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Guns of Glory Guide (2021 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Best Empire and Survive the War

Since its launch back in 2017, Guns of Glory continuous to remain as one of the most popular base-building RTS games on mobile. Amassing well over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and maintaining largely positive user review ratings as well, Guns of Glory cemented itself as among the top grossing games in several countries where it is available. Real-time strategy game veterans and neophytes alike can certainly discover something new to love and enjoy in Guns of Glory as it contains practically every feature fans of the genre are hoping for along with its own blend of unique content.

Guns of Glory is set between the 17th and 18th centuries or the Age of Enlightenment, as inventions and ideas flourished following a movement that centers around reason and science. As a prisoner whose identity is not revealed and whose past is unknown, you are tasked to build and lead your own army as amass power to take down the cardinal. Guns of Glory takes place in a huge world, where commanders such as yourself continuously build their kingdoms for domination. To protect your camp from attacks and pillages, aligning yourself with like-minded players is a must in addition to devising strategies for speedy and efficient growth and progression.

We covered this game back in 2017, and the numerous tips and strategies outlined in our first guide are still widely applicable to this day so if you just started diving into Guns of Glory, it wouldn’t hurt to read through it as well. Guns of Glory has grown much with more than 3 years-worth of updates which is why we have come up with a new guide that can help both beginners and experienced players alike.

guns of glory tips 2021

Real-time strategy games and RPGs are often at the pinnacle of difficulty and complexity among video game genres. Even if you are a complete and total beginner, though, you should not be easily intimidated by the seemingly overwhelming amount of activities and features you need to cater to at the start of your dive in Guns of Glory.

Surely enough, you will continue to make progress regardless of how you choose to build your base camp, provided that you stay active. If you find yourself lagging behind everyone else, or simply searching for faster and more efficient means of growing your kingdom, then you should read on as our Guns of Glory guide has everything you need to know to survive and dominate the harsh and treacherous environment within the game!

1. Take Note Of The Quests

Guns of Glory starts your dive into its world with an immersive background story that drives you to build and lead your very own army. To start off, there will be missions divided across chapters and completing objectives within each chapter becomes a necessity to move forward.

Beyond getting to know the lore of Gun of Glory’s world, the initial chapters and objectives you need to complete within each one will serve as a progressive tutorial that introduces you to the numerous activities and features you will regularly engage in.

Each mission you accomplish earns you rewards, largely comprised of basic resources you will always have a need for. Accomplishing all objectives within each chapter also earns you an additional reward as well unlocks the next chapter with its own set of missions. Beyond amassing resources to help build your base camp at a much faster rate, it is important to pay attention to everything you go through in pursuit of each mission’s completion. Make it so that beyond simply following objectives, understand the value of each structure you build and upgrade as well as all other activities you will engage in.

guns of glory main quests

At some point, the chapters will be completed but you will be left with a long list of main and daily quests to accomplish. You can access these quests by tapping on the scroll icon at the lower left side of the screen. The main quests are further divided into main and growth quests but both grant you lord EXP as well as basic resources.

The main quests will only show 1 objective at a time but typically offers more EXP as rewards. These quests are essentially your guide towards a smoother progression as far as the growth of your base camp and rise to power is concerned. Growth quests, on the other hand, work much like achievement mechanics in other games and basically serve as your milestones as far as overall progression relative to the many aspects of the game. In terms of prioritization, consider the main quests as the higher priority.

Daily quests, compared to main quests, are much easier to accomplish and are tied up to the everyday routine tasks you need to go through as you make progress in Guns of Glory. Each daily quest objective you clear earns you basic resources and speedups.

Beyond that, each task cleared earns you activity points that unlock extra rewards from treasure chests at the top of the page. Note that earning 280 activity points will net you the top rewards and you can earn as many as 300 points from completing each daily quest. We recommend going for 300 activity points on a regular basis as the extra incentives are well worth the diminutive effort.

2. Get To Know Each Structure Well

In RTS games like Guns of Glory, each player’s general military strength is often associated with the level of his or her base camp. In the world map, you can basically see the castle’s level for good reason, which is to have a decent idea of how much stronger or weaker neighboring kingdoms are compared to you.

While the same consideration makes for a fair assumption, a player’s overall strength and capacity cannot be exclusively attributed to his or her castle’s level as the upgrade levels of every structure within his or her camp contributes positively to its overall performance.

