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Slayer Legend Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Protect the World

Slayer Legend is a retro pixel idle RPG game created by GEAR2, currently the only game in the developer’s portfolio. This game has a complete polish of its own that rivals other titles in the idle RPG genre, such as Tap Titans, Mythic Heroes, and Almost a Hero. If you like games that don’t waste much of your time, then Slayer Legend is a title you should try.

slayer legend intro

In this game, you play as an unnamed Slayer, a fresh recruit straight out of the National Hunter Academy. From here, your journey begins in a never-ending quest to slay monsters, get more gold, as well as save the world in progress as a sinister plot looms over the horizon. Whatever you expect from this idle RPG game is not what you’d expect from any other.

There are many ways that you can enjoy this idle game. Explore the world of Aslan as you farm endlessly against an infinitely respawning hordes of monsters to strengthen yourself. Craft weapons and armor to make your job faster, take on quests around Aslan and maybe find friends along the way.

slayer legend gameplay

However, the more you venture, the more you realize how long and arduous this journey is. The world you’re in is no utopian fantasy—as a hundred years ago, the sky split, and from crimson light came monsters that spewed out dungeons. To overcome these tribulations, you have to be strong yourself.

But how? As your sword clatters to the ground, you don’t know what to do next. These walls are hard to overcome, and they get stronger. And not only that, but they also fight back against you.

Fret not, dear Slayer! With this Slayer Legend’s Beginner’s Guide, you’ll be a legend amongst slayers in no time, slaughtering any monster that comes your way! We have compiled a detailed guide with tips, tricks, and strategies so that you can become a powerful Slayer in no time!

So ready your weapons and armor, gather your companions, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of Aslan!



slayer legend overview intro

Before we get the meat and bones of Slayer Legend, let’s delve into its detailed parts first. While we can just skip to the finer details of life in the Tips and Tricks section, having an idea as to what is going on in the game allows you to have these tips and tricks better than before.

Of course, Slayer Legend doesn’t need much of an introduction in itself if you have played other Idle RPG titles such as Summoner’s Greed, Legend of Slime, and F Class Adventurer. You’re given your dear Slayer, watch as he demolishes anything sent his way, and you must upgrade him whenever you can.

The familiarity of other titles, however, stops from there. Slayer Legend prides itself, and its fanbase, on leaning towards how the game can still be played even if you don’t pay much real-life currency to it. This means one thing: this game has a matter of skill to it, and it’s up to you to know how you can play it to succeed.

slayer legend gameplay 2

There are barriers in this game that will come up sooner or later that will stop you. But, the reason you will surpass it in the future is with this guide. There are a lot of nuances that this game has to offer to begin with, from more categorical weapons, such as the Soul Weapons, to aides, such as Companions and Spirits.

There is a lot to learn with this game. But for now, we’ll be focusing on the things that you will be stuck with as a beginner (one that this guide assumes). Now that we’ve established this let’s get right into one thing first before we can go to the actual overview of Slayer Legends.

slayer legend overview intro 2

If you’ve noticed, your player does not have a name. They will be named ‘???’ at first. If you attempt to press the following at the top bar of the screen, you will be able to change your character’s name. Quite the harmless tip, though not as helpful as the ones that will be shown here later!

Now then, let’s understand the world around us, Slayer. Let’s start with you.


slayer legend overview intro 2

In this world, you are the Slayer. Your task is to hunt down monsters, find out the mysteries that revolve around this world, and get stronger in the process. You climb the ranks of the Slayers and gradually become the best of the best. Of course, there’s more to it than just that.

Similar to other genres of RPGs, you have stats and skills. The former enhances your abilities, whereas skills compensate for what power you have and possibly unleash them tenfold. In this game, everything revolves around you. You are the main damage dealer of the entire team, no one else.

Let’s start first with the basics: Stats.


slayer legend stats 7

In this game of numbers, stats are your numbers. However, as a tradition to Idle RPG games, your stats are defined by your level as well as the amount of gold that you have spent throughout the game. Your current rank in the Slayer world also influences your stats, as well as your Companions… and your Spirits. And anything else, but we’ll go back through that.

Growth Stats

slayer legend stats 2

The first is the Growth Stats. These stats are naturally tied to your level. Each time that you level up, you gain 3 stat points which you can use in that tab specifically to increase those attributes. These attributes denote the following, specified in the list below.

STR (Strength): This stat dictates how hard your Slayer can hit against an enemy. The higher the Strength, the faster you can see your enemy fall with how many hits you can deal with each slash.

HP (Health Points): In Idle RPG games, there’s no concept of a ‘game over.’ There’s only the matter of a stopgap if you ever get your Health Points down in a matter of seconds. However, you cannot win solo fights or promotions if you can’t keep your health up all the time.

VIT (HP Regeneration): If there’s HP, there’s regeneration. Vitality is the attribute that defines how much health you can gain back per second. The higher it is, the faster you can get it back in a heartbeat. Of course, you can’t get more HP out of it if you haven’t leveled up your HP more.

CRI (Critical Hit Damage): If there’s a way to hit hard, then Critical Hits are your way to show off your rage even more. However, compared to other growth stats, this attribute only adds up to how much you can hit even harder when you do a Critical Hit.

LUK (Luck): While you may think that the chance of hitting a critical hit in this game relies on luck, it does and doesn’t. The Luck growth stat instead revolves around how much money you can gain off of enemies instead of having the ability to land a critical hit consistently. That is another stat entirely.

ACC (Accuracy): One thing that stands this game out is the concept of accuracy. While you may be inclined to believe that you are entitled to get your hits in this game, you have to earn the right for it. Enemies can dodge your attacks as much as you can. This stat ensures they never escape your wrath, even for a second.

DODGE: Finally, this unabbreviated stat only belies one thing—your ability to dodge. That involves normal attacks, special attacks, or any other kind of attacks the enemy throws at you. As long as you have this stat, no one will be hitting you in the meantime.

