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Viking Rise Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Greatest Viking Tribe

Viking Rise is an online MMORTS created by IGG, the folks behind titles such as Lords Mobile, Mythic Heroes, and Castle Clash. In this game, you take the role of the leader of the Vikings, guiding your Tribe through the uncharted world of Midgard as their old home is destroyed. Struggling to survive against the endless tide of monsters and the Niflung, you have no choice but to find a new home, build upon it, and retake Midgard’s glory once more.

If you have played games such as State of Survival, Stormshot, or any game that needs you to build your base, then you’re right at home. The general gist of Viking Rise is fairly simple—build your base, conquer the land, and defend your home from any outside invaders. This core gameplay loop will keep you wanting more as you delve deeper and deeper into the game.

viking rise guide

While there is nothing to write about the story, the gameplay of Viking Rise is what makes it good for any other player to come back every day. After all, who would not want to be a leader of the Vikings? This is nothing but fulfilling your long-time wish of being one, and this game provides the experience. And if so, let’s call you Ivor, just like the same leader who sprung up when his Tribe was in danger.

With that said, as Ivor, it is time to grab your axe and ready yourself once more for battle. The darkness that plagued your old home encroaches on your new one, alongside the perfect hatred that the Niflung holds against all of Viking blood. Your people call to you for guidance, but you do not know what you must do. What shall you do with this new calling, then?

viking rise battle

Then fret not, leader of the Vikings! We have what you need right here with this Beginner’s Guide for Viking Rise. With this, you will be able to tackle the perils and dangers that surround Midgard and stand atop it on your glorious throne! You may have been shaken from the loss of home, Ivor, but your people still call to your wisdom.

Lead them to glory, Viking. That is your duty!

Without further ado, let’s charge forward with every tip, trick, and strategy that this guide has to offer for you! May the Gods have mercy on your poor soul!


viking rise overview

Let’s get through the bread and butter first before we delve into the nitty gritty of Viking Rise. To get started, Viking Rise’s gameplay is divided into three main aspects in its gameplay loop, similar to that of other base-building MMORTS games. These three things are neatly placed in a bulleted form:

Base Building: The main part of the core gameplay loop of the game. This stretches more towards handling your base, training your troops, researching, etc. If it is conducted within the reach of your base, then you are building your base.

Exploration: The world of Midgard is large, and so is the spread of your wings. Even if you’re confined to a single point in the form of your base, you will venture onward to lands unknown. The game has a map beyond what you currently have as a base, divided into worlds that act as their servers.

Combat: Uniquely different in Viking Rise, the only control you have is either letting your troops engage your opponents or run away before they get demolished. This is evident later on as we discuss this in detail.

And there’s more to it than just those descriptions alone. The nuances of Viking Rise run as deep as the scarlet blood that flows in the raging battlefield. There are not only these three main aspects that we have to look out for but also the heroes, the troops, and the tribes we find along the way.

Let’s start first with the three aspects of the core gameplay loop.

Gameplay Loop

viking rise base building

In games where you are pitted against many players with differing interests, having a base where you can relax and improve is a plus and a half. In Viking Rise, this is where you stage most of your gameplay. While you can look around the world of Midgard or fight any enemies, you’d spend most of your time building up your troops or making do with your base.

If you have played something like the State of Survival, then its mechanics are similar to it. You have Military, Economy, and Decoration buildings. These buildings have their purpose as well, giving you Infantry or the necessary technology to keep you up to pace with the evolving world around you.

Of course, the game does not discriminate whether you are using a building for training units and doing research or needing to upgrade it. If you want to upgrade it, you would have to finish whatever is going on in the building before you can level the building up. There are no in-betweens.

In this section, each building has its purpose and will be specified as to what they are. Starting off, let’s go with the Military buildings first.


No war-like game would be without any Military buildings, as it is the only constant source of Infantry that you can get in the game (aside from other things that will be discussed later). These buildings specialize in creating Troops, upgrading Heroes, or stopping any attempts to destroy your base.

Military Buildings include the following:


viking rise building infantry

The Infirmary is the safety net of your soldiers, stopping them from dying if they are killed in the process. Of course, certain rules to the game disallow this safety net at times to be used. Anyhow, this is where your soldiers will be if they are ever wounded after a fight. Granted that they do come back home in relative pieces.

A later section will provide the following outlook regarding the rules of engagement regarding the Infirmary.


viking rise building walls

Your first line of defense, a sturdy wall, allows you to survive against a brutish horde whenever they feel like wanting to ransack your City. For each level increased, the wall’s durability increased as well. Aside from having more troops to defend, a wall ensures you can survive the first impact.


viking rise building watchtower

Compared to other games, the watchtower of Viking Rise is unique on its own. It does not only act as its unit during defense but also acts as a ‘secondary’ wall if your wall does indeed go down. This tower is far more functional compared to other ones in its genre.