The castle stands as the main and most important building within your base camp. Serving as the heart of you estate, the castle increases your troops’ marching capacity with every increase in its level. More importantly, new buildings available for construction as well as the maximum upgrade level of all other structures within your stronghold are also dependent on its level, making it the priority 1 building to upgrade whenever possible. Relative to the peace shield that you start off with, it will automatically be put down once your castle reaches level 9, so be sure to be ready for that as well.

guns of glory structures

You will have a total of 4 distinct military buildings that train or build troops for your army. Certain upgrade levels relative to each one unlock more powerful troops. The academy handles research on various improvements that can impact every aspect of your base camp’s development.

Some research items are locked behind the academy’s level as well making it necessary to strategize around its upgrade to ensure that there are always items to research on. Both military buildings and the academy cannot perform their functions while being upgraded and vice versa.

One unique structure in Guns of Glory is the Airship Dock, which houses your airship and is integral to most battle-oriented activities in your adventure. A higher level airship dock can unlock stronger airships as well as earns you resources to upgrade your airship.

Be sure to remember that the upgrade for the dock and the airship itself are separate and distinct from one another. You need to tap on the airship button as you highlight the dock to view your airship, and then click on the enhance button to upgrade each part. Breaking certain milestones on each part’s levels will allow you to upgrade the airship itself.

The Recruitment Hall might not be as evident as a structure on its own but this is the avenue for you to recruit guards to lead your army. Each upgrade level can shorten the cool down period within which you can recruit using Master Recruitment for free. At certain level milestones, it can also increase the number of free daily attempts you have to summon guards from the Standard Recruitment Banner.

The warehouse is a structure that you should not neglect most especially if you are close to being open for battle or if you are preparing to launch an attack on a player’s base camp. Your warehouse is not just a storage for all your basic resources like food and wood, but it also protects stored goods from plunderers in the event that your castle is attacked. Each upgrade level on the warehouse increases the capacity of goods it can protect so keeping it at maximum level is important.

You can always just come up with a new formation for your troops every time you roll them out into the open world. For efficiency, however, you should regularly visit the drill grounds to set formation for each marching group. Each group will have 1 guard as their commander for starters, but once you have reached castle level 10, you can place 2 guards to lead each marching group.

An Embassy does not just make it easier for you to provide assistance to your allies. Each upgrade level on it increases the number of helpers that can assist you per request, increases the duration of the request, and also increase the capacity of reinforcements.

Tied up to your castle is the wall at the front end of your estate. Walls serve as your first line of defense against potential attackers and each upgrade level can increase its defensive strength. Walls typically have required upgrade levels as well needed for you to upgrade your castle. Relative to this, ensure that there are always guards garrisoned at the wall for added defense.

guns of glory lumberyard

Another structure you should never forget about, especially close to when the peace shields come off, is the lookout tower. The lookout tower will alert you of any movements directed towards your base camp. Naturally, no one can scout or launch an attack against you if you are still cowled with a peace shield but as soon as it comes off, you can surely expect stronger players and alliance to peek into what you have. On the other hand, having a higher level of lookout tower will also net you more details whenever you scout on a prospective target.

The smallest structures within your territory are the easiest to build and upgrade. Their values are not directly proportional to their size as these structures are among the basic necessities to have. The farm and the lumberyard are your initial producers of the most basic resources you will always need.

Food and wood are needed to build and upgrade structures as well as train soldiers, respectively. After levelling up your castle a bit, you will have access to the iron mine and silver mine, producing ores that are needed for crafting.

There is also the military tent, which boosts training capacity. Although having a higher training capacity lengthens the period of training, it is still more efficient to be able to train more soldiers in one go. You will also have a hospital to treat the wounded and more hospitals lead to having increased capacity for those who need treatment. Higher levels of hospitals increase the time needed to tend to wounded soldiers as well.

You will start off with only 1 for each of the small structures within your camp. As soon as you reach a milestone level for your castle and be able to unlock more areas, you can build more installments of these small structures. As this activity will not always form part of the missions, be sure to try and max out each one’s capacity as soon as you can. Having more of each structure means more production and catching them up as far as levels are concerned will be quick and easy as well.

In addition to the mentioned perks for each of the structures within your estate that you can upgrade, each level up also contributes to your land’s overall power. There are various other structures within your estate that cannot be upgraded but still worth peeking into every so often.