There is also another mechanic later on in the game in the form of Latent Power that allows you to spend Dragon Souls to enhance these stats. They’ll be discussed later on.

Enhancement Stats

slayer legend stats 3

There are your stats that are aligned to your level. Some stats act as if you’ve bought something from a shop. Enhancement stats are exactly that—you upgrade your stats by buying them with gold. It’s a concept that is reminiscent of tower defense games, except you’re a mobile tower that can crush anything in its wake with the right amount of money.

The more money you spend, the more power you can gain. That also means that the amount you have to spend also increases exponentially, especially for the ones that can deal a lot more damage to you. However, a unique caveat to this compared to growth stats is that once you reach a certain threshold level, you get more out of a single level spent in gold. The amount you gain is multiplied by a certain modifier, so there is a benefit to spending more on these stats.

These are the following stats that you can enhance with gold:

ATK (Attack): Similar to the corresponding growth stat, you hit harder by upgrading this stat.

HP: Again, similar to the one on the growth stat page. The more you spend on this stat, the more hold you get.

HP Recovery: Similar to VIT, the more you invest your gold in this, the more health you can increase per second.

CRIT Damage: Now more transparent than its growth stat counterpart in terms of naming, CRIT Damage affects how hard you can hit with your Critical Hits. However, the difference here is that this stat is a percentage attribute rather than a static one. Unlike the previous statistics, there is no unique multiplier that you gain whenever you reach a certain level threshold. The cost of gold increases more exponentially in this stat.

CRIT %: This stat increases how often you can land your Critical Hits at an opponent. Compared to other stats, this one has a limit to how much you can increase it, ending at Level 1000—where each hit guarantees a Critical Hit. The cost for this is exponential, given how ridiculous a guaranteed Critical Hit can get.

Death Strike: Unlocked after reaching Level 1000 CRIT %, Death Strike is an improved version of the Critical Hit. The percentage that the following attribute gives multiplies the already absolute damage that a Critical Hit gives, thus allowing both Death Strike and CRIT Damage to stack on one another. This is one of the two high-cost stats in the game.

Death Strike %: Similarly to its CRIT % counterpart, this stat dictates how many times you can land a Death Strike at any opponent. And like its counterpart, its maximum level is at Level 1000. This is one of the two high-cost stats in the game.

Once you reach a certain level in the game, you can now have the option to buy the stats in multiples of 1, 10, or 100. The multiplied costs are applied immediately for effect.

Promotion Stats

slayer legend stats 4

And finally, the last of the stats within the game—Promotions. They act more like ranks in competitive games, except removing the competitive aspect in favor of more power. Promotions only buff two things: Attack and HP. Out of all the stats, these stat ‘multipliers’ define how hard you can hit and survive anything in the game.

There is a long formula to show this, but it is long, and this is a beginner’s guide. All you need to know is that Promotions are the overall multiplier to all multipliers placed in the game. They are your end-all-be-all when it comes to anything that you need regarding damage and survivability.

slayer legend stats 5

To promote, you’ll have to ‘challenge’ these ranks to ascend further. There is a recommended level on when you can challenge these ranks. However, the guide will later show you that there’s not much need to do the following if you know what you’re doing.

Slayer Promotion Additional Ability

slayer legend stats 6

Not only that, promoting to the next rank gives you the ‘Additional Ability’ tab, which allows you to gain more stats. These stats have the same probability, though they also have a grade similar to that of rarities. Promoting up gives you more options, as well as multipliers, once you unlock all slots for use.

The following table provides you with these options, as well as their rarity in color. The rarity also denotes how much of the stat they can give to a player. The first number denotes the minimum of that rarity, and the second number denotes the maximum. A stat with a bracketed percentage indicates that the following value is a percentage.

Extra ATK (%)3 – 56 – 89 – 1213 – 1819 – 2728 – 40
CRIT DMG (%)6 – 910 – 1314 – 2021 – 3031 – 4748 – 70
Extra HP (%)6 – 910 – 1314 – 2021 – 3031 – 4748 – 70
Extra HP Recovery (%)6 – 910 – 1314 – 2021 – 3031 – 4748 – 70
Extra Mana (%)3 – 56 – 78 – 1011 – 1516 – 2021 – 30
Extra Mana Recovery (%)3 – 56 – 78 – 1011 – 1516 – 2021 – 30
Monster Gold (%)3 – 56 – 89 – 1213 – 1819 – 2728 – 40
Accuracy3 – 56 – 78 – 1011 – 1516 – 2021 – 30
Dodge3 – 56 – 78 – 1011 – 1516 – 2021 – 30
Extra EXP (%)1 – 23 – 34 – 56 – 78 – 1011 – 15
CC Resist3 – 56 – 89 – 1213 – 1819 – 2728 – 40

Rolling for these options costs you 5 Dice each. You can also lock these options to ensure that any time you roll for another option, the following stat will not be erased with another.

slayer legend stats 1

And that’s all there is to stats. You might’ve noticed that there are also Classes, but of how it works, it falls into another category of its own. This is exactly the next thing we’re going to discuss, a Slayer’s Equipment!


slayer legend equipment 1

You can’t be a great Slayer without their distinct weapons and armor that shield them in battle. Your trusty sword, your penchants, anything else. Along the way, even in your kleptomania, you’re bound to find something that will help you slay these monsters better—and maybe survive longer than that.

Aside from that, your Equipment is what it sounds like. Compared to whatever happened to the stats, everything here is completely self-explanatory. However, it still garners much attention as there are a few things to keep in mind that make Equipment vastly different from other Idle games.

Weapons and Accessories

slayer legend equipment 2

Weapons are what you deal damage with. Accessories are what keep you from being smashed to bits by monsters. Join both together, and the two are essentially what keeps your Slayer alive in battle and live to continue his endless hunt for monsters. These are the two greater things you will be focusing on most of the time.

