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Stormshot: Isle of Adventure Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate the Seven Seas

Plato had left notes. Talks about a misty continent that held treasure beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. A great philosopher’s notes that left behind glory were seen in contempt in the eyes of the public. Still, some are willing to step further into the oceans where the treasure lies. A crew led by three set out to find such a cursed island.

stormshot intro

And all they found was the wrath of the dead, its shambling inhabitants that hunger for flesh. Washed ashore against the statue of the Sea Master himself, this motley crew was swept to their feet amongst the cursed island’s sand. Beset on all sides, you muster onward with but a measly Estate… and a wide breadth of the land to conquer.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is a base-building MMORTS created by FunPlus International AG, developers of titles such as Misty Continent: Cursed Island and Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask. The game sets you in the mystical land of the 18th century, ravaged by marauding pirates and vengeful spirits. As well as finding a treasure that may or may not exist.

stormshot cover

Its gameplay is similar to titles such as Backyard Monsters and The Last Stand: Dead Zone. You build a base, train your troops, and then rampage all over everyone that does stand in your way. The story is all over the place, and the gameplay keeps players around.

You are a Captain of the ship, now turns Lord of your self-proclaimed Estate, on a journey with your S-Class Assistant Peggy and your C-Class Sponsor Elizabeth. In this journey, you clash against different lords, marauding ghost armies, and the occasional bitter ghost captain that is Blackbeard. He hates that you’re getting what he wants, and you sure shoot him at it, hah.

stormshot isle of adventure guide

Despite its premise, Stormshot is as brutal as it can get. While State of Survival: Zombie Warfare is somewhat its spiritual successor, Stormshot relishes that you are only a measly Lord against hundreds of Lords. All of you are vying for unscrupulous Power and a neat castle in the middle of the continent. This guide is made to ensure you come out on top.

Let’s go on to some nitty, gritty tips, tricks, and strategies that you can find here in this Stormshot: Isle of Adventure Guide!


stormshot chapter 1
The start of an adventure.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure, similar to one of its successors, is a base-building strategy RTS game divided into three segments: Base-Building, Kingdom/Celestial Globe, and Ancient Tombs. You’ll be at home with this game if you play the newer titles from FunPlus. Note that due to it being a previous title, a few quality-of-life changes do not appear in Stormshot.

The Overview will also look over a few things, like Heroes to Alliances. Small Tips will be added to the overlook, so keep a few things in mind.


stormshot sharpshooter
Sharpshoot sub-menu.

Before the proper game starts, you are introduced to Sharpshooter, the puzzle sub-game of Stormshot. Similar to how the State of Survival introduced Exploration’s battles, you are immediately thrust into shooting any unwanted Undead or men that stand in your way. Because of the simplistic design of Sharpshooter, there are not a lot of things to discuss overall.

stormshot explore mist
A Sharpshooter segment while clearing the fog in the base.

However, Sharpshooter segments appear when clearing out your base of the fog. However, retrying and failing these segments can allow you to skip them altogether. However, the Sharpshooter parts of the ‘Sharpshooter’ submenu aren’t skippable. However, as opposed to how Sharpshooter is advertised, the reticle does not show where the bullet will bounce. You will need a few calculations to hit your potshots.

And you get to dance when you win. And your enemy will as well if you fail.

stormshot victory
A jovial victory before another grueling grind.

TIP: Learn physics, primarily how light reflects from angled surfaces. It’ll help.


stormshot base-building
A zoomed-out view of the base.

Treasure Island’s inhabitants have left a few things in the wake of the vicious fog surrounding their homes. At the start of the game, you are given nothing more than a measly Stronghold similar to a poor man’s camp. Later, you will be able to fill up your base after clearing the mist that surrounds the base.

Buildings are separated into two categories: Military and Economic.

stormshot military buildings
Military buildings clamped up in the same area.

Military structures give you the ability to generate troops as well as maintain and upgrade them. Buildings such as the Artillery Foundry, Barracks, Shooting Range, and Stables allow you to train forces of a given classification. There are also buildings such as the Academy and Military Tents that give you Research and Troop Training Speed, respectively.

stormshot economic buildings
Economic buildings clamped up in the same area.

