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Almost a Hero (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Save the World

Any epic story worth telling always involves a hero’s journey to success. In Bee Square’s new mobile game called Almost a Hero, your story is extra epic because you are given the almost impossible task of turning nine idiots into heroes. Available on iOS, this clicker RPG lets you take charge of the adventure of zeroes and help them save the world. It sounds like an impossible task but with the help of our Almost a Hero tips and tricks, you can easily whip your zeroes into shape.

1. One Ring Rule

Rings are always useful but that doesn’t mean you can just use them whenever you want. Always consider whether or not you really need to use a certain ring for the stage you are going into. Rings have different elements and therefore have different uses. Some are more useful in specific stages and you can only use one at a time so choose wisely.

2. Unlocking Heroes

Money makes the world go around. Even zeroes have a price. That is why you need to think about who you want to spend your money on. It will cost you to unlock more heroes and you won’t always need a lot of them to complete a stage. Be careful with your spending, especially in the earlier parts of the game when money is still hard to come by. Unlock one hero at a time unless you feel it is absolutely necessary to unlock more.

3. Epic In The Making

The difference between zeroes and heroes is experience. This is especially true in the game. Don’t forget to build up your heroes by upgrading them. Upgrading improves their attributes and makes them stronger in battle. You can also have them learn special abilities to make them more useful in stages. When using special abilities, keep an eye on their cooldown timers. Make sure to consider the cooldown time of each skill before using it. You don’t want to waste abilities early then find yourself helpless later.

4. Use More Fingers

As with any clicker game, one key to success is to click more. While there is no doubt that your thumbs can tap at a decent pace, using more fingers will definitely get you more taps per minute. Lay down your device then tap away using all your fingers as though you are typing random characters on a keyboard.

5. Tactical Retreat Is Still A Thing

He who fights then runs away, lives to fight another day. You can’t just click and tap away at your device and expect all enemies to submit to your will. You will eventually encounter a boss who can crush your zeroes with a flick of a finger. When you find yourself in a pinch, there is no shame in running away. Run fast, run far.

6. Heroes Do Quests

What’s an RPG without quests? Any self-respecting hero knows the importance of completing quests and your zeroes shouldn’t be any different. Try completing quests in the different game modes to earn rewards.

It’s time to lead your nine zeroes on to the battlefield! Use our Almost a Hero tips and tricks and you’ll surely save the world! If you happen to know additional tips, tricks or hints for the game, let us know in the comment section!