Both have two effects: Equip Effect and Owned Effects. What makes Slayer Legend special is the ability of a non-equipped weapon to still give effects to its user. Essentially, once you get a better weapon, the one that you ditched still gives you relative power to push you forward. Combine it with the ability to enhance said items, then you can raise your power even more.

These weapons and accessories can also be combined to gain an even better weapon, granted that you have 5 copies of said Equipment first. And finally, you can only enhance your Equipment up to level 200, except for the final Weapon and Accessory of the game.

slayer legend equipment 3

These items can be dropped during your journey, though with the odds stacked against you (i.e., you have a 0.01% to get a weapon). However, your luck in obtaining one increases the more you venture on through the barren fields and wastelands of Aslan. There is also the shop, to which you will be treated to its gacha system. However, that is another thing of its own that we will talk about.

Take note, however, that these weapons and accessories will be crucial later on in your playthrough as we delve further into skills. Moving on, we have another one in your Equipment.


slayer legend equipment 4

If you’ve played many RPGs before, then you know that there will be times when you get archaic, magical items that benefit you in the long run. That is the purpose of Relics—to enhance your skills with passive items that will boost your statistics. They give you stats depending on what relic you have acquired.

Similarly, they also work like weapons and accessories. The difference is that they have a success rate that will gradually go to lower percentages (i.e., Lower than 50%) the more you level them up. They cannot also be dropped by monsters, and you have to buy them from the shop.


slayer legend equipment 5

In journeys, it’s no surprise to get pets in the long run. Either the loyal dog or the mighty phoenix, each journey has its beloved friend in the wild. In this case, Spirits are your companions throughout the journey… though they act more as extra companions compared to the ones you will get later.

These Spirits can be equipped to your arsenal, and they also behave the same way. However, they give much more than that. Their stats are directly tied to what tiers they are in, which are Common, Great, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. And similarly, combining 3 Spirits of the same tier gives you one higher than the other.

While most Spirits have the same statistics, it is in the Legendary tier that gives them unique powers from one another. Here are the ones specified in this list for each Spirit:

Ark – Time Freeze: After 8 seconds from the start of the battle, stop time for 4-10 seconds, once per battle.

Bo – Wild Heart: Total HP increased by 100-500%.

Here – Wind Force: Skill cooldown + 4-6% recovery every 10 seconds.

Kart – Thief Wind: When attacking a normal monster for the first time, HP is reduced by 13-25%.

Loar – Wilderness Roar: Increase skill damage to boss monsters by 10-80%.

Luga – Understanding of the Abyss: When gaining exp 10-80% chance for double exp.

Mum – Reign: Skill damage 10-80% against normal monsters.

Noah – Last Fight: 5 seconds before the end of a battle, increase your damage by 1.2-2X.

Radon – Leveling: Increases damage dealt to enemies by 10-80% when the enemy’s HP is above 70%.

Sala – Breath of Fire: Every 12 seconds after the start of the battle, deal the remaining 6-10% of hp

Todd – Gold Rumble: 10-80% chance of obtaining 2x gold whenever acquired.

Zappy – Judge’s Torpedo: Instantly kills normal monsters with less than 14-30% HP.

To upgrade them, you need Enhance Cubes and Spirit Essence. However, unlike other items in the Equipment, there is no added benefit to owning them. Only those currently equipped apply their stats to your Slayer.

Soul Weapons

slayer legend equipment 6

Last but not least, there are the Soul Weapons.

These one-word weapons are completely out of this world, requiring the Red, Blue, or Green Souls to create them. What makes these weapons unique is that you can wield these weapons alongside your current one, allowing you to amplify your damage even more.

What does, however, make them different is that owning them has no advantage. The only one that you equip is the only one that gives you the attack that it gives. They cannot be upgraded, but they can be salvaged in the form of a Breakdown. Breaking down a Soul Weapon gives you half the cost of what you made for the weapon.

Of course, the only way to get these Red, Blue, or Green Souls is through the later stages of the game, which denotes what souls they drop for the monsters you’ve slaughtered.


slayer legend equipment 7

You forgot about the Class, didn’t you? If you didn’t, then yes.

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to your Equipment, the Class acts as your armor and weapon against the monsters. As to how it is both armor and weapon, it is because the Class gives you both HP and Attack. They are more akin to mini-promotions at best. They are unlocked after beating Stage 120 and reaching Level 250.

Like Equipment, they can be enhanced with Enhance Cubes. And like any other part of your Equipment, they have their effects. Unequipping your former Class for a better one gives you better stats than the other but still has its effects on said former Class.

They can only be obtained by summoning them with Diamonds.

slayer legend gameplay 3

Now that’s a doozy. What else do we have to keep in mind? Oh, right, what you will use to pummel your foes even harder.



slayer legend skills 1

Flinging your big hunk of metal on an opponent isn’t enough. You have to bash them in the head to get to the point. Or recovering from fatal wounds… or getting stronger from said wounds. Slayer Legend has got you with its Skill system.

There are different kinds of skills. There are your active skills and then your passive skills. Active Skills such as Hellfire Slash have to be activated through your command or in combat, whereas Passive Skills such as Flowing Blade can be left as is as you fight on the field.

The only distinction that you need to know about skills are the following due to a few similarities:

• Skills have the same tiers as Weapons and Accessories—from Common to Mythic.

• Skills can be combined, however, only to the benefit of said skill.

slayer legend skills 2

Skills can be learned via the Skill Book—upon reaching certain levels or acquiring Weapons and Accessories that need said skills. Take note, however, that to take skills from the book, you have to have a certain number of Weapons or Accessories to do so. Once unlocked, it also removes the Weapons or Accessories from your inventory. If you’re gunning for a skill, remember what you will do with it first.


slayer legend companions 1

And finally, it can’t be a party without your Companions! Companions can be found early on when doing Adventures, making their collection a progressive advancement. Unlike other mechanics so far in the game, they exist in their ecosystem with how much they bring to the player’s table.