Economic buildings are self-explanatory as well. The game has four resources: Food, Magic Crystals, Stones, and Silver. They have their own respective farms. Hospitals are also considered Economic buildings, alongside the Exchange and the Munitions Exchange.

stormshot tavern
The inside of a tavern.

One of these buildings includes the Tavern, where you draw heroes in a lottery-type system (or gacha, for short). As seen in the screenshot above, the Tavern’s ‘banners’ can be classified into the Master and the Standard. The Master only contains Tier B to Tier S heroes. Standard only has Tier C to Tier A heroes.

TIP: Use your Hero Banners as soon as you get them, as the guarantee attempts are as small as it gets.

There are a few more things aside from just buildings, which are…


stormshot battle
Humans versus the undead have always been a staple.

Battles are what you expected them to be: a full-on brawl against many opponents. However, there is no player agency in this game segment aside from being able to station where you place your units. This game mode, in general, can be considered a number’s game with battles that can go from a crawl to a full-blown pyrrhic victory.

adjusting positions in stormshot
Adjusting positions at the start.

TIP: Adjusting your troop’s position at the start only affects the starting Battle. Armies tend to clump up the moment you attack the next wave or so.

Kingdom/Celestial Globe

stormshot kingdom map
A view of the state of things outside your Estate.

Stormshot cannot be a social game without its fair share of a ‘kingdom’ map and the global map. The Kingdom Map shows you where you are and any competing Lords and their Estates. There is also an abundance of resources scattered around the map and a few undead wanting to skin your hides… if they even bother going to your base. Oh, and a few survivors.


stormshot march
Two marching warbands ready to wreak havoc.

Like the State of Survival, Stormshot trivializes battles by a measure of strength between two parties via Troop Power. The four troop archetypes also play a massive role in this grand-scale rock-paper-scissor (and mortar, due to the fourth archetype). Troops will be covered in the following section in the Overview later on. For now, consider their full strength the primary number you have to deal with.

However, consider that Marches are limited by the amount you can send in the Kingdom Map and how far the target is from the Estate. Grids 50 kilometers from the Estate take about a minute to arrive at their target. Thus 2 minutes are given to that march (arrival and return time overall). Don’t be surprised if 4000 kilometers take about 45 minutes, and that’s already the arrival time, not altogether.

stormshot pre-march screen
Pre-March screen. Shows the number of troops assigned and their respective Power and Load.

Take note as well that marching to Resource Grids is different. Compared to the quick battles when sending Marches to Threats, you have to wait for ample time for your troops to gather the resources specified in that grid. It also considers the load they can carry on their backs.

stormshot orchard
An ongoing resource-gathering mission. Yes, it takes that long.

TIP: Prioritize getting March Slots, if possible. The more units you can send on to the field, the better.

Celestial Globe

stormshot celestial globe
The Celestial Globe: Your trove of idle missions.

The Celestial Globe is your access to getting rewards by completing quests near your Estate. You can take the initiative to target any Threat (the term for the ‘undead’ in the map) and take a few resources scattered around the area. But the Celestial Globe gives you a few things solo Marches do not. One of the most significant advantages of doing these missions is that you get additional rewards from finishing a said task, thus giving more benefits.

The Celestial Globe in Stormshot divides its ‘Divination Quests’ into three types: Undead Army Garrisons, Refugee Camps, and Treasure Caves.

Undead Army Garrisons

stormshot ghost troops
A few skeletons will be rattled by now.

Undead Army Garrisons are your standard kill missions. You send a warband towards their position and watch as they get annihilated by your troops or theirs if you have insufficient manpower. They are the second fastest mission to complete, and the time it takes to do so depends on how far the threat is, to begin with. They take about 50 Lord Stamina and are the usual stamina drain in this game.

Refugee Camps

stormshot refugee camp
Freebies in videogame form.

Refugee camps are the fastest ones you can finish and do not require march slots. Because they need no manpower, Marches (or trips to them, as they require no troops) travel faster. While they only contain a few troops to spare in general, the fact that they need no Lord Stamina allows you to reap beneficial gains without any loss.

TIP: Pick these missions immediately once you spot them.

