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Hell Run Scary Road Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Avoid More Traps and Last Longer

Hell Run Scary Road may sound like a complex, intense mobile title for iOS. However, this game, which was created by Savita Thakare, is actually a casual endless runner, where you have to make your character invisible when obstacles appear. Just tap on your iPhone’s screen to make the boy disappear, and make sure you do this with the right timing so you can save his life and ensure that he continues running. That, for the most part, is all there is to it, as this is a very simple game despite the daunting title.

Your only goal in this game is to last as long as possible and avoid as many traps as you could. While the boy may never make it out of Hell due to the endless mechanics of this game, you can, at least, do what you could to run for a longer time and avoid more traps. And that’s what we’re going to be helping you with, in these Hell Run Scary Road tips and tricks.

1. The Length Of Your Tap Depends On The Obstacles

Unfortunately, Hell Run Scary Road doesn’t really go into much detail when it comes to the game’s controls. But we’ve got some of the basics you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re playing this game for the first time. The main thing in this game is that you can control the duration in which the boy turns invisible. Making quick taps on your screen will turn him invisible for about a second or less, while making longer taps will make him invisible for a longer period of time. But making quick taps to get through the spikes, pillars, and short gaps in Hell should do you; all you need is a brief moment of invisibility to get past those traps.

2. You Can Only Remain Invisible For A Maximum Three Seconds

While tapping and holding on your screen will make the boy invisible for longer, there is, of course, a time limit, and a maximum amount of time for him to remain invisible. When it comes to the longer gaps in this game, you’ll have to tap-and-hold and, once again, make sure your timing is on point. That actually leads us, though, to another quirk in the game – there seems to be some lag in between the time you let go of the screen and the time when the boy reappears. That means you’ll have to let go a few split seconds early so you can make up for this lag. You don’t want to be caught unawares when you run into another trap, so let go a bit early after making those long taps.

3. Know Your Traps

So what can we say about the different kinds of traps in this game? What makes each of these traps different from the other, and how can you avoid them? Generally speaking, there are three of them, starting with the spikes. These are pretty much self-explanatory, and nothing you haven’t seen before in games of this kind. They emerge from the ground for a brief period of time, and as we mentioned, you can use a quick burst of invisibility to avoid them. Barbed pillars come down from above, and can also pose a threat if they’ve already hit the ground. Once again, quick invisibility is the solution here. Lastly, the gaps or pits are far more unpredictable, as they can be of varying lengths. Depending on how long or how short they are, you will either have to do a tap-and-hold or a quick tap.

4. When To Use Invisibility – Sooner, And Not Later

Yet another strange thing about this game, and it may be a bug of sorts, takes place if you escape from invisibility and enter into an obstacle. Now normally, one hit will end your run, but in this case, you’ll keep going on as if nothing happened. But if you’re close to an obstacle before you turn the boy invisible, you are going to get hit. This means you’ll have to use your invisibility sooner, and not later – this is a quick, yet safe approach that will allow you to work around the loopholes in the game.

5. Always Be Alert

As expected, the boy moves rather quickly, and that makes this a fast-paced game where you have to keep your eyes peeled as long as you’re playing the game. The boy moves fast, and so do the obstacles, and that would require you to always be ready for short or long bursts of invisibility, depending on the situation.