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BitLife Anti-Hero Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Anti-Hero Challenge

No new BitLife update expected anytime soon? No problem. For the past three-plus years, Candywriter has been rolling out weekly challenges to BitLife players on iOS and Android, and as we’ve noted quite a few times before, this is a key reason behind the game’s enduring popularity. If you’ve simulated countless virtual lives without any hard, fast rules governing them, why not take a few minutes of your time per week to follow certain rules and complete certain requirements based on the week’s given theme?

bitlife anti-hero challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge continues the trend of easier challenges, though compared to the ones from more recent weeks, there are a few wrinkles that might require a bit of grinding. The Anti-Hero Challenge puts you in the shoes of a rather unconventional hero, one who has a job to save lives — unless they’re no longer on the job.

You’ll also have a few opportunities to act recklessly — even doing so for a good 15 years if you can believe that! But with that said, if you’re having some difficulty with certain requirements, we would suggest checking out this BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we cover everything you need to know about the Anti-Hero Challenge and how to complete it.

The First Three Requirements Should Be a Breeze

When creating a character for the Anti-Hero Challenge, you can either choose a male or a female character, just as long as they’re born in Arkansas — as far as we can see, Little Rock is the only Arkansas city represented in the BitLife universe, so choose this as your birthplace and you should be good to go for the rest of the challenge.

bitlife crime special talent

The next requirement is to become a firefighter, and this would be as easy as completing your high school education without getting into any kind of trouble — that means no brutally fighting back against bullies or petty thefts that could get you sent to juvie.

Having a criminal record will prevent you from qualifying for the Firefighter career track, so stay clean until you’re 18 and done with your high school studies. Even if you resign from your firefighting job, this requirement will not be unticked, but you may want to stick with it, given how you could eventually make big bank as a Fire Chief.

bitlife firefighter job

As for the requirement that you lose $1 million while gambling at the casino, your Firefighter salary should pay you well enough to become a millionaire at some point in your virtual life — provided you choose not to get married and opt against having kids, and provided you don’t have any outstanding student loans, car payments, or mortgages.

bitlife blackjack

If your Special Talents allow it, you can always strive to become a professional athlete, actor, or whatnot before becoming a firefighter. But regardless of how you earn your first million dollars, gambling it away shouldn’t be too hard at all — just go to either one of the two casinos, deliberately go over 21 while playing blackjack, and you’re all set!

The Hot Cheetos Diet Doesn’t Have to Be Consecutive

It would seem that in the BitLife universe, the Hot Cheetos diet is, by far, the most unhealthy. Just one year on the diet will cut into your Health by a good 50 percent, and that means two years on the diet is enough to get your Health down from 100 to 0 percent, leaving you with your back against the wall and a long upward climb toward becoming a fairy healthy Bitizen once again.

bitlife diet

Furthermore, the Hot Cheetos diet can lead to any number of medical issues, including, but not limited to cancer, and the last thing you would want in this challenge is for your character to die prematurely at a point where you’ve only got one or two requirements remaining.

Thankfully, the Anti-Hero Challenge does make things a bit easier for players by not making the 15 years in the Hot Cheetos diet requirement consecutive. That means you can go on the diet for about a year or two, switch to a healthy diet to get your Health back up, then return to the Hot Cheetos diet — lather, rinse, repeat until you reach 15 years.

bitlife walk

That’s the safest route to take, but that could also be time-consuming, considering all those in-between years trying to increase your Health stat, as well as the trips to the gym, walking outside, and martial arts lessons you may have to take to boost your Health. 

Alternately, you can simply go on the Hot Cheetos diet for as long as you can, but aside from taking those walks, going to the gym, and all those other methods you can use to incrementally improve your Health, you should also be on the lookout for random opportunities to instantly boost your Health after hitting the Age button.

bitlife pilates class

These may appear every two to three years if your Health is consistently low, so don’t pass up that chance — you’ll need every bit of health possible to survive 15 years (even non-consecutive) on a pure junk food diet!

Go on More Walks for More Chances to Ignore Crimes

Aside from boosting your Health by about 5 to 10 percent depending on the distance (except if your Health is at zero percent), going on a walk is a great way to open yourself up to random events. These may include encounters with wild (or domesticated) animals, face-offs with hecklers and other unsavory (yet seldom dangerous) individuals, chances to pick up missing purses or wallets, and of course, instances where you end up witnessing a crime.

bitlife witness

As is customary with BitLife challenges, the latter random event won’t appear as often as it normally would if you’re trying to complete the Anti-Hero Challenge. But you can make the grinding process easier and faster by prioritizing walks as your main way to retain some Health while on a Hot Cheetos diet — or at any other point of the challenge.

Once you witness the crime, make sure to choose the option for ignoring it — do not try to be the hero, and do not call the cops for help. Just return to your walk as if nothing happened, and assuming that’s the very last task, that should complete the Anti-Hero Challenge and allow you to pick a prize chest and get a new hat or eyewear.