Tribe Hall

viking rise building tribe

The Tribe Hall is useless if you are without a Tribe. If you do, it acts as the operating base for reinforcements from your other Tribe Members. It is also a valuable building, as it provides you with Tribe Assists. These Tribe Assists allow you to speed up progress on your upgrades, training, or research.

Battle Hall

viking rise building battle

The Battle Hall is where rallies can occur from your other Tribe members. If you do call a rally, this is where units from other friendly Vikings will be stationed. The current level of the battle hall influences how many reinforcements from other Tribe members can be accommodated.

Eagle’s Nest

viking rise building eagle nest

Unlocked after a few Chapter Missions, the Eagle’s Nest is your only way to dispel the fog in the World Map, as well as your only source of Camp Reports. These Eagles are then maintained by your workers, with the level of your Eagle’s Nest influencing the range, the flight speed, and the number of eagles that you have in possession.

Infantry Barracks

viking rise building infantry barracks

While most would think that Vikings are rather insane individuals who would throw their people into battle, they’re not that insanely stupid either to allow them to die in vain. Here, you can train your people to become powerful Infantry soldiers that would become a staple of your frontline troops.

Pikemen Barracks

viking rise building pikemen barracks

Because Vikings tend to dislike using horses for their troops in this game, Pikemen are your substitutes for it. These frontline soldiers are disciplined, wielding their pikes with relative ease whilst throwing them at the first wave of offense to gain space for other troops to attack. This building is where you can naturally train them.

Archer Barracks

viking rise building archer barracks

Vikings are better at archery than most people would think. Imagine getting closer to a Viking Archer, only to be met with the same ferociousness as the rest of the soldiers on the battlefield. This building is where you train these sharpshooters.

Porter Barracks

viking rise building porter barracks

Porters are different from other types of troops in the game. Their main focus is primarily on getting more resources than any other troops on the field. Naturally, this means they are the best when it comes to raids or finding resources at Resource Points. They are found in this building.

Squad Base

viking rise building squad base

This building is where you review your troops in the event of a possible outbreak of wear. Everyone assembles at this building, and you can verify how many troops you’ve made in the process here. This is also an important building as this is an exclusive building for Heroes to receive Experience per hour.


You can’t make your war against enemies or rivals without an economy backing up your systems. However, compared to other MMORTS games, the economy buildings in Viking Rise act more as an ‘other’ category for buildings that don’t fit the criteria for military or decorations.

However, they still hold a purpose aside from it, even when there are no buildings for you to produce resources with.

Economy Buildings include the following:


viking rise building academy

You would think that savages wouldn’t think that far off in the future, but the Academy’s existence removes any disbelief regarding the following. The Academy is where you research Technologies that you can use to bring up your base to its full potential and make your troops stronger along the way.

Hall of Valor

viking rise building hall of valor

The Hall of Valor is Viking Rise’s gacha system for Heroes. This is the only place where you can use the Oracle Soulstone to summon heroes of any rarity by calling them via the power of Bifrost. You can get free summons depending on the level of cooldown that the building has.


viking rise building warehouse

If ever the chance that you do, indeed, lose in defense of a raid, the warehouse is the final bastion of your resources. Depending on the level of each warehouse that you have in your base, it will protect your resources. If you have too much of it, they can be considered lost in the case of a successful raid.

Honey Tavern

viking rise building tavern

Instead of the usual Market Hub that you’d find in the UI, the Honey Tavern is where you would find all of the premium merchants in the game. That is aside from the Mall, which is deceptively hidden in the game’s UI. Regardless, all merchants in this building will sell you their wares as long as you have the Gems to back it up.

Builder’s Hut

viking rise building builder's hut

The Builder’s Hut is the home, production room, and creative workshop of Viking builders. They work from sunrise until sunset and will do anything that you send them to do. They range from builders to gatherers, and they can be assigned to whatever task is at hand.

Notice Board

viking rise building notice board

The Notice Board displays the latest Viking Rise details, such as version information, exciting events, rewards, benefits, and more. Check it out regularly for interesting surprises that you won’t see in the Events tab.

Divination Shack

viking rise building divination shack

The Divination Shack is where you will find Varka, one of the Heroes that you can obtain during your playthrough of Viking Rise. This is also where you can use Divination Coins to get various items such as Gems, resources, buffs, or even Speedups. These coins regenerate after a set period, depending on the building’s current level.