There are four companions in the game, and these are the following, as well as what they can provide to you:

Ellie – This elf Increases the accuracy and Strength of your attacks, as well as reducing the enemy’s overall HP. Leveling her up increases wind damage to your skills.

Zeke – This Berserk-lookalike increases your HP, Critical Damage, and overall Attack. Leveling him up increases earth damage for your skills.

• Miho – This sneaky looter increases how much you can resist and dodge attacks, as well as the amount of gold you can earn. Leveling her up increases fire damage for your skills.

• Luna – The aloof mage increases your Mana and its recovery, as well as how potent your skill damage can get. Leveling her up increases water damage to your skills.

slayer legend companions 2

Companions also have the same thing that the player has in the Promotion Additional Abilities—Promotion Options! These promotions act the same, but they cost far more compared to how the player gets one. Having all slots unlocked while rolling for attributes costs only 5 Dice. The more slots you lock, the more costly it gets. Even worse is that you cannot have a set for their promotions.

That means you can’t just change for another ability. You’d have to stick with it until you have to change it.

slayer legend companions 3

However, there is a system that makes this worthwhile. Similar to you, they have their Promotion system in the form of Advancement. To perform an Advancement battle, you have to press on a greyed-out Companion and fight them. There is a catch also: you cannot fight them with the elements they represent. Doing so will block any usage of said skill.

Once you win a fight, you get Diamonds as well as Emeralds. From there, you also unlock a slot for a Promotion Option as well as the ability to change to that Advancement Battle’s costume—though you won’t need to change to that appearance to have the slot unlocked.

slayer legend companions 4

The first Advancement page unlocks all of the slots of the Promotion Options. The second Advancement page multiplies that corresponding slot row by 1.5x. The third page multiplies the corresponding slot row it is in by up to 2x. This essentially doubles the use of Dice in them due to the ability to multiply stats as compared to the Slayer Additional Promotion Ability.

Tips And Tricks


slayer legend tips intro

Slayer Legend is an Idle RPG Game. That, by itself, makes it a numbers game, no matter how much you conjure it in your mind. The harder you hit, the better you can progress. The better you can take a hit, the longer you can put someone out of your misery before they do to you. That’s the classic formula of Idle games, and there won’t be much difference here in Slayer Legend.

What does; however, change is that there’s more to it in this game. Later on, when you push through in the game, there’s more nuance to it than just letting your phone be on Low Battery Mode and just going in and out to upgrade to the next level. No, there is the usage of your skill here to push through those times in the game.

Not only that, Slayer Legend is a game where you will put your ability to plan in the long run put to the test. While you may hit snags, walls, or any kind of blockages because of your low attack and HP, you can still power through, given the right skills and mindset. As well as what you’ve been spending on, to begin with. There’s that.

slayer legend victory

There is a reason for the madness of explaining the game to you through the overview. It is intricate; it is complex. And it is immensely fun to see your progress push through until you reach the next obstacle, wanting more.

Now that we have your attention let’s get to the real tidbits of this guide. How can you be a better Slayer? Find out through the next parts below.

Do These Things First

Before we can go for anything else, let’s get a few things first before we go slaughtering any monster in our wake. It’s easy to ignore the following, or you just end up forgetting them due to reflexes.

Starter Pack

slayer legend starter package

In the shop, there is a starter package that you can get for free. This package contains 1000 Gems, 500 Emeralds, 100 Dice, and 10 of each Attribute Stone. With the following package, you can get a head start on summoning a few weapons and accessories to put yourself up to the tasks immediately.

Automate Your Skills

slayer legend skill automation

As Slayer Legend is an Idle RPG game, your only course throughout the game is to manage your little Slayer by upgrading him whenever it is possible or if the hero himself hits a snag. You don’t have to be completely in control of the game as a whole—you can just sit back, relax, and let your phone or emulator run the game in its entirety.

However, if you are always in the game (given there are a few things we will discuss later about it), you will find yourself tired once you get skills to use. You’ll notice as well that it will get tiring mashing your fingers on the screen all the time and thus defeats the purpose of an ‘idle’ game.

You have the option to ‘automate’ your skills by pressing the rotating Gear icon with the name ‘Auto’ under it. This way, all of your active skills will be cast in an instant, allowing you to leave your phone as is and let your Slayer do the work. You can also have the option of manually ‘automating’ some of the skills if you maximize the Skill tab by pressing on the skill you want to automate or not.

slayer legend level up

As for automating other aspects of the game, such as stats whenever you level up or have money, that is up to your discretion. Certain tools allow you to do this, such as macros, but please use them at your discretion. The developers of Slayer Legend may consider this an unfair play.

Battle Settings

slayer legend battle settings

Once you’ve reached a high point in the game, you’ll be greeted by the ‘Battle Settings’ mechanic. This quality-of-life mechanic allows you to assign skills, promotion abilities, and spirits to designated slots, allowing you to swap immediately, depending on the current situation. This is veritably useful when you’re farming or battling bosses, as you will usually have to change skills to switch back between both gameplay states.

Not only that, the Skills tab has a ‘unique’ star slot that encompasses all of the Dungeon parts of the Adventure tab. From here, you can immediately select what skills you want to bring without having to switch through the Battle Settings you have, allowing you to instantly access the Dungeon without having to switch back and forth once more.

Be wary, however. The Battle Settings itself isn’t ‘locked’ per se. Once you pick a setup, it will stay that way up until you change either a slot in the promotion or your skills. Considering how the following mechanic is set up, any changes you will make will ripple throughout your setup.