Treasure Caves

stormshot treasure cave

Treasure Island could not be what it is without treasure. In turn, treasure caves are a given in this game. They are the longest to complete (though not as colossal as Gathering in Resources Nodes) out of the three Divination Quests. However, they only require a few troops (a minimum of 1) to spare on your party, but it doesn’t hurt to have a lot to search an entire cavern’s worth.

TIP: Due to how long Treasure Caves take, they are the last missions you should finish.

Sea Master Statue

stormshot see master statue

In the game’s lore, the Sea Master separated its treasures among the land of men, granting Power to those who wish to seek said artifacts. Whether they are used for good or evil is up to the user, though the Sea Master’s intentions are that should an artifact be misused, they only bring trouble to those that do. This is a game anyway, so why should you be bothered?

The Sea Master Statue is a building that gives you access to incredibly broken abilities (or none at all since all players have this). It gives you either buffs your settlement or troops or an appealing advantage against an opponent. Sea Master equipment can only be obtained by doing Chapter Missions (received at the end of it). Its gems are obtained by doing Sharpshooter segments.

stormshot equipment
A fully-slotted piece of equipment.

For each piece of equipment, you gain with the Sea Master, the more you gain passive benefits from the equipment (such as the ones specified in the screenshot above). However, the most prominent mainstay of the Sea Master’s Statue is its ability for each piece of equipment that is fully slotted. These abilities can be called from the Estate screen and have a general cooldown of 24 hours.

stormshot sea master's armor
A fully-upgraded piece of equipment.

Ancient Tombs

stormshot ancient tombs
So ancient, even if it overrides the message.

No self-proclaimed Treasure Island can be one without its own set of… ancient tombs full of undead horrors that guard its secrets? Well, they are still fantasy creatures, nonetheless. And the Ancient Tombs section of this game is no exception.

stormshot male character
You can either be a mindless brute…
stormshot female character
Or a femme fatale?

This gameplay loop can be described as a dungeon-crawler RPG. It pits you through a set of levels in a given ‘Section’ and blasts your way through. There is much more to Ancient Tomb than meets the eye. Clearing Sections and Levels gives you bountiful rewards and Permanent Passives that give you an advantage outside the Ancient Tomb. Don’t bother with the logic; this is how the game works.


stormshot creation
Don’t judge.

Your Creation is what you send to the Ancient Tomb due to the toxic environment of the area. It has its own set of stats and its own Experience, similar to that of an RPG. They also have their own set of armor and equipment and their own Skills. If you are familiar with the RPG genre, then there’s no need to look further. If you aren’t, Stormshot’s Ancient Tomb can just be summarized into this:

As long as your HP doesn’t drop to 75% during your first Battle in a level, then you’re good.

stormshot firearms
Explosive is actually firearms. Translation errors.

Their skills are also categorized into three categories as well. Some skills give your Creation an advantage, as well as giving your troops an advantage. Your Creation’s existence merely buffs your troops above, oddly enough.

The Tombs

stormshot ancient tomb section
A section of the Ancient Tomb.

The Ancient Tomb has its own stamina system and its own separated progression. Each time you finish a Section of the Ancient Tomb, you are given rewards from the chest shown and Troop passives. Levels require 6 stamina to complete. Only Levels not indicated with a skull can be ‘Plundered’ multiple times, thus allowing the Creation to grind certain levels for Experience and items.

stormshot plunder
Explored sections can be Plundered, given you have the right amount of stamina.


stormshot exploration
These dreary halls tell a more sinister tale than the abandoned treasures above.

Here comes the exciting part.

When exploring a level, you are treated to the view of the area. The top left corner of the screen indicates your HP and Mana, and the top right corner shows where you are currently in the area. Green arrows (that you can press) indicate areas that you can explore. Your skills and your inventory are found at the bottom right-hand part of the screen.

Three possible things can happen when entering a room: an empty hall, a chest lying on the floor, or a hungry fiend finding its new prey.

stormshot chest
stormshot enemy
The red arrow indicates your target.

We won’t dwell much on the first two. We’ll dwell on the latter one.

This Battle also doesn’t have much player agency aside from picking your target, selecting your Skills, and watching as the enemy crumbles before you. Or you fold against your enemy. There are only two outcomes, as usual. Joking aside, The first Battle in the Level decides precisely how your entire level run will go.