Clan Camp

viking rise building clan camp

The Clan Camp is where you can recruit new workers (as well as fire and upgrade them), do commissions, or send anyone to explorations. While the rewards in this building aren’t worth the effort, it becomes better later on once you increase the Commission Level—this building’s version of an upgrade.

Outdoor Court

viking rise building outdoor

Viking Rise introduces the concept of ‘automated meetings.’ Here, you can summon up to 3 heroes or more to discuss the welfare and state of the base. They can give you general, optimized advice as to what you should be doing. They range from training more troops, upgrading buildings, or just doing nothing. By listening to a Hero’s suggestion, said Hero earns Experience.


viking rise base decoration

Decorations are exactly as it is stated—Decorations. They serve no gameplay purpose aside from making your base fashionable. The upside, however, is that they only require a few resources to create them. These decorations range from basic plants to others and limited ones.


viking rise base weather

One final thing to note is that seasons exist in this game. These seasons bring about temperature changes that affect the Gathering Speed of different resources. In every season, a specific resource will gain a Gathering Speed buff. Additional earnings can be gained by choosing resources to gather according to the current season.

SpringGold Gathering +10%
SummerLumber Gathering +10%
FallFood Gathering +10%
WinterStone Gathering +10%
viking rise exploration

‘Exploration in Viking Rise is completely different compared to other games such as State of Survival, Stormshot, or Lords Mobile. Here, you are immediately introduced to the most familiar concept that you’d find in an RTS such as StarCraft—the fog of war. This fog of war stops you from doing anything else that it hides from your sight.

Naturally, this means that the only way to dispel this fog is by exploring it. For the World Map, this requires the Eagle’s Nest to automatically dispel this. While this is rather annoying from your perspective, this also applies to all other players in the game. As long as you are in an area that they haven’t explored yet, then you’re relatively safe.

viking rise exploration 2

There are also other methods to dispel the fog. Piers, Divine Realms, and Einherjar Monuments allow you to remove a large area of fog around the location they are centered on.

As for the fog of war in your base, do the Chapter Missions in the game to continue. These Chapter Missions act as your ‘story.’ Anything else is up to you to find out, especially since there are more than Viking Rise offers later in the game.

viking rise combat

Combat is completely different in Viking Rise. Compared to its contemporaries, you have no complete control of the battlefield once your Viking soldiers have direct contact with the enemy. Once you send your soldiers to battle, everything becomes a battle of numbers. Not necessarily so, but it gets to that point.

If anything, it plays out fairly well as a pseudo-RTS. Once you send a band of troops on the field, you can then control where they go aside from the place you pointed out. You can make them stop in the meantime, incidentally making your forces known to the world, or micromanage them away from the battle.

viking rise combat 2

This ruleset, however, also makes your troops vulnerable to any other third parties that want your blood. Opponents can intercept your raving band of Vikings, or you can accidentally pull off a move that your troops will not attack anything that they go through. And in turn, any enemies that are in their way will attack.

In the end, Heroes and troop numbers will decide how you win fights. There’s not much control for you aside from what was stated above. What you can control, however, is the diction of battle as long as you know exactly the rules of engagement in this game. There are certain rules battles abide by, which are listed below.

Infirmary Rules

viking rise combat 3

Troops suffered different losses through different military actions in Viking Rise. Here are the following rules:

1. When defending against enemies in an Allied City, all Heavily Wounded Troops will be sent to the Infirmary.

2. When defending against enemies in a Tribe member’s City or Tribe buildings, 50% of the Heavily Wounded Troops will be killed.

3. When fighting enemies outside your City or at Resource Points, all Heavily Wounded Troops will be sent to the Infirmary.

4. When attacking an enemy’s City or Tribe building, all Heavily Wounded Troops will be killed.

5. When fighting enemies at Piers (all levels), all Heavily Wounded Troops will be sent to the Infirmary.

6. When fighting enemies at Altars or Shrines, all Heavily Wounded Troops will be sent to the Infirmary.

7. When fighting enemies in Temples, 50% of the Heavily Wounded Troops will be killed.

8. When fighting enemies at the Sanctum, all Heavily Wounded Troops will be killed.

9. When Viking Civilians are Heavily Wounded, they will enter a special heal zone for Viking Civilians first, which can accommodate 50,000 Viking Civilians. When the zone is full, any remaining Viking Civilians will be counted as Heavily Wounded Troops.

Take note that when the Infirmary is full, Heavily Wounded Troops will die from the lack of timely treatment. Remember to upgrade your Infirmary and treat Heavily Wounded Troops immediately.