…And Sections that Don’t

slayer legend gameplay 5

Other portions of the game don’t have Battle Settings directly tied to it. One of which is the Adventure part of the Adventure tab. If you want to challenge those sections, you would have to drastically change your arsenal to meet your needs. However, your farming skills should be enough to deal with whatever threat.

The same goes for the aforementioned bosses, the Growing Knowledge and Promotion Challenges, as well as Companion Advancement fights. You would have to have a slot dedicated to just having interchangeable skills in a heartbeat, as you will see that there will be mainstay ones that you will use in the long run.

Low Battery Mode

slayer legend power saving mode

Finally, one of the few things you may have noticed at the top-right menu: is a ‘shutdown’ icon. That is not essentially a ‘quit the game’ button—that’s what the back button does on your phone. That is one of the quality-of-life functions that Slayer Legend provides: a Low Battery Mode.

This mode puts you on a screen where you can’t touch anything and just allows your Slayer to fight through the current area it is in without draining much from your battery. This mode is useful when you are always active and have to keep it running for long hours.

In this way, it allows you to farm with relative ease without any other obstruction that may arise by touching the screen randomly. There are no downsides to this mode as everything just runs the same—the only difference being that the graphics are not seen for your phone to not be drained faster.

You can exit this mode by long pressing the specified button. Remember that during this mode, anything such as Ad Scrolls or Hot Time will still run as opposed to exiting the game.

slayer legend monster gold

And that’s all there is that you need to know when starting the game. These small things may seem inconsequential, but they will improve the way you play the game later on. Especially when you hit snags where you will be stuck at a stag for days.

Now, let’s focus on a few things instead. How about how you go through your quests?

Follow the Guide Quests

slayer legend enhance hp

Once you go through the game, you’ll soon notice an indicator under the Ad Scrolls button. You’ll notice that the following have you enhance certain stats or do anything else like doing Adventures. It rewards your gems for your effort, something that will incentivize you in the long run.

That is the Guide Quests—a progression-esque system that gives you Diamonds. Following the Guide Quests allows you to get this rare currency to get more summon rolls or by appearances. You’ll most likely need these diamonds if you want to proceed immediately throughout the game.

Not only that, the Guide Quests act your way whenever you get stuck. Most of the time, you’ll be able to breach past stages immediately if you follow through with what it places. While you may be tempted to get whatever else in favor of pushing through, getting a lot of Diamonds early on allows you to summon otherwise rare gear for future battles.

slayer legend reward

What you can do for the Guide Quests is to follow them later on in the game for early Diamonds. Later on in the game, it is not easy to grind for more Diamonds, and you’re more likely to also put more points on other things than needed. Yes, it contradicts what was said so far, but that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore the pros and cons.

This is especially true as you have to push through for Stage 120. Once you reach that Stage, you are now able to unlock the Class System in Promotions, giving you a big attack and HP boost throughout your run of the game. The only way you can do so? Do the Guide Quests that the game tells you to do.

Follow the Guide Quest, and you’ll be able to push through the future.

Now with that in mind, what’s next?

Log In Daily (And on Weekends)

slayer legend attendance check

While Slayer Legend is an Idle RPG game, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be constantly idle at all times. You will have to be active if you want to progress through the game, given that you have to upgrade your character at any moment they reach an immovable wall they can’t breach.

Of course, there’s not much of an incentive to wait far too long. That’s why games like this have daily login systems that give you gifts for you to advance further before hitting another snag. In Slayer Legend’s case, this would be 5 Glow Feathers and 1000 Diamonds every time you log in every day.

slayer legend quest

Not only that, Glow Feathers can only be received by logging in every day and doing the Attendance Reward, as well as doing the daily quests that also give you 5 Glow Feathers and 3000 Diamonds upon completion. Overall, once you finish your day’s worth, you get 10 Glow Feathers and 4000 Diamonds.

Glow Feathers are useful as they are the only way you can enter the Closed Mine, as well as any extra attempts in the Training Cave. Having Glow Feathers allows you to get more Gold and Experience in return, which means a better ability to push through the obstacles blocking your way.

You may think that there’s only the Attendance Reward and the Daily Quests. No, there’s one more thing that you can take advantage of in this game: The Ad Scrolls.

slayer legend ad items

These ancient scrolls of power amplify the number of items dropped by monsters by 300%… for under an hour’s worth. What does that mean? You essentially get the value that you get in 3 hours for only an hour’s worth. This means you get triple the gold, experience, Enhance Cubes, and weapon drops if you are lucky.

You are granted two of each scroll per day. This means you have 2 hours worth of 6-hour farm values. You now have much more than you need at this cost. Not only that, this expands more exponentially as more gold means more power, meaning that it won’t just be 6 hours’ worth of farming if you put your choices right.

slayer legend destructionist

However, the scrolls don’t just apply to farming. They apply to all sections of the Dungeon part of the Adventure tab. This means that entering the Closed Mines and Training Cave gives you more than what is expected from it. The same goes for the Dimensional Rift. You’re getting more of what you’re supposed to every day… every day.

Now that’s a lot to consider. By logging in every day, you give yourself a massive edge in the long run that allows you to breach these stages fairly easily. Not bad thinking about it, right?

Watch The In-Game Ads

slayer legend item summons

Before we go through the nitty-gritty aspects of our tips and tricks, we have one more tip that we can give to you. You will notice soon enough that when you summon items, there is an option to summon them for free. You will be tempted to do so up until you see that you have to watch an ad to get it.

While it is quite horrendous for some to watch an ad, you may be surprised how much watching one gives you. What the game doesn’t explicitly tell you is that the game still runs even when you watch an ad, so the idle part of the game isn’t lost for the few seconds you watched the ad. And what it gives you after watching the ad itself.

As you may notice, watching more of the ads essentially ‘levels’ up the summons in both the Weapon and Accessories summons. You start with just 10 free summons from these ads, up until you can get up to 33 summons. You essentially saved up to 10500 Diamonds every day through this method. And it only takes about.