The cannon on the east side of your estate, for example, leads to the pirate showdown mini game of sorts, where you can challenge levels to earn various rewards. Rewards are also gained idly but reaching higher stages increases those rewards as well as grants you more resources for completing them. Be sure to assign guards and upgrade ramparts whenever you can.

3. Always Multitask

Survival and victory in real-time strategy games are only partly dependent on raw power and battle tactics. For the most part, what is more important to hone is your ability to multitask consistently and as soon as possible.

Following the chapter objectives and main quests are merely the first steps toward the right direction in terms of growing and strengthening your army as well as building and developing your base camp. As some of these tasks have cool down periods within which idle time can be an instance, efficiency dictates ensuring that each part of your operation stays as productive as possible like a well-oiled machine.

There are a plethora of activities to engage in Guns of Glory, within and even outside of your base camp. As much as possible, you should ensure that you are partaking in each of it as every bit of action earns you valuable experience points or resources to further your cause. As you build and upgrade your castle and surrounding structures, as well as unlock more of the game’s features, it can become a little challenging to keep track of everything and ensure maximum efficiency.

Fortunately enough, Guns of Glory comes packed with a quick and easy to utilize tool to keep track of all processes you need to manage. The overview feature can be pulled up from the left side of your screen and you can vividly see the outline of ongoing activities as well as idle production or activity queues.

You can see building queues at the top, which are of utmost importance, followed by military buildings in charge of training soldiers for your growing army. There are separate sub-groups to track research, marches, and alliance affairs. This is also a helpful tool to check whether a gift is available for you to claim.

guns of glory tricks

By default, you will only have 1 building queue to handle all the construction and upgrades of structures within your base camp. Special events may earn you rare items that enable a second queue for a limited time but you can also purchase another one for 500 gold.

The second queue will then become available for 4 consecutive days so you should purchase or use one only if you are certain that you can make the most out of it. Note that military buildings cannot be upgraded while training troops and vice versa. The academy will likewise only be able to conduct research when it is not being upgraded.

You will unlock a total of 4 unique military buildings to handle training of different types of troops. The barracks train melee units; the shooting range produce ranged fighters; the stables train mounted soldiers or cavalry; and the artillery foundry is in-charge of producing cannons and mortars.

While it is important to always continue training military units one batch after another, we recommend upgrading each military building to level 4 first before going full blast on soldier production. The initial upgrading time needed to complete each one is a lot shorter on the lower levels so unlocking the next grade of soldiers is the best strategy to go for before mass-producing them.

When it comes to research, you will have to plan ahead of time which research group to prioritize over others. You will only be choosing from among basic research items early on but advanced and superior research items will eventually be unlocked as your castle reaches higher levels. Be sure to read through each research item’s description and peek into advanced nodes within each group. It is a grueling task to determine which items matter the most at a given time.

For the most part, each of the research items in front of you are useful in developing your base camp and strengthening your army. You can balance research across the basic research group and later on focus on one more than others as you see fit.

In general, what you would want to do is to plan ahead on how to go about upgrading buildings and conducting research as these 2 sets of activities can be grouped based on the completion time associated with each endeavor. If you are planning on staying online for quite a while, then it is best to lodge researches and upgrades that take a relatively short time to complete while others take hours or so.

If you are online and active, then you can accomplish a lot with quicker builds. On the other hand, it is best to lodge long construction queues if you are about to take a long break from the game or about to go to sleep.

4. Do Not Hesitate To Expend Resources Heavily Early On

Guns of Glory, like most RTS games or even games from other genres that involve gathering items and resources, can elicit a sense of thriftiness for every bit of item and resource gathered. This mentality is not even limited to complete beginners as experienced and veteran players as well often make a habit out of hoarding all their items for future use.

There really is nothing wrong with the idea of saving as some items are worth keeping for emergencies like teleports and various buffs. As far as speedups and gold, which is a premium currency in Guns of Glory, are concerned, though, the best time to use them are on the early stages of development. For starters, every new player will be blessed with a 4-day peace shield, preventing all other players to attack and pillage their base camp while they are still weak and alone. This situation will not be as easy to experience again once the peace shields drop.

spending resources guns of glory

Being immune to attacks mean that you can focus exclusively on strengthening your army and expanding your base camp and should serve as a grand opportunity to really step on the pedal in hastening every process that relates to production. In this sense, it makes it the most viable period of time for you to build, upgrade, train, and research as much as you can and expend items to further speed up processes.