Tips And Tricks

viking rise tips and tricks

Now that we’ve delved into a few aspects of the game, it’s time we look into the neat tips and tricks that we have compiled for you! With this, we can assure you that after reading this, you will get the edge that you need, regardless of how powerful (or extremely resourceful) your opponents are!

Let’s get right into the gist of it and see if you have what it takes to take on Viking Rise!

viking rise login rewards

Just like any other MMORTS game out there, Viking Rise rewards you with items and freebies whenever you log in every day. This also means that you have to at least give some time of the day to level up your base and increase the Might of your base. You can’t just increase the power of your base by slacking off—no one does.

Not only that but being attentive every day also ensures that you won’t suddenly become fresh meat for any wandering warlord (enemy players) out in the open. The moment your base’s level reaches past Level 6, the game will remind you that the only way to win is to fight your way out. However, do not mean it as is, as there is a consequence in actually just raiding people for the thrill of it.

That one will be discussed in a later tip, however.

viking rise prosperity

There’s also the fact that Prosperity exists. If you have played State of Survival before, then you will be familiar with the VIP Point system that the game has to offer. In it, you can get VIP exclusive buffs if you have ever reached a certain VIP Level in the game. Prosperity acts in that manner, giving you buffs as long as you log in every day.

The Daily Chest of the Prosperity system acts as one of the few ways you can gain Prosperity. There are also items scattered around in the map as rewards if you play frequently, as well as a Supreme Chest that gives you more of it. Of course, we don’t recommend you pay for it… unless you want to.

viking rise daily quests

There’s also the Daily Quest section in the Missions section of the game. In it, you can gain more rewards for actively playing the game daily. In doing so, you can get more rewards and advance even further. By reaching 100 quest points (by finishing Daily Quests), you can earn various speedups and rare rewards. These rewards will help you cultivate your base even faster.

Overall, ensure that you’re always active every day so you can get more out of something, as well as bounce back immediately if ever someone attacks your base. There’s also the matter of having to ensure that you’re not kicked out of your Tribe. Some will immediately kick you out if you haven’t logged in for even a day.

viking rise chapter mission

There is a Quest system in Viking Rise that gives you resource rewards if you ever complete the following. The system is divided into three sections: Chapter Mission, Daily Quests, and Quests (though we will colloquially term them Side Quests). Every time you finish a quest, you gain rewards. They scale over time, thus making them a good measure of the need for your resources.

We’ve already discussed what you can get with Daily Quests. Now, the focal point of our discussion is Chapter Missions. What are Chapter Missions, exactly? At the start of the game, you are immediately introduced to a set of instructions on what you need to do to get your base up and running.

The more you do your stuff as you progress throughout your City, the more you’ll see that what you are doing is just advancing the story (as well as improving your plot of land). The Chapter Missions act as your guiding light on the stars above—they remind you of what you need to do to advance further in the game.

viking rise combat

As a consequence, Chapter Missions are your only way to unlock certain parts of the game. If you don’t do it, chances are you will be left behind in terms of technology, resources, and a few buildings that are crucial in advancing the game. They are crucial in your survival, especially since other enemy players will do what you are doing as well.

So, focus on them. Keep in mind what you will be doing so that you can advance faster in the mission. As much as you can do things, you are limited by training unit and building times, as well as Energy. Yes, the game also limits you by your Energy, so every action that you do must count toward it.

And if you do focus on those aspects, you will be rewarded earnestly. Chapter Missions provide you with rare materials such as Oracle Soulstones, Thorny Spikes, War Horns, and Monster Essences—all of which are crucial to summoning heroes and upgrading specific buildings in your base, respectively!

viking rise extra rewards

They also give you resources and troops, all of which are given for free. Those rewards allow you to build your base faster as well as give you free troops to use for battle. After all, who doesn’t want to get more free stuff instead of just waiting for your unit training buildings to finish?

This tip, of course, is just to remind you as to why you should be doing the following. It is tempting to do other things like quests and ruin someone else’s day. However, it is more beneficial to you to gradually upgrade your base and get better results out of it. Rock-paper scissor indeed dominates the battlefield of Viking Rise, but a laser cutter is stronger than a dull rock any other day.

viking rise staging post

While we just discussed why you should focus on the Main Mission, why are we immediately talking about having to do Staging Post quests? It is kind of counter-intuitive to do the following after said discussion but hear me out on this for a moment.

One of the key differences between Viking Rise compared to other MMORTS in the genre is that Energy is only expended when attacking monsters or Niflung in the Overworld. This means that anything else aside from attacking the Niflung is considered a cost-efficient move. However, don’t take it for granted—as attempting to do anything else, like attacking an enemy player’s fort, can kill your troops.

