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Tiny Archers Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Save Your Kingdom

1DER Entertainment’s Tiny Archers is a new tower defense, or fantasy action game for Android and iOS phones and tablets where your ultimate objective is to become the greatest Tiny Archer out there. The game’s features are a combination of the simple and complex – for example, there are only three “amazing” characters to choose from, namely human, dwarf, and fairy, but also three stories to discover. There are more than 70 unique tower defense levels, as well as the ability to upgrade your heroes and gather resources, as you collect new magic arrows and skills and fight off more enemies. And, of course, this is one of those games where you have to refine your strategies so you can defend your tower from the goblins and trolls, and visit a wide range of locations, including elven cities, dwarf mines, valleys, and forests.

All in all, this game is simpler than your average tower defense game, but one can argue that that’s where the game gets its charm. There isn’t much to figure out as there is in other comparable games, but that doesn’t make it cut-and-dry from start to finish. That’s why you may want to check out our Tiny Archers tips and tricks, which are mainly written with the first-time player in mind, in hopes of helping all newbies figure out the ins and outs of this game as soon as possible.

1. Headshots Are Important, But Not As Much As You Think At First

The tutorial will tell you that it isn’t absolutely necessary to kill all your enemies with headshots. Headshots, of course, can kill an enemy with just one shot, but body shots aren’t bad at all. Enemies will automatically be dragged forward after a brief pause, and that should give you a better chance to aim at their feet, make them stop moving, and finally connect with your headshot. Just keep firing toward your enemy, and don’t worry too much about the headshots at first. If you keep on focusing on headshots, all that may only turn out to be counterproductive.

2. Complete Your Daily Missions

The game will assign you with three missions per day, and you should try to complete them before their 24-hour lifespan is up. Regardless whether you complete those missions or not, you’ll be getting new missions come the next day, so make sure you at least try to complete those missions. They may range from easy to hard in terms of difficulty, but the common thread here is that they will reward you with the game’s premium currency – gems. Like it is in other games of this kind, most of the missions can be completed organically, or within the course of the game. But if you know what those missions are, you can focus on completing them while playing the game. As such, you can always look at the missions list, but it won’t always be necessary to do this.

3. Don’t Redeem Your Presents Right Away

The game will randomly give you rewards for killing goblins, and these come in the form of a wrapped gift box. Tap on the present and you will be asked to watch an ad video, and that’s where the rewards come in – you’ll get a free arrow as a prize for that kill. But it is often better not to activate the present right from the get-go. It’s oftentimes better to save the present for a later time, which could be those times when you’re almost all out of arrows to use against your enemies.

4. Immediately Tap On The Archers

he radar icon on the top right of your screen will show you the types of goblins and trolls making their way through the lanes. Be quick and fire at the green dot the moment you see it; these represent archer goblins, which are ranged creatures that could take you out of commission from a distance. They typically fire one arrow once they make an appearance onscreen, and do so after making a few steps. As your character could be killed after getting hit by three arrows, you should focus on quickly eliminating the goblin archers.

5. When Spending Gold, Do Not Focus On The Bow Updates

In most cases, it’s a better idea not to use your gold on bow upgrades or additional arrows, as the ad videos we talked about earlier will allow you to refill your arrows without having to pay a cent. You can also buy a better bow, which will give you additional capacity to carry arrows, comes with new special slots, and greater attack power against the enemies.

And this wraps up our list of tips and tricks for Tiny Archers. In case you know any other hints for the game, please let us know in the comment section below!