Having a second builder is very important at this point especially considering that some building upgrades are dependent on others. If you still do not have items in your bag to launch a second builder, then you should not hesitate to spend 500 gold to hire one for 4 days, provided of course that you are certain to make the most out of it.

Having 2 distinct construction queues can go a long way but keep in mind to manage prioritization especially considering the amount of time you are willing to spend in your virtual castle. Each construction must be kept within the period of time you will be online as the longest construction times are best saved for when you are about to log off.

speeding up construction guns of glory

When it comes to speedups, you will receive plenty of it from a wide variety of resources. It is best to expend these to hasten the growth of your city especially if you are close to reaching a milestone that will enable more structures to be built or upgraded. As far as being careful is concerned, do not spend speedups that would completely end the countdown timer. The last minute of every progress can be sped up for free, which means that simply cutting down completion time to a little over a minute should suffice.

5. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Guilds, clans, alliances, factions, and all other similarly-themed player groups have become an integral part of most online games, most especially those within the RPG and strategy genre. While online games provide different means for players to interact with others, alliances offer more than just an avenue to establish friendships.

Beyond exclusive content and perks available to each member of an alliance, the highly competitive world within Guns of Glory makes it necessary for each player to align themselves with an alliance, preferably a strong and active one as well.

On the latter end of the tutorial, one of the tasks you will need to accomplish is to find and join an alliance. You can quickly scour for available alliances with vacant spots through its icon at the lower right side of your screen. While some alliance leaders may require an approval for you to join their ranks, most would welcome you immediately as you apply. It is necessary to be in an alliance in Guns of Glory most especially before your peace shields run out.

guns of glory alliance

It will be very difficult or even impossible to survive on your own especially with all other players eyeing you as their target. More importantly, the sooner you join an alliance means the sooner you get to enjoy the benefits associated with it, ensuring a faster growth and development of your base camp.

One of the most basic and biggest perk you get out of joining an alliance is the help you get for constructing and upgrading structures as well as the researches being conducted in your academy. Once you initiate a construction or a research, do not hesitate to tap on the help button to seek assistance from your fellow alliance members.

In addition to staying active and partaking in all sorts of alliance activities, it becomes an obligation of sorts for you and all other alliance members to make donations to the alliance knowledge. A star indicates the item that your leader has deemed to be a priority so be sure to spend all donation attempts on it.

Whenever you make a donation, there are initially only one choice within the knowledge item where you can donate resources. The second and third options will unlock, granting more rewards for donations that usually require premium currency. Each donation you make, however, randomly changes the needed materials for the second and third choice, so if they require items you have in abundance, be sure to choose them over the first choice.

donating resources guns of glory

Note that the perks that unlock following each alliance member’s donation will benefit everyone so max out donation attempts and visit the feature as regularly as possible. You can also send help to alliance members who are building or researching through the alliance icon. Once you have built an embassy, though, a one-tap button above it appears whenever someone needs help.

Another important activity you need to do is to relocate your camp to where your alliance is situated, usually around where the alliance leader’s camp is located. Using an alliance teleport from your bag will instantly relocate your base and you can choose where to specifically anchor your base within the alliance territory. Note that this will not adversely affect the remaining duration of your peace shield as well.

Be sure to check the gift chests within the alliance page as well. Certain milestones or achievements that each member makes can generate a treasure chest that grants gold to alliance members who claim them. Do not hesitate to participate in alliance chats. As a beginner, one of the most important sources of information and guides will be your fellow alliance members. The chat also serves as an effective medium for you to strategize around battles against opposing alliances.

6. Venture Into The Outside World

It is a common feature in RTS games to combine production management with exploration and combat to comprise the totality of the experience, with several activities in-between. Although you will initially have more than a full plate in front of you early on as you take your multitasking skills to the limit to grow your army and develop your base camp, there are numerous activities to engage in outside of your estate as well.

One of the strategies we shared was to expend items if needed just to push the timeliness of your production within the estate further. On the other hand, you can also do some explorations out in the open world while waiting for some construction, research, and training to complete.