What does this mean for us?

This means that the 1000 energy provided to you is used exclusively for killing these poor sops. Considering that it only takes about 47 seconds (and that is already with a boost to energy recovery) to regain 1 energy point. Attacking a monster or a Niflung requires 50 energy (or less if you have a Jungler Hero). Provided that you will play for the day spaced between 13 hours, you will have at least 40 uses to send your troops to attack these monsters.

The importance of this is that you can use this Energy only for Staging Post Quests. Nothing else. If you are trying to use your Energy to grab any other resources on the field, ignore those entirely. One of the reasons why Staging Post Quests is a better use case for Energy is the rewards they give to you. They are of higher quality than the other monster rewards out there.

viking rise camp

Because quests where defeating Niflungs are only numbered a few, your Energy a few times in the day. And given that, you can spend most of the time using your troops doing Chapter Missions or so. As the Staging Posts give you more quests that are leaning towards deciding on what you should do with the following or investigating Niflung bases, you can get a lot out of the Staging Post without having any issue of losing troops.

Not only that, completing these quests gives you Prestige. Prestige is a mechanic that is only available to the Staging Post and gives you not only better rewards but also better Staging Post Quests. That means more quests to do, more rewards to gain, and then more Prestige.

viking rise prestige level reward

You will also gain Prestige Levels every time you do these quests. Each Prestige Level gives you rewards, with the final Prestige Level giving you a unique Chief Power that you can use in the long run. At Prestige Level 15, it also unlocks the Prestige Shop, giving you more rewards for doing these quests!

This also takes into consideration the fact that the Staging Post refreshes every Prestige Level Up, as well as its sorely low refresh time. That just means more quests to do and more rewards to get. And in the case that you are low on speedups, this is a chance for you to get more out of the Staging Post than needed.

This might be an oversight from the developers, but take advantage of it! Every chance that you can get that the developers might’ve forgotten is a chance worth taking to overtake your enemies!

viking rise gameplay

While the Outside Camp knows what is best for you and your base, your heroes alone can’t dictate what you exactly need in the future. This is in consideration that base building can completely change how you play the game and how you plan things. If you ended up planning the wrong upgrade, chances are you’ll be on the back burner for a worthwhile.

The Chapter Missions provide a good outline as to what buildings you should be upgrading to advance through the story, but they only give you that. Once the Chapter Missions are done, you’re left to wonder what exactly you should be building on. At this point, what exactly should you prioritize?

This tip shows you exactly what you should be focusing on shortly, especially that are over Chief’s Hall Level 10 tends to have build times that span for days. Having a long-term plan in terms of upgrading can keep you on the battlefield whilst advancing in the campaign.

Let’s consult the table below:

1Chief’s Hall, Tribe Hall, Squad Base, Academy
2Military Buildings
3Economy Buildings
viking rise buildings

Priority 1 has you upgrading the following buildings first. The Chief’s Hall is a given as it is the cornerstone of all buildings. The level of the Chief’s Hall dictates the level cap for all of the buildings—no building can top the rest except the Chief’s Hall.

The Tribe Hall is a steal of its own. For each level you upgrade your Tribe Hall, you get more Tribe Assists. More Tribe Assists means less time spent on upgrading or training units. If you have the opportunity to upgrade the building, do so immediately to quicken up your pace.

And finally, for the Priority 1 buildings, we have the Squad Base and the Academy. An upgraded Squad Base allows you to train up your Heroes while you are idle, allowing you to save on EXP items for other heroes. The Academy is also a must, as having the technological edge allows you to overtake your rivals in terms of either economy or military power!

viking rise priority 1 buildings

For the next priorities, we have the Military and Economy buildings. The question comes into mind, why are Military Buildings at the top of the list if the focus of this guide purely emphasizes the economy? There is an actual in-game reason for it due to how resources are handled.

Unlike other MMORTS games, Viking Rise’s resources aren’t in your base for you to create out of nowhere. They are scattered around the World Map. This is to make sure that if you want to have your resources, you have to have a strong military to gather more resources as well as to fight for them.

And they’re not just situated in resource points; monsters and Niflungs are also steady sources of resources for building up your base. You’d need to have a strong army to at least have the same level of resources needed for your base. Without one, you’re going to end up having to fight for toothpicks in a strong-eats-weak world.

viking rise might rush

And finally, the Economy buildings do not completely scream economy in this game. The only needed Economy building is your Warehouse, Academy, and Smithy. Anything else? They can be left for any other future developments if ever you have the time to spare for it.