There are also a few more things that you can get by watching ads.

slayer legend goods

In the Goods section of the Shop, you can get 50 Diamonds or 10 Emeralds for free just by watching ads. As you can watch each for about 10 times per day, you get 500 Diamonds and 100 Emeralds overall. You’d essentially just give ~5 minutes, which is quite wasteful, but who’s to say no to free stuff?

And then there is the Scroll Ads that you get. As stated before, having to watch 5 minutes worth of total ads in the game can give you 6 hours worth of farming in just 2. Considering their activation, you wouldn’t be losing anything trying to support the devs even more.

slayer legend character exp

And then, finally, the gold ads that you may get from time to time when playing the game after you have logged in. These gold ads, usually found just under your gold counter, give you a lot more coins depending on the currently highest Stage that you have breached. These ads come up 5~10 times a day and usually add up to 4~6 hours worth of farming for them.

And that is without the added benefit of the Ad Scrolls. The game is essentially giving you free stuff for you to use as long as you watch ads. Not bad when you consider it in the long run, especially since you might be looking at something else instead of the ads that are running on your phone.

slayer legend growth

If you want to take advantage of the in-game ads, you can remove the ads with the Remove Ads package found in the shop. You still can play with or without it, but you can choose whether or not to buy the ad removal for convenience. The usual recommendation would be to avoid it—but if you’re going to spend time and money on it, then give it a go.

Slayer Legend shows its versatility when it comes to rewarding players, but there’s more to the game than just watching ads or logging in daily. If the entire point of the progression was just to spend a few coinages and call it a day, it would get boring fast.

So, how do we make our experience better then?

Get These Traits and Skills First

slayer legend weapon

Slayer Legend is an Idle RPG Game—something that will be repeatedly reminded in this beginner’s guide for obvious reasons. One of the more obvious reasons is that bad planning or wasting of resources can end up in a player being snagged in an instant. While it is not punishing in the early stages of the game, it is the opposite once you reach Levels 120 and above.

Getting snagged is easy, of course. It’s easy to just follow the guide quests and watch yourself drain your resources for Diamonds that won’t show value (unless you’re lucky). That’s why, in this specific tip, we are teaching you what stats and skills you should be looking for when playing the game.

Of course, there’s a lot of stuff when it comes to ‘stats’ and ‘skills.’ We’ve already seen how many there are in just stats alone, so let’s go through them one by one to make things easy to understand. Now that we have that established let’s go on and see which stats you should focus on first!

Enhancement Stats

slayer legend enhancement stats

For enhancement stats, it’s going to be dependent on your wants and needs. We’ve already discussed before how important Guide Quests are. We’ll be counterintuitive in this part for the sake of progression. While you may not notice it now in the beginning, gold has far more weight than levels once you reach the later stages of the game.

Your overall plan for Enhancement Stats should be breaching stages and diamonds after. That means you will be heavily focusing on the following stats, in decreasing order:


• CRIT Damage (+4000%)

• CRIT % (100% Chance)

One thing you should note when following this is that you have to distribute your gold spending carefully depending on how much one costs. CRIT Damage and CRIT % explode exponentially in cost, but their weight in gold is easily mitigated with how fast you can climb stages out with it.

One of the best plans you can do with it is to leave CRIT Damage and CRIT % spending with your offline gold. If you’re online and struggling on a stage, you will spend on ATK, as it doesn’t cost as much when you upgrade continuously. This way, you can progress with ease without having to think much about your tactics.

However, once you have the gold income to keep upgrading for CRIT %, do so immediately! Unlocking guaranteed CRIT hits early on in the game is a complete must, as it allows you to fight bosses or gain immediate promotions even without reaching the intended level for it!

And once you reach Level 1000 for CRIT %, it unlocks Death Strike for you early on. Once you reach that point, your priorities will be like this as well:

• CRIT Damage (+10000%)


• Death Strike Damage (+1000%)

• Death Strike % (~60-80% Chance)

You now have a Critical Hit for your Critical Hit—Critical-caption! At this point of the game, it now truly becomes a number game as to how your damage explodes. However, this also means that we’ve reached the point in the game where your progress may lull to days.

That shouldn’t discourage you, however. Your immediate goal is to increase your CRIT Damage to Level 10000, completely maxing it out similar to CRIT %. After that, take your time to upgrade Death Strike’s damage and chance to hit. This also means an explosive way to propel your damage to the roof.

But what if you do get knocked down? Just get something like a Legendary Accessory or so, or maybe upgrade your HP or HP Recovery a little bit. However, don’t overspend too much on these stats unless you want to get Diamonds from Guide Quests. If you do get a Legendary Accessory or Mythic Accessory, you’re better off not summoning future accessories or upgrading. Those are enough, as well as Promotion bonuses.

Once you’ve finally upgraded Death Strike to a sufficient level, balancing out your gold to respective stats would be your new plan for future levels or updates the game has in mind.

Growth Stats

slayer legend growth stats

For these stats, there’s a simple way to focus your points. Here they are.

1. LUK

2. CRI

3. STR

4. ACC


6. Ignore HP/VIT

The goal here is simple: dumping the points you have until you have the LUK that you need. And then focus on CRIT and STR to bolster your damage. The reason why you should get LUK first is because of how much you will rely on gold in the early stages of the game. STR doesn’t mean much when you don’t have Latent Power yet.

Focus on having a +300% gold bonus from LUK before moving on to CRI and STR. If you are finding yourself stuck in some stages, you can interchange between LUK, CRI, and STR, respectively. The obvious goal is still the same: making sure that you have money so that once you reach Stage 120, you won’t have to spend many days toiling in a single area.

slayer legend gameplay 6

Once you have filled up the first three, focus on getting ACC. You won’t need that many stats on Dodge, as you will end up killing opponents faster before you have to dodge an attack or CC from a boss. The same goes for HP or HP Recovery. Remember, your Accessories or Promotion Stats are enough as is to keep you alive. Dumping anything to HP or VIT pushes you back than needed.