As stated before, your run is dead when you see your opponent shave off 25% of your health. While there are skills that allow you to mitigate such an attempt, there should be a visual indicator that gives you an idea of how screwed you are in the end. If you are indeed screwed, level up your equipment and try again.

However, losing does not grant you back the Experience you have wasted at the Level.

stormshot screwed
Yes, your Creation is screwed in this one.

There are two types of battles, the regular ones and the Guardian ones. Regular battles only have one mook that you can clobber and are generally tough yet don’t hit as hard as much. Guardian battles take the cake; you are pitted against 3 foes (2 mooks and 1 boss) that deal 3 times as much damage and have the same HP distribution as a Regular battle.

There are only three battles in a level. 2 Regular ones and 1 Guardian Battle. You can see where the previously emphasized tip came from.

stormshot attack
A curb stomp is ongoing.


leveling up in stormshot
Level 69 is 55 levels away!

There are only 16 rooms in the tombs (considering their 4×4 grid nature). There are 5~6 chests and 3 battles to take note of. Be aware that battles will consistently be spaced alongside each other. If you go through two fights in a row, expect the Guardian of the Level to be near.

stormshot chest content
The insides of the chest will thoroughly disappoint you.

You can navigate the area still even after the Guardian is dead. However, by that point, you would’ve combed the area of monsters by then. The Level ends when you claim the remaining treasures.


stormshot francette
Yes, this Victorian Lady will lead us to victory.

It wouldn’t be a FunPlus game without its diverse set of characters. While the Heroes do not give any sort of story overall, they are nonetheless your Elites when it comes to the field. They have their own levels and unique Star Level (or dupes in Gacha terms) mechanic. You can obtain Heroes via the Tavern, and each has its own sets of strengths and weaknesses specified to them.

stormshot peggy
Leveling her up, one face conceal at a time.

To upgrade a Hero’s Level, you must manually give the Hero you wanted to level up with Hero EXP items. To boost a Hero’s Star Level, you must use Duplicates of said Hero to increase it. Increasing a hero’s Star Level allows you to increase the Level Cap and several other benefits, allowing you to power up the Hero further.

stormshot sonya
A familiar system in a different setting.

Duplicates are also used to upgrade a Hero’s Skill and unlock said skills. Discharging a hero gives you Skills Points that you can allocate to upgrade a Hero’s Skill. As for unlocking abilities, it requires you to sacrifice a Duplicate or an Instructor of the same rarity (not higher, mind you). S-Rank Heroes are different in that they share the same ‘rarity’ as the S-Ranks, thus allowing them to use A-Rank rarities.

stormshot spirit lift
Peggy’s set of skills has you firing more bullets than any bullet per minute a musket can give.
stormshot hero inventory
Discharging duplicates gives you some advantages….

TIP: Discharge only Duplicates of Heroes that have their Star Levels maxed out.

Classification by Rarity

stormshot hero roster
A foray of heroes.

If there is a rarity system, there will always be a power imbalance. S-Rank heroes are colored golden in their backgrounds, and A-Rank heroes are purple. B-Rankers are blue, and C-Ranks are green. The more you go up the ladder, the higher the power rating of a hero can get. Vice-versa. Starting S-rank Heroes have a whopping 2 Million Power, whereas the measly C-Rank has only around 40 Thousand Power.

However, do not be discouraged by the disparity. S-Ranks are harder to level up due to their ludicrous requirements, with A-Ranks being a steady line between rare and possible. Anything else under their heels can be easily ignored. Because of the commonality of C-Ranks, they are best used as cannon fodder for Skills Points. The same goes for B-Ranks.

TIP: Always pick the ones with the higher Hero Power ratings.

Classification by Troop Leadership

stormshot infantry hero
An Infantry Hero. Too bad her face is obscured.
stormshot cavalry hero
A Cavalry Hero. Too bad her face is obscured.
stormshot distance hero
A Distance Hero. Too bad his face is obscured.
stormshot garrison hero
A Garrison Hero. Too bad you’ll never even remember you stationed him in the Walls forever.

Every group has its leader, and troop archetypes are no exception. Heroes act as leaders of a specified troop type, which is more prominent during Battles (as they lead the charge of said group). In the Kingdom Map battles, they offer a broader set of skills to use, from decreasing damage taken for that troop type.

