you should go for the Contract Bundles. These guarantee you with ten three-six star hero contracts, and these contracts may come with at least one hero of 4+ stars or better.

7. How Else Can You Get New Heroes?

There are other ways to get new heroes in the game aside from using your contracts. You can get contracts via the daily login bonus; if you login on the 14th day, you’ll get a four-star rarity contract, and if you login on the 28th, you’ll get a guaranteed five-star rarity contract. You’ll get a three-star contract by completing one whole chapter, and one five-star contract if you complete House Leader Training. For the latter, always check in manually after completing each step, as the game won’t give you any credit if you haven’t given the go-ahead for the next part of training. Lastly, you can complete the seven-day consecutive login to get the Ceris five-star card.

8. Field A Balanced Party In Battle

Nexon makes it a bit easy for gamers. Instead of having so many classes for so few hero slots, the company has included five hero classes to match with the five hero slots available prior to a mission. These classes are Charge, Defense, Magic, Ranged, and Supporter, and each have their own strengths you can take advantage of.

Charge heroes, of course, are your high-powered attackers who can deal out tons of damage. Defense heroes are your big, burly tanks; they might not be all too good on the offensive end, but they’re there to soak up damage, and protect your more fragile heroes out back. Magic is self-explanatory and so is Ranged, while Supporter would refer to your healers. Make sure that you’ve got as versatile a team as possible, and don’t have too many of one class, as that’s only going to leave you lacking or vulnerable in one area while you’re in battle. Having a balanced team is, once again, the best way to go in this game.

9. Get Social

Last, but not the least, let’s talk about why it’s invariably more fun to take advantage of the game’s social features, rather than playing Adventure Mode and that mode alone. You can add friends to the game and send them social points, which would count toward the game’s achievements. Always make sure to send some social points back if someone sends you.

You can use your social points to recover stamina or buy basic contracts, though it would still be more advisable to wait it out when it comes to recovering your stamina. Open your friends list and add as many friends as you could, as you can use your social points for a wide variety of things, on top of the ones we mentioned.

Joining a guild is also a good idea, though that won’t add to your social points in a direct way. You can, however, get additional gold and stamina depending on how many guild members are active players, so if you’re joining a guild (and we believe you should), check and see if it’s an active one with a lot of active members.

This would be our extended list of tips and tricks for Chaos Chronicle. Know more hints for the game? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!