You can quickly switch views between your estate and the surrounding kingdom through the button at the lower right side of the screen. In the open world, there are threats other than other players’ base camps surrounding the area. The threats are the easier targets and will earn you basic resources based on their level. You should naturally target low level threats using the search feature accessible through the lower left side of the kingdom map. Once you beat the target, you can freely proceed to take on higher level threats.

guns of glory strategies

Like threats, which are NPCs, there are also Red Guard Camps that offer a greater challenge and better loot. You cannot attack these targets on your own and would need to team up with fellow alliance members. Red Guard Camps are also only available for a limited period of time which is why rallying troops must be within a shorter period of time as well. Marching towards threats only consume 5 energy while attacking Red Guard Camps require 20 energy.

Another good reason to venture out into the wide open kingdom is to search for resource spots to gather basic resources from. Note that while you can produce all the basic resources from within your estate, as well as earn a good lump of each one as rewards from missions and events, you will still need to gather more from resource spots as your need for each resource will be continuous and will grow over time as well. Even with your peace shield on, troops outside of your estate are still vulnerable to attack from other players.

Lastly, take a good look around other players’ base camps surrounding yours. If you have joined an alliance and have relocated to where your friends are, it still does not guarantee that you can rest well. Check for nearby alliances and be able to predict more actually where potential attacks may come from. Likewise, you should also start prospecting targets from around you, particularly unallied, or abandoned base camps that are ripe for the picking.

7. Tend To The Lord And Guards

Guns of Glory isn’t just about amassing an army to get the edge of confrontations and combat. The lord of the castle who serves as your avatar, and the guards you recruit to lead you armies, each one has their own strengths to contribute towards the growth and development of your estate as well. As helpful as they are with their base contributions, the lord and the guards should be further strengthened in accordance to your preferences and play style.

To start off, most activities and missions you engage and complete, respectively, earns you lord EXP to level up your avatar. Each new level reached earns you talent points that can be distributed in accordance to what you wish to specialize on. There are 3 main groups of traits on where to spend your talent points on and while you can freely allocate points however you like, it will yield better results if you focus on a particular talent tree.

guns of glory lord and guards

The War talent tree focuses on offensive strength and provides boosts aimed at your army. The Economy talent tree is aimed towards improving production. Last, but not the least, is the Balance talent tree, which improves your army’s performance in hunting threats, boosts training efficiency, and various other improvements that are not covered by the previous 2 talent trees.

You should be very careful and plan well ahead before allocating talent points as resetting it anytime later costs 1,000 gold and the reset only applies to one talent tree at a time.

When it comes to recruiting guards, you should always take advantage of the free attempts to do so. Although there are no difference between recruiting 1 or 5 guards from the standard banner, it is cheaper to recruit 5x from the master banner. You should save tokens to always go for a 5x recruit unless the 1x is discounted. You can obtain B to A-tier guards from the standard recruitment and recruit A or S-tier from the master recruitment.

guns of glory recruitment hall

There will hardly be any indicators on the “Guards” icon at the lower right side of your screen but it does not necessarily mean that there are no guards with rooms for improvement. To start off, you can upgrade each guard by levelling them up using guard XP items. Every 10 levels reached grants them attribute points for you to distribute accordingly.

There are recommended stats for each guard so for starters, adhere to the recommendations. Securing extra copies of each guard won’t be a complete waste as you can use these extra copies to rank up their star grade. Each new star grade reached will net the guard 10 attribute points as well.

As expected, the stats of each guard are affected by their tier. Lower tier guards, therefore, have stats that pale in comparison with their higher tier counterparts and are further disadvantaged by the limitations of their star grade. For best results, invest only in A (purple) and S (orange) tier guards. It may take a while to recruit some of them but if you are active enough and ensure to always grab all those free recruitment attempts, you will surely be able to hold more than the number you need.

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

Every bit of activity you engage in Guns of Glory practically earns you something on top of an increase in your overall power. Beyond that, accomplishing main, growth, and daily quests also earns you extra rewards. There are a number of freebies to claim as well from daily logins, free recruitment, and regular gifts from the tribute and from your alliance. If all that seems enough, Guns of Glory further provides additional perquisites for active players through its abundance of special events.

There is an events center at the left side of your estate where you can check timelines and notifications on current events as well as upcoming ones. You can also access this feature via the events icon at the upper rightmost icon on your screen. Most especially if you just started your journey into Guns of Glory’s vast world, there are time-limited events specially designed to help you catch up to more experienced players.

guns of glory stage reward

The Musketeer’s Road Event is among the most important events to take advantage of. As soon as you start your journey towards dominating the land, you will have a new set of objectives unlocked each day for 7 days. You will have 10 days to complete all objectives and you can still complete prior quests on succeeding days.

