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Monument Valley 2 Guide, Tips & Cheats to Solve All Puzzles

Monument Valley 2 is a brand new puzzle game for iOS devices that is set in a hauntingly beautiful world. In this game, you control two characters – a mother and a daughter. Ro, the mother, is teaching her daughter about their world and it is your job to help them travel around their mysterious world by completing the mind-boggling puzzles. This is actually the second game in the series, the sequel to Monument Valley, and the good news is that it has a completely independent story. That means you don’t really have to play the first game in order to understand what is going on in this one. Even better news is that if you need help solving any of the puzzles, you can depend on our Monument Valley 2 strategy guide!

1. Never Give Up

The developers of the game put a lot of work into making the puzzles unique and engaging. Instead of making the puzzles impossible to solve, they made it so that they are challenging but still focused on delivering a narrative. Think of the game as a story that needs to be told through puzzles, as opposed to a bunch of levels that need to be completed. You will find that each stage is an experience.

Don’t worry if you see structures crumble or doors close. You will still be able to solve the puzzle. Those things are just part of how the story is being told. Don’t be afraid to make any mistakes because there is nothing you can do that can break a puzzle in such a way that it becomes unsolvable. You will be able to keep trying things that will eventually complete the stage.

2. Feel Free To Explore

Ro and her daughter aren’t the only ones who are learning about the world. You can join them by sending them to places all over each stage. Not every move needs to be calculated, especially since they can easily be reversed. Don’t worry about not being able to go back. Just go ahead and check out the different areas of each stage until you find what you need.

There will be times when the stage looks confusing that you can’t tell whether or not you can reach a certain area. When this happens, the key is to just tap on that area and see if your characters go there. The girls will stay in place if the area you tap on is inaccessible. This makes it easy to figure out where to go next.
Another thing you should keep in mind is how to control Ro’s daughter. In the earlier stages, much like in the younger years of a child, the daughter just follows or mimic’s Ro’s movements. This can be good or bad depending on your location. Later on, though, you will have to figure out how she moves in order to complete the puzzles successfully.

3. Discover Interactive Objects

The game has flawlessly integrated a wide range of cranks and levers into each stage. That means, while everything looks seamless and beautiful, there will be times that you will wonder what you can or cannot do with the objects around you. Below is a list of the common interactive objects in the game. While the list will not give you every single interactive object there is, it will give you a good idea of what to look for when playing.

Sliding Objects

These are blocks with two or more circular grooves on the side. The part where the grooves stick out is where you tap on in order to make the blocks move. Most of the time, the blocks just more vertically or horizontally. There are special cases wherein these blocks can be rotated. When you encounter these special blocks, you just need to tap on them then drag towards the direction you want to rotate. Keep in mind that the blocks can be moved even when there are characters on them. This could even be part of the puzzle’s solution at times.


These objects are pretty obvious since they actually look like blocky levers. As you would expect, levers affect other objects on the map. You will have to test them to find out what they affect. Unlike the sliding objects, though, these cannot move if there are characters on top of the elements they are supposed to affect. They also disappear if they are in an unusable state so don’t panic if you don’t see them anymore.


These are platforms that are either round or square in shape. Unlike the first two objects on this list, buttons cannot be activated by the player directly. You will need to send one of the characters to stand on top of them in order to trigger their effect. These usually affect other objects as well but there are those that affect the character who triggers them. Don’t worry, none of them will actually hurt your characters.


In later stages of the game, you will start encountering plants that you can interact with. Some of them you can slide, indicated by the circular grooves you’ve seen before. Others you can actually use to climb. Just tap on them whenever you see them to check if they can be interacted with. There are surprises in store for you if you keep exploring the plants.

4. Use The Totem

The totem is a unique interactive character that stands out when you encounter it. It is a brightly colored block that has a blinking eye. It has several functions, depending on the stage you are on. Think of it as a hint. When you see it, it means there is something that can be done with it in order to help complete the puzzle. You can slide it around by tapping and dragging. It can also be affected by levers or sliding objects if they are nearby. Sometimes it has a door on it that will allow Ro to pass through. It is a good idea to tinker with the totem whenever you see it, to figure out how it can help you.

Explore the wonderful world of Monument Valley 2 with Ro and her daughter! Just follow our list of tips and tricks we shared with you and you will never get stuck!