As for decorations, that’s completely up to you to decide. The reason why it’s considered a passable thing in the table is that they do not give you benefits. All they do is decorate your base and show that you’re only wasting valuable resources on something else. Don’t do that, especially if your opponents are willing to use their resources to have more troops.

Now that you know what buildings you should focus on, what else do you have to keep in mind?

viking rise gameplay 2

Vikings are natural aggressors. In history, they’re often viewed as invaders and labeled more as villains from time to time. While you may think that attacking is something that you have to do as a Viking, this is where we would say you should stop with that line of thinking completely.

This tip is here to remind you of one thing: never attack enemy Players even when provoked unless you have a good reason to. While you will be rewarded for killing monsters and Niflungs, it’s a different game when you’re fighting against fellow Viking players.

In the game, there is a ranking system in which you will gain rewards depending on how much you’ve devastated other players’ fiefs. While this may seem like a good incentive, you’ll be more likely to be thrown out of your development as you will be the victim of an enforced mechanic in the game.

That mechanic is dead soldiers.

viking rise dead soldiers

In MMORTS games, it’s no surprise to have your soldiers shrug off the worst of attacks and live to tell the tale about it. If you have advanced further, you’ll be able to repurpose them for stronger variants. In Viking Rise? If you attack an enemy fief as the aggressor, get ready to lose some soldiers in the process.

Because of this change, you’re better off being on the defensive and gathering up troops, attacking only when it is necessary or if the Tribe demands it. The only thing you’ll get are heavily wounded soldiers defending your territory. That is if you have your hospitals upgraded to accommodate wounded soldiers.

There’s also the fact that it’s not worth it to get the rewards for kills as there is no known incentive for it besides territorial claims. You’ll only lose soldiers you’ve waited for a day’s worth and sent to die in a matter of seconds in a heartbeat. If that isn’t called wasteful, then what is?

viking rise manage city

One last is that attacking any enemy fiefs immediately puts you in a War Frenzy. Depending on your Chief Hall’s level, you gain an attack bonus every time you march against an opponent. This, however, is counteracted by the inability to use a Protection item to guard your base for a short amount of time. Yes, the time only lasts for nearly half an hour, but that is enough time for the other player to launch a counterattack.

Of course, being on the defensive allows you to focus more on immediate goals. Similar to Civilization games, those who have higher economies are the largest threats in the game. In short, it is in your best interest to outmatch your opponent in that regard, as a Tier 3 soldier can outclass Tier 1 soldiers any time of the day.

viking rise resources

This beginner’s guide focuses purely on economic power. After all, even the game reminds the player that they can’t make an army without food or any resources. In this tip, this is your best bet out of all. Only do military actions when needed, and focus on building your base like it’s a city empire.

Treat your base as if it’s your company. More workers mean more jobs to do. More jobs mean more workers getting resources. More resources mean a lot of capital to use for projects. In this game, that just means making workers do their thing, upgrading necessary buildings, and just focusing on economic research in the Academy.

This part will also remind you that your speedups are well-spent on Academy research or building upgrades instead of training troops. They will come soon enough, and there’s the chance that you will get better troops if you’ve managed to level up your Academy faster than you can pump out weaker troops. This also applies to research, as having better technology quickly allows you to better defense in the process.

viking rise technology

As for Academy research, have your focus set so that for every 3 economy researches, you do 1 military research. While you are supposed to do economical upgrades, do not let your defenses down in the process. Remember, just like in Civilization, having a battalion of strong forces is still a powerful deterrent in the event of war.

As for anything else, try to just avoid attacking players and gather up resources from any Resource Points in the World Map. In that way, you can get more resources whilst keeping up with your development, as you can only do so much with your limited Energy per day as well as resources inside of your base.

Just be mindful to only take Resource Points that are either close to your base or inside your Tribe Territory. Anything beyond is up for grabs and more likely something you’ll have to contest against enemy players.

Now that we know how to raise our economy, what should we do with our Gems?

viking rise treasure obtained

Viking Rise gives you so many options on where your precious red Gems should go. Should you use it to get more resources? Can you use it to speed up the development of your base? Should you spend it on settlement buffs or any other items that you can procure?

This tip right here will guide you to where your gems are well-spent. As always, we advise you to never use your gems on cosmetics, as they will never have any value aside from looks. They may look good on your base, but they won’t look as good when it comes down burning after.

So, which things in the game should you use your Gems on?

Prosperity Points

viking rise prosperity points

One of the biggest no-brainers in the game, Prosperity gives you bonuses each time you hit a new level. Whether it be more construction queues or faster work times for your workers, Prosperity allows you to be at the height of your game. If something gives you buffs, you might as well spend your gems on it.