Like missions, these event objectives directly relate to you progress on every aspect of the game. In addition to valuable resources, there are plenty of rewards to earn her that will be very challenging to obtain anywhere else.

The Harvest Celebration is likewise a very beneficial event not to take full advantage of. The tasks you need to complete maybe more challenging than the usual ones, but the rewards, particularly the top ones which are equipment for your lord, will be impossible to obtain from other sources. If you can, and especially if you are raring to be among the strongest commanders, you should make it a point to actively complete the objectives to earn the best rewards.

9. Habitually Check Your Mail And Your Inventory

The plethora of tasks you need to accomplish in tandem with the numerous activities you constantly and consistently engage in Guns of Glory can be quite a lot to take on and will likely leave you little to no idle time spend on anything else. With the little free time that springs from awaiting completion times, cool down periods, and energy replenishments, you should still be able to venture into your item bag as well as your mail on several occasions.

guns of glory mail and inventory

Most of the rewards you earn wind up directly into your inventory, which you can readily access through the items icon at the bottom of your screen. Some gifts as well as important notices, however, wind up on your mail. There are common ones like battle reports that you can often do well without and easily mark as read. Some are worth peeking into like the system mail that may contain attached rewards for you to claim.

With regard to items, some are common enough for you to be able to fully utilize with ease. IF there are unfamiliar ones, though, you should spend some time to highlight them to check their description and use. There are numerous items like treasure chests and special items that needs to be used to obtain the real rewards that they contain. You will also likely obtain a variety of buffs that you need to keep track of so that you will be able to utilize them at a time you deem fit.

10. Prepare Well Before Launching An Attack

The initial peace shield you have should be more than sufficient for you to be able to upgrade your castle to level 9 and shed it off well ahead of its expiration. Although simply having a level 9 castle while the rest of your structures lag behind is far from ideal, you can consider it as a small accomplishment in contrast with having your peace shield expire prematurely or accidentally. On the latter part, keep in mind that attacking another player’s camp or even scouting it will instantly negate your protective shields.

In the event that you reach castle level 9 but still feel inadequate to partake in PvP combat, you should not hesitate to consume a peace shield item from your bag. Otherwise, make sure that proper preparations have been set prior to losing your peace shield. Fortunately enough, joining an alliance automatically prompts you to teleport close to where your fellow alliance members are, and as much as that helps for both an offensive and defensive perspective, it is not always enough.

Before you launch an attack on an another player’s camp, consider targeting only unaffiliated ones meaning, players who do not belong in any alliance as that would naturally trigger a counterattack from the player’s alliance. Make it a habit to scout the base camp as well to secure more details about the camp.

Remember that a lower level camp or castle does not necessarily mean that the camp has lower military power than yours. Based on the info you gathered from scouting as well, it is important to know if the attack is worth the effort. Consider peeking into the amount of resources you can take from the target base camp before making a move.

launching attack guns of glory

Keep in mind that a higher level of lookout tower is important to secure more details from scouting. In preparation for a potential counterattack, check the levels of your wall and warehouse and make necessary upgrades. The estate’s wall stands as your first line of defense and the warehouse will be your insurance to not be emptied out of valuable resources.

Relative to this, be very careful when consuming extra resources from your bag. The resource items within your bag are safe from plundering and once you take them out, they become vulnerable for other players to plunder if the resulting amount of resources you have out in the open exceeds what your warehouse can hold and protect.

Always keep in communication with your fellow alliance members whether you are on the offense or defense. Being in an active enough alliance means that there are likely friends who can look after your home whenever you are offline and away from the game. Likewise, it becomes much easier to attack an enemy camp when rallying with allies.

Guns of Glory certainly holds a lot more content and features we cannot extensively delve into on our guide. However, we are confident that the tips and strategies we shared with you here should suffice for you to be able to start out strong in your adventure and be equipped with the necessary knowledge to handle new stuff that may come along sooner or later. As we end our Guns of Glory guide, we hope that you have will absorb and readily apply the learnings we discussed. In the event that you stumbled upon new discoveries as well, feel free to share them with us!