However, there are no Artillery Leaders, and they are replaced with Garrison Leaders. These Leaders are more prominent in defending your Estate and give all troop types (aside from Artillery) bonuses in combat. Take that in mind when assaulting any offending Estates that offend your existence.


stormshot troops
Woe is to the ghosts whose guns they will be pointing onward to.

Your Heroes, maybe Heroes, but a thousand guns pointed at someone speaks more softly than a swashbuckler that thought it could win a war lonesome. No one wins a war on their own, so naturally, cannon fodder is the only option left to throw at something that’s unnaturally uncommon in your world.

Troops are a powerful mainstay in your gameplay, as they can make or break a few things. They are vital to your progress and your ability to attack and defend anything in your way. As well as getting resources on the map. Despite the archetypes, all troops are trained at the exact cost, given they are in the same Tier.

Troops can be lost when fighting a stronger opponent, so keep that in mind.

Troops are divided into four archetypes: Infantry, Distance, Cavalry, and Artillery. Heroes act as force-multiplying leaders that can change the tide of Battle regarding number scaling. The game considers the four archetypes via a ‘rock-paper-scissor’ system. One archetype is good against the other and bad against another. Let’s breeze through the following archetypes.

NOTE: Despite the distinctions specified by the game about two subcategories for the archetypes, both still have the same weaknesses, regardless. They are nothing more than cosmetic differences.


stormshot royal duelists
Even sabers still found their use… for now.

At the frontline of any assault, the Infantry stands as the heartiest of the troop. These frontline assaults are strong against the charge of the Cavalry but are weak against the potshots from afar by the Distance Troops. They have the highest health among all the troops, making them damage sponges against anything that isn’t Cavalry.


stormshot thunder throwers
Man-portable bombs. A genius born out of cruelty.

The moment humanity learned it could kill opponents from afar using archery, the idea of ranged attacks have stuck with civilization ever since. Distance troops lob death from afar or shoot anyone willing to step into their line of fire. Their damage output is the highest out of all the troops, with the Cavalry troops on par with theirs. Both archetypes nearly have the same stats, but the Distance’s weakness against the Cavalry is a moot point for the troop.


stormshot winged hussars
The end is neigh.

Horses were first tamed in the Eurasian Steppes, and it was no surprise someone had the bright idea of riding a steed to get a high advantage. The Cavalry represents the full might of a charge, having the same stats as the Distance troops. Their complete advantage against the other is what makes them strong, except for the fact that Infantry troops pummel them completely.


stormshot master mortars
The fire lance isn’t the perfect name for such an implement of war.

Any quote by Sun Tzu after cannons were introduced wholly changed the tide of war. An explosive implement of war, the Artillery does not care about rock-paper-scissors. It obliterates the opposition it is pointed toward, and precisely that oppressive firepower makes them unique. However, because of it, it has no distinct advantage or disadvantage. Its seemingly mediocre stats is replaced with the fact that it can deal more consistent damage toward all troop archetypes.


stormshot research
Knowledge truly is Power.

Man created fire, and so, in turn, made implements of war. That does not discount the miracles science has developed, from sturdier homes to better life quality. Stormshot gladly creates its tech tree that allows its Lords to strengthen their troops and hasten productivity. It is, of course, divided into categories with their own subcategories.

There is not much to consider in Research other than a few notable things. However, as this is a beginner’s guide, more emphasis is placed on defensive and economic plays rather than ones involving combat. Another thing to note is that Creation has its own subcategory in Basic Research, thus allowing you to upgrade your avatar at once.


stormshot alliance
The collective might of the few outweighs the many alone.

Treasure Island has more than a few willing Lords wanting their piece of the pie, and you are no exception to the lands. Alliances ease your pain and ensure that there are a few Lords at your back, protecting you and your Estate and giving you distinct advantages.

stormshot alliance knowledge
This is somewhat familiar…

Like the State of Survival, Alliances can quicken your building, Research, and construction time. Donations are the ‘Research’ of the Alliance, giving you benefits such as March Speed. And then, when the banner of war is waved, you can make someone’s day worse by banding together and ruining their Estate. The possibilities are endless with an Alliance.

stormshot alliance gift
Can’t say no to treasure chests wrapped in ribbons!