Considering that you’d get fewer Prosperity points earned as you progress through the game, having a more efficient way of collecting it via Gems is a good option overall. Once you reach a Prosperity Level of 6—where you nearly have all of the things you need—you can spend your Gems on anything else. While you can try to get more points for the next level, the exponential increase makes it so that, naturally, getting points via monster rewards is a more cost-effective option.

Resource Economy Buffs

viking rise gathering boost

If your workers can gather resources faster, then you can get more resources to spend on other things. In the Manage City tab, you can find these buffs lying in wait for you. One makes work faster for any Resource Points worked on the map, while the other maximizes the work in your base.

Naturally, only pick the one that you’re currently doing as of the moment. You can pick two at the same time, but try to spend your Gems wisely in this case. After all, you never know what you need to begin with.

As for anything else in the following tab, ignore them completely. You can gain some by playing the game naturally, while some are relatively useless in the game’s context.

Prosperity Merchant

viking rise prosperity shop

And finally, the Prosperity Merchant. This man will be your total lifesaver in the game once you reach higher Prosperity levels. Found in the Honey Tavern to the left of the Clan Merchant, he provides better deals than the Tavern Owner himself. He exclusively uses Gems as his selling currency, but the deals he offers are much better than anything else.

Of course, his deals are tied to Prosperity Levels. That means that if you want to buy his wares, you’d have to get more Prosperity Points. This all ties up to the previous paragraphs, as the better deals that you can get are completely locked at a higher Prosperity Level.

Deals that include 8-hour speedups and Hero Shards allow you to upgrade, train, and research faster and make stronger Heroes in the process, respectively. You’d be pumping out troops faster, and you have stronger leaders for your troops in the process. Of course, you can also get other deals, but that’s on you to decide your worth.

viking rise speed up

Anything else than that, there’s not much to talk about where you can use your gems. That doesn’t mean that you can’t just ignore the other options in the game. If you are currently catching the heat of your Tribe’s feud against the other, using a protection item is your best course of action. If you want to pick a fight with anything on the map, an attack buff.

But remember, this tip is there to remind you there are other ways to use your gems from being spent recklessly. That is also because this guide is made purely to put you in an economic advantage—which in turn gives you a military edge in the long run.

We have a clue about where to spend our precious Gems now. What else should we do?

viking rise bonfire prep

It wouldn’t be a mobile or social game without in-game events that will give you numerous rewards if you participate in them. Viking Rise makes no difference, as it will bombard you with multiple events that are cataloged in the Event Calendar. Especially when you’re starting out in the game, getting rewards from events is a surefire way to start your A-Game immediately.

viking rise might rush

One of the more obvious examples would be the Might Rush event. In this limited-time event that starts at the beginning of a server timeline, this event wants you to get a high Might as soon as possible. Might is increased whenever you get more troops, research more, and upgrade further beyond. In short, it’s just building up everything until you’re an economic powerhouse.

Finishing said even will net you speedups and exclusive rewards. All of the previous tips are for this event alone, so try to take advantage of it before it goes away completely. Of course, this isn’t the only event in the game that you have to take note of, as there are rookie events, veteran events, and regular events.

viking rise event calendar

From time to time, check the Event Hub’s Event Calendar as to what the currently running event is and what events will come sooner or later. By doing so, you can plan out what you have to do in the future. This is also, especially when you try out a new account on another world in the game, allowing you to have foresight on what needs to be done before the events come in.

Try to participate; try to be active. If you do, you’ll get more than what you have right now. With that mentality, what else do you have to consider?

viking rise tribe

Viking Rise is a social game that has players with different opinions of one another. You may meet opponents, rivals, or friends during your playthrough. If you do meet a fellow Viking who wants to flourish and play with you, Tribes give you the need for it.

We’ve already talked about Tribes before in the Overview section, so we’ll just make it quick here. Why an active tribe? Well, you may get a lot of benefits from joining a powerful tribe, but what if they’re not that active? Push comes to shove; you might have to do your work on your own.

Active Tribes mitigate said work in the form of Tribe Assists. These assists allow you to quicken anything that you’re doing in the game. This can go from building units, upgrading buildings, or doing research. If the Tribe members can assist you, then you can get the best out of it and watch as minutes of waiting time are shaved immediately.

viking rise tribe assist

Not only that, a Tribe gives you protection against any sort of attack in the game. If ever someone tries to attack you, the Tribe will be immediately informed about it and try to settle the matter. That means you can let your other Tribe members do the talking for you without you having to waste your resources. That doesn’t mean it should stop you from doing the same to the other members. It’d be rude otherwise.