However, once you do get to unlock the Training Diary, make sure to spend those accumulated points wisely! Place them where you need them the most, depending on your current area.

Promotion Stats, Slayer Promotion Additional Ability, and Companion Options

slayer legend slayer promotion additional ability

And finally, here we are—the last of the stats. In all fairness, you wouldn’t have to think that much for this section. Promoting should be a priority if you hit a snag in your journey or you have the firepower to do so. This way, you will have enough attack to power through the next challenges, as well as having enough health to survive blows.

This section focuses more on an intricate aspect: Slayer Promotion Additional Ability. This mechanic gives you more than it needs to, and it’s fully exploitable by the player, given that rolling for a single slot only costs around 5 Dice. However, that context alone isn’t enough. You can lock everything, only roll for a single slot, and still have 5 Dice used.

The early dice you have will be exclusively used for this section. Your slots should have the following Mythic Options:

• 1st Slot: All Extra ATK %

• 2nd Slot: All Extra EXP %

• 3rd Slot: All Monster Gold %

The first slot is purely for combat purposes. When you’re fighting a boss, you need the extra edge to come out of the top. While you may think that CRIT Damage sounds like the better deal, it isn’t. This is because of how CRIT Damage stacks in the game overall. The following paragraph has a more intuitive explanation as to why this is the case:

If you have +1000% CRIT Damage, and you have all options as CRIT Damage, you will have +1140% only. Extra ATK directly influences the base ATK that you have, essentially having 1 quadrillion attack multiplied to greater values. For a more simplified explanation, having everyone as Extra ATK essentially gives you 7 times more damage than CRIT Damage.

And when I say everyone, that also means your companions. Compared to your additional promotions, your companions don’t have the luxury of slots. What you have for your companion will be that, and you would have to waste a few dice if you want something else.

slayer legend promotion option

What they do have, however, is the ability to multiply the options they have once you beat the 2nd Page Advancements of their character. This multiplies the options that your companions have—meaning that an Extra ATK +20% becomes Extra ATK +40%.

Considering the cost of having to roll for the probabilities for each companion, what you can aim for is rolling for Mythic abilities and then locking them. Mind you that these Mythic ones should be either ATK, EXP, or Gold to fuel your progress throughout your playthrough.

The endgame, however, is still as it is. Your abilities are switchable, but your companions should have Extra ATK to bulldoze through the stages. Easier said than done, considering how rare Dice drops are in the game.


slayer legend skills

Knowing what to use to kill is important. Understanding synergies is also one as well, but it’s something that has to be done with trial and error. Given the nature of Slayer Legend, you will be testing out your skills a lot by a far margin. What fits and what doesn’t is something you will have to test out.

Slayer Legend will give you rewards for being creative, and that’s something you should do. Regardless, that doesn’t mean that we won’t point you in the right direction regarding what skills you should use overall. Some are completely broken, some that are hit-and-miss, and some that just won’t work at all.

What you should be picking completely, first and foremost, are the passive skills. These are the ones you can take, and what they do specifically for you. These passive skills are a must when you’ve just started playing the game:

• Burning Sword

• Curving Blade

• Speed Sword

• Earth’s Will

• Iron Will

• Wind Sword

These five passive skills allow you to slowly amp up your damage as time goes on. This allows you to fight some bosses early on in the game, allowing you to get more Gold and Experience in the long run. Keep in mind that you’d have to mix which skills to go with your sets.

If you’re fighting bosses, you’re better off with passive skills such as Earth’s Will and Speed Sword that amp up each time you hit something. If it’s a long-drawn battle, Burning Sword and Curving Blade surpasses any of your skills early on in the game. The others? Up to you to add them to your arsenal.

As for active skills, ones that give you more damage for runs, these are the ones you should be gunning for. And for this part, we’ll be putting which skills act as to what you are currently doing. As this is a beginner’s guide, the particular focus is on farming stages and their bosses. Here they are:

For farming:

• Fulgurous

• Supersonic

• Flame Wave

• Red Lightning

• Meditation

• Agile

• And other passive skills.

For battling stage bosses:

• Giga Strike

• Hellfire Slash

• Flowing Blade

• Meditation

• And attack-related passive skills.

There’s not much explanation as to these skill sets; aside from that, they’re made so that they mow through what they should be plowing. When farming stages, you need to strike multiple enemies at once, even from those at a distance. When fighting bosses, attacks such as Hellfire Slash may be your only way out against intense 28-second-only fights.

As for any other things, such as Story or the Dungeon section of Adventure, try to mix and mash on your own! While these skills are so far invaluable, that is not to say how much some mix well with one another. Even if you do get the Mythic Skills, there’s no denying how strong the first few rare skills that you get so far in the game are.

slayer legend skills 2

As for those Dungeon sections, the Shelter of Sleeping Flame and Dimensional Rift benefit more from those types of passive skills. Even more so when you use Dancing Waves to evade attacks for a short period, essentially amping up your damage output without getting bullied back by these bosses!

And that’s all there is to skills! If you do end up getting stuck at one point, remember that it isn’t just the stats that you currently have. Try to mix and match your skills to get the most out of an encounter. After all, maybe the reason why you’re still stuck fighting a boss is that you didn’t consider hitting faster or harder, to begin with.

Where to Spend Diamonds

slayer legend diamond

And before we top things off with relatively easy tips, this one will completely decide how much of your run will be either pure luck or having to wait for days to get more gems. There are a lot of things in the game that will trick you into spending your gems, so this guide ensures that you know where your hard-earned rare currency goes.