A big boon that you can have in Alliances is the Alliance Gift. These chests are automatically added to the Alliance’s hoard whenever you reach a milestone, or if you have purchased something in the in-game Store. Receiving their scrap of a blessing gives you Speedups and Resources,  thus allowing you to advance your plans further. You can only get Alliance Gifts if you are a collective member for about 24 hours.

stormshot alliance store
That’s a lot of items…

Donating to the guild gives you Alliance Honor, allowing you to buy items exclusive to the Alliance’s Store. The Store is one of the few places where you can purchase luxury resources only available in Gold, such as Teleports and Lord Renames. These powerups are only available when an Alliance has an established level, so don’t forget to donate.

TIP: Join an active alliance!


stormshot mermaid
Yes, there are mermaids in this game.
stormshot mermaid 2

Stormshot does not shy away from its sea-themed adventures (aside from Ancient Tomb), and throwing Mermaids into the mix doesn’t sound like a far-removed idea. But one may ask, what does a single Mermaid do on this grand scale?

stormshot correct guess
Somehow, the light refracts from the bubbles…

Mermaids can be interacted with and can give you a series of buffs depending on their current Affection Level. The Affection Level of an individual mermaid can be increased by touching their heads, giving gifts, and playing games with them. Increasing their Affection Level gives you permanent buffs toward your troops and production. It’s the same thing all over again.

stormshot magic crystal cluster
20 hours just to get 7 bottles is worth the effort.

However, you can send your Mermaids to do Treasure Diving. Doing so gives you rare materials such as EXP items and Essence. You can send them at different time intervals to reap maximum rewards. Not only that, but Treasure Diving also gives you gifts you can use for your Mermaid.

Oh, and she can grab items that sometimes come ashore near your Estate, one inland. Don’t bother asking much about how the game works at this point.

stormshot treasure diving
Obtaining Sulfur with her own hands is as unrealistic as she can get.


stormshot lord profile
And the Lord himself, in all of his majesty.

And finally, you. The Lord of the Estate. You, Peggy, and Elizabeth have traveled in your racketed ship searching for treasure, finding only peril, undead ghosts capable of shooting rifles… and mermaids. You have done well enough to establish your Estate and do much more than expected.

In Stormshot, the Lord of the Estate receives Experience without any manual intervention. Doing Divination Quests and the like automatically gives you Lord EXP, as well as some manual tinkering EXP items that the game occasionally gives

stormshot economy tree
stormshot war tree
stormshot balance tree
That’s a lot of trees.

The point of interest in the Lord himself is the Talent Points. Every time the Lord Levels up, you gain 3 Talent Points that you can use on three Talent Trees: War, Economy, and Balance. The three are self-explanatory, with Balance being the mix of both at once. All the benefits in the Tree are similar to that of Research, minus the need to wait for them. It’s the wait on Lord EXP that you have to wait for.

TIP: Focus on the Economy Tree. If you are constantly being harassed by other players/cannot defeat Threats, then the Balance Tree is a good start.

Tips and Tricks

stormshot tips
Even the game gives tips!

Compared to its successor, Stormshot: the Isle of Adventure is a different kind of beast when it comes to gameplay. It does not have the quality of life changes that the State of Survival and is leaning more towards not engaging your opponents in the long run. However, there are players still willing to test their mettle against this game and try to see how far they can go in the grueling, far-away kingdom.

NOTE: As a beginner’s guide, this leans more toward a passive experience wherein you choose more economical options than most. Aggressive playstyles/tactics will be considered only by the player.

Always Do Divination Quests

stormshot divination quests
…wait, I’m done?

Divination Quests give you ample rewards, so getting them is a no-brainer. However, the biggest prize in completing Celestial Globe is getting more and more quests, allowing you to obtain more rewards. As your Lord Level increases, so too does your Lord Energy. The consequence is being able to do more quests, with better tips, for the exact cost.

Finish Achievements

stormshot achievements
A lot of Gold…

Right alongside Lord Menu is the Achievement submenu. From there, you can check your progress by looking at the achievements you have finished so far. Finishing Achievements, as seen in the picture above, gives the Lord ample Gold. If ever you feel stuck, check out the Achievements and see what you can do there to get a few more Gold to spend!