Also, going in solo is practically suicide. Without the benefits of a Tribe, you’ll be sent back in terms of progress as a Tribe gives you numerous buffs in its separate Technology system as well as Tribe Assists. And if you don’t join any group at all, consider yourself a target of nearly everyone in the game. Having a tribe lessens the number of people wanting your head on a pike.

viking rise tribe territory

This does, however, not excuse you from not being active in the Tribe. If everyone is active, so should you as well. So, try to participate in what your Tribe has to do and what the Tribe Leader expects of you. Relocate when needed, and build any Tribe Territory buildings if possible. Do anything that will benefit your Tribe, and the Tribe will give you its benefits.

That and having the ability to have a large army in the game by calling in reinforcements. That’s the other plus side in case you just want someone to have a bad day in general.

viking rise calling reinforcements

Now we’ve reached the end of this section, so why not throw a few more tips and tricks for you to explore this game with? They’re thrown in this section as there’s no need to talk much about them, or they are relatively small that they’re relegated in this section. They won’t impact your gameplay, but it will benefit you in the long run.

So, here they are in this convenient list:

• Whenever you visit a Viking Camp, always pick for troops. That will lessen your need to train troops and focus more on upgrading buildings.

• For the previous tip above, do your Camp Reports. They provide you with Speedups, Hero Experiences, and resources. Eagles will immediately report this to you in a heartbeat, and it’s easy to have an entire tab flooded with 90+ reports if you leave for a day or two.

• Check on Special Farmer Event Reports for rewards and for your workers to have more use than just lazing around.

• Look around for Fish, Deer, or Sheep to get food. Similarly, look for any sparkling items in the game for workers to gather as resources.

• Always check the mercenary guild for hires. The existence of such a building allows you to do the following as well: more time upgrading and less time training.

• Assign the right Heroes to the right Village Hall. There is a display that will show which Heroes contribute well and which ones don’t.

• Clear out your City first before trying to do anything risky around the World Map.

• Only recruit workers with a rarity of B and above. Don’t waste your limited resources on subpar workers.

• In the Divination Shack, get more speedups rather than resources. You’ll get scaled-up resources around the base, as well as outside.

• In the Squad Base, have your low-level Heroes instead of high-level ones. This is to ensure that you have Heroes available as well as to lessen the need for Experience Items to be used on new Heroes.

• Focus more on getting more Infantry than any other troop type. They will be the bulk of your army, and the more they are, the less your opponents have the chance to destroy you. A little reminder, even if it’s insulting to others, is that they never truly check what type of soldiers you have. Use that to your advantage.

• Military research focuses more on marching speed and capacity. This allows you to finish Staging Post quests and Resource Point gatherings faster.

• In the Technology section of your Tribe, focus more on development. The faster you can develop, the better you can outrun even the whales of the game.

• Use your Member Credits on either Resource Gathering Boosts or Speedups. Make sure you get it first before other Tribe members do.

• Use the Outdoor Meet to automate your building or training process. The game optimizes itself so that you get the best out of the meeting. Not only that, if you choose a selected Hero’s suggestion, the selected Hero will obtain Experience.

• For the Hall of Valor, only summon Heroes if you have Oracle Soulstones in multiples of 5. This increases your chances of obtaining rare Heroes, given the law of Big Numbers.

• Similar to the tip for the Chapter Missions, the Chronicles provide you with ample ideas as to what goals you should obtain. They also contain Gem and Speedup rewards that will boost your development further.

• Do not load up all your troops in one march if you’re not fighting a strong opponent. This is for the sake of optimization, as more troops available means more marches possible. That also means having the ability to have one march go destroy the Niflungs while the other gathers resources for the base.

• Before leaving the game, make sure that the resources you have do not surpass what your warehouse can protect. In this way, you don’t lose a lot of resources if someone decides to attack your base for any other unspecified reasons.


viking rise conclusion

And that’s all there is for this Beginner’s Guide to Viking Rise! Remember, you are still a Viking regardless, so how you play the game will always depend on your actions. This guide will only teach you so far as to how this game plays, as there is more this game has to offer. From Divine Realms to battles that only Tribes can do, there is much more glory to be had in Midgard!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to share them in the comment section below. If you need more information regarding in-depth looks at heroes, tribes, events, and so on, visit the Viking Rise Discord Server for more information! You never know if you’ll meet fellow Vikings along the way!

Go forth, Viking! Reclaim your stolen lands and gain the glory the gods have given to you!

Dave Hunneman

Monday 16th of October 2023

How do you get more items in your Divination shack, I only have 1x speed up with lots of squares empty, im now level 21, I must be missing something, unless you have to purchase them🤔