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BitLife Wet N Wild Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Wet N Wild Challenge

In the three-plus years since the feature was launched, BitLife’s Challenges have been the ultimate source of replay value for iOS and Android users alike who were around since the life simulator game’s earliest days in late 2018, as well as those who discovered it later on.

As such, the game remains very relevant and popular, and while it’s no longer uncommon to skip a day or two of BitLife from the middle of the work week to the start of the weekend, players look forward to that four-day period that is usually given to complete these limited-time events based on the week’s given theme.

bitlife wet n wild challenge requirements

Out of all the challenges we’ve completed in recent months, the Wet N Wild Challenge ticks all the boxes — pun not intended — to qualify as a “true” classic challenge in the fashion of the older ones from late 2019/early 2020. There’s no specific pop culture parallel, there’s a fair bit of repetitive grinding to complete certain tasks, and there’s a red herring among the requirements that’s guaranteed to throw more than a few players off.

But that’s why we’re still cranking out these BitLife mini-strategy guides, and this one will help you get through the Wet N Wild Challenge with as little rework as possible, and prevent you from having to use the Time Machine or redo the challenge if you make a mistake along the way.

The First Few Requirements Are Very Straightforward

When creating a character for the BitLife Wet N Wild Challenge, there’s no need to shoot for any particular “build” of character — you just need to create a female character who is born in Florida, and that would mean Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, or Tampa as your city of birth.

female character in bitlife

You may instinctively try to create a character with high Looks or Smarts to help you with the other requirements, and that’s okay, but the Water Slide Tester job/career isn’t as dependent on stats as some other jobs, and it doesn’t even require a high school diploma. Still, we would recommend graduating from high school before beginning your 20-year career journey as a Water Slide Tester.

The next requirement is to sleep with at least 20 men, and that’s as easy as spamming the Hook Up option in the Love sub-menu of Activities. You can keep hooking up with different men until you get pregnant by one, hit the Age button, and redo the process until you get a green check mark; doing this also helps you complete the requirement that you should also have at least 15 children.

bitlife water slide tester job

That’s the easy part of the Wet N Wild Challenge. Now let’s take a look at the tricky parts, and there are quite a few in this one.

Stepchildren Count in the 15 Kids Requirement

Hooking up with 20 men may be very easy and straightforward in the game, but what about having 15 children? In real life and in BitLife alike, that is neither easy nor affordable. From the time you have your third child onward, you can expect to be thousands upon thousands (and likely a couple hundred thousands) of dollars in debt as you keep having kids and keep working for peanuts as a Water Slide Tester.

bitlife stepchildren

It is possible to have 15 kids (take note that this becomes much harder after the age of 40), remain substantially in the red, and still complete the Wet N Wild Challenge. But the 15 kids requirement does not solely consider biological children — you can marry a man who already has kids from a previous marriage or relationship, and those stepchildren will count toward what the task is asking for. This is especially useful if you’re already in your late 30s or early 40s and still quite a few kids away from having 15 mouths to feed.

Of course, in order for those stepchildren to count, you’ll actually need to tie the knot, and you can’t have any kind of marriage without paying even about 50 bucks or so for a courthouse wedding with no honeymoon. That means you will need to have a positive bank balance at some point, and you’ll need to land a high-paying job after you quit the Water Slide Tester job.

bitlife wedding planning

Yes, it is still possible to become a BitLife celebrity in your 40s, and we’ll explain that below. But you don’t need to become someone famous in order to complete the last requirement in the Wet N Wild Challenge.

Partying After Age 50 – Watch Out for this Red Herring!

As we mentioned, the BitLife Wet N Wild Challenge doesn’t just live up to our description of it as a “classic” challenge because it requires a lot of grinding and is not based on any pop culture IP. It’s not like one of those early challenges without a good old fashioned red herring, and this challenge happens to have one.

When you see the words “Party 20+ times after age 50” in the list of challenge requirements, your first thought may be that you need to become somebody famous after becoming a Water Slide Tester. That’s actually what we did, and if you decided to do that as well (or happened to marry a rich husband/inherit a lot of dough from your parents), that’s fine — at least that gets you back into the black after having all those kids.

tailgate party in bitlife

It’s understandable if you try to get famous after quitting your low-paying Water Slide Tester job (the easiest way to do this is by becoming a Writer, which is a completely stat-agnostic job), because being someone famous is the only way you can get into a club (and, therefore, party) once you turn 50.

The “party after age 50” requirement, however, does not refer to partying at the club, nor does it refer to throwing a house party. As it turns out, this task does not require you to be famous enough to get into a club packed with young people in middle age, nor does it require you to be rich enough to afford a bigger (or big) house where you can throw a party at.

All you need to do here is to get together with your friends from the age of 51 onward, click on their profiles under Relationships, and choose the Party option 20 times until you see the check mark.

bitlife vip access

Yes, that is correct — the Party option you may be using to boost your relationship status with a friend is what this requirement pertains to, thus making it much simpler than you may initially think it is. Beware, however, of potential alcohol addictions — the game understands that when adults party, booze is typically involved!

That said, since this will almost surely be the last of the five requirements to complete, partying a 20th time with any one of your friends will wrap up the Wet N Wild Challenge and allow you to do the usual afterward — which is, of course, to choose a prize chest and claim a new hat or eyewear.