To make things a lot easier, let’s instead simplify the following into a hierarchical list of where you should be spending your stuff. Here it is:

1. Weapon Summons

slayer legend weapon summons

For any adventurer out there, there also exists a weapon for them. And you’re going to need a lot of these weapons just to progress through the game. The reason is that some of the best skills in the game, particularly Demon Hunt, are locked behind Mythic Weapons. And those alone are not easy to get unless you have that much luck with you.

And the more weapons that you have, the more chances you can get the Immortal Weapon to mow through opponents. After all, there’s no point in tanking hits when you can plow through opponents with ease, right?

2. Class Summons

slayer legend class summons

Promotions are one thing, but another that amplifies it is a completely unfair game to the monster that you’re facing again. One of the biggest contributors to damage and health, Classes ensure that you keep your edge in the game.

Take note, however, that you only need to get Class 16 and above, and then you can stop rolling for it. This is in consideration that Class Summons’ probability rate for rarer items does not increase for every summoning level for it. You’ll always get the same percentage, and it’s costly to get Class 20 early on.

3. Spirit Summons

slayer legend spirit summons

Spirits aren’t just companions; they become deal sealers once you get the Legendary ones. While they are innately costly due to 5000 Diamonds per 10x roll, it’s not hard to combine low-rarity Spirits for better ones. Not only that, getting all three slots immediately for the low cost of 15000 Emeralds allows you tons of leverage when going through the next stages of the game.

This is also because Spirit acts similarly to your promotion stats, except they’re far better at it. Once you get a Legendary one, try getting weapons or Classes first and then come back here.

4. Accessory Summons

slayer legend accessory summons

Similar to weapons, you need certain Accessories to obtain Mythic Skills such as the Wrath of God. The difference here is that summoning Accessories can certainly destroy your progress more than summoning weapons do. Damaging enemies weighs far more in your progress than tanking them, especially since you can regenerate per second from a hit.

What you can do for this is focus on the ones above first. Get a legendary Accessory and stick with it. It pushes you throughout the game compared to having to spend more and more.

5. Skill Summons

slayer legend skill summons

This is the second to last thing you will spend your Diamonds on. Compared to the summons it’s stacked with, Skill Summons don’t have to summon levels with it. Not only that, the percentages that you get for upgrading Skills aren’t worth it. That is also in line with how much costly summoning a Skill can get.

That doesn’t mean to say they’re not the worst ones you can get. They still add up to your arsenal, and upgrading them occasionally allows you to get more damage out of all the attributes.

6. Relic Summons

slayer legend relic summons

You’ll be tricked into thinking that Relics are a good idea to waste diamonds on. They’re not, and certainly, a waste once you try to see how much it will backfire on you. Relics are completely random in how you get them, and they don’t have to summon levels like the others.

Even worse? Upgrading them has a chance for you to fail them. While you may think that a 99.4% success rate guarantees you, it’s not. It’s easy to be lucky on being unlucky in this game, especially with how hard Mythic weapons can be obtained already. Use your 5000 Diamonds on something else.

slayer legend summon

And that’s all there is to spending Diamonds. The game will guarantee you ~10,000 Diamonds per day, so it’s not a surprise that you would want to dump them as soon as you get them.

But remember, spend them where you think you need them the most. This tip assumes that you have a basic idea of what to get so far and that you’re already steamrolling anything so far in the game. Though, it’s not a surprise to just not summon for Relics to begin with.

When to Idle and When Not To

slayer legend advancement

And here comes the true last part of this beginner’s guide: When do you exactly have to idle, or when should you not?

Idle RPG games tend to warrant your time and effort into just running the screen as is, and you’re more likely to farm if you get stuck in one area. That is an inevitable thing when you’ve reached a wall to scale, and it’s up to your best interest to know the next move.

The best time to idle in-game is when you need to push through a certain stage or when you have Ad Scrolls or Hot Time activated. Hot time is a mechanic that usually comes out on weekends that doubles the Gold and Experience intake that a player gets. This also stacks well with Ad Scrolls, allowing you to quadruple your income immediately.

slayer legend hot time

That, and if you want to get Dice, Elemental Stones, and Souls. The amount you get offline is measly, and the Souls that you get are White Souls. While you can convert them, how much you get isn’t as good as how much you can earn per hour. If you want to get a boost out of the game, then farm online. If you’re lacking Enhance Cubes, then you can go farm it offline.

What you should note, however, is that this tip should only be applied if you have the time and resources to even idle in-game as much. If you have a spare phone, then you can just let the game run in the background. If you have an emulator, even better. But those can’t run the game forever.

slayer legend auto-hunting rewards

There are other ways to do this, like setting up an online server to do so, but that would essentially be overkill for a game that only warrants a small amount of your time. In the end, you know what items would be best farmed over time, which is what this tip provides overall.

After all, you’re not in a race. If anything, you’d lose more racing for the leaderboards. What you can do is take what you can from the game and enjoy it. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing and breaking your limits by yourself rather than having to spend money just to get an advantage.


slayer legend conclusion

There you have it, Slayer! Learned a bit of a tidbit or two from our beginner’s guide? Well, you should! These tips should keep you alive and well until you can reach a higher point in your journey. But remember, it’s the path that matters more, not the end. After all, these monsters just don’t stop spewing out, don’t you think?

Remember that, in the end, take your time to look around you and try to understand what suits you best. Playing the game your way is the best way you can start on your own, as there are more ways than one to complete a stage or a boss. What you should now still is what you should avoid in the long run, especially those nasty Relics that will consume your Diamonds!

If you have any questions, please write any suggestions down below in the ‘comment section.’ If you want to learn a bit more about Slayer Legends, check out their official Discord Server! And don’t be afraid to interact with the people in the game’s chat; they will help you with a bit of nuance.

And that concludes our beginner’s guide for Slayer Legends! Looks like there’s a new quest for you to take, Slayer. Get out there and go slay some monsters!