Upgrade the Sea Master’s Trident and Crown First

stormshot sea master's trident

The Sea Master’s equipment provides ample benefits, from Abilities to Passives. The Crown is a given due to its economical Passives, but doesn’t the Trident focus more on aggressive plays?

stormshot sea master's equipment
Yes, that chest has been there for a while.

There are Ghastly Chests that are scattered around the Estate. These chests can only be opened when you have met the conditions. Said conditions go from the number of troops you have to the Level of your Sea Master’s Equipment. Most of the chests you will encounter in the game will be focused on the Sea Master’s Trident, and having crates scattered around the map unopened is a bad call.

Focus on the Chapter Missions

stormshot chapter quests
Does this remind you of anything?

Focusing on Chapter Missions reap you rewards, but also progress towards Sharpshooter missions. While there are the occasional Growth and Daily Missions, Chapter Missions take priority as they can completely soft-lock you from any progress. This is more prominent in doing Sharpshooter missions, as their requirement is for a Chapter to be finished.

If you can’t get past a Chapter, you skip the chance of obtaining gems for the artifact that you have. Not bringing gems for the artifact ultimately makes it useless without its ability. Without any ability, you stand at a disadvantage against anyone with it. As the game is centered around holding ground, someone having a distinct advantage can completely change the tide of battles.

obtaining gems in stormshot
That and you won’t get to see the Lord dancing in victory.

A Priority List of What Building to Upgrade First

stormshot elizabeth
Not much of choice, really.

Building your base from the ground up is challenging and becomes more complex if you don’t have the right equipment. Such is the life of a Lord. Making a balance between Military and Economic buildings may be a bit easier, but having a military backbone to defend it is a must.

Let’s consult the table below.

1Stronghold, Research Lab
2Academy, Warehouse, Hospital, Lookout
3Economy Buildings, Military Buildings, Training Camp

The Stronghold is a no-brainer. The max Level of a building depends on the max Level of a Stronghold. Even if a structure depends on another building for upgrades, it won’t change much if the building it relies upon also checks on Stronghold’s Level. That and stronger Strongholds can weather down more dangerous opponents at most.

stormshot tavern level

Where is the Tavern out of all of this? The Tavern can be ignored due to how give-happy the game is towards giving Hero Banners needed to pull Heroes. While the decreasing hours per pull on Master Banner is tempting, the time it took to upgrade a Tavern could’ve been used on a more beneficial building, like the Academy.

stormshot academy

The Academy requires constant supervision and constant upgrading. The Research it provides is essential to your Estate’s growth, from giving you much-needed Economic benefits and advantages on the battlefield. Its most crucial technology is Creation and March Slots. Upgrading your Creation allows you to explore the Ancient Tombs at a better rate. March Slots enable more troops to finish Divination Quests faster or conquer more land.

stormshot lookout tower

But the final piece of the puzzle is the Lookout Tower. While it may seem insignificant initially, the late-game tends to have a few marauders here and then want to harvest your precious resources. While your Warehouse can protect your help, they only cover a few percentages of those resources. Losing resources means wasting valuable time, as you instead focus on upgrading more.

An updated military keeps your enemies in check and your economy from turning into shambles.

stormshot fight
That and ghosts only have antiquated equipment. You don’t.

Use Your Speedups

stormshot military tent
Even the game tells you to upgrade!

Stormshot demands one thing only: Power. Considerate amounts of Power. You can’t talk softly without a big stick, and bluffing in this game is as good as a non-existent mechanic. Speeding up construction times lessens the delay and any wasted time that could be used for action. As the game frequently gives you guaranteed 1-hour boosts every day, spend them immediately instead of wasting them.

While buildings may also take a long time to upgrade in the future, consider this. What’s better? Starting off strong and steadily building up your economy? Or withhold until you reach a tipping point that will take a few months? Savvy players will march onto enemy bases when they see the Shields down. Start up strong. Use your Speedups.

stormshot power
More Power means more firepower! Genius!

Where to Spend Your Gold On

stormshot gold
Greed always wins.

Gold is a premium resource in Stormshot. It allows you to buy items, speed up construction, and be the game’s top dog. You can obtain Gold by playing the game, making achievements, and purchasing from the Store. It is highly not recommended that you do. While it spams 13000% in your face, it doesn’t show off its value in the end. Someone is bound to catch up either way.

