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BitLife Catch Em All Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Catch Em All Challenge

The challenges never seem to stop in BitLife, and in a way, it’s just like how the Pokemon franchise introduces new characters. For the former property, it’s these new challenges that keep iOS and Android players coming back for more, and this week, both worlds are sort of converging in Candywriter’s latest BitLife challenge. There are, however, some twists that give this challenge a unique touch, if you could call it that.

bitlife catch em alll challenge requirements

Although the Catch Em All Challenge is named in part after the popular Pokemon catchphrase, this challenge has little to do with Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, or any of the hundreds upon hundreds of different Pokemon in the franchise’s long history.

While the world of BitLife, naturally, does not involve any pocket monsters or the collection of such creatures, there are different breeds of different animals to choose from if you’re looking for a pet, and this challenge will test your ability to take care of these creatures, while also flexing your egghead muscles and succeeding in one of the more learned professions in the BitLife universe. That said, this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide will talk you through everything there is to know about the Catch Em All Challenge, and how to complete it quickly.

Create a Character with High Smarts

As the Catch Em All Challenge requires you to become a professor at some point, it should go without saying that you should be aiming for a character with high Smarts during the character creation process. You can, of course, set this up yourself if you have God Mode enabled, but if you haven’t paid the one-time fee for this feature, you can simply keep re-rolling until you get a character with their smarts at 70 or higher. Other than that, there’s no need to aim for any other particular stat — your character can also be male or female and come from any part of the world.

character with high smarts in bitlife

Once you’ve created your character, the next thing to do is to go through your scholastic career without any untoward incidents, if possible — trips to the principal’s office will affect your grades and could harm your chances of getting a scholarship, and you don’t want to be burdened by student loans while trying to save up for a big house to keep all those animals.

You can take any college course you wish, as long as you follow that up by attending graduate school, which takes two years to complete. However, you will need to wait a while before you can apply for any of the Professor jobs in the BitLife universe.

You Need to Have Ten Years of Work Experience to Become a Professor

As the heading says, you will likely be in your early-to-mid-30s by the time you’re able to land a job as a Professor. BitLife requires that you have at least ten years of work experience and a Graduate School degree in order to become a Professor, so that means if you finish college at 22 and grad school at 24, the earliest time you would be able to apply for a professorial job would be at the age of 34. Not to worry, though, as Professor is usually among the top options available for those with a graduate school degree AND a decade of work experience, regardless of the line of work.

bitlife professor job

So far, everything has been very simple and straight to the point. But what about all the pets you’ll be “catching” as part of the Catch Em All Challenge?

Buy a Ranch (Or Similar Property) to Accommodate All Your Pets

All in all, the Catch Em All Challenge will require you to own a total of 15 animals — five cats of different breeds, five dogs of different breeds, and five rabbits. This will require a special type of house, and just as you may know or be suspecting, that type of house won’t come cheap.

bitlife ranch details

The cheapest type of house you can purchase through BitLife’s real estate agents in the Shopping menu is a Ranch, and the more affordable ones will set you back by slightly more than half a million dollars; most Ranches would be in the $1 million range.

On the plus side, you can take out a mortgage, but before that, you may need to tough it out for a few more years as a Professor and avoid any life choices that could impact your bank balance. You can also marry someone rich, or wait until you get your inheritance from your parents, provided that they’re rich.

bitlife ranch

Either way, it may take some grinding before you can qualify for a mortgage, but you can get lucky just as we did — our test character ended up marrying a millionaire, and their combined bank balance allowed us to purchase a Ranch outright, no mortgage needed.

Give Your Pets Treats and Walk Them on a Regular Basis

Once you’ve purchased a Ranch or similar property (e.g. Equestrian Property), you can go ahead and start buying or adopting pets — go to the Pets sub-menu under Activities, and once there, you can go to the pet shop, contact a dog or cat breeder, or adopt an animal. As long as you’re being mindful of the breeds of the animals, this shouldn’t be a problem at all — remember that the Catch Em All Challenge requires that the breeds be different. (Rabbits don’t have specific breeds, so that should make things even simpler.)

bitlife dog breeders

When it comes to getting all the animals’ Relationship bars completely filled up, the most reliable technique here would be to give them treats and walk them at least once per year; if you notice they are sick, then take them to the vet, and if they misbehave, resist the temptation to discipline them if only for the purpose of completing the challenge. (Another additional note about rabbits — of course, you cannot walk them, so giving them treats is the best and safest activity to choose from.)

bitlife relationships

You can get this done in about two to three years — be good to your pets and show them enough attention as we instructed above, and that should fill those Relationship bars up to 100 percent. And that should also wrap up the BitLife Catch Em All Challenge and allow you to claim a new hat or eyewear to add to your list of accessories.