Alas, your meager problem revolves around where you should spend your Gold. Where should you do it anyway? Here are dos and don’ts, divided into two lists:


  • Speedups
stormshot tavern upgrade
A thousand for an hour…

Using Gold to speed up construction and research efforts is a wrong move. You have Speedup items in your beckon. Gold tends to exponentially inflate to higher numbers when the time it takes to finish something reaches an hour or two. You’re given an hour’s worth of Speedup items; spend on those instead.

  • Estate Buffs
stormshot peace shield
2000 for 24 hours… Huh.

Sadly, using your Gold on Estate Buffs is as good as spending your money on a five-star restaurant. You get to eat food rich in flavor, but its contents are low, and you spend 80% of your salary on that. That’s the allegory for Estate Buffs. While you may think 2000 for 24 hours is better than 1000 for an hour, that’s a bad comparison.

You cannot attack and defend all the time. The game is defense-oriented. This would lead to a good tip later on but let’s get to the point. These buffs are nothing more but a Gold sink. Don’t use them. No one does, really.


  • Gathering Boosts
stormshot gathering speed
Now that’s economical!

Okay, maybe there are gems in the rough. It’s still rough, but it’s a gem. Gathering Boosts, as you might see, give you 50% of what you have within 24% hours. Having double the resources a day means more means to Upgrade and Train Troops. And Research. That also means less time sending Troops to gather on Resource nodes, which means your Estate is always guarded!

However, in the end, you decide what you want to do with your Gold, but having a keen sense of spending will keep your head afloat in the long run. Short-term buffs necessarily don’t mean long-term investments.

Check Out Events

stormshot event center
Note: They’re all in progress.

Events are an excellent way to get more resources and rewards, thus allowing you to cultivate your Estate even further. There are one-time events, and there are those that either happen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Some require a very long time before they can even be active, but by then would mean all of you are on equal footing.

stormshot earn your honor event
So… we’re Oriental now?

Earn Your Honor gives you exclusive Hero Banners and a limited-time-only Shogun Castle Skin, which provides you with benefits. This also goes on to previous tips that subscribe to higher Chief Power. Since the Event takes a long time, it will be enough time to get to said skin.

stormshot adventurer's road
All this hype for a hero we’ll never see all the time.

There’s also the Adventurer’s Road, a newbie Event that allows you to unlock Phoebus, a powerful Garrison Hero that you can station in the game. Catching up to these events will enable you to gain rewards and the ability to guard your Estate better with the Hero.

In short, always check for events in Stormshot. As there are a few resources on specific things, such as Hero Duplicates and the like, obtaining a freebie from events now and then isn’t such a hassle.



This marks the end of our guide about Stormshot: Isle of Adventure. Compared to State of Survival’s ludicrous amount of things to consider, Stormshot is quite simple. Simple in that it can be brutal in its premise. Attacking means losing units, and defending means you can revive them. Its expected adventure is a tricky descent to madness for a glimmer of treasure.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to share them in the comments section below. See you next time, milord.

Diamond Dave

Wednesday 20th of March 2024

what does war master do and where can I find it

Wayne H

Sunday 21st of January 2024

I've been scouted out twice and decimated by some one attacking my wall. why are thy attacking. or scouting me out.


Thursday 11th of April 2024

@Wayne H, You can earn gold by plundering other players stashes. You can only do that by attacking them.


Wednesday 29th of November 2023

You're in a dying alliance. Level 5 leader has left, no level 4 left. You want to join another alliance. You can not leave until you heal or dismiss troops in alliance hospital. How do you dismiss these troops.

Nimir Anu

Tuesday 24th of October 2023

How do I Teleport to another Realm? I want to Teleport my bn account to the Realm next door where my other account is so I can join my own Alliance to help myself out, like we did in Final Fantasy: A New Empire. How do I do that?


Monday 7th of August 2023

cant get past level 19 of skull island enigma (arrow sharpshooter) any advice or tips?


Sunday 10th of September 2023

You have to shoot the 3rd monster under the door, before it closes. You must be quick. Shoot the button and then shoot down to the right. It took me a few tries.